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    I've had some success with this set on pokémon online:

    Clefable @Toxic Orb/Leftovers/Life Orb
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Nature: Relaxed
    EV's: 252 HP, 140 Def, 116 Sp.D
    - Cosmic Power
    - Belly Drum/Stored Power
    - Double-Edge/Meteor Mash
    - Softboiled/Moonlight

    - This set is basically set up as much as possible, moonlight is slashed as it may be difficult to obtain softboiled (3rd gen move tutor).
    - Meteor Mash is there for coverage over ghost-dark types that would completely wall this set with immunities (it also has the 10% chance of raising your attack), if it had Stored Power and Double-Edge. However Double Edge does provide much more power, 180(+STAB) instead of 100.
    - If you are running belly drum however Meteor Mash is the best option for the attacking move slot, as it faces no immunities (just shaky accuracy).
    - Toxic Orb is to stop any of the more annoying status problems to Clefable, sleep and paralysis mainly, with Magic Guard obviously stopping any damage from the poison.
    - Leftovers is slashed to make it more bulky, and Life Orb provides a bit more power.
    - The nature and EV spread is just to make it as bulky as possible on both sides.
    - This set, like any other belly drumming set, can be really helped by team-mates with Memento, or others that can force switches, take out counters, etc.
    - On the note of counters, users of Taunt, Phazers, Encore, and of course Trick can all stop this set (and others similarly based on non-attacking moves) before it’s had a chance to set up.
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