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    Default Unova Journeys: Robert Arma, Reborn of the White Knight (PG-PG13)

    Okay lol, my first Unova story and to be a far future connection to "The Kanto Story". So I hope you all will give this a read and give me your honest opinion and reviews : ) I hope you all enjoy. I am going to give First person view a shot and see how things turn out.

    Let me know what you all think! Enjoy!

    Okay, I went back and tryed to fix any spelling mistakes, grammaraticla errors. (Since people are very nit picky lol XD ) Best I could...So enjoy.

    Unova Journey: Robert Arma, Reborn of the White knight

    Chapter 1

    I don't know how long I was asleep for on the plane...Before I get into why I was a sleep. Let me explain what happen first. All I know was coming home from traveling in the Sinnoh region. I finished up my findings of the Legendary Pokemon there. In which I got help from Cynthia and a few researcher trainers. I will never forget their kindness and cooperativeness to work with me. Along with stopping some syndicate. But! Enough about that... The time I finally got home was a doozy, with my mom announcing to me that. A Pokeball company from a far off land that she worked in... Called and asked her, to come back home. Because of the shortage of PokeBall's over there, was dwindling and trainers are starting to protest to the company.

    Now, my mom never explained nor told me. That she was working… at a Pokeball company, nor did she even once said. That we were from another region! This totally blew my mind, realizing that Kanto wasn't my birth place. But some region called..."Unova", was the home region and place I was born. Hearing this kind of news threw me off and promptly made me faint. For something I rarely do... Couple days haves gone by and everything was packed and tucked away.

    The house was nothing, but an empty shell now. My home and childhood dreams were all packed and disappear. Everything that we couldn't carry or bring with us, were all promptly sold at a yard sell. Or up in the attic of the house. In which I had to store everything that I found and collected over the years. Are now collected dirt, mold and dust in the attic! Thankfully, some of my friends came by and bought most of my stuff. Even some that reminded them of our journey together.

    Though, I had to chuckle at Yellow. Trying to buy almost anything I had at the yard sell. Along with my other friend Shadow, whom I haven't seen since the Pokemon league here and the Team Rocket final draw out battle. But enough of that...The reason why I am asleep?

    Apparently, we had to take a plane to the so called home region in which the flight schedule said. It might take 24 hours to reach the airport there and the city called. Nuvema town! In which ironically, is where Trainers go and get their starter pokemon and head out their pokemon adventures. Even, having a Pokemon League at the region too...Though I couldn't care less about the league…

    All though, I guess it couldn't hurt to join and take on the Pokemon league there. Then again the dream...I am having is really weird? All I know is, I'm suspending into white nothingness, with nowhere to go. No directions, no halls. Just a white void with circulating energy... Along with fire trails here and there! But what woke me up, from my slumber. Was two pure cerulean blue eyes that glowed vibrantly and scared the wits out of me.

    I woke up with a startle shake, alerting my mom next to me. Who rested a hand on my shoulder and rubbing that spot where it was tensed, looking over to her with slow calm breaths, I lean back onto the blue seat I was sitting on and let out a calm breath of air.

    "Are you alright Robert?" She asked me, with her green eyes scanning me over. Checking to see if everything was A-Okay... Along with a Black fur and golden ring Pokémon. Poking its head up and resting his chin on my lap, its scarlet eyes and black pupil looking at me. With the cry of its name!

    "Umbreon?" The black fox pokemon cried out.

    I chuckled a bit and smiled down at the Pokemon. Umbreon, or Eevee as I used to call him, before he evolved into this Pokemon during a long draw out night battle. At the Johto region that was against one of the elite four Pokemon... Rubbing the top of its head, getting the Pokemon smile and purr from the touch. I spoke up with slight shaky voice. "I'm fine mom, Umbreon. Just had that same dream again..." I explain. In which both my mom and Umbreaon looked at each other and back. Getting really worried about this dream I keep having, ever since a boarding on this plane.

    "Well, try and get some more rest then. We should arrive any time now", my mom explain. Patting my shoulder and giving me a warm smile. My mom hasn't change that much over the years, still the same mom I know and loved. Although, she did surprised me and my brother… Once we got back from collecting all eight badges of the gyms. Including doing a double battle against the both of us and trample us down with her powerful team.

    Umbreon barking with agreement! curled back up on the floor and went back to sleeping again. Which I took the gesture and went back to sleep once more. Only three more hours left till we land. Though this time, the dream got even a bit more vibrant or some times, less vibrant.

    The more vibrant ones haves me standing in a long throne room. With knights and royalty all around me, bowing down to me. Along the way, I notice there sitting down on chairs were both the king and queen. Thanking me in a mute voice, while the Princess came up and handed me a white orb. Before I could grab it though, I would get into another dream. I was then sent back in that white void from earlier, with the same blue eyes. Starring and glared at my appearance, it felt...Very peaceful and calm. That is just staring at the eyes though, I have no idea what this thing is?! Is it a Pokemon? I couldn't tell, cause every time I tried to move in the white void. I couldn't get any where near the eyes. Or, even getting any details of the out line of the body.

    Except for a tall menacing shadow, that was over top of me in a form of a person. With yellow menacing eyes glaring down at me to my very soul! I never felt so scared or so traumatize. Even when I felt scared of losing Yellow from an illness… Or May, Whom somehow got capture and receive Kyogres markings on her. No...This feeling was staring at deaths door.

    Before the dream could continue further... I was woken up by Umbreon jumping onto my lap, making me cough out a grunt. Wincing an eye open and starring at the Pokemon. Who happily wag its tail left and right nudging its head against me, letting me know that we have landed and wanted me to head off of the plane and on to the pavement;

    After departing the air plane and holding my hand up to my fore head. To block out any rays of the sun that was beaming down on to me. I was amazed at the site I was seeing. Tall buildings as the eye could see. With bill boards and advertisements showing on the T.V monitors… I let out a low whistle and continue walking down the white pavement, hearing the waves crashing up against the concrete walls. Umbreon walking beside me and taking in the sites... We were defiantly mesmerized by the sheer size of these buildings. Nothing like these ever existed in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Some came close, but not at all compare to these.

    My name is Robert Arma. I am 17 years old. I traveled all of the 4 regions and did battle with the most talented, strong and weirdest of trainers. Along with doing battle against an evil organizations and syndicates!

    For my appearance, I have Blue hair that reaches down to the base of my neck, with the back of my hair spiking upward. With the bangs gently laying a cross my fore head... My eye colors were light green. Almost teal if they were in the sun light, My outfit consist of a white long double sleeve shirt, with the sleeves being the color black. Along with red long sleek pants that had white stripes going down from the sides. With blue sneakers;

    I got rid of my hat...Well more of, May bought my hat at the yard sale. Saying how she will miss seeing me wearing it. Getting a lot of different nods from the others as well… Man...I am sure going to miss seeing those guys...Spotting my mom from the crowd, I slowly inch my way through with Umbreon right behind me.

    Though before I could get any closer to my mom… I ran right into another person. Knocking me and them forward... In which I figure I was on top. Shaking out of my daze and leaning up from the fall. I slowly open one eye and saw, that it was a girl. Who was staring back up at me wearing what looked like a plan white T shirt, with a black jacket vest. With very small blue jeans shorts that ended right near her thighs. With a white Pokemon league hat, that was in pink. Her brown hair though, was defiantly questionable fashion. Though yet...I couldn't get my gaze away from her blue eyes.

    At this suddenly realization! I quickly jump away and help her out. "I, I, I am so sorry! I was trying to reach my mom over there and I ran into you and..." I said, moving my arms around to point out my actions, pointing towards my mom, then back to her and left my arms hang there for a minute and quickly brought one behind my head. "Again, sorry. My name is Robert and you?" I asked, with a smile.

    Though I kind of grimace at the calculating gaze she was giving me. Leaning forward a bit and have both eyes half open. Tilting her head left and right looking as if she was trying to re-call ever seeing me. Though I was trying so hard not to sneeze in her face… Since the ocean breeze was picking up now. While Umbreon just sat there, eyeing us and expecting something to happen.

    "Hmm...", she suddenly hum out. Like she finally got a good idea or accepting that she never saw me. In turn was the latter, since she took my hand and shook it with a blush on her face. "I'll let it slide this time Robert...Especially where...Well I rather not say. Name's White", she finished, while letting go of my hand and smiled at me. With both hands on to her waist and started walking away waving at me. "If we ever meet again, let’s make sure it’s on better terms", she winked at the end. Making me confused of what she meant at the end. Looking towards Umbreon, wondering if he knew what she meant.

    The black Pokemon just shrug at me, best it could. So okay, Umbreon is naive like I was. When coming to people's gestures and hints. Though while getting to my mom, my mind finally started working and realized where my hand touched. I quickly face palm my face and beat red.

    "Great first impression Robert...Real smooth...", I quietly said, letting out a defeated sigh. Not the first impression I wanted to make on a new region. Thankfully the girl was understandable about the situation. White...huh, never felt weird in front of a girl before. Except maybe May, but still...

    "Robert! Over here!" shouted my mom, whom was waving her arms high in the air getting my attention, In deed I manage to do so, since the city or. "Calstellia city" we were in, was getting really busy and breathing new life to the once quiet city. I couldn't believe how many people were here, they already booked up the entire sidewalks and streets. That some were taking detours and routes. To go to their jobs and business;

    In turn brings me back to Mom. She said, she haves a job here that makes PokeBall's for the Unova region. Stepping up in front of my mom! Along next to me is Umbreon… We both looked up after she pointed towards the building we were standing in front of. Showing a lightning bolt and a Pokeball in the middle of the poster…

    "This here boys, is where I work and monitor the development of Pokeball's", she explain, making me and Umbreon to drop our mouths open and just turn out heads towards her. With her normal white long sleeve shirt and grey pants, Smiled at us, along with her brown hair blowing a bit. "Now", she suddenly spoke up. Shaking Umbreon and I out of our stupor, stepping forward to me and raise my arm a bit. Hooking me up with a strange device on my wrist, "This here Robert is called a X'Trancevier. It’s our company's newest invention, that I got from a mail order in Kanto", she explained. Telling me all the different function and de-dads the device can do. Though one function, I would love to get rid of...Was the phone function. Boy was that annoying in Johto.

    Having people call you, right when you’re about to capture a Pokemon. Or doing battle with a gym leader! Or a tough opponent! Even running away from angry mobs of Pokemon...

    I let out a breath of air, hearing how no one will be able to call me, unless their register to my Transceiver. Getting the tutorial of the device… She rubbed the top of my head and kissed my fore head. The usual mom stuff she does, whenever I would go out on a new journey or house.

    "I called ahead and told Prof.Juniper to come and pick you up. She will then take you back to our home town and show you around. Please be nice Robert...I know, you’re a bit angry of leaving Kanto", she spoke up with concern. Truth be told, I am still a little frustrated that we had to move from Kanto. I don't know anything about Unova...Okay granted, I didn't know anything about Hoenn and Sinnoh. But either way, this wasn't a region where I know nothing, about my birth place or how I was raised.

    "She will be picking you up at around, 11am", she finished by pointing towards a clock billboard. Showing the exact date and time… Including the weather conditions! While turning back to me and letting a small smile spread across her face. "Who knows...Maybe you will start a new Pokemon journey here...Seeker", she giggle at the last part.

    Wow, seeker? I haven't heard that name in a long time, ever since Prof.Oak gave me that title. For being able to spot a legendary Pokemon! Or finding them by complete accident... He gave me that title and goal, to search the Pokemon world and study up on legendary Pokemon that is out there. Although after coming back from Sinnoh; I told him, to take my title away. Since I won't be able to help him study on the said legendary any more.

    Although I can't help but smile whenever my mom calls me Seeker… It reminded me of all the good times, I had in the four regions I visited. Along with many friends...But oh well, I could try and make friends here at least.

    "So...Mom, what do you do here?" I asked, curious what type of work she does. Especially in a building like this! Seeing her smile and wave a finger at me. Telling me that it was a secret and she wouldn't be telling me anything.

    Saying our good byes, I left and took Umbreon with me. Sitting down at a nearby bench, that was nestle between the cross roads. That lead to the back of the city and towards the long bridge that was east on the map. Umbreon hopping up onto the bench and lay down gently against me... let out a yawn. I just absent minded petted his head. Seeing how that’s the only thing I could do now. While we wait for this Prof.Juniper to show up, leaning my head back against the bench, I stared up into the sky. Watching the clear blue skies; with some clouds drifting by. Along with bird pokemon soaring. I couldn't help but feel even more tired than before.

    With the gentle breeze and rustle of the ocean waters; Brushing up against the pavement. Would probably make any one, relax and fall asleep. In turn I did.

    Again, I was having the same dang dream...But this time, it was too much to handle, everything was going by so fast and so quickly, I couldn't grasp of what the heck was going on. All I could really detail out was eight tough opponents, four Elite warriors, three Strong Rivals and one Evil. Over towering them all! With; the same color blue eyes and yellow eyes of a creature starring down at each other... The blue eyes on my side facing the yellow eyes… It doesn't make any sense!

    Thankfully, I heard a honking of a jeep. That awoken me, getting the sleepiness out of my eyes, starring forward. I saw what looked like to be a woman, waving her hands to me.

    "Hey! Are you Robert arma?" She called out. Leaning against the jeeps seats and stared at me, with Green eyes looking at me. With curiosity and wandered if I am a Pokemon trainer. Seeing how she haves a lab coat, over a plan white shirt. I am guessing, she is this regions Professor. Getting off from the bench and heading towards her jeep, along with Umbreon. She couldn't help but smile even more. "Well, when your mom said you had an Umbreon. I thought she was kidding. But then again, I haven't met your mom for over 16 years", she announced. Shocking me and Umbreon...

    My mom knew Prof.Juniper when I was young? So...That means, my family really did live here. Come to think of it? Ever since coming to this region, I never once had trouble understanding what the people were saying. It took me, almost three years in Kanto. To speak in their language;

    "Are you Mrs. Juniper?" I asked her, with a slight chuckle. Rubbing the back of my head... Full knowing that it was her, but hey. Can't be too cautious... I heard her laugh a bit and lean forward to unlock the jeeps door.

    "That depends? Are you Robert Arma?" She joked, leaning back to the driver’s seat. While waiting for me and Umbreon to sit down. In which we did and buckled up. Once we were buckled up, we headed off to Nuvema town. Where my original home was...

    During the drive, I couldn't help but look out to the wild life and seeing so many different types of Pokemon roaming around here. Ranging from a whole new species I never seen before? Some of them reminded me of beavers, while some looked like dears. I even looked up into the trees, to see what to be different color monkeys. Hopping up and down, while the blue one fell off and caught the branch with its tail… Swinging back and forth, smiling and laughing even harder.

    Even wild dog like Pokemon's, were sleeping and resting. Then the smaller one, started barking in a repeatedly succession on a log and fell back with a yelp. I couldn't help but laugh at that.

    "So Robert, I heard, that you been a trainer for a long time?" She shouted, through the wind blowing into us a bit. I was a bit worried, if she have driving before. But seeing how cautious she was being. I nodded my head and couldn't suppress a chuckle, seeing how Umbreon put its front paws, on the edge of the door. Shockingly peeking out of the jeep… This was his first time, ever being inside a car before. So it’s understandable for him to be scared.

    "Yeah I met a lot of cool Pokemon and made interesting friends during my journey. Have you heard of Prof.Oak?" I asked her, while turning my head to face her. Feeling the roads getting a little bumpy, but the fields getting much more cleared as more Pokemon started to appear, this time bird type Pokemon and some wild cat Pokemon.

    "Well I would be lying, if I say I didn't. But I have never met him in person. So you worked for Prof.Oak? I heard he gave you a title?" She question, while smiling towards me for a brief moment. Then her smile drop, seeing me looking down in thought.
    "Well...I used too but not anymore. I told him to take the title back, since I was going to be moving here and all...Which brings up a question?" I sweat drop at the realization. What happen to all of our stuff? Did it ever get out of the plane? Looking towards Prof.Juniper with concern in my eyes... Seeing her raise an eye brow and wonder what was going through my head. She looked up in thought and then snap her finger.

    "Don't worry! All the stuff, you moved with are all being deliver to your house. So no need for any worriment... Anyway, here we are!" She quickly said and announced. While stopping the jeep in front of a lab… In which was probably where she lived.

    Stepping out of the jeep, Umbreon and I stared up. At what will be the Pokemon lab and where all the Pokedex entries I will be doing will be sent here and analyze.

    Thus my journey in the Unova Region is about to begin...I just wished, I knew what those dreams are about...

    .................................................. ..................................

    There ya go, the first chapter. Let me know what you all think ^_^
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