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The guy I was talking to online met someone else. I'm sort of okay with it because we live so far apart and one of us moving to be closer to the other wasn't a possibility because of our own jobs. But now I'll probably go through another six month dry spell on the dating site where literally no one shows any interest in me or even contacts me again. I just can't seem to meet anyone who would ever want me.
Don't lose hope! It took me 2 years of dating to find my perfect match. There were tons of dryspells where it felt like I was seeing the same people online over and over again. Eventually that special someone pops up, and then you snag them! Sometimes you have to wade through some s**t to find the best person, though. It's hard to form a romantic interest with someone online only to have it fall through. Getting attached to a person or the idea of who that person will be can end up really disappointing.