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Thread: ¤ Team Galactic ¤

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    Default ¤ Team Galactic ¤ Galactic Tourney

    "Everything belongs to Team Galactic! Look beyond the world--space will become Team Galactic's!"

    Welcome to Team Galactic, I am Master Cyrus, and I am this club's owner. This club has originated from a role-playing club I ran on another forum I was a member of. Due to the forums current issues, I decided to relocate to Serebii, and try again here. As such, casual discussions about Team Galactic, Giratina and the Distortion World, and Sinnoh themed conversations are allowed.

    We follow the basic rules of Serebii here.

    Leaders (Administrators):

    Cyrus (Team Galactic Lv.X)
    1.) Houndour ♂ Lv.34
    2.) Golbat ♂ Lv.34
    3.) Honchkrow ♂ Lv.36

    Commanders (Moderators):

    Mars (Randomness)
    1.) Houndour ♂ Lv.15
    2.) Purugly ♀ Lv.17


    Saturn (Abrar14, Tournament Organizer)
    1.) Murkrow ♂ Lv.15
    2.) Toxicroak ♀ Lv.17


    Galactic Grunts:

    B-3 (TeamGalacticMars)
    1.) Glameow ♀ Lv.13

    H-20 (Srivats123)

    J-6 (GalactaKnightisawesome)
    1.) Glameow ♀ Lv.13

    J-16 (Jasonx1998)
    1.) Croagunk ♂ Lv.13

    N-13 (Necro101)
    1.) Murkrow ♂ Lv.11
    2.) Croagunk ♂ Lv.11

    Registration Format:
    Username: (So easy to answer.)
    Code Name: (Choose a letter and a number. Examples: H-27, K-2, ect.)
    Pokémon: (Choose three max (repetition is allowed).) => , => / => /, , , , , .
    (This is more of a decoration, and represents you as a member of Team Galactic. You allowed to choose their Gender (♂/♀).)

    Tournament Information:
    None currently.

    Trainer Information (Gen IV):
    Name: Team Galactic Lv.X
    Wi-Fi Friend Code:
    Platinum: 3867-3888-1996
    HeartGold: 3524-4601-4488
    Diamond: 1848-2695-8621
    Time Zone: EST

    Trainer Information (Gen V):

    Registration Format:
    Name: ---
    Wi-Fi Friend Code: ---
    Time Zone: ---

    Team Galactic Banners and Userbars:

    User Bars by umbreonrulez.



    Banner by SecretSolver, animated by freddybgbg.


    Team Galactic Music:

    The Three Serene Lakes

    International Police Officer, Looker

    Team Galactic Battle

    Team Galactic Victory

    Team Galactic Eterna Building

    Team Galactic Encounter

    Team Galactic Commanders

    Team Galactic Headquarters

    Team Galactic's Secret Lab

    The Frigid Mount Coronet

    The Ancient Spear Pillar

    Summoning the Titans

    The Cataclysm

    Team Galactic Leader, Cyrus

    Dialga and Palkia

    Advent of Giratina

    Giratina Strikes

    The Mysterious Distortion World

    Rampaging Giratina

    The Ruins of Sinjoh

    The Lost Hall of Origin

    The Awakened Arceus

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    "Everything belongs to Team Galactic! Look beyond the world--space will become Team Galactic's!"

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