Thank you for looking at my trade offers I have some very simple rules you should follow...... hacks please....
2...even if I decline your trade I will still do my best to make you an offer just about as good as the trade...
3...if you are trading me a shiny that doesn't mean I'll give you a shiny in exchange however as a business man I'll make a very proud offer or normally accept your offer...
4...special offers and how they work.....for every trade you make with me you get only 1 special offer pokemon for every trade or whatever the special offer pokemon is....and please tell me the nature you want.... don't have to be afraid of making an offer I'll take something for a decent trade just ask for a trade....
6...have fun and enjoy for I'm getting more and more stuff to trade weekly....
7...if you don't see the pokemon you want then it's already been traded for which I'm sorry for.......

Special offers today.....torching level 1...torchic with blaze....natures are naive, bashful, hardy, mild, quiet, timid,relaxed, gentle, serious, lonely, and another naive.....

Level 100s for trade
Abomasnow nature sassy ability snow warning
Darmanitan nature docile ability Zen mode
Mandibuzz nature brave ability big pecks
Miltank nature relaxed ability thick fat
Medicham nature rash ability pure power
Musharna nature hardy ability telepathy
Skarmory nature calm ability keen eye
Starmie nature timid ability illuminate
Dragonite nature brave ability inner focus
Bouffalant nature careful ability sap sipper
Ferrothorn nature mild ability iron barbs
Emboar nature adamant ability blaze
Serperior nature serious ability overgrow
Samurott nature quiet ability torrent
Carracosta nature careful ability sturdy
Heracross nature lax ability guts
Krookodile nature hardy ability moxie
Ninetales nature mild ability flash fire
Jellicant nature timid ability cursed body
Venusaur nature quirky ability overgrow
Blissey nature naive ability serene grace
Blaziken nature lax ability blaze
Zebstrika nature hardy ability motor drive
Kyurem nature naughty ability pressure
Nidoking nature calm ability rivalry
Reshiram nature hardy ability turboblaze
Conkeldurr nature careful ability guts
Ampharos nature bashful ability static
Scolipede nature brave ability swarm
Amoongus nature sassy ability effect spore
Infernape nature quiet ability blaze
Sawk nature docile ability sturdy
Bastiodon nature calm ability sturdy

Things I want or would like
Torchic with speed boost
Blaziken with speed boost either works
Shiny empoleon
Shiny regigigas
Just because you don't have my pokemon doesn't mean I'll decline your offer.

I'm gonna post some level 1 starters as well as well as other rare level 1s and I'm working on getting more legendaries like shaymin even though I have some I trade stuff that I have 2 or 3 of....

I hope you enjoy my offers I made and if you can't find what your looking for ask me because I might have it it just might be a hard trade...