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Thread: GWSC- Week #109 "Sick Sprites!"

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    Default GWSC- Week #109 "Sick Sprites!"

    ANY person can enter!
    ANY website can participate!
    ANY thing can happen! Its the...

    "Oh well, dunno. Didn't like the result.". Well ... everybody else thought differently ,Ex ^^. Congrats!

    Medium: Edit
    Sprite source: 5th/6th gen sprites (click on banner)
    Challenge: "Sick Sprites"

    The challenge of this week is to edit a 4th gen pokémon to make it look like it is sick.
    You can choose whether you go for "real sick like a fever" or "infected by a virus so it turns against you to eat your brains".

    Feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear.
    Try to be so original as possible ^^ Good luck!

    - size limit: 96*96
    - White outlining isn't allowed

    Post your entry here in the thread by 11:59p.m (GMT+1). Sunday, and voting will occur the following Monday!
    Thanks to everyone who has entered the contest, and will enter this one.

    Ps: Sorry that this week's thread is a bit late. I'm sick -_-

    Ps2: Our first 3D-themed GWSC was a succes!


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    After being pretty bummed about not being able to participate last time cause of my terrible computer, I decided to give it my all this time!

    Think about what you're doing next time you use a Blizzard on Torterra.

    EDIT: I changed up the sprite a bit, I hope that's okay. It was just starting to look too much like a basic retype to me.
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    I need to maintain my colour palette to a smaller amount.

    Anyway, here's a budew that's so sick, his bud's being infected. don't worry, he's being treated atm.

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