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Thread: The War of Dimensions. (Pokemon and Yugioh fanfiction)

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    Default The War of Dimensions. (Pokemon and Yugioh fanfiction)

    Hi guys. This is my first attempt at a fan fiction so any advice you want to give me would be nice. If you just want to say it stinks or something, don’t post please.


    Long ago, before even great lands like Egypt had begun to start, there was one world, one universe, one dimension. Strange creatures of all kinds lived here along with humans; some seemed more animal like with great powers and elemental abilities. They were called pokemon. The other group was more diverse; they were spirits of monsters, dragons, spellcasters, warriors, and other strange beings. These were called monster spirits. There were two beings in charge of each group. One was named Arceus, he was put in charge of making sure the pokemon stayed in check. The other was a being of light made from three powerful monsters. It was in charge of keeping the monster spirits from causing trouble. Together humans, pokemon, and monster spirits lived together peacefully. Most did anyway. Not all the monster spirits were so nice, some were vicious and deadly who wanted nothing but chaos, and there was one specific pokemon who hated the peace. That pokemon was Darkrai. Darkrai was a legendary pokemon; pokemon that are very rare. So rare that humans thought there was only one of each. There was more than one of some of the legendary pokemon. Most Darkrai were as kind and loving as the other pokemon. This Darkrai however had a heart clouded with darkness. Together with the evil monster spirits, Darkrai acted like a leader and came to both Arceus and the strange being. He told them both when the other wasn’t around lies about the other wanting to start a war. The two leaders were angry and started fighting in an epic battle. They both were going to destroy each other and a lot of innocent lives with them. The humans and several monster spirits along with Arceus’ assistant, Mew, knew that the battle would wipe out everything, so they agreed to work together and stop them. Darkrai figured out about this and had his army of evil monster spirits attack them. The humans who wanted peace fought off the army long enough for the monster spirits to channel their energy into Mew. Mew saw there were only a few humans left and in it’s anger, sent off a powerful blast of energy at the army. Instead of destroying them though, the blast was so great that the universe itself seemed to split into mirror parts, one with Pokemon and one with monster spirits. The humans either went with the Pokemon or the duel spirits. Darkrai was caught in the blast and found himself in between the dimensions. He waited for his power to return so that he could come back and restart the war. Until then, he influenced the evil that took place in both dimensions, hoping to cause enough trouble before he could return. Soon after, the events of Yugioh and Pokemon took place, along with their heroes. Each not knowing that when they conquered the evil in their dimension, it was all the because of Darkrai. Now, Darkrai has regained enough power to start his plans again, but he isn’t alone. The ancestors of the humans who helped Mew and the monster spirits are still around, and they are about to meet each other for the first time.

    Sorry it's not long enough, it took up two pages double spaced on my word program but it wouldn't let me double space it on here.
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