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    Default World Turns (PG)

    So maybe a short introduction is due. I've been rolling variations of stores around in my head for quite some time (years), only now am I getting them out of my head. I do much better talking them than writing, and I hope that here I can polish a few ideas into a few fun stories. What that means, is I have a lot of ends, a lot fo excitement ideas, and not a lot of the things that make the passage of time more realistic, or the know how to really do those. I don't aspire to be syndicated, just to out and out have some fun. So, welcome to the Pokemon World, as I see it. Thank you for reading me!

    In the interests of being long-winded, and that this came up, I'm basing the world more around the economics and structure of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek Earth, starting with the removal of currency. For those of you unfamilliar, here's a passage from the Wikipedia article on such.
    Quote Originally Posted by

    In the United Federation of Planets, Replicators and other advanced technologies provide for virtually all basic material wants and needs equally and sufficiently to all. Every citizen of the Federation has plenty of food of virtually any type they want, clothes, shelter, recreational and luxury items, and has all their basic material needs easily met. A society based around self-improvement and collectively improving the human race instead of cutthroat competition, combined with heavy automation, means labor is essentially free, menial tasks are automated, and goods are made freely available to all citizens due to superabundance. As seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes featuring Jake and Joseph Sisko, people are apparently not paid in credits for their work.
    Now, even in such a popular culture as Star Trek, there are a few a plot gaps in place, and as cited there are a few cases even on Earth (since I'm not deling with alien cultures) where some form of suppl and demand must be in play so that a singular trainer cannot simply walk off with the entire stock of Pokeballs, and as far as we know replicator technmology is a ways out for a PKMN World. That being said, there are flying cars in Orre, Maglevs which are very rare on Earth still, not to mention the Pokemon themselves removing a lot of middleman steps such as electrical production, sources of water, even some forms of fruit and vegetables, so on a practical sense there's room for overlay. Also, I cannot see a world that isn't focused on betterment of itself and humanity as being the kind of place moms and dads freely turn loose of their children to go on soul-searching adventures, no?


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    Wartiger97; Sidewinder

    And now, Silph Co., the Distributors for Fibber Magee travel luggage, and the ONBS, are proud to bring you, World Turns, an on-going fanfic by some new guy! *Applause loop*

    NEW!Please note, the original Chapter 1 is now tucked into a spoiler at the bottom of the page. The following is a new, and hopefully improved version. Same chapter, new bodystyle.

    A Study in Orre
    In the beginning… There was land. It was somewhat lush. Always, a desert has existed to the Orre’s eastern edge, where the landmass joined the continent. Geologists believe the region was one a subcontinent, that the collision reduced much of the land to the fine silicate that is now the Desert. To the West though, is the forest. Now called Agate Forest, and stretching out from the coastline that feeds it, it was once home to many bug type and flying type Pokémon. Clean rivers made home to strong water types. The forest gave way to desert and mountain, and so nearly any Pokémon imaginable could be found here. Even some rarer Pokémon, normally reserved for the distant Unova region would appear, but usually only flying types. There is documentation of Heatmor in and near the volcano, and Orre is much closer to Unova than many others, leading science to speculate they migrated through now dried up lava tubes. If that’s true though, then that means Durant, though unseen, must also now be present in the vast sands.

    I closed my notes. Thos would be my fourth rewrite of this documentation, and I was quite sick of the reports, and of strong scientific opening lines. Not that I’m sick of the Pokémon, I always love making new discoveries of my homeland; it’s just the same old boring science stuff. One can’t just yell “Cowabunga” and dive into new habits and habitats, the boring setup must be maintained.

    The door chime sounded. My chance for a break, maybe. Michael said there would be a new trainer. That’s either him, or Mike’s back early from the supply run.

    New kid, looks nervous, but I see a gleam of adventure in his eye. Sadly, Orre isn’t much for new trainers. Wes tried, Mike and I try, Sherles, I don’t know how he keeps Pyrite as good as it is with Gomer Pyle for a deputy, but between the history of attracting the thugs, earning us a reputation of being the "New West" by the elders of the Jenny family, and our reputation as “The Land of Double Battles”, It’s a traditional ‘hello, welcome to Gateon Lab. What can I do for you?’, followed by shipping them off on some poor unsuspecting Professor, while we hold his Pokémon for him. Or more typically, we don't see nor hear a thing from them for five years.

    “Hello, welcome to Gateon Lab. What can I do for you?”

    The nervous voiced eked back “I, I, I’m here to see about my first Pokémon. Sir.”

    “Wonderful. Glad to hear it. Is there a name?"

    "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Sorry. I'm Johnny."

    "Glover. Glad to meet you." I shook his hand firmly, but succinctly. "Please, follow me to the back.” He did so, with a cautious excitement that is always fun to watch evolve in trainers. "The back" is a forest area, that backs up to a mountainous area; a foreshadow of the desert and volcano to the northern and eastern part of Orre. It was originally my land for my caught but-unused Pokémon, willed to the Lab after they decided to make the research facility out of it.

    “So, do you have any experience with Pokémon?”

    “Yes!, well, no, not really.”

    “I sense a 'but…' in there.” We stepped out the main lobby, and turned to the right.

    “There is one." He said rather sheepishly. "A Raticate lived under our porch when I was little; very territorial.”

    “So we can take Raticate off the list of potential Pokémon. Anything positive?” Around the corner we went, taking a path between the original lab on Shadow Pokémon, now a Genetics Center and HQ, and the newer built "Climate and Ecology Facility". Across from the center courtyard was a third building under construction. There was still some debate as to what was going in there, maybe classrooms or some-such thing.

    “No, nothing else.” That’s not an unsurprising answer for the Orre region.

    “What about your parents, no Pokémon experience there?”

    “Nope, not as far as I know.” Also not as shocking as you might think. In Orre, you would expect people to have lots of Pokémon, but Pokémon were like the old phrase “You wouldn’t shoot an unarmed man, would you?” and thus, you were a smaller target for most people if you didn’t have any. Or, you made sure you had a bigger gun than the other guy, but that only lasted for so long.

    “Okay then Johnny, here’s how Orre region starts trainers. As you know, we don’t have an official gym challenge here." "Yet," I added to myself. "We also don’t have necessarily a common set of Pokémon to pick from, though the Eevee starter is quite popular around here. Orre was once a melting pot of Pokémon from everywhere, but today it's barren. Instead, we’ll let you go out and bond with the younger Pokémon on the ranch, and the one that picks you is your starter.”

    There was a look of sheer terror. “No, the parents will not be attacking you for being near their babies, don’t you worry about that.” We reached the stables, no sign of Jovi anywhere. Her mother Lily and Professor Crane all hoped she’d slow down when she hit her teenage years, but she just up shifted, and was never where you last saw her.

    Come to think of it, Johnny wasn’t behind my right shoulder anymore. Then I saw why, and reached over to pick up the problem from the dirt path.

    “Ratatta too?”

    “Ratatta too, I’m afraid. I'm sorry, Glover. I tried to pet one once…”

    “Don't worry about it. That’s too bad, though. This one’s been anxious to get on the road for a while now. Now, where did that girl get to?”


    “Jovi. Ranch-hand extraordinaire. 'Bout 5'10", blue hair, was wearing the rancher's bibs last saw her. Probably got more energy in her than those two Pokémon of hers.”

    “That her?” He pointed over to a large wooden pen on the edge of the main reserve. More specifically, to a pair of denim legs and a large, thick hided creature with two drill horns.

    “Ah, under the Rhyperior. Yes, that’s her.” Under the Rhyperior. I blinked, computing the image. Only girl I’ve seen brave enough, ah scratch that, only person, period brave enough to try tickling a Rhyperior. For that matter, I wasn’t all that aware of Rhyperior having a penitent for being ticklish.

    “She’s kinda cute.”

    “Yep, and she’s left every guy who’s said that choking in the dust. Good, hard worker, CONSTANTLY flitting about like a Butterfree from one thing to another. Except the Pokémon, she’s always come back to them.”

    I rapped on the Rhyperior’s pen. A head popped out from under its wide belly, blinked, and panicked.

    “Whenever you’re done, we have guest.” I replied nonchalantly.

    “Geez! GLOVER!, why didn’t you tell me!” Rhyperior looked a bit dejected he wasn’t going to any more belly rubs, because of course, when you’re a large ground type; you kinda live for that treatment.

    Or maybe he’s just spoiled.

    Jovi dashed over to the water faucet to wipe some of the mud off and try to look presentable, Mimi the Plusle, Jovi's confidante and bestie, tossing a towel as she went. Johnny laughed, and turned to notice some Hoppip bounding about in a large semi-open topped greenhouse. Inside were a few grass types, mostly Hoppip though, a few Cottonee joined them. The building helped keep the Pokémon corralled who were too light to control their own movements.

    “Are these available?”

    “Yes, I believe they are. Most of the Pokémon you see out are available; the trainers' Pokémon are out there in the reserve or in the ball racks inside."

    One of the Hoppip floated over to the windowpane. It studied him briefly, but kicked off the pane to fly with its friends again.

    Jovi walked up, still wiping mud off with her sleeve. "And that little building behind you is our Nursery; we keep younger Pokémon and those too small to live out in the forest and mountains in here."

    Johnny studied the little playground area he was standing in. it had a little sampling of everything, some dirt hills, a small pond, some trees in a grassy field. He found a rock by the water to sit down at and study the area. It was a bit larger than a two football fields, but the actual size was hard to judge with the terrain behind it, A Totodile swam up to where he was sitting. It stuck its head up out of the water and sniffed him. Unsatisfied, the Totodile twisted in the water and swam away quickly, splashing Johnny with a bit of water has he did.

    "Where do you get all of these Pokémon?" He asked.

    "We breed most of them. A lot of them come from Glover's Pokémon." the Jovi had an idea, snapped her fingers, and dashed off towards the little forest.

    "So these are yours?"

    "Not all of them, but most of them, since my Pokémon have been here the longest. We get accidental breeds between other trainers' Pokémon, some of them are willingly put up for adoption, Pokémon that trainers have captured but ended up not using or not using any more."

    "Wouldn't the trainers want those Pokémon?"

    "Usually, but not always. Sometimes it's just not what they were looking for in a Pokémon. We'll keep them with the parent, usually whichever one is showing more of a bond with the Pokémon, until it would be time in the wild for the baby to leave the nest."

    Jovi came back nudging a shy Oddish and carrying a very vocal and apparently very nervous Swablu in her arms. The latter departed for a tree branch as soon as she let go. The Oddish seemed comfortable enough around Johnny, but in the end it wasn't the match for her or him, so she quickly waved her head leaves to him and retreated back into the forest as well. Jovi did this dance for a while, dragging him about the area like a mother taking her daughter out shopping for Prom Dresses. Each time looking for that proper fit. Many of the Pokémon seemed to like Johnny, but he wasn't "the one"; they didn't feel the draw to him that he was where their destiny lie.

    Except that Ratatta.

    It would probably be feeling dejected and heartbroken over Johnny’s fear and ever so not subtle attempts to not be near it, if this little critter wasn’t so darned stubborn. Finally, it was on towards dinner when he landed on a log to ponder. Absent-mindedly, after playing with so many Pokémon, he began petting the small, warm body that nuzzled up next to his leg. Jovi and I saw what happened almost immediately, and tried not to grin like maniacs. This lasted a good minute, before he noticed who it was, and ingrained panic set in. That Ratatta was smart though, and jumped into his lap and buried itself in his shirt, stopping him from getting up. I finally smiled, Jovi smiled, and finally, he realized, there was no Raticate out to get him this time. He scooped the Mouse Pokémon up; and announced proudly he had made his choice.

    More importantly, Ratatta made his. Jovi went to find the Ratatta’s Pokéball while I handled the boring paperwork stuff. I rang out his new ID number and sent the report into the Social Security office to get it linked to his information. They wouldn't trust us with that info, and I don't blame them truthfully. Johnny already had his P*DA, so I uploaded the Pokédex App into it and set the default to National 'Dex, showing him how to use the search functions. When Jovi came back, we did a manual transfer of the Pokéball to Johnny's ID number. He plugged in Chip's new nickname through the P*DA's interface. Next to last was the Orre Region Starter Kit Special, a few Pokéballs, some herbal medicines, Potions, Antidotes, enough to get him on the road, anyway.

    “So, now where do I go?” He asked, finally allowing himself to be ecstatic about being a trainer.

    “Tonight? I’d go home. Get a good dinner. Then I encourage zipping over to Phenac tomorrow. Train under Justy in the Pre-Gym for a while, maybe catching a Pokémon contest in the old Phenac colosseum, and then since Ratatta is a Kanto native primarily, probably start there. There’s not a whole lot in Orre for new trainers beyond Phenac I’m afraid.” Professor Oak's a good guy to start with, I'll get your recommendation letter into his e-mail tonight so he knows you're coming, unless you think you'll be going straight into the gyms."

    "Is there any reason to? I thought my Pokémon would transfer here?"

    "They will, sometimes though new trainers like to have a home base to check in at in the region, and the local Professor is a good place for that."

    "Okay, I see. Now, when I transfer Pokémon, I need to do that from the Pokémon Centers, right?"

    "Yep." Jovi said. "The lab number's already in your P*DA, if Glover did his job. Just ring us up, and put your ball in the sending unit. After you have six Pokémon on you, remember, the other Pokéballs will go into a lock mode. You can switch Pokémon around by holding the two Pokéballs you wish to switch next to each other and double clicking the buttons, but you cannot open more than six Pokéballs."

    "Usually, emergency failures can happen and the Pokéball will override that limit, of course, unless its confinement sensors are tripped."

    "Confinement sensor?"

    "Keeps it from opening in small places, like your backpack or a pants pocket." I explained

    "You don't want a Donphan materializing in your pants." Jovi informed him, rather matter of factly.

    “Noted. Thank you Glover, Jovi. Come on Chip, let’s introduce you to mom!” An eager mouse chirped happily and clambered up his pant leg, up his shirt, and onto Johnny’s shoulder. He playfully marched to the door, waving goodbye to us and riding his bike into the sunset. That, was going to be a beautiful friendship.

    He passed a mid twenties young man with a burnt-umber hair color coming up the drive, talking to a middle-aged Professor, who was continually wiping his glasses. Nervous tick, probably from being taken hostage so many years ago. Seeing Michael and Crane back, it was time for me to get myself home and to my family as well.

        Spoiler:- v1:

    --End Chapter 1--

    ---Chapter linkss
    Chapter 2
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