Ok, this is my first fan fiction, with me and my friend. he does not have a Seribii account,but you can email him at sion.jones36@yahoo.co.uk. this is rated PG (not for very young audiences)

Now, the story

Hello, and welcome to Pokémon! I’m professor Oak and this is
your first time being a trainer right? Well, if you need any advice, I will be sure to help! Oh are you two on adventure together! Well, you should have a Pokémon each then! So please tell things about yourself. First, where do you come from? Oh, you come from Pallet Town? And your friend comes from…, Oh! he comes from Twinleaf Town! Are you a Boy or girl… oh clearly you are boys so yeah! What are your names… “My name Dark and my friend is called Billy H” Ok now let your adventure BEGIN!!!!!

You wake up, with your friend ringing you. You answer the phone
and say “WTF! Its 6.00AM!” then he says “Prof. Oak said to go and get our Pokémon today, at 6.30AM!” you get dressed, and
you setup your bag. You put into your bag all of this stuff:

• Pokégear
• Poke Balls (100 of them)
• Elixirs (10 of them)
• Revives (20 of them)
• Your azure flute
• A town map for every region
• Water Gems

And your friend rings you and says “My mum’s starly is coming
to get you so you can get to Prof. Oak’s Lab”


A starly comes for you, and you jump onto the starly and fly to
pallet town, hitting some seagull. “I hate these birds” Said Dark, and Billy and Dark got to Pallet town and Dark said “Were here Billy so let’s go!!” Billy and Dark got off Starley “Thanks starly” STARRRLY Starley flyed away. You run to the lab, and say to Prof. Oak “Please can my friend have a Pokémon first? As he really needs one.” Prof. Oak says “How noble! Now Billy, what
Pokémon do you want out of:”

• Charmander
• Squirtle
• Bulbasaur
• Cyndaquil
• Totodile
• Chikorita
• Mudkip
• Torchic
• Treeco
• Piplup
• Chimchar
• Turtwig
• Oshawott
• Tepig
• Snivy

“I choose… Oshawott!”

“Dark, you can have Torchic” says Prof. Oak and you say OK!

Dark and Billy left “So Billy shall we battle!” you say and Billy
says “OK ”

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