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Thread: A New Flavor of Pasta(Rated PG to PG13)

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    Default A New Flavor of Pasta(Rated PG to PG13)

    Welcome.As we know,Pokemon is full of some pretty creepy stuff,when you think about it deep down.Pokemon Creepypasta is an epitome of this-scary and downright terrifying stories(Lost Silver anyone) about the Pokemon world.This is my attempt at contributing to it.Before you jump in,here are some things to know

    1.They aren't an overlinking continuity.Each story is its own one-shot

    2.It will sometimes borrow stuff from other continuities.If so,I will credit these

    3.The rating is varied depending on the story.Some stories are more creepy than violent.

    Alright,let's see how good I'm at this

    Marowak The Revenant

    Author's note-If you're a fan of Green Lantern,you probably know what a Black Lantern is.If not,here's the brief summary:they're like zombies,except they retain their intellligence.By that I mean they're just like they were in life-only with a total lack of emotion.Yeah,they can imitate emotion,but they don't feel it.And they use it to your advantage-they stir up enough emotion in you,then tear your heart out.And feed.Oh,and did I mention they can regenerate?

    A long time ago,Lavender Town had a Marowak.A popular and beloved Marowak, proud mother of a Cubone.Her trainer,Mr Fuji,was equally beloved.A kind old man, who helped lost Pokemon.However one of them was not long for this world.There was a criminal gang known as Team Rocket,who saw Pokemon merely as tools for monetary gain.

    They sickened Mr Fuji-he knew Pokemon had feelings and intelligence.To him,Team Rocket's Pokemon were forced into slavery.Yet the police didn't simply arrest them-they followed the procedure of Pokemon battling,keeping their illegal methods secret.

    One illegal act was harvesting parts of a Pokemon on the black market.One of the executives,Proton,was intrested in harvesting Marowak bones.It has been said these bones could heal,and were useful at designing traditional weapons.Proton didn't care-he simply wanted to make a fortune from this.He had heard of Mr Fuji's Marowak,and decided to use her to achieve it.

    Mr Fuji didn't see it coming.They needed to ensure as little people knew about this endeavour as possible.And so,while Mr Fuji was taking a stroll with his Marowak,they ambushed him.Naturally Mr Fuji wouldn't give Marowak up,and Marowak was willing to fight the Team Rocket Executive to save herself.

    Marowak had to face Proton's Pinsir-a Pokemon he said "did his dirty work."Something was off about this Pinsir-it seemed unrestrained.Not intimidated though,Marowak fought the Pinsir.Unfortunately,the Pinsir was able to beat her due to its unsually vicious nature.Pinsir was prepared to use Guillotine,but not before Proton remarked "By the way,I allied with this Pokemon,I didn't capture it."

    The Guillotine move turned out to be literal,severing her head.In few seconds her head would survive detached from her body,she realised what the evil man meant-because it was technically a wild Pokemon,its attacks weren't inhibited.Horrified,Mr Fuji was too frightened to stop Proton from taking the Marowak head for his own.The main body would be thrown in a ditch

    Though the soul of Marowak was later calmed,it didn't change the fact her last moments of life were full of vengeance towards her murderer.That,due to where she died,no-one could fully prove Team Rocket was behind it.It seemed only she could wreak vengeance.And something would help her achieve it

    Near an undisclosed ditch,some Grimer heard a fly-like sound.They saw a black object streaming towards them-only it landed straight in the ditch.It dug deeper until it found a headless skeleton,remarking:
    Marowak of Lavender Town,RISE
    As a black goo covered the skeleton,it burst out of the ditch.It quickly flew away,heading in a west direction.The Grimer were bewildered

    Using its new abilities,the cadaver searched for its head.It found it in the Team Rocket vault,and re-attached it.Proton was nearby,suddenly hearing a "snap"-as if someone's neck was just twisted.He decided to check what it was,only to hear a similar yet twisted voice speak his name:PROTON

    The revenant Marowak showed itself.The main body was covered in black,only revealing the head,legs,tail and hands.The hands were skeletal,and legs visibly decayed.One one hand was a bone,and the other held a black Pokeball with a logo on it.That hand also had a black ring.The head was the traditional Marowak skull,only it was cracked and had the same symbol as the black ring.The eye region was more like a Cubone's,but with a demonic light for an eye that meant one thing


    Proton was terrified.He realised this was the same Marowak he killed,having come back from the dead.In a panic,he sent out his Weezing to use Explosion.It was a powerful blast,yet Marowak was still there.It skeleton now showing,it quickly rebuilt itself.Proton got out a gun,but it did nothing to the undead Marowak.Proton heard the ring announce "FEAR."

    That was the last thing Proton ever heard,before his heart was ripped out.If she could show it,Marowak would be happy she took out her killer.The undead Marowak told her ring to search for Lavender Town,specifically her child and former trainer.

    At that time,Mr Fuji had raised the Cubone to become a Marowak itself.Though he was comforted by the fact that Marowak's soul had moved on,he still missed her.The new Marowak had also gotten over the grief of losing his mother,but still wished she was alive

    It was at that moment the Black Lantern Marowak arrived.Unlike when she killed Proton,she used her ring to appear alive.She still had her Black Lantern ring and clothing,and saw that her son was overjoyed."Mom?Mom!You came back!" the younger Marowak said in his language.Mr Fuji was also happy.Due to what she now was,the deceased Marowak could see their joy-her son was filled with compassion,and her former master filled with hope

    The son and master hugged Marowak,with Mr Fuji asking "How'd you come back?"Unknown to either of the two,Marowak transformed to her decayed state.They were too overjoyed to notice her skull didn't contain the original Marowak's mind,but a twisted and souless variation.And it meant they never got to notice the final words they will ever hear

    I DIDN"T
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    I read the start of this thinking 'yeah right, theres no way you can really make something pokemon ligitimatly scary'. Then I got to the end and was like 'okay fine its scary!'
    This has a great balence of discription and actual action. I'm envyous.
    You didn't discribe the symbol on her eye and ring, but I'm assuming it was some evil lanturn/figure 8 kinda thing? I dunno, it was jarring to realize you'd never actually discribed the symbol, at all within the story.
    This is cool, please continue.
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    Default The Hidden Thoughts of Cyrus

    I didn't think I could make it scary either.As for the lantern symbol,check out the Black Lantern Corps.Their symbol looks like a palm-a triangle with its point on the circle,and five vertical lines going up from the top side.

    Now,this story won't be as frightening as before,but its about Cyrus,so I'll try to make it creepy a bit

    The Hidden Thoughts of Cyrus

    The universe we live in disgusts me.But it didn't always.Eons ago,the cosmos was like a machine.Planets orbited their stars peacefully,without anything to disrupt it other than the forces of gravity.When stars died,they gave material for the next generation.There was a great amount of power,but no-one abused it or were greedy for it.The only thing missing was a knowledge to appreciate it.To maximize the cosmos' potential.But life would refuse to realise the potential,and instead focus on its own satisfaction

    For eons,life didn't show the taint of spirit and emotion.The first life-forms on the Earth were simple micro-organisms.Back when I was dealing with my spirit,I would study these simple life-forms.They lacked thought and individuality,but they still were alive.They still prepared for their survival.And without thought,they had no emotion

    More complex life did.Humans,Pokemon,we are all flawed.Our emotions get in the way of our judgement.It inhibits the potential of knowledge.This has been shown time and time again in history.Wars,crimes of passion,crimes in general,religious fundamentalists,all are a sign of the cancer that is emotion-or simply put,spirit

    I have dealt with my own spirit.There have been emotions I have trouble with.And still,they bother me.The most poignant is anger.Hatred.Spirit's attempt at fitting antagonism for its own purposes.I have felt it.In fact,I loathe to admit that I despise emotion.It appears my opposition to spirit has mutated into anger at it.I am aware of the hypocrisy,that hating emotion is an oxymoron.It is said by some religions that anger is a sin.If sin were to refer to a waste of time and suppresor of mankind's progress,I'd agree.Sin doesn't mean that

    But I can't help it.My own spirit is trying to cloud my mind.It knows I need to destroy it,so it tries to convert me.When I am freed of emotion,hatred will be the first to go.The same hatred that continues wars.Wars should not last long,if not at all.If a war is about resources,it should continue only until said resources are gained.But no,the two nations at war will form a grudge against one another.In their blind hate,they demonize one another.They stick firmly to the belief that they are "right and good",and that their enemy is "wrong and evil".They're both wrong,for letting hatred make their world views so simplistic

    Wars are fuelled also by greed.Despite what people think,ambition is not greed.Many people have an ambition to be sucsessful,to contribute.It is not greed.Greed is simply self-satisfaction.It is said two of the seven deadly sins are greed and gluttony.They are the same,or rather gluttony is a type of greed.No more is the flaw that is greed more apparent than the rulers of nations

    Whenever someone has enough power,they never utilize it fully.They never try to use it for the benefit of humanity.Most of the time,they focus on self-satisfaction.They use their power for simple pleasures.And if they do not,they focus on controlling the people,manipulating them.I am manipulative,however I do not gain enjoyment or satisfaction from it.Team Galactic are pawns,but they do not double as toys.They only function as a means to and end.

    Many times,I have felt greed leak into my mind.Whenever I ponder about the awesome powers of Dialga and Palkia,greed attacks.It tries to change my plans,my motivation.At times I worry when I gain the power of the gods,I will not use it to destroy spirit.No,I worry that I'll use it for self-satisfaction,becoming an all-powerful tyrant who submits to his desires.Who lusts after control.I cannot let that happen.I will restrain spirit's desire to corrupt me with greed,even during my moment of victory

    Fear is another emotion that I have trouble with.In its basest terms,it is a survival instinct,to prevent us from harm.It should have stayed that way.Spirit should not have used this survival instinct as the core for an emotion.But it did.Throughout history,fear has clouded the minds of people.When the tyrants rule,their people do not take the logical choice and challenge them.They do not realise that,together,they far overpower the tyrants and their simple-minded legions.No,they remain terrified and scared

    They do this because they fear death.I am baffled by this.One example is the King of Pokelantis.He was a tyrant,desiring control over the planet.The people were downtrodden,suffering.They did not take risks-they honestly thought the threat of execution was worse than the life they suffered.Death would've been a release for them.Even the tyrant king feared death.He claimed it was because he wanted to rule forever,but I know it was not the case.Attempting to capture Ho-oh wasn't just to rule the world.No,he wanted to avoid death using Ho-oh's powers.When the phoenix found him,it exposed him for the coward he was.Ho-oh showed there are things to fear other than death,by locking his essence away.Eternal,but immobile

    I do not fear the inevitability of death.However,spirit tries to force its way into me.It makes me feel fear that my plans will fail.That I will,due to greed,lose sight of my true goal when I gain the power of the gods.I must realise that said fear will cripple me.A world made in fear is a world that never changes.That will never have anything to push us.A sterile world.But another emotion can cause that-hope,and faith

    Many cultures allowed their faith to blind them.In ancient times,human beings worshipped Dialga and Palkia.They did not realise that the two could be used,instead deciding that worshipping the two was enough.Dialga and Palkia honestly wouldn'tve cared-the worshippers were but a small group of one species on one planet,which orbited one star out of billions upon billions.Their hope and faith blinded them to realise that the two deities would do nothing to help them,as they were insignificant

    Hope attacked me as a child.I constantly hoped that my parents would pay more attention.It drove me to get their attention,to excel at school.Back then,I was only beginning to realise the folly of spirit.The hope blinded me from the truth-my parents were too busy working to care.That is not to say they were cruel,but rather neglectful.When people learn this,another emotion arises

    Compassion.Empathy.Spirit's attempt at replicating understanding.It is said,via empathy,we are able to understand how others feel.To help them.But it is not worth it.All empathy is capable of understand is the spirit of others.It,like all emotions,clouds people's minds and judgements.I have seen "heroic" stories of people sacrificing their lives for those they cared for.Even if it would be no benefit to society or mankind's progress,they still did it.

    I was lucky that this emotion barely affected me.My parents did not spend enough time with me to form empathy with them.But that didn't mean other did.Many people,when they learned of my past,felt empathy for me.Sympathy.Pity.They believed I should be pitied because of my parent's negligence.They are wrong.It helped me realise the flaw in emotion.It suppressed my empathy

    The final emotion I had trouble with was love.Love can easily mutate to lust.The former can blind individuals,preventing them from realising their potential.The latter can cause perversities and blind people with self-satisfaction.It is spirit's attempt at justifing breeding.But it is not valid.Many animal species mate with one another-but they do not feel lust.They do not feel love.They are simply carrying on their genetic material

    I have regrettably felt both love and lust in my teenage years.It is a time where spirit tries to inflitrate us the most.I tried my best to avoid it.I ended up meeting a woman known as Mimas,someone in the same class.I was about the age of 17 then.Both of us were intrested in the sciences,how the universe works.We had a respect for one another.However she allowed her spirit to have more control.She felt love and lust towards me.And I felt my spirit forcing me to do the same.I desperately fought back.I tried to justify it with the platonic respect I felt for her

    We eventually mated.She seemed to enjoy it,thanks to a combination of love and lust.To me,it was a sign of my spirit getting close to taking me over.I felt passion infiltrate me.But I refused to let it control me.After the incident,she decided to show some research she did on the Sinnoh legends.I was fascinated,and the focus on knowledge forced off the tendrils of passion.It gave me new resolve,as I began to realise just how I'd destroy spirit itself.

    Mimas was the sister of one of my commanders,Saturn.He,like I,was dissatisfied with the world.However I had different reasons to be.It was from there that I began to form Team Galactic.And I made a simulation on what would happen if I sucseeded

    I saw Dialga and Palkia rise.The very embodiments of space and time.The cosmic,funadmental forces responsible for the very existence of the universe.I saw them removing all the problems.Mt Coronet vanishes into a spiral.Sinnoh is devoured.The planet vanishes,the solar system vanishes.The stars go out,the galaxies dissolves,and everything in the universe is devoured.

    Only I and the gods of time and space are gone.I ask them to free me from my soul,to kill it.They destroy the creators of spirit,they destroy the soul.And I tell them to generate a new world.Matter re-appears,Stars reform,planets come back,and the Earth is revived.But there's someting different.The people the life-forms,are different

    There is no emotion.Wars are not generated by anger or greed,if they even happen.No,they are purely logical.No arguing,only deciding whether resoruces are worthy of it.Fear is non-existent.People do not fear death,so the concept of an afterlife is foreign.If it was possible for a tyrant to exist,the people would rebel.Hope no longer blinds,and people realise to look at the cosmos for how it is.Empathy is gone,and only respect of another's abilities survives.Love is gone,along with lust-breeding only takes place to ensure the best possible genes are carried on.And I see myself,watching over.There is no sign of rage,or greed,or joy,or fear,or lust,or empathy

    Only perfection.Forever
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    Author's note:Welcome back once again!I've wondered about how Shedinja was able to exist.Where it came from.What it was like.When looking at my own Shedinja and Ninjask,the two shared the same nature.The same moves prior to evolution.Leading me to believe that Shedinja contains a copy of its Nicada mind.One question remains-what it is like for the Shedinja to be in a shell?It'll be like a list of diary entries,from the Shedinja itself.Whenever you see "...",it means the next paragraph doesn't directly follow from the previous,but is another point of time entirely.

    An empty Heart,a full Soul

    I am Osaki.A Nincada.And I feel alive.

    I've always been my trainer's favourite.Many trainers don't get Pokemon like Treecko or Torchic as their first.Its too far,their parents say.They'll get their kids their own Pokemon.My trainer,Rory,always liked the Pokemon Ninjask.Its my adult form.He's a fan of vast Pokemon,and when I grow up,I become a Ninjask.I've spent time as his only Pokemon.He wants me to become a Ninjask as soon as possible.I would like that a lot...

    I'm there!I beat that Kirlia!I'm evolving!It feels strange.I can feel my wings growing,and overall changing...hmm.I feel kind of odd.Like I got a whole lot lighter.I didn't know Ninjask were lighter.Although there is some more disorientation.For starters,my wings feel my rigid.In fact,my whole body feels more rigid.Maybe its the process of evolution...

    Rory looks quite shocked.He's pulling out the Pokedex.Said Pokedex talks in its mechanical tone a Pokemon I've never heard of before.Shedinja,The Shed Pokemon.The shedded skin of a Ninjask,it has somehow come to life.Its body is completley hollow,and merely moves by levitating.That can't be me,right?I mean,I knew what it was like as a Nincada.But I turn over and see a Ninjask.Yet this Ninjask has the same expression as me.Its just what I'd look like as I evolved.I converse with him.He says I act just like him,and I say the same.Over time,we and our trainer realise the truth:that I'm not the same Nincada Rory trained.That one was looking me in the face.But I contain every memory and every bit of knowledge up to evolution.I even think and feel just like the Ninjask.Somehow,I'm a copy...

    Its been a little while.I've learned a bit more about myself.Apparently,I'm a Bug/Ghost type.And I have an odd ability-Wonder Guard.Apparently it means I'm immune to any moves,aside from super-effective ones.So Rory gets his dad to test this out.He summons out his Swampert,to use Hydro Cannon on me.I expect to be knocked out...but I'm not.In fact,I don't even feel it.I remember that I'm supposed to get soaked by water,to be all wet.But its like no droplet of water has hit me...

    At this point,every move available that isn't super-effective has been tried on me.Even Draco Meteor.I didn't feel a thing,and I was the one who agreed to the test.So now Rory's mom brings out her Blaziken,to use Blaze Kick.The moment it comes to me,I'm knocked out cold.There wasn't a brief moment of feeling hot,there wasn't even an iota of pain.I just fainted...

    After waking up,I saw Nurse Joy.She mentioned there was no signs of even the slightest trauma.I'd expect this from a Psychic attack,but not something like a firey kick.Its like my body can't even recognize pain.It even feels like I'm undead,and thus impossible to harm.Maybe I am.This is a worry-yeah,I get hurt from battles,but we Pokemon get an adrenaline rush from it.We love battling the same reason humans love boxing.Its sport-what is the point of sport if there's no risk?I'm getting worried...

    I've been counting the number of times I've been beaten.Its about 15 by now.Our new teammember,Dynamo the Magnemite,thinks I'm getting obsessive."He" thinks I'm masochistic.Its sad that he's able to feel the rush of battling,when he's not even organic.Oh,but he feels.He may not be able to eat,but he knows the tenderness of electrical currents.He knows the adrenaline when hit by Ember.I don't.I can't.I need to feel something...

    I can hear that Ninjask.He thinks because he's me,he can help.He doesn't know what it's like.I see him breeding with a Beautifly,feeling her tender skin.I've asked the same Beautifly to do the same.Though mating is out of an option,she's willing to cuddle me.And yet I don't feel anything.Yes,there is love and passion,but my body won't express i-it.I want to eat food,even though I don't need to.After all,I remember the sweet taste of Pecha berries.But there's nothing to eat it with.I begged Magnemite to cut an opening in me,just to consume food.All I feel is the food being unused in my b-body.An internal paperweight...

    M-my trainer Rory knows how I feel.He tries to soothe me but nothing he does works.Nothing anyone does works.Its like I've d-died,but I'm still here.I've not been whisked away to the afterlife.My mind hasn't terminated,leaving only my hollow body.N-no.The gods have damned me to this existence.Cursed never to feel pleasure or pain.Yet I re-remember eating.Battles.The s-soft skin of my m-mother...

    I n-need to feel again.I kn-know that I'm a shed skin.That means my original b-body,Ninjask,is the key.He'll h-help me feel,whether he likes it or not.A n-new Pokemon was captured for the team-Mariah the Meditite.I beg-begged her to help out.She refused to let me h-harm "Osaki".I had to incentivise h-her.I attacked her h-home,her family.I loathed to d-do it,but I loathe my body even more.She agre-ed...

    Th-here was he.The Osaki who was me.They say I'm crazy.No,I n-need to be whole.I will g-get you Ninja-jask.I open my bo-dy's new cavity,Meditite's gift.Ninjask is encased in me,I'm no l-long-er j-just skin.The skin wings crack,o-our true wings emerge.Eyes burst,his arise.We a-re as o-one.I-
    nO.this Is all w-RONG.I d-don't feel anything.Something else s-screams.I haven't fused with him,I've simply bECOME An Atrticle of cloths.I can't rejoiin him.I'm stuck as the worn out rags of HIMS!rOry...He could've prevented this...

    th-there is rOry.HEIS Horror fyed at me.he CHOSE an eMpty spot.HE kept a pOkeball.I cOuldve bin speared.He r-runes away.he d-rove me to tis madNess.shadow BALL!...
    Rory's dead.My PokebALL crushed.But I sitll ex-cist.Something fr-ee me.S-ometing h-help.*crack*Is t-that my shed skin?I'm dying?I've waited.F-freed-dom.F-free-dom.

    I am Osaki.I'm about to die.And I feel alive
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    I have to just wonder slightly if not putting spaces around punctuation was intentional... but it's not a big deal!

    Story 1 gets a 10/10 - I think this personifies exactly what the dead Marowak would be like

    Story 2 gets an 8/10 - I'm not saying it was bad, I just really can't get myself to understand Cyrus (not your fault)

    Story 3 gets an 11/10 - I really love this, honestly! Shedinja is a really cool pokemon to me, and you capture his feelings perfectly!

    I look forward to more! Especially in the spirit of your Shedinja one

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    EDIT: Okay, skimming fails...anyways, after reading it more, I found the Marowak one to be terrifying as well. However, the Cyrus one is not very scary to me...
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    Default Creeypasta-Betrayal of Trust

    Author's note-Hey guys! I know, it's been a long time. But that's because I had to be in a position of passionate writing, so I could make a new creepypasta. I'm basing it off Gardevoir, the Emotion Pokemon. We all know that Gardevoir can sense the emotion of their trainer, and will protect them. What will happen if that trust between the two is broken an abused? We'll see. And if you equate Gardevoir and her trainer with another story? Then you're right.

    Long ago, there was a trainer and his Pokemon, Gardevoir. Raised from a tiny Ralts, Gardevoir adored her trainer. He was her idol and protector. She'd do anything to protect him, and served him well in battle. For years, her trainer treated her well, and saw her as a friend. It seemed she and her trainer were destined to be friends forever, but fate had other plans.

    Contrary to what she thought, her trainer was not the paradigm of virtue.
    In his heart, he was not kind. Or noble. Or decent. Or even cared for her. Their alliance was nothing short of pragmatic. The trainer put on a mask of kindness, decency and tolerance, so that her powers may be his. In truth, he was a freak without a human heart. An intolerable monster who lacked empathy or regret. With venom in his blood, he saw everyone and everything close to him as a tool for his selfish desires. And he needed one, now.

    Gardevoir was blissfully unaware of this, as the trainer had planned. He didn't want her to fight back. He asked her a question to solidify her fate. She had proven loyalty, and would submit. He asked her one question, one seemingly innocent but all too monstrous question: "Will you do anything for me?" Gardevoir agreed. She'd lay her own life for the trainer she adored, perhaps even loved. She should've layed her own life. It would've been preferable.

    In moments, Gardevoir learned that everything about her master was a total lie. That knight in shining armor was but an invention. What the trainer did to her should never have been. It was an utterly vile act, that I cannot possibly describe here. Or at least, properly describe. To put it bluntly, it was a violation. The trainer was a perverse freak, ruled by ideals of sick lust. Gardevoir was no stranger to the concept, and knew that humans had a certain fondness to her kind. But it was a quirk of their social life. It was natural. What he did to her wasn't.

    It went beyond the physical agony. It went beyond abusing something so commonplace and essential in life. It went beyond even torture. Gardevoir are empaths, sensing the emotion of those near them. In desperation, she tried to breach into his mind. And what she was even worse than the physical pain she felt. She saw his true, twisted mind. It felt inhuman, completely unnatural. It was liked being forced into the mental defenses of a Dark type, and multiplied tenfold by the man's sadism. Her trainer was a psychopath, incapable of understanding others. It would be impossible to fully breach his mind

    Eventually, the desecration of her body stopped. Gardevoir was weakened and crippled. She expected her trainer to, at the very least, feel disgust at the physical mess. But no. Drenched in filth and blood, he seemed calm and collected. Days past. Gardevoir's body still ached, but her mind was still in screaming pain. Seeing her hero revealed as a monster was shocking enough, but looking into his mind was even worse. He had been using her all this time. The majority of her life was a lie. She wanted revenge.

    Gardevoir are shaped by those that they come in contact with. They are more than capable of feeling negative emotions, but most trainers are decent enough to prevent this. Not her trainer. Gardevoir are also not what they appear. Beneath the veil of their human-like appearance was an aberration of sanity, a barely humanoid cosmic horror. Their outward apperance is but clothing, born out of their emotions. Their beauty on the outside reflects what was in the inside.

    The trainer believed he had made his Pokemon docile, so they would remain loyal. In what would be the greatest mistake of his life, he called out his Gardevoir. After enough time, he expected her to look beautiful. She didn't. Her "dress" was in tatters, with holes strewn through it. Instead of feet, two root-like tendrils appeared. Her chest had taken the apperance of a ribcage, with tendrils in the centre. Her arms looked like her legs, except with gauntlet-like gloves.

    Her head was the most ghoulish part of her now. Her "hair" had become a rich purple. Her skin was gray with specks of blood. All flesh surrounding her jaw was removed, revealing a twisted, jagged smile. Where her eyes should be are only her eyeholes, pitch black and bleeding. If you looked closely, there was a flicker of light where her pupils should be.

    The trainer was frightened, yet oddly intrigued. He asked, stuttering, "What are you?" Gardevoir only snarled. But she made her thoughts clear. Through them, she spoke what she felt: "Master. You were my idol, my everything. I gave you my life, only to learn it was all a lie. You destroyed me, body and mind. I have become an abomination because of you. You clearly don't understand what I or anyone else feels. But now, you will."

    Gardevoir enveloped her master. Revealing her mind, Gardevoir tried every mental torture she could possibly fathom. At first, she replicated what turned her into the abomination she had become. She devoured him, cut him into bits, turned him into a statue capable of experiencing the rest of the world, turned him into a living effigy, and every torture method we as humans have created.

    At this point, her master looked the sign of agony. His eyes were bloodshot, his mouth dry, vomit and waste expelled from pain and fear. He looked like an absolute wreck; as if he was starved, penniless and imprisoned for decades. But he had not felt the emotional agony that Gardevoir had felt. His lack of empathy prevented that. Gardevoir had none of it.

    Now hardened enough to enter into the core of his psyche, Gardevoir plunged into his head. She could attack his brain stem, and make every breath he takes filled with pain. But no, that isn't what she came here for. She searched for the limbic system, and found where he should get empathy from. Controlling this area, she chose to force him into feeling it.

    For the first time in his life, the trainer felt the pain of others. In mere minutes, the horrors he inflicted on so many rushed into his head. Finally, he felt the pain of Gardevoir. The broken joy when his lie was exposed, the fear when he tortured her, the rage she's feeling now. But the emotion she was feeling was too intense for his mind to handle. After what seemed like years of torture, he lost all willpower. Gardevoir devoured him, to eternally be tortured in her now twisted mind.

    One would think that she would calm down now. But Gardevoir had been completely broken, and unable to turn back. She had experienced a new emotion-sadism. She had come to enjoy the pain of her owner, and this joy overrided all her emotions. It helped her deal with pain, even make it pleasurable. She had become the very monster who tortured her.

    It's said that Gardevoir still haunts the world. Some say this nightmare led her to give birth, and said child would be just as monstrous. She wonders across the world, finding those who look like her master. She subjects them to the same agony. She has been given the name Horrotion. Or Rardevoia.
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (Diamond random)

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