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Thread: Wait for Pokemon Battle Revolution 2?

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    So, I was talking with my brother last night and we both agreed that Pokemon Battle Revolution was an awesome game. The lovable strategy of Pokemon and the beautiful graphics of the Wii. So we started thinking we would buy it again. But, I would need to either find my old Pearl version (I lost it awhile ago) or buy a new one for around $10. I would also need to buy a new action replay (not using it for trading on this website, just to get awesome Pokes to have intense battles with on PBR quickly), a new DS, and Pokemon Battle Revolution itself. So I'm thinking all this would be about $100. I really want this again, but would it be worth to get Pearl and an Action Replay as like a bonus? And see, my 3DS wont accept old Action Replays so I'd need an older DS version. I'd probably borrow the DS from my neighbor for awhile. What do you think? Should I just wait for Pokemon Battle Revolution 2 to come out? Or should I go ahead and buy all the stuff?
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    I would buy it because it's good for 4th gen battles. If your sastified with 5th gen, then wait, but I still like 4th gen battles and PBR is a cool game. If you can't find your old Pearl though, I would get something like Platnium instead though because it's a better game.

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    Every generation seems to have a console battling game released alongside it, so waiting for a 5th gen variant is not an unsafe bet. As great as PBR is, if you'll have to spend ever more money on all kinds of extras and needs and component parts and all that just to play the game you want, it's pretty wasteful.

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