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Thread: The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

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    Hello all. I would like to join. I used to be bisexual but am now bisensual (though I may swing back). I am a very firm supporter of a harassment free world and defend anyone under threat from the ignorant. I also want to say that if anyone is suffering from depression, please PM me if you need to talk to someone, anyone. Thank you all for your time.
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    What's a bisensual?

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    Hi all, hope y'all are doing well. Still knocking myself down a peg when I can and such.
    Wish hormones had an off switch, would make my life so much easier. After all no one will look twice a me. (I try not to)

    Oh wait, I already am
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    Hello everybody, long time no talk. I haven't posted here since 2013, so I doubt some of you even remember or know me. I've just been very busy.

    So how is everyone doing?
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    Finally some free time!
    Now I'm a master! Not a pokémon one (sadly), but of sciences. :b

    Quote Originally Posted by Willow's Tara View Post
    I wouldn't bother with him, just ignore him since it doesn't sound like he would even want a serious relationship, much better people out there that will respect your boundaries and want to start a relationship with him.
    Oh, so much happened since then...
    I tried to be cold for the first days, then I finally reminded him of that day last year. He recognized he was a jerk and apologized. I forgave him. u.u
    Then he has been usually very gentle with me, and made me sure to know he wasn't as promiscuous as he sounded, but only felt intimacy with me.
    We almost met when he came to my city 2 weeks ago, but he was with a professor who didn't let him go out.
    I'm still careful though.

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