Chap 1
“Heeyy!” Shouted a Treeko chasing after a dark mysterious Munchlax. He dodges trees and scaled up some on his frantic attempt to catch her but some how she was just too fast for him. The two had been friends all their childhood, they knew each other well and had played together all their lives. At this very point in time they were playing one of their 'Games'.
“Oh Chib, You'll never learn. You'll never get who I love out of me!” The Munchlax laughed back to him as she kept running.
“Damn it, just give up, I can catch you any day. And then we'll see won't we?” Shouted the Treeko who stopped dead. He suddenly focussed all his energy on the ground and three vines spread through the earth below him, speeding towards the Munchlax. She gasped and looked back as the roots gained on her.
“So it's a battle you want huh?” She said slyly dodging the roots as they died off. “OK let's go with.. Whoa!” The Munchlax cut off as she skidded to a halt at the edge of a cliff. Rocks flew from where she skidded and fell off the edge into the ocean below.
“Ha!” said the Treeko. “Now you have to tell me!”
“Not necessarily.” The Munchlax winked. “Ok, let's go with rollout!” She curled up into a ball and rolled along the ground towards the Treeko. He dodged quickly and fired a razor leaf back at her as she carried on rolling past him up onto a tree. Once in the branches at the top she popped out of her rolling. And just as she was about to come back down the leaves hit. She fell stumbling out of the tree and hit the ground hard with a thump.
“Gonna tell me yet?” Chib asked standing over her.
“Yeah right.” She replied as she stood up and dusted herself off. “That was pathetic, but you're gonna pay for it anyway, let's go with Body slam.” She threw herself at the Treeko and slammed him to the ground. “Ah, the beauty of take down with no recoil.” She said proudly as she looked down at the Treeko who was sprawled out on the ground. After a good minute he stood up looking shaken and confused.
“Oh man, I think I'm Paralysed.” He said.
“Oh no, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to be that bad!” Said the Munchlax seeing if he was OK.
“Ha! Fooled you Munchie!” Shouted the Treeko as he used vine whip on the unevolved from of Snorlax. She screamed at the unexpected attack and fell backwards. The edge seemed to be closer than she expected though and she screamed again as she began to stumble on the edge. She waved her arms franticly to try and gain her balance, but it was no use. She was about to fall when suddenly a green hand grabbed her and pulled her back up.
“You OK?” he asked. She was breathing heavily and quickly.
“You liar! I should've known! You've done it all your life!” She said angrily.
“Come on?” Said Chib. “Just tell me who you love and I promise I won't tell anyone, none of this would've happened if you would just tell me?”
“Oh yeah?! And why would I trust you now?” She asked questioned.
“Oh come on, it was a joke?” Chib's smile turned to a frown. “I'll do anything if you tell me, please?” He begged.
“Anything?” Munchie said looking up.
“Anything.” Chib clarified, his smile returning.
“Ohkaay... I love...” She paused and looked out over the cliff edge. The dark blue water was calm and stretched as far as the eye could see, right to the horizon, where it met with the light blue sky and the giant orange burning sun, which was now setting. It made the sky and sea around it a beautiful pinky colour. She looked back at the dried mud below her, a few grass roots were growing around her feet. “I love...” She said again before looking up with tears in her eyes. “You.” She turned and walked over to the edge of the cliff and sat down looking out over the world she knew so well, wondering what would happen now, would it collapse? She didn't know, all she could do was cry.
“Me?!” Chib spluttered. He followed her with his eyes and watched her sit down, before staring out over the horizon too. He waited a good few minuted before walking over and sitting next to her.
“Oh Chib I'm sorry! I should've told you sooner, I was foolish.”
“Sh!” said the Treeko putting a finger to her lips. “I believe I owe you now?”
“Wait... you were being honest?” Said the Munchlax.
“Yeah! What do you want me to do?” He replied.
“I- I-” She looked at the horizon one more time, then back to the trees behind her, and then at Chib. “Kiss me?”
“With Pleasure.”

Chap 2
The moonlight shone over the edge of the cliff where two small pokemon lay looking out at the stars. The ocean below them was virtually the same shade of navy blue as the sky and the only movement you could see on it was the gentle ripples in the reflection of the moon.
“Heeyy, you know what?” Said the left of the two pokemon, a dark female Munchlax, as she ran a finger up the other pokemon's arm.
“What?” Said the right of the two pokemon, a small green Treeko, as he shuddered with happiness.
“We could sleep here tonight.” She grasped the Treeko's hand as she ran her other hand across the sky. “Under the stars?” They held each others hand tight for the next few minutes while gazing up into the dark night sky, that went on for eternity, completely speechless before the Munchlax turned to look at the Treeko and yawned loudly.
“Sorry.” She said. “I'm just really tired, wanna go to sleep?”
“Up here?” Asked the Treeko.
“Yep.” The Munchlax replied.
“Are you sure? I mean, it might not be safe.” The Treeko's expression had a sudden change to fear.
“Look, it'll be fine Chib, just loosen up.” The Munchlax giggled.
“Ok, if it's what you want.” Chib put his arm round her and they fell asleep next to each other.
Chib awoke suddenly. He looked around. It was still dark, he can't have been asleep long. He turned over to go back to sleep when he noticed something was wrong. He remembered going to sleep with his arm round the Munchlax, now his arm was free. He turned over to see an empty space where she had been. He panicked. Where was she? What had happened to her? Maybe she couldn't sleep and went for a walk? He said that was most likely and sighed with relief at his own solution.
“Munchie? Munchie?” He called quietly in case she was close, if he didn't get a reply he would go look but for now he stayed calling. When he was starting to get worried again he called louder. His eyes darted around looking for anything, just a sign that she was still OK. Unfortunately the opposite happened. He was startled by a deep laughing from in the shadows.
“Who's there?!” Chib shouted with a sudden anger about him.
“If you ever want to see Munchie again-”
“You bastard! What have you done to her?! Show yourself!” He cut off the deep voice.
“Fine then, have it your way.” Out of the darkness stepped a large shiny Donphan. Chib gasped in horror. What had he got himself into?
“You!” Chib said stuttering.
“Yep!” The Donphan smirked. “Now, if you ever want to see your beloved Munchlax again, you do as I say!”
“Why would I do as you say?!” Shouted Chib in complete contempt. Suddenly there was a loud scream from the middle of the forest. “That's her!” Chib shouted again as he shoved past the Donphan and ran into the forest.
“Not so fast!” Shouted the shiny pokemon. “Rollout, go!” He curled up into a ball and rolled at high speed towards the small green pokemon.
“Ha! You're gonna have to do better than that!” He shouted back. “I can dodge that attack any day!” Chib turned round and focussed all his energy on the ground like had done earlier and four vines shot through the ground. This time it worked. The vines wrapped around the Stampeding Donphan's feet and brought it to the ground.
“Chib help!” There was another scream.
“Where is she?! Why have you taken her?” Shouted Chib.
“You trespassed on my cliff.” The Donphan sighed. “You wanna be with her so bad?”
“What do you think?!”
“Ohkay.” The Donphan smiled slyly. He closed his eyes and began to focus hard.
“What are you doing?” Chib said confused.
“You said you wanted to be with your darling Munchlax.” There was a big grin on the Donphan's face still as the ground below them began to boil and reach a scorching hot temperature. Chib hopped about from foot to foot when suddenly the ground below him fell apart. He went down, down, down, until he hit the ground below him hard. He was in a chamber, his vision blurred, he was going, going.
“Chib?!” A Munchlax peered over him. “Chib are you OK?” His vision was funny and then he blacked out.
Chib awoke to the bright like of the sun shining through the hole he had fallen down. He sat up and looked around. He was surrounded by mud, there was no way her was getting out. Then he saw the Munchlax sat in the corner. She turned and looked at him. Her eyes were red and she had obviously been crying. She dropped a stone from her hand and ran across to him.
“Oh Chib! Thank Arcues! I thought you were dead!” She sobbed as she threw her arms around him. He noticed her left arm was bleeding.
“Oh Munchie!” Chib sobbed back. “What happened to your arm?”
“I'm sorry!” She cried. “I thought I'd lost you, I just couldn't live!”
“Oh Munchie!” Charles composed himself. “We need to calm down, we can't sit here sobbing to death in here.”
“Well what do you propose we do?!” Munchie asked. Chib looked around for an answer. There it was! One single vine, hanging from the top of the pit.
“Maybe...” Chib muttered to himself as he looked up at the vine.
“What?!” Shouted Munchie as she still looked around for a way out. Chib looked around for another minute before jumping up onto the mud at the side of the hole. He jumped again from there and grabbed onto the vine. It was strong, but not strong enough to take Munchie up with him. She was speechless with awe.
“Oh my god! You're a genius!” Was all she could say when she managed to speak.
“Don't speak to soon.” Said Chib as he lifted himself up the vine and out the top of the hole. “Wait here!” He said before running off.
“What else can I do!” She shouted angrily. She must have sat for a good few hours, and at least twice she must have tried to get out, but she found it too hard to scale the dry crumbly mud wall and she couldn't jump high enough to reach the vine.
“Munchie, hold on!” Munchie looked up to see Chib standing over the hole. He got another vine and attached it to the other vine before climbing down and stretching out his hand.
“Oh Chib! You came back!”
“Duh!” He said as he lifted her up to the vines. She grabbed on and began to climb up behind Chib. Once they got to the top they both lay flat on their backs.
“Chib! I'm so sorry.” Said Munchie. “You shouldn't have bothered to save me, I got you into all of this.”
“What?” Chib said in disgust as he looked at her. “I.. I love you too.”
“You do?!” Said Munchie happily.
“Yeah...” Chib said looking down. His cheeks had gone red.
“Oh Chib!” Suddenly she pulled him into a kiss. His eyes widened and she pulled away. “Oh! I'm sorry, I got caught up in the moment.”
“Did I say stop?” Said Chib, beaming. Munchie giggled happily, and as the sun of the cool autumn morning watched over them from it's perch in the sky their lips met again and a sudden shiver went down the spine of Chib, he had found happiness, he had found love.