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    Default BX's Trade shop

    Looking for shiny modest kingdra, flawless

    New non shiny flawless
    ~Skarmory with egg moves
    ~Dusknoir with pain split
    ~Multi-Scale Dragonite EVed in speed and attack

    Shiny & Flawless I am offering
    1. Togekiss eved in speed and spec.attack
    2. Swampert eved in HP and attack EM stealth rock (Adamant)
    3. latias
    4. Medicham
    5. politoed (modest)
    6. Starmie (timid)
    7. empoleon (modest)
    8. accegelor (timid)
    9. togekiss (bold)
    10. Reuniclues EVed in HP and Sp.attk
    11. Murkrow with perish song (pranster, jolly)
    12. Zoroark w/ Dark Pulse Timid (Newly Added!)
    13. Hydregion w/ Dark Pulse Timid (Just Added!)
    14. Hippowdon w/ slack off & stealth rock (implish) (Just Added!)
    15. Breloom (Adamant) (Just Added!)
    16. Bisharp w/ Sucker Punch NN-ed(Adamant)
    17. Latios (Timid)
    18. Gliscor w/ poison heal (NEW)
    19. Tyranitar w/ Dragon Dance(Adamant)
    20. Excadrill (Adamant)
    21. Garchomp w/ Outrage (Jolly)
    22. Wobbuffet (Sassy)
    23. Ampombi
    24. Salamence (Adamant)
    25. Kindra w/ Swift Swim (Modest) NEW!
    26. Scizor w/ roost & super power (Adamant) NEW!
    27. Zapdos (Modest) NEW!
    28. Mienshao (jolly) NEW!
    29. Reuniclus (Modest) NEW!

    EV'ed non-shiny Flawless
    1. Rampardos (jolly) NEW!
    2. Zoroark (Timid)
    3. Volcarona (Timid)
    4. Dragonite w/ Extreme Speed (Adamant)
    5. Garchomp w/ Outrage (Adamant)
    6. Darmanitan (Adamant)
    7. Cloyster (Jolly)
    8. Mamoswine with stealth rock (NEW)
    9. Porygon 2
    10. Raikou
    11. Machamp
    12. Gengar w/ HP ice
    13. Lucario
    14. Conkedurr
    15. Rotom W
    16. Heracross
    17. Metagross w/ tutor moves: Trick, Thunder Punch
    18. Ninetales (Timid)

    EV trained
    1. Tyranitar
    2. Excadrill
    3. Galvatula
    4. Hippodow w/ Stockpile & Slack off
    5. Breloom (Jolly)
    6. Scizor(Adamant)
    7. Terrakion
    8. Mienshao
    9. Charizard
    10. Hydreigion

    -Shiny Flawless
    -EV trained
    -Non- shiny flawless
    - Flawless swift swim kindra
    - Flawless drizzle politoed
    -Flawless Intimidate Gyarados
    -Flawless speed boost Sharpedo
    - Flawless speed boost yanmega w/ Hypnosis
    - Flawless Venasaur w/ Chlorophyll
    -Flawless pokemon w/ Chlorophyll
    - Flawless pokemon w/ Swift Swim
    -Flawless Implish Gliscor w/ poison heal
    - Flawless Infernape w/ SR
    - Flawless Raikou with HP ice and Aura Sphere

    Items I am Offering
    Basically any items in the game!
    -Choice band x1
    -Focus Sashes x2
    -Leftovers x2
    -Eviolite x1
    -Choice Scarf x1
    - All the Evolution Stones
    - Power Items
    - White Herb x1
    - Toxic Orb x1
    - Flame orb x1

    Services I am offering
    :- ev training
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