Lovamour comes from Love and the French word for love.
It has the Hearted and Heartless forms, based on Cupid and angels.
The ability True Love makes this Mythical Pokemon able to infatuate any Pokemon. Change the forms with the Heart Locket.
The Hearted Form, on the right, is nice and loves friendships. The bow it carries can make any people it shoots with an arrow fall in love.
The Heartless Form on the left is mean, and anyone hit with the sword or an arrow hates their lovers and passions.
Both are Fairy/Flying, and the Hearted Form’s signature move is Love’s Shot, a 120 base power move that infatuates it’s target. The Heartless Form’s signature move is Heartbreak Harpoon, a 75 base power move that doubles damage if the opponent is infatuates. Both are special moves with 100 accuracy.
Hearted form is a bulky special attacker, while the Heartless form is a mixed sweeper that can’t take many hits. What form is better?