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Hi, I'm GalacticMagmar. I'm new to writing Fan Fiction, so this wouls be considered my first Fan-Fic.
I was always interested in the Distortion World and it's weirdness, and Giratina is also one of my favorite Legendaries to the day. I decided to incorporate them into a story and so here you go!
As a young writer, my grammar may not be perfect, so I would appreciate if this is one of the main areas you hit in your reviews.
Thanks, now on with the story!

Chapter One

I was lost. Teleported away by some mysterious force; From the very trainer that had found me and taken me home. My home. I had lost that as well. I was in a world very unlike my own; Dark, scary, weird. Tendrils of strange plant-like structures covered stones and other assorted junk.

I felt powerless. My body and mind had gone through so much in the past few minutes that I didn’t want to do anything about my situation. In fact, I didn’t even know what I would do about it at all. So I sat my head onto the dirt, and slept.


As I awoke, I realized it was not just some silly little nightmare. This was very real. I was very much lost from everything I had. I wondered if I would ever see him again… my trainer. He had found me lost in a polluted factory. Heaven knows why he was there, but he found me and took me in. I met his friends, his other Pokemon. They were all so friendly and willing to let me be one of them, that I stayed.

And now they were gone. Well, I should say, I was gone. I was lost and alone. Or so I thought.


Michael Silverti just stared ahead as he watched his beloved Pokemon fall into the swirling portal. He couldn’t see inside to see what had happened, but it certainly couldn’t be good. He was in a state of shock. He didn’t do anything, until he realized, the black hole had closed up, and disappeared. He just lost a Pokemon. A friend.

He remembered back when he had first found the little guy. He had been exploring the abandoned metal factory just outside of Floaroma Town. Fuego Ironworks or something. It was polluted, trashy, left to die along with anything in it. Then he found him. The little Steel Pokemon was curled up in a pile of trash.
It looked miserable; it’s legs were dented, dust and dirt covered it’s once-beautiful iron armor. It coughed up a heave of smoke, and Michael knew what he had to do.

Michael had taken the little guy up out of that dump, and got him fixed up at the nearby Pokemon Center. He really hoped the Pokemon didn’t have anything serious going. He probably sat in the Lobby for at least 4 and a half hours.
He had finished every magazine in the place and was solving a Sudoku when the nurse finally returned.

“There’s nothing too serious going on with him. Just a little bit of a cough and fever. The place must’ve been really hot down there, especially for him since he’s a Steel type. A little medicine and experience of fresh air will get him completely healthy.”

“What about the dents?”

“The dents he may live with the rest of his life. There’s nothing we can really do to fix that. Sorry.”

“Well, thank you for helping.”

“My pleasure.”

Michael wished this had never happened. That was one of his dear friends. They did everything together. The Pokemon had really become a strong force for his team, and he seemed to be getting along well with everyone else. And he lost him. Why had it happened? How? Who was to blame, if anyone but himself?

All Michael could do was sit there and cry. He always knew he would lose Pokemon to various illnesses or battles. But he never thought he would lose a Pokemon to a portal to…. Somewhere. Maybe Nowhere. Heck, he probably died for all he knew. One could only hope his friend was holding his own….


It was time to get to work, I assumed. If I had to be stuck somewhere, I might as well try to survive instead of sitting to die. I scanned the area around me, looking for any sort of resource that could possibly work for shelter. What was there to use…..

I found some plants similar to the ones I mentioned earlier, but there were much sturdier and could maybe be used for something. I powered up for the best Iron Head attack to ram the plants off their roots. Luckily it worked on some of them.
I wasn’t sure what I would do with these yet, so I set them aside for future work. Time to find more stuff.

The stones! I could grab a few of them to make a fire or maybe some kind of wall. I thought about my attacks I had learned from Michael. Iron Head might work, but I seriously doubted it, Perhaps Rock Smash? I wasn’t too good with the move, as I didn’t use it too often.

I concentrated on my target; the stones in front of me. I charged towards the rocks, and burst some of them into pieces. I gathered them up, and set them aside. I made noticeable progress, but I still wasn’t sure how I would use the items in a successful fashion. I’m a Pokemon! Things obviously would be different than Human survival skills.

I took a quick break to think. I looked around the strange world, and realized it hadn’t gotten any darker than when I begun work. This could probably be an advantage or disadvantage. Advantage being I could see perfectly well at all times; Disadvantage being I had no sense of time here.

That’s when I saw it.

It flew by so quickly, yet I was able to get so many details from the short time I saw it. It had a grey body, with a long black stripe with little red stripes going across it down the middle of his body. I had a shiny golden face which almost looked like some sort of mask. Spikes of the same color ran along it’s body. It’s most prominent feature, however, was it’s long black, shadowy tentacles along the top of it’s body. They were horrifying and majestic at the same time; they were so amazing.

It hadn’t seen me, so that was good. A monster like that could do some serious damage. I decided it would be a good idea to hide, considering the fact that that thing was out there. I quickly found a little hideaway in the rocks and hid there.

This day was getting weirder and weirder, and I didn’t like it. I could only imagine what Michael was feeling.


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