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    Quote Originally Posted by jjhd View Post
    charizrd.png My Shadow Charizard
    No offence, But that looks like you took a Charizard sprite, Opened it in MS Paint and used the Filler/Paint Bucket tool all over the sprite. Maybe you could use pencil tool and use other sprites for colors and/or accessories? Also, The outlines are still of Charizard's original coloring, And I can see them very well. You might wanna fix that. Ever heard of the "Eraser Trick"?

    [IMG]http://i47.*******.com/2d9d46a.jpg[/IMG] I'm kind of new to spriting, But not so much. This is a Fakemon! I tried real hard on it and even made an frame animation of it in my signature. It's a music note Pokemon, I got inspiration while listening to music. (Am I doing this right? If not then message me about it.)
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