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Thread: GWSC- Week #141 "Double rainbow all the way across the sprite!"

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    Default GWSC- Week #141 "Double rainbow all the way across the sprite!"

    ANY person can enter!
    ANY website can participate!
    ANY thing can happen! Its the...

    American--Pi took the crown with her cute Zapdos revamp! Congrats!

    Medium: Recolor
    [B]Sprite source: 5th/6th gen sprites
    Challenge: Double rainbow all the way across the sprite

    The challenge this week is to recolor a pokémon that has maximum 4 colors (shades not included) with the colors of the rainbow.
    Every color of the rainbow should be included at least once!

    Feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear.
    Try to be so original as possible ^^ Good luck!

    - Maximum size: 96*96
    - No white outlining is allowed

    Post your entry here in the thread by 11:59p.m (GMT+1). Sunday, and voting will occur the following Monday!
    Thanks to everyone who has entered the contest, and will enter this one.

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    American--Pi is typing...


    Dark rainbow Articuno, yo.

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