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    As of right now, my piece of crap laptop is my only connection to the internet. As of right now, it may be going to hell at any moment. <_< So I'm going to be careful here... *reminds self to write documents in e-mails*

    And it may have something to do with my impatience. Probably majority impatience... meh. Either way, a helluva lot earlier than planned, here comes...

    The Rebirth of Sinnoh
    Volkner's Tale

    Chapter 0: Prologue

    Slowly, quietly, the raindrops echoed off the roof of the tiny shack, running down into the gutter and eventually returning to Earth. Earth was a place that the boy resented right now, as he sat up in his room, watching the rain from the dirty window.

    Volkner Sune was fourteen years old. He stood at roughly five feet, probably a bit taller, but he wasn't sure by how much. Dirty blonde hair rested atop his head, keeping him the consistent target of teasing because of its resemblance of urine – at least the normally colored stuff. His torso was thin and bony, despite his rather heavy eating habits, which he was admittedly grateful for.

    Today was a bad day for him. It was a bad day for the dreary Olivine City, it seemed, too: heavy rain, strikes of lightning and empty streets were all he saw throughout the day. Of course, this was the perfect environment for Volkner. He hated people. Dots of life bustling through the streets, going about their happy little lives... it sickened him. How could people be happy? How could people be happy when he couldn't be?

    He sighed, sitting up from his laying position on his bed. His hands fished around in his pockets for the phone that rested in one of them – finally, his fingers gripped the cold surface of the tiny mechanical device, and he flipped it open, heading to his contacts list and pressing the “OK” button on a certain one. This was another thing Volkner hated. His economic status: his mother was poor. His father wasn't, but it wasn't like his father to support him anyway. So he was stuck with the most basic phone his mother could afford, a flip-phone with basic tools and calling functions. The damned thing didn't even have a camera.

    “Hello?” a voice said on the other end. He could identify the timid tone immediately.

    “It's a crappy day, Jasmine,” he muttered.

    “...I'm sorry to hear that.”

    Poor Jasmine Steele, he mused. Chose to make buddy-buddy with the wrong person. She was his ranting bag – nothing else, really. He supposed he would ask her about her day. Maybe someone else's problems would take his mind off of his own.

    “Your own?” he asked.

    “It's been alright. I got my first Pokemon today,” she said.

    “...Oh? What was it?”

    “She,” Jasmine started, “is a Onix.”

    “God damn!” Volkner whispered. “Don't you think that's a bit extreme? That thing could rip you in two.”

    Volkner heard a faint giggle, only further engaging his curiousity. “Rustina is my father's. He's domesticated just fine: a three year old could handle this gentle little giant...”

    “...I'm jealous. I want something like that,” Volkner admitted.

    “Don't you have Chuseph-” Jasmine started.

    “I don't care about Chuseph. He's weak. An Onix is strong,” Volkner said, a bit too forcefully for his own liking: and from what he could tell, not too much to Jasmine's liking either, due to the thin gasp on the other end of the line.

    “Volkner, that's-”

    Once again, she got interrupted. “The truth.”


    Volkner angrily removed the phone from near his ear and let it slam shut, automatically ending the phone call. He fell back onto the pillow, taking in its soft comfort, and grunted. Stupid woman. How was it she got the good thing? Chuseph should have been hers, and this “Rustina” thing should have been his. After all, she liked cutsie things, didn't she? It made sense!

    Spitefully, he buried the phone beneath the pillow, closed his eyes and let himself drift off into the much preferable world of a dreamless sleep.

    Two days later, things really were not all that different. But today... today, Volkner had a reason to get out of bed, go to school and come home. Today would be the day he would get out of this mess.

    So he did. He got out of bed and went off to school, coming home and staying up in his room for a little while to build up the courage. Finally, he left his room and headed downstairs, sitting down in the living room across from his mother, who was sitting back and watching some bullcrap on their rickety old television.

    “...Evenin', mom,” Volkner said.

    “'Lo there, boy,” Hannah Sune said absentmindedly.

    “How are you?”

    “Just fine,” she said. “You need somethin'?”

    “I wanted to ask a question..”

    “Then ask it.” She raised an eyebrow. “Ain't I taught ya that when something is on your mind, get it out?”

    “...Right,” Volkner said. “I don't think it's any secret that I don't like Olivine City.”

    “It's the best place ya got, kiddo,” she responded.

    “Not if I leave.”

    “A fourteen year old boy, leaving home? That's ridiculous, Volkner, and you know it.”

    “People do it younger,” Volkner said.

    “Pokemon Trainers?” A glint in his mother's eyes. He knew he had struck a nerve.

    “I want to become one.”

    “No. You're staying here, like a normal kid.”

    Just then, Volkner was startled as the infamous tiny yellow mouse jumped onto his shoulder: Chuseph the Pichu, resting upon his shoulder, enjoying the comfortable fabric of his blue jacket. He added in his little part to the oncoming argument. “Chu!”

    His mother continued. “Normal kids stay at home, grow old doing things like business and get married to a nice girl.”

    Volkner stood up. “But mom, I ain't a normal kid!”

    Volkner wanted to leave Olivine more than anything in the world: and his conversation with Jasmine Steele had given him the idea on how to do it.

    “Volkner, give me Chuseph. I'm-”

    “Chuseph? Really, mom? Giving him such a human name... he's not human. Not even remotely close! They're so much less than us. Learn your place in the world and learn his!”

    “...I'm groundin' you 'til you get this idea out of your head, boy. Pokemon Training is sick and wrong. How dare you even think of pitting these poor creatures up against each other in sport?! They could get seriously injured!”

    “Like it really matters?” Volkner spat.

    He could see his mother's face turn red, and he could not help but smile.

    “You can't blame an entire race for one's stupidity, Volkner,” she said. “That's like blaming the entire human race for a bank robbery.”

    “Watch me,” Volkner whispered, then shook his entire body: he felt the light grip that the tiny mouse Pokemon had on his shoulder falter, and with another shake, the mouse was sent sprawling toward the big bad wooden floor.

    One chink in his plan, though. He hadn't thought everything through entirely: he had forgotten about the small yellow and brown creature by his mother's side, the tips of its beast-like fingers curling out and glowing red, sending a similar aura to Chuseph's body. It enveloped the mouse, and brought him down safely onto the floor next to the Abra.

    “...Your sentence has been extended,” his mother said after a few moments of awestruck silence. “You're not to leave your room unless you are coming down for one of the scheduled three meals, using the restroom, or going to school. No friends-”

    Volkner stopped listening for a moment to think, “What friends?”

    “...and no video games. If you apologize to Chuseph, I'll give you a regular sentence. Otherwise, this is 'til you leave my house for a place of your own.”

    “...M-mom, that's-”

    “Your sentence. Up to your room. Now.”

    Volkner glared at her spitefully, and only because he knew he had been beaten. He had no counter argument. He only knew he could show his butt a little more and hopefully upset his mother some. Served her right. As he ran past her, he said the words he knew any mother dreaded to hear: a combination of three words reserved only for inflicting maximum emotional pain.

    “I hate you.”

    Up the stairs he went, curving around the hallway and flying into his room, the door slamming shut behind him. He flung himself onto his bed and buried his face in his pillow, letting out a choked cry. He had just had his one chance to get out of here destroyed: he was too smart to try and sneak off. He knew that if he did, he would be reported as a missing child, and everyone in Johto would be looking for him. And that put him right back at square one.. He hated this place. He hated his mother. He hated the world.

    “What's wrong, Volkner?”

    Volkner inhaled sharply, forcing himself to sit up and identify the source of this voice – it sounded sweet, almost melodic to his ears. He looked around for a moment or two through blurry eyes, before catching the source.

    She sat on his windowsill, wearing a long white dress that covered even down to her feet. It was sleeveless, revealing pale, thin arms. Her face was gorgeous: the very sight of her seemed to make his worries go away for just a moment, before woefully returning. Her black hair went down to her shoulders.

    “Who are you?...” Volkner whispered.

    “A friend,” the girl said simply.

    “But I've never seen you before in my life,” Volkner responded after a few moments.

    “So? I'm still your friend, Volk.”

    His heart skipped a beat. Not a soul had called him that- not since--

    “So, once again – something wrong, Volk? You seem pretty upset.”

    “Tell me who you are.”

    “I told you – a friend. If you really want a specific name... well, you can call me Mana.” A smile crossed her lips. “It really is nice to see you, Volk.”

    “How do you know my name? How did you get in here?” Volkner demanded, his hands clenching into fists. He was about to punch this girl: her cryptic, dodgy answers were getting on his last nerve.

    “I know your name because I know it. I got in here through the window. Should really get locks for these sorts of things.”

    “Sarcastic little...”

    She giggled, making Volkner flinch.

    “Shhh, Volk. Listen up, now. I've got a favor to ask of you.”

    “I'm not doin' any-”

    She leaped off the windowsill, walking slowly in his direction. He pulled backward, going up against the headboard of the bed, pressing himself flat until she sat down almost next to him, leaning in and giving him a simple kiss on the cheek.

    “...I've missed you, Volk. Thank God for this opportunity. But I've got to... I've got to send you away for a little while. See ya later, 'gator.”

    And with that, Volkner looked up and saw a flash of green and pink light, swirled together: then it disappeared, replaced only with darkness, the sweet darkness of unconsciousness.

    Volkner Sune heard one last thing.

    We will do you a great favor, child...
    ...Just as long as you do us one first.
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