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Thread: Pokemon Orian Adventures - Rising

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    Default Pokemon Orian Adventures - Rising


    Hi, as you can see, this is my first Fan Fiction. I've always been mystified about what happens to Champions after they lose a Championship match, which was the birth of this story

    Rising is the tale of a young, ten-year-old Pokemon Trainer named Ryan Dallas, who meets Xavier Earl, the Ex-Champion of the Orian League. Xavier helps Ryan on his journey, teaching him the true battle styles of a Pokemon Master, and how to brave any challenge, on or off the battlefield

    And now, without further ado, here is the first book in the Orian Adventures Trilogy - Rising. Enjoy.

    P.S. Please do leave any thoughts you have in a comment. It helps me improve, which I really want to do to make this the best it can be. Also vote in the polls, if you don't have time to leave a comment. Thanks!

    Chapter One - The Championship
    Chapter Two - Five Years Later
    Chapter Three - Richard
    Chapter Four - Xavier
    Chapter Five - Route 302



    The arena was full of people, waving and cheering as loudly as possible. Almost half of the entire audience was wearing silver and black clothing, the official colors of the Pokemon League. The other half were mostly dressed in a rich scarlet color that showed who it was they favored. Slowly, the cheering of the crowd started to die away as the trumpeting sound of the arena’s Exploud boomed. A large man, dressed in a bright silver robes with a black cloak, stepped up to the podium on the opposite side of the stadium. He tapped the microphone, and began to speak as loudly as the Exploud.

    “Ladies and gentlemen! It gives me great pleasure to be standing here today, introducing all of Orian to the 217th Pokemon League Championship!”

    He stopped for several moments as the crowd roared with cheers again, and began to speak once more.

    “Our finalist from the Orian League Tournament! Michael Thompson!”

    Once more the audience exploded with cheers and applause, overpowering the sound of those booing the challenger. Everyone in scarlet jumped up and began to perform the wave, quite unsuccessfully.

    A burly man dressed in scarlet, much the same as his supporters, stepped up to the black side of the battlefield, shaking his fists in the air and egging on the crowd.

    “And of course, our three-year-in-a-row champion! Xavier Earl!”

    Now the spectators really erupted into applause. As loud as the others were, the champion supporters completely muted the boos echoing from the other side of the coliseum.

    The bright shine of the champion’s silver dressings matched the excitement of the audience as he stepped up to the silver side of the battlefield, looking straight at his competitor, who was flexing his muscles for his side of the crowd. He wasn’t as muscular as his opponent, but he knew that his strategy was going to destroy his challenger as it always did.

    “Now then! As the rules of the championship match dictate, the returning champion shall be the first to reveal their pokemon! So! Without further ado, we ask Xavier to release his first pokemon!”

    Xavier reached down to his belt, and felt all six of his pokeballs strapped onto the left side of his waist. If everything goes as planned, he thought to himself, I’ll only be needing three of you.

    He pinched the pokeball at the front of his set and felt it grow in his hand. He threw the ball up in the air with his left hand, and spun, catching it in his right hand and catapulting it forwards as he faced back towards Michael. It was his signature pokeball throw, and he knew that now was the perfect time to really show it off.

    “CARNIVINE!” he shouted loudly, so that everyone in the stadium could here his pokemon selection. He remembered the first time he had used his Carnivine in a championship battle, how all of the viewers gasped in shock at his selection. Carnivine was not exactly the common choice for a champion - but then again, Xavier was not a normal champion.

    He saw the spinning pokeball burst open and release a jet of red light. He saw the light take the form of his Carnivine, and as the red glow faded to the regular lime color of his pokemon, the pokeball returned to his hand like a yo-yo. Carnivine danced around wildly, twirling it’s leg-like vines and snapping its head up and down.

    “And the champion has chosen Carnivine as his first pokemon! To those of you who may be thinking this is an odd choice, don’t fret - this pokemon has serious pizazz!”

    Michael was at the other end of the battlefield, smirking and mocking the announcer. He knew that he favored Xavier - he was the champion after all, but he wasn’t worried. Carnivine was exactly what Michael had predicted he would choose, and he knew all of it’s stats and attacks. He was ready for this, ready to show what he was made of.

    “And now, the challenger will choose his first pokemon!” shouted the announcer, and Michael flexed his muscles once more for his cheering fans.

    He reached down for his belt, where he also kept his six pokeballs. Choosing the one on the furthest right, he tapped the circular button that made the ball grow to the size of a large baseball. He also had his own signature pokeball throw, but he was proud to say that it was one that no one else would ever use.

    Holding his pokeball up high, he volleyed it at the ground, where it bounced high in the air ten feet away, bursting in the same jet of red light. He waited until the form of his pokemon shaped, caught the pokeball, and let out a scream.

    “CHANDELURE!” The crowd went wild. The possessed chandelier swung wildly in the air, as if helding up by a single nail in a house in the middle of an earthquake. It released a powerful column of fire up into the air, plunging the whole of the arena into a deep purple glow.

    As the crowd finally settled after this show of fiery power, the announcer said the one thing that all of the audience was waiting for.

    “Let the match...begin!” and with a last tap of the microphone, he walked down the back of the podium. The battlers opened their mouths to call out the first commands.

    “Ryan! Ryan hurry! It’s starting!” yelled the woman. She was sitting on the right side of the large beige couch next to her husband, who wasn’t taking his eyes off of the television for a second. On the furthest left of the couch sat Caitlin, Ryan’s sister, saving him a spot between her and their dad.

    “I’m coming, I’m coming!” yelled Ryan, running towards the living room from his room. He had to go and get his Carnivine plush doll - a gift he received two years ago today, on his third birthday. He had gotten it from his half-twin sister Caitlin. She was called his “half-twin,” because she was born exactly one year before Ryan. They had the same birthday, but different ages, so everyone made the joke about them being half-twins.

    He had held that plush Carnivine during every battle that included Xavier since then, and he wasn’t going to stop now. Hopping onto the couch next to Caitlin and his dad, he fixed his eyes on the screen, Carnivine doll grasped tight on his left.

    “...and Carnivine manages to land another Power Whip attack. Despite the low effectiveness, Xavier has really started to whittle Michael’s Chandelure to low health. If he doesn’t make a counter attack quick, he’ll already...there we go! Xavier lands a crunch, and the early-match toxic is really taking its toll on Chandelure. It looks like it may be down for the count...the referee is confirming its defeat! One down for Michael, he’d better make this next move count!”

    Michael looked as if he was being forced to watch a movie all about anger for eight hours. With a look as poisonous as Carnivine’s toxic, he reached for his next pokemon, bouncing it off of the ground again.

    “GENGAR!” he shouted as the ghost pokemon appeared in the red glow of the pokeball. The Gengar was smirking evilly and his eyes were glowing as scarlet as Michael’s robes.

    “Hypnosis!” he shouted, but Carnivine was too quick. It dodged, dancing around the battlefield, slowly closing in on Gengar.

    “Crunch, Carnivine!” shouted Xavier, and less than one half of a second later, Gengar was shaking it’s head rapidly, trying to get Carnivine to release it’s grip, but it held on tight.

    “Hold on, Carnivine!” shouted Xavier, but Michael laughed when he said this.

    “Gengar, calm down and use Hypnosis again!” he shouted, and Gengar began to settle. A few seconds later, Carnivine fell to the ground, fallen into a deep sleep.

    “YES!” shouted Michael, and pumped his arms in the air for the crowd.

    “NO!” shouted Ryan and his family, all sitting on the edge of their seats, anticipating what would happen next.

    “Gengar! Nightmare!” Michael yelled, loud enough for all of Orian to hear.

    This time, Xavier joined in with the “NOs” coming from all of the Dallas family.

    Gengar glared at Carnivine, it’s eyes glowing purple. Carnivine began to twitch on the playing field, groaning, “Car...carni...vine! Carnivine! Vine!” Meanwhile, Michael was laughing his head off.

    “Now to heal some of that crunch damage. Dream Eater!”

    Gengar’s eyes fixed on Carnivine again, but this time, they were turning bright pink. Carnivine let out a blood-curdling shriek, and Xavier wiped away a tear. He couldn’t stand to see his pokemon in agony. He didn’t care what would happen, he had to end this now…

    Luckily, though, it did end right then. Gengar’s eyes returned to normal, and it began to laugh harshly. Michael followed suit, but snapped out of it quickly. He knew that Carnivine could wake up any time now, so it was time to deliver the knock-out punch.

    For Michael, that punch was Fire Punch.

    As soon as he called out the command, Gengar’s hand clenched, and started to glow bright red, and began to fire up. It pulled back the fist, and the next second, Carnivine was completely immersed in flame. When the fire settled, the referee waved his flag, and the announcer called the defeat.

    Xavier called back Carnivine, and whispered, “You were absolutely brilliant, Carnivine.” before lowering it to his belt. He looked over at Michael, who was facing the crowd now, egging them on again, chanting “Michael! Michael! Michael!”

    Xavier threw his next pokeball up, and spun around like before. As the pokeball shot out of his hand, he called out…

    “SHARPEDO!” The large shark appeared in the air, and immediately the stages where Michael and Xavier were standing rose six feet in the air, along which several small spots dotting the battlefield. Sharpedo, who was quickly falling towards the ground, fell not onto cement, but cool water, which was quickly filling the arena from the four large pipes that were gushing hundreds of gallons of water by the second. The water rose, until finally Sharpedo was level with Xavier’s feet, and Gengar floating three feet above one of the raised spots on the field.

    “Dive!” called Xavier, and Sharpedo dipped below the surface, completely hidden from view. They had only just perfected this maneuver a few days ago - it wasn’t really a Dive attack. It was merely a way to trick the opponent into thinking it was Dive, before releasing the real attack.

    Michael stood stunned, staring at Xavier before he managed to regain his focus. He didn’t know that Sharpedo had learned Dive. And what did Xavier replace it with?

    Immediately he was angry with himself for losing focus again. Sharpedo had hopped out of the water behind Gengar, and began falling towards it when it realized what was happening.

    “Crunch!” shouted Xavier, and Sharpedo snapped it’s jaw shut on Gengar, who was finally released from Sharpedo’s grasp while underwater. It floated for a few seconds before the referee went and collected it, officially naming it defeated.

    Michael looked about ready to bite down on Xavier’s head, but he still reached down for his third pokeball.

    “DRIFBLIM!” he screamed loudly once more as the pokeball bounced up at the sky. In the middle of the battlefield, it popped open, shooting out a blast of red light, forming the purple hot-air-balloon pokemon.

    Before Xavier could even open his mouth, Michael shouted, “Thunder Wave!”

    The stream of sparking yellow light zigzagged its way across the battlefield. Luckily, Sharpedo managed to dip below the water before it could reach him. Unluckily, Drifblim lowered the beam, and when it came in contact with the water, Sharpedo came shooting out like a rocket.

    “Sharpedo! While in the air! Hydro Pump!”

    “Drifblim, Thunder Wave!”

    The two attacks collided, resulting in a large golden explosion of water and light in the center. The effect didn’t last long, however. The beam of lightning was working its way through the Hydro Pump. Due to the conductor abilities of the water, Sharpedo was as good as paralyzed.

    And the next second, Sharpedo crashed on the water, sparking, and immobile.

    “Focus Energy, Drifblim!”

    Drifblim opened it’s wide underbelly and withdrew a great breath. After a few seconds, it began to glow a fiery red, before fading back to normal. Sharpedo, meanwhile, was still at the other end of the field, paralyzed.

    “Now Drifblim! Thunder!”

    Drifblim swelled to an enormous size, before the top of it’s head burst open in a dazzling lightningbolt. The lightning rose high into the clouds, and the next second, an even more powerful thunderbolt crashed to the ground, where Sharpedo was floating useless. It began to sizzle and seize, and then the attack ended.

    Sharpedo looked like it was down for the count - a critical hit Thunder was not something most water types could survive.

    “Sharpedo! I know that you’re still fighting! Roar!”

    “No!” yelled Michael, as Sharpedo opened its mouth and released the most horrible sound imaginable. Drifblim was sucked back into one of Michael’s pokeballs, and another randomly popped open. What came out nearly made Xavier jump for joy.

    It was a Shedinja, which Xavier knew would be a quick defeat. Michael had probably been saving this pokemon for when Xavier had no more super effective attacks, but Roar had completely ruined his plan.

    “Shedinja, quickly! Shadow Sneak!”

    “Sharpedo! When Shedinja’s behind you…” but Xavier didn’t have time to finish before Shedinja appeared behind Sharpedo. One good hit and Sharpedo would be down. But if he could at least manage to defeat Shedinja…

    “CRUNCH!” shouted Xavier, and just as Shedinja tackled Sharpedo, he sank his teeth into the empty bug shell pokemon. They both fell in the water, and the referee called them both defeated.

    Immediately, the water on the floor of the stadium drained out and the raised stages lowered to the ground.

    There are three pokemon left with Michael, Xavier said to himself, trying to gather all of his thoughts. And four with me. He’s clearly a ghost-type trainer, so maybe...definitely. Fearow.

    He called out the name of the pokemon, and the bird appeared in the air, flying high above the crowd. Their cheers were deafening, but he was used to it. He smiled as Fearow landed in front of him, its head pointed angrily at Michael.

    “ROTOM!” shrieked Michael, and everyone gasped. Rotom were extremely rarely found - even in the Sinnoh Region, where they came from. But here, in Orian?

    “ did you find it?” asked Xavier, completely bewildered.

    “I did a little, let’s say, shopping, in Sinnoh.” he said with a tricky grin.

    Ryan and the rest of the Dallas family all began shouting angrily. Rotom was an international pokemon - completely unobtainable in Orian. It was like a form of cheating.

    “Well, let’s start then.”

    “Let’s. Rotom! Confuse Ray!” shouted Michael, and Rotom start to glow electrically purple. It began to stare evilly, and before anything else could happen, Fearow started shaking it’s head rapidly, completely confused.

    “You’ll shake it off Fearow, just don’t do anything to harm yourself.” shouted Xavier, looking like he wanted to force-feed Michael poison.

    “Don’t worry - your Fearow won’t have the chance to hurt itself. Thunder Wave!”

    The beam of light burst from Rotom’s sparking body. It made contact with Fearow, who shrieked for a second until the electric charge stopped.

    Xavier groaned, as did Ryan.

    Fearow stood perfectly petrified in the center of the field, when Michael made his next move.

    “Charge!” he shouted, and Rotom flared up with electrical pulse. It slowly calmed down, lightning shooting out of it’s head.

    “Now, Discharge!”

    An enormous burst of golden electrical energy exploded from Rotom. It coated Fearow, who barely managed to yell with its paralyzed jaw. It looked about ready to collapse, but Xavier wasn’t going to let that happen.

    “Roost! Come on Fearow, use Roost!” he shouted, trying to make the paralysis fade away, but it didn’t. Fearow stood there, utterly useless, until Rotom used Charge again.

    “ROOST!” shouted Xavier one last time, and Fearow finally managed to break free from the paralysis curse. It stayed sitting, but dipped it’s head onto it’s belly. A soft white glow cloaked Fearow, just as Rotom finished charging up.

    “Discharge!” shouted Michael, but Xavier knew that Fearow could still escape.

    “Fly, Fearow! Fly as high as you can, and as fast as you can! FLY!” screamed Xavier, and Fearow rocketed up into the air, the golden wave of power following. In a matter of seconds it disappeared into the clouds, but came crashing down onto Rotom almost immediately.

    “Confuse Ray, Rotom!” shouted Michael, but this time, Fearow was too quick.

    “Agility, Fearow! Keep using it and avoid Rotom’s attacks!”

    Fearow spun around, using Agility and dancing around Rotom’s many electrical attacks. After about a minute, Fearow was virtually invisible due to it’s speed.

    “Now, Fly! Keep using Fly until Rotom’s down!”

    Fearow shot around the stadium, pummeling Rotom every few seconds, until finally, Rotom collapsed on the ground, declared fainted by the referee.

    “DRIFBLIM!” no sooner had the words left his mouth than the pokemon popped out it’s pokeball. It sped over to Fearow, but it dodged too quickly to be caught.

    “Fine, use Possess!” shouted Michael, and everyone gasped. What’s possess? the audience asked each other. I’ve never heard of that move before. What does it do?

    The only person who knew the move was Xavier, and he didn’t appear to be happy about it. Drifblim suddenly disappeared from view, and the next second, a great cloud of black smoke expanded over the arena, and finally, Fearow started to shout.

    Everyone looked up and saw the bird pokemon, shooting down out of the sky, and headed straight for the ground. It crashed, head-first, onto the hard concrete. As if it was a bouncy ball, Drifblim shot out of Fearow after impact.

    How does he know Possess? Xavier said to himself. It’s supposed to only be in Ransho - but still, at least he got recoil damage.

    Fearow, who had lost all of it’s agility improvements, stood up and shook itself off.

    “Roost!” called Xavier, and Fearow crouched down, hiding it’s head on it’s stomach, beneath it’s wings. The white glow appeared again, and Fearow stood back up, ready to return to the battle.

    “Fly!” shouted Xavier, and Fearow shot forwards at Drifblim, who finally deflated, falling to the ground.

    “Only one pokemon left, Michael. Make it count.” shouted Xavier, and everyone dressed in silver and black roared with cheers, applause, and laughter.

    “Oh I will, Xavier.” said Michael, grabbing his last pokemon, throwing the ball to the ground, and releasing what it hid inside.

    “COFAGRIGUS!” screamed Michael, and the smile was wiped off of Xavier’s face. Cofagrigus would be hard to attack - it’s defense stat was sky high. But Xavier had faith in his pokemon.

    “Agility, Fearow!” shouted Xavier, and Fearow shot around, gaining speed.

    “Cofagrigus, Calm Mind!” shouted Michael in return, and Cofragrigus shut it’s eyes and focused on it’s power. It opened it’s eyes once more, ready for it’s command.

    “Shadow Ball! Make it with our secret ingredient.” said Michael with a laugh, and Cofagrigus darkened powerfully. The next second, all of the pokemon was engulfed in darkness, and suddenly, it exploded.

    Everyone was blinded, but it was clear that Fearow had been defeated. When the shadows finally lifted, Cofagrigus was using Calm Mind once more, and Fearow was sprawled on the ground.

    Calling back Fearow, Xavier reached for his next, and hopefully last, pokemon. He threw it in the air, spun, and watched the giant form of his Magmortar appear.

    “Magmortar! Confuse Ray!” shouted Xavier, and before anyone could do so much as blink, Cofagrigus was possessed with confusion.

    “Magmortar, Sunny Day!” shouted Xavier again, and Magmortar sent a burst of heat into the sky, brightening the sky and warming the crowd. Cofragrigus fell onto the ground, but managed to pick itself up, before falling backwards. Michael gave a look that would have sent any Rhyperior running, but Magmortar stayed strong.

    “Flamethrower, Magmortar!” Xavier shouted, and Magmortar raised it’s arm and released a jet of fire, which burst apart on Cofagrigus’s armor.

    Cofagrigus, who was no longer confused, but only had a few health points left, raised its hands, and it turned dark again, ready to use Shadow Ball without a command from Michael, who didn’t seem to care that it was attacking on it’s own.

    “Magmortar! FLAMETHROWER!” screamed Xavier, and after the burst of flames, the battle was done.

    “And the referee has called Magmortar out! Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Xavier Earl is the Orian League Champion for the fourth year in a row!”

    The audience went crazy, and so did Ryan and his family. Ryan squeezed his Carnivine tight, smiling and laughing with incredible joy.

    “Xavier will never be beaten!” he yelled with joy, and excited, he went to bed.
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