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Thread: The Shiny Emporium

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    Default The Shiny Emporium

    Welcome to The Shiny Emporium!
    This shop is Co-owned by Noahdaboa and Hokoku
    Check out our brother trade shop: Black Haxorus Trade Shop
    1.) Normal SPPF rules apply
    2.) We will not accept Hacks, however cloning is fine
    3.) If we trade you a hack, give us proof and we will trade back
    4.) We are looking for fair trades only (no means no, but we can be flexible)
    5.) Please be patient with us
    6.) Do not hold long conversations on the thread, post your offer and if you have questions PM
    me or Hokoku
    7.) We do not except pokemon that are trained or nicknamed unless they are ev trained (we have trained and nicknamed pokemon and they are noted)
    8.) When offering copy and paste the trade template below

    Trade Template:
        Spoiler:- ::

    Trade Code:
    - UT = Untouched
    - BT = Barely Touched (still hasnt gained a level)
    - T = Touched
    - NN'D = Nicknamed
    - JAP = Japanese name

    Trade Ratio:
    - Shiny for a Shiny / Event
    - Shiny Legendaries For 2 Shinys / 1 Shiny Legendary / 1 EV trained Shiny
    - 2-3 of our Legendaries For 1 Shiny / Event
    - 1 Event For 1 Shiny / 1 Event
    - 1 of our Shiny Events for 2 shinies / 2 events / 1 flawless fhiny/ 1 shiny event

    Strike System
        Spoiler:- ::

    Note: Pokemon with a * next to them means they need to be cloned (so trade may take a little longer)

    Our Offers
        Spoiler:- ::

        Spoiler:- ::

        Spoiler:- ::

        Spoiler:- ::

        Spoiler:- ::

        Spoiler:- ::

    Our Wants
        Spoiler:- General Wants:

        Spoiler:- Specific wants:

        Spoiler:- ::

        Spoiler:- Services:

    Additional Notes
    -We are new to the trade shop business so helpful criticism is appreciated
    -If I haven't responded to you in atleast one day you may pm me
    -I am busy on the weekends but I will try to respond to you
    -I will agree to your offer on the thread and will pm you when im ready for the trade
    -If you have any questions or concerns PM me or Hokoku (this doesn't mean pm us your offers)
    -This is my current time!!!!! Please take notice!!!
    -Credit to Mew_ for the banner and userbars
    Thanks For Checking out our shop!

    Shop Status: OPEN
    Pending Trades
        Spoiler:- ::

    Satisfied Customers
        Spoiler:- ::

    Strikes - 3 and your banned from the shop
        Spoiler:- :
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