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    Author's note
    As you have all said numerous times, I suck at the presentation, so I'm gonna try something different. Instead of delivering the entire chapter in it's jumpy mussed-up glory, I'm going to break down the sub chapters in actual sperate posts. This forces me to write to the Serebii minimum of two pages, and focusing solely on that one piece and making it easier for me to go back through. We'll see how this works. Oh, and just in case any of you are tuning in from another country,
        Spoiler:- the slap:

    CH 8.1
    Flip back to Chapter 7...

    While I had been getting myself lost, back in Johto, a certain young trainer was out behind the lab teaching her Pokemon.

    "Good Tally. Now when you clamp down on the gauntlet, try to pull the static electricity from your fur through your mouth." The Herdier barked in agreement, but wasnt exactly sure how Janie expected her to do this. She wrapped her moth around a spongey sleeve though, and began to sink her teeth down. After a moment, Even Janie could feel the heat building in it, though the training cast was far from breathable and it could've just been her arm getting tired. Tally let go, got a drink of water, and barked.

    "You wanna try again? I think you're getting it."


    "Alright. That's the spirit!" Once more, Tally's teeth sunk into the spongey cast, it was again beginning to feel warm, and thehairs on her arm began to stand up. Tally growled a bit, and then the first sign of a spark arced between the two of them.

    "That's it!"


    "Once more!"

    And once more, this time with several larger jolts. "Excellent!"

    Tally smiled, then went for more water. Learning new moves was exhausting. Janie stroked her fur and took the cast off, picking up a shield and whistling for Tiny.

    'Drill, Bee bee bee. Drill bee. Beedrill'
    'Like I'm really gonna respond to that'

    "c'mon lazy b-! QUIT EATING THAT! You know Elm likes his roses! Get over here, I wanna practice your Pin Missile again."

    Beedrill rolled his head around, finished mucnhing on the petal he had in his mandibles, and flew over as slowly as he could.

    "That's a good little bug. Alright, try aiming for the target." She motioned to a red bullseye paitned to the four foot by 3 foot hunk of wood that was now over her arm. He took one half-hearted fire at it, so she prayed him with a squirtbottle. "Again. And this time, I'm not standing still."

    Preffor Elm found his guest out back, dodging about the field from her Beedrill with purple glowing points of energy embedded firmly in the wooden shield. It pleased him to see trainers taking such active, physical roles in training their Pokemon, while still looking out for her own safety.

    "Janie, when you've got a minute."

    She waved the Beedrill down. "Sure, what's up?"

    "Well, frpm what I can tell, the egg you brpough me has gone into a state of shock. It appears to be fine and healthy, but has reset its egg clock to some undetermined point. It's no longer ready to hatch."

    "No longer? As in it was before?"

    "That would be the case."

    "So, what is it?"

    "That's part of the trainer's experience to find out."

    "Figures. So, you're done then?"

    "Absolutely. Though if you'd like to stay for anotyher night, and set out early, I've got the room and would appreciate the company."

    "Thanks, I appreciate that. I think I'll take you up on it."

    Later that evening, Janie was asking around to see if anyone would spill the beans on what her egg was." a gentleman staying in town told her "It's more a sport we grown-ups like to play on the youngsters. Make them guess, make them squirm." Someone offered her an enormous amount of money, at whcih point she figured it was rare, and hers, so she spat in his beer and took her picture with her.

    By early, Janie and Elm had two completely different ideas. When he awoke at seven a.m., her bed was made, her stuff packed, the egg carefully removed from the lab and placed in its container, and she was gone an hour and a half before.

    The hike from New Bark to Cherrygrove wasn't long. It took them all of two days to pull off, following an early start. Janie had let her Pokémon out to walk with her for company. Tally had crisscrossed the path many times, sniffing out new smells. Castform had been quite interested in the egg, and her hair. And Tiny, well, no one was sure what was wrong with him; he was, well, him. The demented Beedrill was fluttering along doing karate moves in the air, like his drill hands were swords. The path was, for being a popular trainer route, largely void of battling at night, which was fine for Janie, she really wasn't up for the matches, she wanted to get somewhere first. The occasional night-watchman Sentret announced her presence to the forest Pokémon, a Pidgey flock circled overhead as the sun dropped, possibly practicing for flights to some place warmer for the coming winter. Hoothoot sang conversations across a vast, clear full-moon night. The trio expeienced one of the richest flights of Butterfree they'd ever seen, even getting a faint glow from the egg. Their stardust prinkledmagically in shades if silvers and golds. The forest was, quite simply, in its prime. No trainering, no battles, just Pokémon going from here to there, and there to somewhere, at whatever pace pleased them.

    Their pace got them to Cherrygrove at lunch time the ext day. She checked into the Pokémon Center, a small place but very cozy, had a nice lunch, and opted for a bout of fishing. An overnight in the Center, and then the three day hike to Violet or so. Truthfully, she didn't want to stop at all, but to blow off any new town didn't seem like the right way for a journey, either.

    Sadly enough for her. Fishing in Johto was about as productive as fishing in Orre. After a few hours, she huffed and tossed down her rod.

    "It's useless. I'll never catch anything."

    'Catch it? By offering soggy food?' the Beedrill puzzled. 'Ingenious, I guess, but why didn't you offer me food, instead of using the fleabag over there.' He turned to get out of the sand. Then he wiggled, squirmed, flapped his wings mercilessly, then finally pounded the sand with a Silver Wind to free his stuck tail. A quick glance confirmed his fears; everyone saw it. His dignity broken, he flew up in front of Janie's face, pointed to himself, and then buzzed out over the water.

    'They're easier for us to battle, and you to catch, when they're out of the water,' he chided her. 'How do you know what the Pokémon is doing? For all you know, the bait's gone and they're down there laughing there little fishy heads off. Here, watch this.' Tally looked up, curious to see what the Bee was up to, and suspecting a form of trouble she wanted in on. Castform looked up from sunning itself, as well.

    Beedrill began poking the water's surface. At first, nothing happened. Then he saw a Goldeen circle.

    "Hmm. I s'pose that one will do." He continued teasing at his reflection, feigning curiosity, flitting around a bit. The Goldeen, seeing a free lunch, reared up and made a fast dash to the surface. The Goldeen snapped its jaws shut as it left the water. No meal. Where'd that Beedrill go? At the last second, and fully expecting the attack, Beedrill ducked to the side. Then he whipped up a powerful Silver Wind, drilled the unsuspecting Goldeen in the side, and flung the fish over the shore. She bounced between two trees like a pinball game, before a thud-resonating stop against a third tree.

    Beedrill took a bow. He was still bowing to his own self-appreceiation, and unaware his trainer was just gawking at the fact that Tiny was a better trainer than she was.

    Joyous sounds pulled both of them to reality. A young girl was exclaiming to everyone and no one in particular, "Look Look! A Goldeen was in the road, and I found it. I found it, and I caught it! I can't wait to show Daddy! He'll be so proud."

    Beedrill’s little world shattered, his face momentarily flashed sheer terror, but he quickly convinced himself he was still perfect, and that some underling had flubbed him. He flew up to eye-level with Janie, and stared her in the face. For two whole seconds he gave her the most blank, disappointed face he could muster, making his trainer curious as to what was going through his mind. His forelegs hung limp from his body. Then, without changing his facial expression, he raised his right hand stinger. He held it out from his body at length, made a dramatic pause, and smacked her upside the back of the head, Gibbs style, before selecting a nice flower to drink from.

    World Turns 8.2
    Brr. For a sleeping bag in a tent on a beach, this sure was cold on the morning. It looked to be early morning. Just past sunrise, but only just. Ditto was out of his ball and chirping madly. I looked at him and blinked a few times. Finally, he turned himself into a flashing arrow pointed up at the sky, andthen into a monitor with a green line and a few blips.

    Still half-asleep, it took me a moment to piece together a radar screen. Truthfully, the sound of a helicopter touching down was a better tip off.

    "That... didn't come from you, did it?" I mumbled, more a statement than a question.

    “DITTO, DIT!"

    "That's what I figured." I bolted awake, preparing for trouble.

    "Well well. Let's see what trainer we can mug this morning."

    "Care to bet on the starter, Joe?"

    "Well, betting on the aquatic nature of right around here, I'm gonna say Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. Maybe he's in need of a strong defense against fire types."

    "Fft." The other replied. He'd gotten out of the chopper, and I could hear their conversation. "If he's out here, I'm betting he's not local. Otherwise he'd know to be looking around the Seafoam Islands for those. Maybe a Hoenn starter, and he's on a trip to Kanto. And if he has his own boat, he ought to be rich. Rich folk like Torchic, maybe a Blaziken by now. Come to think of it, so does Giovanni. Hopefully, it's a Blaziken."

    I'd settle for a," His partner was now up to the tent. He bent down, unzipped it.


    "moot in a mace?" Joe mumbled and cursed and backed out quickly, holding the side of his head. His partner reached in quickly to grab the trainer, only to instead grab something metallic.

    It was sharp. U shaped. Did it just giggle? He felt a spring in the back of it.

    "OH!" He told himself triumphantly. "It's auh," SNAP! "USRARING TRAP!!!! YOW!! &%^%% ^%%^$ ^%%$#$^ ^%$$&&$# GIGGLING &^%$# URSARING TRAP!!!" He ran out and smashed it against a tree, in too much pain to try the release lever. Smashing it against a tree worked however, giving Ditto enough of a headache to cause him to lose form.

    "WHY YOU!" The Rocket grunt screamed, and kicked at the Ditto with all his might. The gelatinous Pokémon was still reeling, but his natural body style absorbed the punt and caused him to instead wrap around the foot, and allowing the kick to continue skyward, knocking the grunt on his back.

    Still in my pajamas, I stormed out of the tent and tackled the other Grunt around his waist. Startled, in pain, and unable to defend with one hand, he landed on the ground quickly. I pinned him by sitting on the man while I drew out Galvantula's Pokéball. Ditto blooped off the other when Galvy called out, and soon the two were webbed up nice and tight.

    "Actually guys, mine were a pair of Eevee.”

    Ditto clearly wasn't happy. "Look, I'm sorry, but I can't leave a fully fueled seacopter to chase after us with, and you're the only one who can turn them self into a fifty-five gallon drum."

    The hazard placard blew me a raspberry.

    " I promised you a nice massage, and a good bath. For now, we just have to live with our duties. Rotom, I'm going under for a moment to check on the pictures from yesterday. Please let me know when we hit dock so I can drive us in." The horn beeped happily in response. He loved possessing new things.

    Up front, Galvantula was guarding the prisoners like he would've a midnight snack.

    "Eevee. It figures." One grunt said.

    "Mus me fwom mOwre, his team mate replied. he looked up, about the time the vessel flashed into an orange color. The cabin windows looked down at him like a demented children's cartoon, and a devilish smile spread across the bow. It stayed just long enough to creep out the grunts, who screamed like schoolgirls, before reverting back to a normal boat.

    End Chapter 8.
    On to Chapter 9
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