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Thread: As the World Turns Back Around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glover View Post
    No no, I've heard the "Describe the characters" comment several times. The problem being, that I know them too well, and I can't seem to isolate mysaelf from my brain enough to be my own audience, and tell myself what pieces I need to include. As I said in the last post, I've set the brakes for a moment, to develop Glover and see if I can get what's already here spit-shined before I move on. If you'd be willing to take the time and break this down binto individual pieces, so I can pull togteher what is there and what you specifically need, that would hep me a lot. Otherwise, I still appreciate the review.
    Maybe post a biography on the characters. Tell a short summary of them and their Pokemon with, if they have them, any nicknames. Like mine from Pokemon Professor X could be:
    Dave: a guy from Mt. Chimney who is brought in to the hidden abilities theory. His pokemon are:

    Just a quick synopsis to give us a clue who these people are. This would save having to rewrite the stuff even more.
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    Psst. Hey guys, just blowing some dust off of here. Chapter 8 Scene 1 has been revised. I hope you enjoy that revision. More of those to come for other sections and other chapters, and then I'll get the show on the road. Remarkably, or not, this came about thanks t ChaosBlizzard's contest and a spontaneous idea I had while at work today.
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    Author's Notes:     Spoiler:- Author's Notes:

    CH10: Shaping up
    flip back to CH9?

    That, took too long. I checked my watch, I'd lost six hours in the Vermillion City police department. Who knew League arrests in international waters required that much paperwork, and then we had the prisoner transfer, which I knew to expect at least but was still daunting.

    And for all that, they knew nothing. I suspect they know more than they are telling, but it would in fact seem to be that management is playing this close to their chests. These grunts are part of a maritime fleet that showed up to evacuate an op. That's all they knew. There's a very good chance the two goons will be out by the weekend.

    I raced along the interstate to Saffron. I'd long since missed the boarding time, but maybe I could catch the Tojoh Central's Auto train and watch it leave. The long, sleek maglev operated only twice a day in each direction, in the morning and the evening. The dual leveled coaches were plush, the dining room nothing short of a classy restaurant, and the trailing cars for the automobiles the safest in the world.

    Yes, this motorbike was getting to be too cumbersome. I loved riding, but I couldn't keep having to lug it around.

    Just as I pulled off the interstate ramp, an air horn caught my attention. There she was, shining in her pearly white paint with the red and blue trim-work. Heavy train today, the locos were working hard to get up the energy and get out of town. The dining car crew was just placing flowers, no doubt they'd be doing their first seating momentarily. Many passengers lined the picture-window, through the tinting I could barely make out silhouettes.

    The shadowing and the sunset on the train took my interest, so I dashed the bike to the shoulder and whipped out a camera for a few grab shots before it slipped under the overpass. The long consist would snake through several communities as it rose above treetops and rooftops and was granted permission to open up the throttle.

    Oh, to be on that train.

    The Pokémon Center was fluttering with activity. A local idol was in town again doing a show, starring two Ditto. I acquired a flyer, took it to the play area, and grabbed one of the little foam balls. It cried out when I grabbed it, clearly not expecting to be the one surprised.

    “If you’re done trying to spook the others, would this be of any interest to you, seeing your own kind perform?”

    The ball glowed and deflated back into a light blue blob being held by one “arm”. It chirped and smiled.

    “I thought as much. I’ll let Nurse Joy know to look after the others, we have a show to catch.”

    The blob of a Gizmo smiled. He smiled the whole way to the theatre from the back bucket Sunbeam and Moonlight normally rode in, and he smiled the whole way through the ticket line.

    He smiled during the transformations, and he clapped is goopy little hands almost off, though only a faint squish was heard. The stars demonstrated remarkable formations of volunteer Pokémon, one of a full size, the other apparently limited in its own stature.

    After intermission, they did a few slapstick comedies and skits, some more political in nature and others just out and out funny, each time the human role played by their trainer and a local troupe, and the other characters or gag devices by the Ditto. It was a masterful show, and I grabbed a flyer to take back for Razzle to consider at the Krabby Club back in Gateon. And then they announced an autograph session after the show, and Gizmo was smiling so big I practically had a set of teeth sitting in my lap.

    “So I guess you want to go, huh?”


    Well, alright, but I have a feeling she’ll be a while with you, so we best wait ‘til the end.

    He pouted, a large percentage of his face curled over his stomach, but I had a feeling that he wouldn’t mind being last if a Ditto trainer was fawning over him, so I took a spot next to where the velvet rope line started and leaned against the wall, reading a story off my P*DA and wishing the book wasn’t sitting on my night stand, Ditto sitting quietly in my pocket disguised as a poster.

    The Actress was obviously tired, and very much sick of the public by this point, and was visibly trying not to look exalted when the last person in line, me, came up. An exhausted turquise hairdo had given up staying in any style and flopped about loosely in front of her face, but she paid only a disgusted, marginal bit of attention to it by blowing it out of her eyes every so often.

    “Loved you’re show, you did an awesome job.”

    “Thank you.” Was the half-hearted, over used reply. She put a pen to the poster, and then looked up. She could have sworn she heard something giggle, but then she was tired, and maybe it was one of the others who were helping her, so she went to sign again.

    No, something giggled. She looked at her purple pen, which looked back at her equally confused, it wasn’t the one who giggled. So a third time, she held the poster in her left hand and went to sign it, looking up at me to see what the heck was going on. I nodded, and when she looked down, there was a little arctic blue friend sitting in her hand.

    And as quickly as the pen transformed back, so to had she. Like that, The Copycat, actress and performer was replaced by Duplica, the girl who loved Ditto.


    “You look as happy to see him as he was you!”

    “Happy? To see little ole' me?”

    “He’s got a lot of respect for someone who knows the value of Ditto.”

    He does? Really? I’ve wanted to see a shiny my whole life, and he wants to see me?”

    “That’s about the sum of it.”

    “I’ve got to see this! Can I please?”

    “Well, you see…” But she’d already scooped Gizmo up with her two Ditto, the chair and the pen, and was marching off toward the stage. Gizmo was all agrin, and I was apparently the only one who saw any problems arising.

    What do you MEAN he doesn’t transform into a Pokémon?” She cried a few minutes later. Ditto had given her a wide run of things: a bicycle, which the back stage crew just loved to see riding around unmanned, a jetpack, a working jukebox, he even did the Pokédex she used to give him a prompt of a Vulpix, but no Vulpix.

    I looked down at our feet. The franchise yellow and blue sign done up in neon sat at our feet, trying to look impressive. “That there is I’m afraid the closest you’re going to get to him doing 'Pokémon'. It’s just as I say. Can’t or won’t, but he’s too prideful. He’s done more machines than I’ve ever thought possible, and has even mastered Pokémon moves to drive them.”

    “Just great. The one Shiny in the WORLD, the only one I’ll likely ever see, and he won’t do what Ditto are supposed to do! Just my luck, I get the useless, flawed one.”

    I recalled Ditto before he finished transforming into whatever it was he was transforming into, but it had the looks of being heavy and possibly pneumatically powered, and quite possibly similar to the construction pile driver I passed on the way through town.

    “He’s far from useless. Gotten me out of a few hairy situations. He’s just, different. I admit, after Silph Co. gave him to me I was expecting more as well, and there was that Daycare incident, but I’ll take him for all he is, now. “

    “Wait, gave him to you? I’ve lived here all my life, they GAVE him, to YOU?!!”

    “Well yeah. Kinda. I was the trainer that was handy. I went in. signed up for a daily raffle, and they told me I had won a free Pokémon and shoved a Premier Ball in my hands.”

    “GAH! That’s IT, I’m going down there and protesting until I get my Shiny Ditto!”

    “It’s not like that. What I gather, he lived in their basement warehouse. A bit of a prankster, but then he had no one to fear, other than the Voltorb perhaps, so he could be cocky. People would be driving there forklifts along, and it’d suddenly get a wild hair to go off on its own, or the forks would extend out and keep extending, people’s desk flowers would spontaneously spray the vase’s quantity of water on them, he’d even imitate posters and pictures, which is I guess what lead to some fighting, a break-up, and him ultimately feeling bad and turning himself in. One strong trainer later, and it probably helped that I’m from a region several thousand miles away and would therefore take Ditto far away from here, and he was mine.”

    “Just like that?”

    “Just like that.”

    “What’s this “Daycare Incident, if I may? I think I smell a new comedy skit.”

    “You do” I stifled a laugh. ”See, I left him in a Daycare in Johto for a while, unaware that he was a Don Casanova with the ladies. I come back, there are twenty-nine trainers ready to pound me into pulp because my Ditto bred with their prized Pokémon, who were now more interested in being motherly than battling.”

    “He bred with twenty-nine Pokémon?” Duplica was clearly impressed. “The little pimp.”

    “No, he bred with thirty-two, but the other three were ecstatic because they now had shiny Pokémon and kept trying to trade me for him. One thing is for sure, the breeders definitely knew how the eggs got there that week.”

    “I can only imagine. That is funny, can I use that for material?”

    “Of course, I have no problem. One condition though, you bring the act to Orre sometime.”

    “Hmm, I’ve wanted to get to Unova sometime anyway, I could make a stop-off I suppose.” She looked thoughtful. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have jumped like that, I of all people should know how diverse and wonderful Ditto are. May I apologize to him?”

    “Sure. And since you didn’t get to see him do what you wanted, how about a consolation battle with him?”

    Duplica looked at me puzzled. “All I have are my Ditto. I’m afraid we can only do appearances from pictures.”

    “That’s fine. You can borrow a copy of one of mine then.”

    “Well then, sure, I guess we can do that.” I released my team, and after a good looking-over, Duplica motioned for Mini-Dit to copy Sunbeam. The Espeon purred at the choice, earning a scoff and a light smack with his paw from her Umbreon brother, who was clearly not interested in Sunbeam’s proud strutting. Then they took a seat to the back of the stage.

    “You’re move, Madame’.”

    “Mini-dit, let’s start with Quick Attack.”

    “Slam, Gizmo.”

    Duplica blinked. ‘Slam? Ditto can’t learn Slam. What’s he up to?’

    Ditto didn’t transform, he simply stretched himself long and thin, grabbing hold of a light bar overhead. Mini-Dit’s full power Quick attack found its mark, but the elastic Gizmo absorbed the hit. He tensed his back, arching with Mini-Dit’s hit.

    And then he relaxed, snapping forward between his grasp on the pole and the floor, and a lavender-colored, Espeon-shaped blur shot past Duplica and landed with a thump in the curtains.

    Gizmo pulled himself back in but stood taller and more menacingly. “Oh-ho, so that’s what it’s gonna be, huh? Smart. But we won’t be fooled twice.” Mini-dit was back on its borrowed feet now, impressed and ready to go.

    “Confusion!” Duplica called.

    “You as well Ditto.”

    The Ditto trainer couldn’t believe the command. Mini-Dit brought all its mental thoughts together and stared deeply into Gizmo’s mind, but Gizmo had thoughts of his own. His stomach began to literally turn in knots, changing shades of blue just slightly as the swirled into a spiral. Mini-Dit focused more deeply into Ditto’s mind, but the jumbled collection of thoughts he was going to dump couldn’t match the swirling and turning that rattled in Ditto’s elastic mind.

    So he tried focusing harder at the swirling, the turning, the twisting, the twirling, the turning, the swirling, the swirling, turning, twisting, turning. The swirling, the twisting, the turning, the swirling, twisting, turning…

    “Mini-Dit! Snap out of it, don’t look at its belly!”

    “Too late, I’m afraid. While it’s distracted, Bounce Gizmo.”

    That move at least, made too much sense for Duplica. Gizmo balled himself up, and began a slow dribble.


    “Mini-Dit, look out!”

    The borrowed Espeon looked to its right, seeing nothing but a floating audience.

    bu-doom… his second bounce had him up higher.

    “Mini-Dit!” The creature took three steps and fell flat on its face.

    Ditto tensed himself up and relaxed as he hit the stage the third time. Pfhwup- Duplica couldn’t see for the lighting where Gizmo had shot up to.

    “You’ve gotta get out of there now!”

    Phwa-BAM The little Ditto was too slow, a blue blur shot down out of the lights across its shoulders, then using the recoil to launch itself back into the rafters.

    That had been enough to get Mini-Dit’s head back in the game, and a quick-attack got it just out of range for the second bounce, but the hard floor just gave Gizmo more momentum. His second and third ambushes were also off, but he was now calibrated for back-spin. The fourth miss, but this time he shot out into the first row of seat, knocking Mini-Dit over and startling the janitors who were cleaning up popcorn, coke, and spilled candy. The blue bullet ricocheted off the back of the first row of seats, then the bottom of the proscenium and across Mini-Dit’s pseudo-ribcage.

    That had been enough. With the wind knocked out, Mini-Dit couldn’t hold the form. Game, set, and match. Gizmo dribbled himself in place to burn off the energy, landed, and bowed.

    That, was how Ditto were meant to battle.

    Onwards to Chapter 11.
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    Wow. When you told me to think about Flubber when putting Gizmo into GF you weren't joking! That was quite good, actually. The only problem I might have had is that the conversation was too 'English paper grammatically correct'. You can use contractions in conversations to make it flow better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaziken10285 View Post
    Wow. When you told me to think about Flubber when putting Gizmo into GF you weren't joking! That was quite good, actually. The only problem I might have had is that the conversation was too 'English paper grammatically correct'. You can use contractions in conversations to make it flow better.
    No, I wasn't. I've got two still different sides to Ditto though, and I have to bridge them: His naturally springy side seen here, and the side who adapts to situations via inanimate objects. That's a later chapter though.

    I'll go back and unspell-check the conversation, I'm still afraid I rely too much on you guys remembering who Duplica was, was there enough character there for someone who is unniniated in Season 1 and 2, or has forgotten?
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    I think there probably was, but that may just be because I am one of those who has maybe seen every episode, and loved that one.
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    Author:    Spoiler:- Notes:

    Up With the Sun
    Chapter 11
    return to CH 10?

    My team and I awoke early the next morning, a Ditto over the coat hanger, don't ask me why he just does, Sunbeam and Moonlight curled up with me, Ferriday hung in the corner, on a non-electrified strand, Rotom nested in the television, and the large steel type Dreadnaught had magentetized himself to an opposite corner from the Galvantula.

    We beat the Natu to wake-up. We beat the Xatu as well. We beat the Dodrio, the Blaziken up, The Noctowl were still wide awake with the Murkrow, we even beat Nurse Joy up, which prompted me to putting the keycard to my room on her computer keyboard instead. Moto slipped into the entry door to quiet the door chime, and I walked the bike out of the lot before starting it.

    But we didn't beat the train crew. Already they had backed last night's arriving Auto Train into the loading position with the local switcher. The big engines were warming up in the lubritorium, and the Porters were inside cleaning their respective coaches.

    "Nice ride." The gatemen whistled. "Custom?"

    "Thanks, and somewhat. Orre region, we tend to have to modify to match our infrastructure." I pulled out my wallet and handed him my ID to get my ticket and boarding pass.

    "Some credentials. I’m impressed. Here's this back. Since you're a trainer, I must inform you that we do not allow battling on any of the Tojoh Central's trains. Pokémon under seven foot, below six hundred pounds and not bearing open flames, ice, electricity, or dangerous toxins may be permitted on board, but unruly Pokémon must be recalled and stored. Going by the roster shot on the bottom of your trainer ID and your history though, that shouldn't be a problem."

    "Of course it won't." But Moto had never been on a train like this before, and I was going to make double sure he stayed out of it, and swapped his ball with Ace's so that it stayed locked.

    After the gateman smacked the printer a few times, it decided to finally release the hostage ticket it was holding. He apologized, and handed me my boarding info. The entrance gate swung open, and a yawning-sleepy-eyed worker in overalls pointed me to a ramp at the far end of the loading dock.

    Auto Train had several sizes of ramp cars. All were the same height as the coaches for streamlinng, but a few were single deck for hauling large trucks, they had bi-levels for vans and trucks, and tri-levels for smaller station wagons and cars.

    Crewmen were guiding a brand new fire engine into one of the singles. It was marked Ecruteak Co. No. 7 on the sides of its large water tanks. The ramp plates between car and concrete clanked as the truck's front axle rested on them, but the sturdy slabs of steel were still firmly seated in the end of the car.

    The overaled-man with the cone light seemed to think I was loitering too long, so I rolled on. The cars were laid out to be loaded circus style- with six cars to a track that would just be driven through to the far end. The yard engine would then pull only the needed cars and shuffle the rest back into a holding yard.

    A third man met me at the loading ramp. Unlike the vehicle carriers, this one had a wide single plate. I looked in; they had only three Motorcycle cars out, though with the smaller cycle bodies that wasn't surprising. I gave him the keys, he rode it halfway down the car, then turned it off and walked it the rest of the way.

    Someone in a John Deere 6x6 Gator pulled up to me as I was walking back.

    "You need a ride?" He inquired politely. "Depot's a half-mile out, we don't have the trams up yet and you're early, but I can take you up."

    "No thanks, but I do appreciate the offer." I handed him a bery as an offering. Society had done away with material greed and currency many centuries ago, this was the next best thing to tipping. He smiled, and took the offering. "Alright. You be safe then, stick to the sidewalk and watch the driving lanes."

    "Of course." I patted my back at that point, and the hard case over my backpack chirped. Gizmo unfurled his wings and a small jet engine, we lifted up from the ground to about twenty feet, and meandered our way to the station amongst the breezes.

    Dawn was breaking on the beautiful Saffron skyline as we went. The morning chirps and calls made for a marvelous soundtrack, and I opted for a flat spot on the station roof for everyone to come out and bask in it. Much to my surprise, Ace let himself out as well, he'd been growing more and more chemically unstable in recent weeks.

    'This is why I came to Earth.' he'd read my hidden surprise. He stretched his pointed legs out in front of him and leaned back on his rust colored arms and wide, turquoise hands. 'You have a very pretty planet.'

    he wasn't out for long though. He winced twice in pain. Ever since Cipher had used him for experimenting, his natural abilited were in overdrive. He'd been the crux of their genetic research, XD000, and it seemed now that it was all destabilizing, slowly.

    Sunbeam and Moonlight gave him sympathetic licks. He sat up and rubbed the two Eeveelutions with his wide, turquoise hand, then reached for his ball on my belt. He tapped the button, and retreated back to safety as a mass energy being.

    "Ladies and Gentleman," the loudspeakers clicked on and spoke with a quiet authority to not wake those living near the tracks, "The westbound Morning Glory to Celadon and points in between is now boarding on Track 1. This is the last Notice for the North Wind service to Cerulean passengers to be ready to board on Track 3. Early boarding for the Auto will commence five minutes on Track 5."

    The speaker was interrupted by an automated voice.

    Attention: Train approaching. Please remain behind the yellow line. Now arriving on Track 2: North Wind connecting service to Vermillion City and Cerulean. Please remain behind the yellow line until conductor motions for you to board.

    Ferriday saw it first, and pointed his right front leg at two flashing lights. The engineer had doused his main headlight and had his crossing lights blinking. The train was dropping speed fast and racing up from the North on a major track.

    The loudspeaker person hadn't expected the train to be that early, I guess. His speech done or summed up by the automated alert, he simply ended with

    "Thank you for riding with Tojoh Central, have a safe ride, and a pleasant day."

    Janie stretched as dawn slowly broke across the horizon the next morning. Tally stirred a bit and rolled over, but the rest of her team slept on as she slipped out of the tent undisturbed.

    This was her favorite time, the cool dawn air sharpened her, and she loved the sunrises that came up from the East; up from her home far away.

    Yeah, she missed her folks, not that she'd been away from a phone for very long. She wondered if her Mom had forgotten she had a P*DA number, and took solace in its current silence.

    Small feet padded up beside her as she took a seat on a hill. "Mornin' Tal."

    The Herdier brushed against her and flopped down again, enjoying hearing each sound start up in a line: the first Pidgey, a few baby Spearow waking up for their first time, a Sentret changing of the guard, Butterfree slowly lifting away on faint breezes. Tally knew that Janie's senses missed the subtleties of the forest; each sound familiar and yet new; but could appreciate anyone who understood its sum.

    "New Day."


    "It's pretty, isn't it? Come then, let's rouse the others."

    "Alright Castform, he had his warning, Water Gun him!"

    "Cas Cas!"

    The little Beedrill had resisted all attempts to wake up, per his usual worthlessness. Castform rounded up a small bit of water and drizzled it on the heavy sleeper...

    'BEE! Drillbee Beedril!'

    "Morning sleepyhead. I gotta fold this tent up, if you'll get out of there sometime this year." Janie teased. He shook off and sulked out slowly, picking out a nice petunia for an appetizer.

    Janie pulled the walls down, leaving the tent's ground cloth to dry out while she fixed something to eat for breakfast. "After we digest, Tally, I want to work on your Fang moves some more. We'll need two of them for Falkner. I'll want to use Castform as well, so we've got a little work too.

    Beedrill looked crestfallen. "I'm sorry guy," she tried to console, "but he uses flying types." The wasp Pokémon shrugged, and began shadow boxing to make his point. "Yeah yeah, and what do you do when he hides behind Gust? Bugsy's a Bug type user, but I might be able to get you in there, and I could probably put you to good use with Whitney, I promise. You and maybe the little guy in the egg, if he or she comes out."

    Little mandibles pouted, and he fluttered off to find something colorful for breakfast.
    “You ready? Janie pulled the training gauntlet out of her bag. Tally’s eyes got wide, and she yipped excitedly.

    “Alright. Just wrap your mouth around this, and I’ll call the energy, let’s see how good you are with change-ups.”
    Happy bark as Janie put the gauntlet on and sat down. Obediently but cautiously, Tally wrapped her sharp mouth around the glove. As a bit of a test, Janie began to playfully pull and wrestle, which Tally responded to in kind. Just as at home, Janiie would take her free hand and make light taps at Tally’s sides. At home, this had been simply sport, a kind of tag we all played. Now, it became avoidinglashout from a pinned victim.

    “Good, good. Not too harshly, this is supposed to be for sport now. Let’s see some fire!”

    It took the pup a moment, but her mouth turned warm and burst into flame. Again, Janie began to resist a bit.

    “Excellent. You’re really getting that one. Try Thunder now.”

    The flames took a moment to die down, but already Tally’s fur was crackling with energy as it focused into her muzzle and sizzled.

    Janie nodded approvingly, and let Tally let go for a moment to rest her mouth, but only briefly. In a flash, tally was ready.

    :”A little faster now. Fire Fang!”

    “Excellent! Now Bite!”

    “That’s good, you’re getting it! Thunder Fang Me! Get me good!”

    “That’s it, you can’t hurt me through the gauntlet. Try Bite again!”

    “Harder, you can do it! OW!”

    That had been the magic word. Tally’s mouth flew open and the pup slid back five feet, dark energy still echoing off her teeth.

    “No harm Tally.” Janie pulled the sleeve off, and only a few little welts where Tally’s fangs had gotten through the foam. She scratched her partner behind the ears reassuringly. ”I didn’t think I’d need the outer layer just yet, but if you’re ready to step up to Crunch, then let’s go all the way.” She walked over to her bag, fished around, and pulled out a larger band of foam that fit over her gauntlet, as well as an inner bandage to wrap around her own arm, just in case.

    About then, there was a rumbling in the distance. Through the trees, Janie caught something moving fast, a pearly white streak going East. Though she didn’t register consciously what it was, it made her smile and think of her Dad. Tally rubbed her against the leg, and when Janie lost sight of the strange traveler, she looked down and rubbed Tally’s head again.

    “Let’s try again, kay? Give me a Bite first, then try Crunch, just so we have a distinction there.”


    “Marvelous. Can you give me Ice Fang now?”

    Tally was clearly focusing hard on lowering her body temperature. Little crystals were forming on her breath, but there wasn’t anything cold to it. Not yet at least.

    “It’s all in the body temperature Tally.”

    The trainee growled a bit, fighting the warmer urges, but she finally released her mouth and looked into Janie’s eyes.

    I’m covered in fur. Was the messege. It’s hard to get cold when you’re covered in fur. She blinked a few times. Somehow, though uncommunicated, Janie got it. She rubbed Tally down her flanks, stirring up the matted clumps.

    “Hmm. Alright, I have an idea. We’ll shelve Ice Fang until we get to Violet City. Get a drink, its Tiny’s turn now. Where did that Beedrill slip off to?

    Turn the page?
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    Chapter 12

    Turn back to CH 11?
    “GOLDenrod!” The conductor’s voice boomed. I seem to have slipped off to sleep after the Biscuits and Gravy breakfast we had in the Diner. “This is Goldenrod City. Please collect your belongings for disembarkment. We’ll have your vehicles unloaded within a few hours, you all should have your valet slips. Thank you for riding with us.

    I yawned and looked down, Gizmo had literally plastered himself to the window to watch everything whizz by, but after a few gentle poking, I discovered that he was both sound asleep and soundly stuck to the glass, leaving a nice oily mark as I peeled him off. The Espeon and Umbreon siblings asleep under my footrest, I couldn’t put the seat down to get my bag. The gentle rocking motion of the magic carpet made of steel had been too much for them, just as a train was for many people. Dreadnaught and Ferriday had volunteered to stay in their balls, and that was probably a good place for a living magnet and a large electric spider to be on a magnetically driven train.

    While we awaited them unloading my bike, I took Ditto down into the Underground, after all, I had a promise to fulfill.

    Down in the tunnels were shops galore. A few of them I recognized from my trip through Johto, fourteen years ago. I made a note to drop in on the Herbals shop, Mamma Seeda had been the one who really introduced me to Revival Herbs and using the sweet berries to counteract it, though the poffin had been my idea.

    Many of them though had been little more than booths in the small storefronts, anything Goldenrod could get to sell storefront space. A dentist and a lawyer’s office, probably someone new who couldn’t afford a glamorous office in one of the many skyscrapers yet, several facilities that catered to the latest fashions, girly jewelry, and a few little stands for the Coordinator market filled the rest of the roster, though there were still a dozen storefronts empty.

    I turned a corner, following one of the directory signs. Down a few booths was where I was heading for: a massage parlor that had set up near the groomers. The young lady who met us at the counter was futzing with her red pony tail. She looked nervous, and was probably fairly new, but Gizmo liked her immediately. She told me a half an hour, I tipped her and left Gizmo in her arms while I ran an errand back a ways.

    “Here we are gang! Violet City at last!” None of Janie’s Pokémon looked all that impressed though, truthfully. The historic city wasn’t much after all, Tiny had come from the wild, Tally had seen cities before, and Castform had found the tin curled roofs to look intriguing when rained on, and so performed a Rain Dance on the closest one, the water rolling down and soaking a young boy in knickers who had just stepped out of the Pokémon Center. Before they could be seen, Castform retreated over the peak of the roof, and Janie dashed behind a tree. He cursed at some unidentified diety, and went back inside to change.

    “Castform! You little pest, I’d expect that from Tiny, but you?!”

    ‘Castform cast cast Castform cas!’ But the water’s flow is so pretty! Just wanted to watch it trickle down is all.

    Janie growled, having no clue what her Castform was saying. "Look, you can't just go out and douse people like that, accidental or not. Don't try that again, or you go in the ball like every other trainer does, alright.

    Castform pouted and started to cry little rain drops. Janie wasn't sure if it could learn Fake Tears or not, but it was certainly working.

    "Oh, alright I'm sorry for snapping. But promise me you won't get a wild urge to do that again, okay?"

    The cloud sniffed and meekly agreed.

    "Good then. Let's go inside and get checked in."

    As I pushed the shop door open, a small bell chimed overhead, the quaint, old fashioned kind with a copper clapper, not some electronic pager. "Excuse me, I'm looking for your finest revival herbs, please." It was just as I remembered it, a quaint shop with jars on shelves as high as a hill, with library ladders going on each wall. Behind the counter was a stout, short lady who hadn't aged a day past dirt. The grey ball of hair on her head like a Jumpluff's was all the taller she was than the old oak counter.

    I saw a hand reach up, and adjust her glasses. Without turning around, she stepped onto the back wall ladder and rolled down, climbing up seven shelves.

    "Not those, the fresh ones. I wish to see what you've just gotten."

    "Oh-ho. A smart shopper."

    "I know your trick, pawn off the old stock on the unsuspecting."

    She turned around. "Ha! Ha-ha! I knew you'd be back. At last the Baker returns home. How is my child? You look like you're reinvigorating yourself after a long struggle."

    "Raising a child will do that to ya."

    "So he is out on his own journey now?"

    "She, and yes."

    "A girl huh? If she's anything like her father, she'll be dangerous, a wild spirit."

    "Thanks, I think. Now, I still would like to see your selection."

    "Of course, come to the best. Please, come in back. This is your home."

    And that it had been. I had come to Goldenrod for the gym, so long ago, but I had been underground and intrigued by Mamma Seeda's signs in the door. Being curious, I asked lots of questions, bought a sample, and learned that my Pokémon had exceptionally good taste, and that a bitter herb wasn't going to cut it no matter how hard I tried or explained cost-effectiveness.

    Mamma pointed me to a chair at a table, and brought me water and a new case of Revival Herb. Jsut as she did, just as I was taught, I scrutinized each one for crispness, size of yield, smell, coloration, and feel.

    "I'm pleased to see you again, Baker-son."

    "You miss the smells I had going in here, when Joy threw me out of her kitchen. These are fascinating, you pick stock well."

    "I should hope so. This batch came from the ash fields of Fallarbor, I must ask where you get yours, you've been gone for so long."

    "An herbalist in Agate back home in the Orre region, near the volcano. As you taught me, the ash does them well."

    "You did learn well."

    I sorted a few herbs out into a pile. "You ever try making Poffins with these like you said you would?"

    "A few, my attempts were, less satisfactory than your own, so I went back to growing and scrutinizing."

    "Not to mention stiffing and conning."

    "Miracle cures are a cut throat business. You know what they say about business down here."

    "Tough market, tough profit."

    She smiled. "You're daughter, she is where?"

    "Violet City probably, she left Professor Elm's a few days ago."

    "So coming my way then."

    "Yes, and she's taken an interest in berries as well."

    "Really now? From you?"

    "Sure has, although it may be more of a ‘Dad and I’ type of thing. I evolved somewhat while I was at home, took a shine to berry collecting when I met the Berry Master in Hoenn. He gave me the last pieces for my sweetening, and it just went from there. I think I'll take these with me. I'd like to see your weed assortment too, while I'm here."

    "A restock then?"

    "The Orre region is light on lakes, so I get by with imported Heal Powders."

    At this, Mamma wrinkled up her nose.

    "Yes, I know, too many antidotes, too much processing, not enough sickness."

    "Might as well just drink the Full Heal. You poor man."

    Again, I sifted through the provided weeds and herbs. Salveyo for paralysis, remayo for certain poisons, others for chemical poisons and still more as insomnia inducers, some Ginka for mental clarity, a moist Catial for rubbing on burns in a cream. I did have berries for that and frostbite, but in a lot of cases the berries loose their effectiveness when cooked, it’s better to back it up with herbals.

    "Alright, I have what I need."

    "Very well, I'll ring you up dear. Would it be possible to say, get a few of your Revival Poffins, you know, for old times’ sake?"

    "Of course."

    "If I find the trainer who drowned me, I'll wring his little neck. I'll show him! My Quilava and I will hit him so hard his heads will spin! I'll get him! No one douses Tommy like that! No one!"

    Janie looekd over at the boy who was shouting as he came down the stairs from the his room. "Geez," Janie said under her breath "Does he not realize the world doesn't revolve around him? Will he never shut up?"

    Nurse Joy had been busy, and not being in an emergency, Janie had opted to sit in the waiting room and read. Tommy had come down a few minutes after he had arrived, his black hair still on end from being toweled off and not combed. She looked over at Beedrill, who was in a ready stance. "Whatever you're thinking, no. We don't need to do it, even if it does involved making his lips swell up like balloons so he can't talk for a week."

    "Bee bii"

    Nurse Joy had finally sat down at her desk, so Janie returend the copy of Tween to the table and got up. Though tired Joy smiled warmly at the girl who approached her, juat as she’d done for every trainer before. "Hello. Do your Pokémon need to be looked at?"

    "Later we will. I'd like to check in actually."

    "Alright, let me see your trainer card then. Ah, so you're Janie."

    Janie looked the Nurse, surprised. "Do I know you? I thought the Joy in Cherrygrove was someone else."

    "She is, second cousin in fact. But we all talk amongst each other about some trainers who show promise, or are early risers, or nuisances, who change the bedding for us, that kind of thing. You're name came up on several of those accounts. Here's your ID back, and I'll get a room key for you. Anything you need, maybe a map of Violet City?"

    "Sure, but I was wondering if you had a walk-in freezer?"

    That, was certainly a new one. Trainers often had odd questions and requests, but walk-in freezers weren't popular ones. "Yes, I do. May I ask why?"

    "I need to do some training, is all."

    "I'm afraid I can't have you battling amongst my vegetables."

    "Oh no, nothing like that, It's my Herdier. Tally's naturally picking up the elemental bite attacks well enough, but Ice Fang is proving difficult. I have a bite sleeve, if we had someplace we could get her cold enough, maybe we could pull it off."

    “That’s very well thought out. Are you sure this is your first League?”

    “Yes ma’am, though I learned to think from my parents. Dad is especially good at it.”

    “They’ve raised you well then. I’ll tell you what, give me a minute to catch my breath, and then I’ll take you back to the kitchen.”

    “Really? Thanks. I’ll go put my stuff in the room then.”

    Janie pushed past Tommy and his crowd of anyone who’d listen to him and ‘what’s wrong with trainers these days’ and bounded up the stairs.

    “Oh, to be so eager.” Joy smiled to herself as she sipped a warm coffee, remarking on when she was that age to herself.”

    getting through the crowds again took longer than I had planned for, and when I got back to the massage parlor next to the groomers, the young therapist was ready for me. Gizmo was smiling in a large plastic bowl, not troubling himself with anything other than occupying the bowl’s contours.

    “I see you were able to get him to relax.”

    “Like putty in my hands.” She giggled. “I bet every masseuse says that, don’t they?”

    “Yes, but it still means you did a good job. Here, let me tip you.” She seemed surprised that anyone still tipped. After all, the concept of currency had been done away with centuries ago. I rooted around in my bag and opened a case of contest décor, motioning for her to take some. These were all things I rarely used, I still held a few back for those of my crew that were interested in the dress up and had favorites. It seemed more useful for her than battle items. Her broadening smile told me that I’d picked well, and after taking a bow and a rarer dress out, she bowed gracefully and waved us goodbye.

    “That’s it Tally, again! You’re starting to get it now!” Nurse Joy smiled as she peeked in from the doorway.

    “Would you hand me the bag of salad behind you?, since you already have your coat on?”

    Janie looked up from the floor. Tally understood and sat down, licking her chops a bit to warm them up.

    “Of course, here you go. Do we need to get out?”

    “No no, you’re fine. You two seem to really do well together. We should have Dinner ready in a half an hour though.”

    “Awesome. We’ll be out in a bit then.”

    The Nurse smiled again. “Take your time.”

    “Excuse me, I need to drop something off for holding.”

    A red mop of hair looked up from the counter. The kid had to be sixteen, and plastered in freckled. He adjusted a set of hidden headphones. “Alright sir. May I see your ID?”

    “Of course, here you go.”

    “Alright then.” He scanned the barcode, then handed it back. “And what are we holding for you today Mr. Glover?”

    “It’s a motorcycle. I’ll be sending it back to Gateon with me, but I have a few matters to tie up here first, and it’s just proven to be too much of a drag”

    “Very well. A standard four by four by ten crate then. Please take this tag and the bike around back, the boys on the dock will take care of you. Anything else?”

    “Yes, actually, if I were curious about if a ship had docked, whom would I speak with?”

    “That’d be Neila, over in dispatching, but I don’t think you’ll get very far with her.”

    “Thanks, but I’ll try.”

    With a little wave, he went back to his music. Iwent over to the desk he mentioned. Neila reminded me of every Hollywood female criminal, who would just love to toy with you and never actually tell you anything. I took a gamble and played my hand bluntly.

    “Excuse me ma’am, I’m with the Pokémon League and was wondering if you could tell me where a ship is. It’s a large one, left the Kanto region two days ago from the Sevii Islands.”

    “That’s nice.”


    “You’re Trainer ID. Looks nice. Someone went to a lot of trouble designing that. Your Pokémon on the back, that’s a nice touch. “

    “Well, thanks. I’ll pass that along to the League for you. Now, about that ship.”

    “What about it?”

    “I’d like to know where it is. League business, you understand.”

    “Ah. Okay, my mistake. I thought for a moment you were just going to waltz in here with a fancy strip of plastic and ask me information. If I could see the warrant then, please.”


    “The warrant. You know, that sheet of paper that says you aren’t abusing your power? You do have one, correct? Because I don’t care if you were Arceus incarnate, you could address yourself as Michael Westin for all I care, I’m not turning you loose on my records without one. ”

    “It’s a simple request!”

    “Yes, all I want is a piece of paper. Is that so hard? No? Then go get me one Mr. League guy, and stop wasting my time.”

    Like I said, Hollywood. I’d fix her little red wagon though, if it took me three dozen fishermen, I’d ask them all.

    It only took me five though, before a young man proved helpful.

    “Yes sir, I’ve seen it. Or rather, Sparky did.” He scratched a Pikachu between the ears; the scratchee purring happily. “I’d never seen a ship with its own crane arm on the main bridge like that. The crew seemed rather shady. May I ask who they are?”

    “You might. Did you see what they unloaded?”

    “Just a couple of vehicles. A box truck and a few jeeps, and those Spyder things with the two front wheels, look kinda like a snowmobile. They had a bunch of them. I think they went north, but we’ve been here most of the day fishing, so I don’t know. Ship pulled out late this morning, turned west.”

    “I see.” A box truck and an escort crew were going to be hard to track, and I’m sure that the Sevii facility had more in it than that. This smelled of a decoy, though maybe it’s a smaller operation. “Thank you then young man, and Sparky too.”

    “Of course, any time. You gonna go bust them then?”


    “Their bad guys right, you’re a League guy?”

    “We’ll see. I have to find them first. You’ve been a big help though.”

    I shook his hand firmly, then checked my P*DA. I had a new message. “That young lady you asked about arrived today. -Joy”

    I opened Gizmo’s Pokéball, the Ditto looked at me still somewhat sleepily. “Sorry to bother you so soon,” I told my partner, but I’ve a date in Violet with that special girl.”
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    Good chapter I saw a couple of spelling errors and one place where you forgot to space. The first spelling error was at the very begining when Gizmo was stuck to the window of the Magnet Train when you said "lrving a nice oily spot as I peeled him off" instead of "leaving a nice oily spot." Other than that you may want to reread and make sure you don't have any more I think I saw some more, but I couldn't find them again. Keep up the good work and I loved how you described Mamma Seeda she reminds me of some of my realitives lol. I hope this helped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wartiger97 View Post
    Good chapter I saw a couple of spelling errors and one place where you forgot to space. The first spelling error was at the very begining when Gizmo was stuck to the window of the Magnet Train when you said "lrving a nice oily spot as I peeled him off" instead of "leaving a nice oily spot." Other than that you may want to reread and make sure you don't have any more I think I saw some more, but I couldn't find them again. Keep up the good work and I loved how you described Mamma Seeda she reminds me of some of my realitives lol. I hope this helped.
    Awesome! Thanks for dropping in! I actually fxed that last night but neglected to post a follow-up. My powers of editation are somewhat lacking, I should have seen that on MS Word, but after writing such things, one also has a foreknowledge of the words and so misses things. Anything you happen to find is a big help.

    In any chapter.
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    Ok I've been reading since I joined I just haven't comented because everyone else already pointed out the things I noticed this is the first chapter where I beat them to it lol. I can't wait for more to read if you ever wanted me to I could preread the chapters for you and do you have a pm list if so I would like to be on it please and thank you.

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    Great chapter, and I guess we'll soon see a Glover-Janie battle. The thing that I have a problem somewhat with is that you say that there is no currency. If you're going by the games then you'll notice a common currency of Pokedollars. Just my idea I guess
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaziken10285 View Post
    Great chapter, and I guess we'll soon see a Glover-Janie battle. The thing that I have a problem somewhat with is that you say that there is no currency. If you're going by the games then you'll notice a common currency of Pokedollars. Just my idea I guess
        Spoiler:- Glover/Janie:

    The problem I run into with currency is that I find prize money to be a very complicated thing to work around. Battling a bug-catcher for example is liek stealing lunch money, and you'll notice I'm doing a lot of hybriding between game and animem and th elatter skips the whole money thing altogether, so I'm adopting the Star Trek:First Contact style of doing things. (Good movie, go watch it) Captain Picard is talking to Zephram Cochrane and says something to the effect of the world basically got over itself when they discovered that Earth was a very small drop in the Universe, and money was done away with, instead needs were provided for out of humanitarian goodness. This in turned drove down intense greed, and created a sunny-side up world. Sadly, I'm not Gene Roddenberry and my interpretation is lacking, also I'm not really in a good storytelling position to go into great detail, but I don't see why something as supernatural as Pokemon couldn't create much the same effect, given that Humanity, even if it is more resiliant in that world than it is in ours, is still a man amongst gods who control land, water, fire, electricity. And really, how do you charge an electric bill if the customer can go raise Pikachu? For that matter, how does a 10yr old go galavanting about the World if it's not more of a functional utopia than ours is?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wartiger97 View Post
    Ok I've been reading since I joined I just haven't comented because everyone else already pointed out the things I noticed this is the first chapter where I beat them to it lol. I can't wait for more to read if you ever wanted me to I could preread the chapters for you and do you have a pm list if so I would like to be on it please and thank you.
    I didn't know if I had the interested readership, sure, I'll do a PM list for ya, no problem.
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    Reaching for the Sky
    Chapter 13

    Flip back to the previous chapter?

    Janie stood in front of the glass doors, still hesitating a bit. The tall building, new but trying to look the old Violet motif was somewhat intimidating. She looked down at her side. Tally panted a little smile and nudged Janie in the back of the leg with her nose.

    “Alright, I’ll stop stalling then.” She pushed open the door, never seeing the figure watching her from the corner.

    She reached for the door, and found it opening inward.

    “Wondered if you were ever going to come in.”

    “Well, thanks sir.”

    “Polite and a cute kid. Name’s Clyde. I’m a Gym Aide. My brothers and I all go about checking on the gyms, and being overall helpful sorts.”

    “Janie. I guess I’m new then. Dad never mentioned there being so many people involved with the backside of the League.”

    “A pleasure to meet you, Miss. There’s all sorts of people involved with the backend stuff, but you don’t care about that. Here, have some water for your Pokémon. Are you familiar with the gym?”

    “Somewhat, I know Falkner’s a flying type user.”

    “Marvelous. So you know not to use Chikorita or Bellsprout then, nor any bug types.”

    “Sure do, I don’t have a Chikorita.”

    “Totodile then?”


    “Cyndaquil huh. Not many go with old Cyndy.”

    “Herdier actually.”

    Clyde looked down at Janie’s feet, where Tally was standing regally with her tongue out and a-pantin’ away.

    “Well I’ll be. A Unova Pokémon for a Johto League. This will be fun. Alrighty then Miss Janie. You’ll get on the elevator here, and when you get above the roosts, you’ll find the gym leader. You’ll have a choice as to whether or not you want to warm up with his gym trainers or go straight for him. I’ll let Falkner know to be expecting you.”

    “Much appreciated.” She turned and looked to her feet. You ready Tally?”


    She couldn’t believe it, her first gym battle. Janie studied the field as the elevator rose up. She stepped of the platform and looked around. The unnerving glass tiles went around the wooden floored warm up tiles. Something told her she should, but she was confident, perhaps overly so, and opted to go around.

    The field was surrounded by six viewing towers and a framework existed between them. Nothing Tally or Castform could use, but plenty of roosting spots for Birds.

    ‘This will be easy, Janie. You’ve got this. Tally and Cassie will be fine.’

    Rounding up her confidence, she took a firm stride off the glass floor and onto the battlefield. “Falkner, I’m challenging.”

    “Wo-ho. Spunky. Alright kid. You go right over there and climb the stairs. You and I battle will battle from these towers, okay? Two-on-two, and you can’t get down, got it?”

    “Sounds easy.” She fingered her first Pokéball as she climbed up the short tower on her end of the field.

    “Janie, right? You’ll pick the first Pokémon, okay?”

    “Fine by me. Go, Castform!”

    The little cloud put on a cute mad face, which lasted until Falkner pulled out a Skarmory.

    “Not sure what you’re thinking, Janie, but it’ll involve weather. Hope you don’t mind, but if you’re upping the ante, then so will I.

    “Works for us! Let’s not disappoint and start with Hail, Cassie!”

    The little cloud growled cutely as its cloud turned a dark grey and the antennae on her head stood up and began to glow.

    “Quickly Skarmory, interrupt with Steel Wing!” As it commanded, the armored bird leapt into action and crashed into the Castform. Cold wind was circling for its form change, but the momentary interruption stunted the forming Hail into little pellets.

    “Follow up Skarmory!” The bird turned and pecked repeatedly at the small cloud.

    “Icy Wind! Quick!” The Castform spun and blew, cocooning itself in the cold wind and it’s Hail form, slowing the Skarmory down slightly. It’s steel beak still chipping away at the Castform’s armor.

    “Er, I should have figured. I was hoping to ice him quickly. Castform doesn’t have the power to withstand this.”

    “Ember Castform, drive it back!” It was a bit muddling, going from ice to fire, but the Castform wasn’t going to complain as of this moment, and did so. The Skarmory flinched and dashed backwards away from one of its natural weaknesses.

    “Took you two long enough. Keep it at bay then with Gust.”

    “Use that wind Castform and blow it back on them!”

    The Castform’s green hurricane décor glowed as the Skarmory’s range attack came in close. It curled around the Castform, and after collecting a snowy gift, raced back to the flying type again. Instinctively, the bird whipped out several air slashed to break the current, but was pelted by small though annoying bits of ice.

    “Try that again Castform, but try it with fire! Let’s replicate Heat Wave, shall we?”

    Cas cas!
    Somewhat confused, and a bit stressed by being an ice type and trying to funnel a fire type attack, Castform obliged. It spat several floating embers into the air and shoved them off a gust of cold wind.

    "Razor Wind, Skarmory"

    Janie bit her lip, the Skarmory once again broke Castform's attack, and had a much more powerful one ready. To make matters a bit worse off, the hail chose that moment to end, reverting Castform to a normal type. All Janie could do was gasp and call out faint hopes of dodging as the ripping gale force winds tore away from the Skarmory's sword wings, but the third time f doing it, Castform had the hang of wind. just as he'd done with Gust, he focused the winds around him. Janie saw a brief outline of his Ice form reappear, as he rolled the Razor Wind around, taking glancing damage but building it up for something much more.

    And then, he let it go. But where Razor Wind had bneen a drawn out setup attack to focus into several slicing pulses of horizontal wind gusts, Castform had ripped the power into a much larger attack. One that Falkner had seen before, but that Castform should not have been able to learn. A fury of wind, water, and ice raced outward from the diminutive cloud Pokemon, sweeping up bits of debris as it went and turning it too into mini projectiles.

    it had been too much for the Skarmory, the attack that hit it was a little bit Ice, a small portion of Ground, tiny bits of Rock, and water, and so it landed rather gracelessly on the ground with a clang.

    "Impressive. Whomever raised that Castform for you knew what they were doing."

    "Thanks, but he came from a lab, he's done very little training."

    "That's impossible! That was my Dad's prized Skarmory!" The flying type leader couldn't believe it. "I refuse to acknowledge a lab rat Pokémon could turn a Razor Wind around into a full-fledged Hurricane"

    "Acknowledge it." Janie said devilishly, though she had no idea what was go on.

    "Very well then. get em' Triple X." A fury of legs and beaks broke from the Pokeball. Castform, on instinct, drew a cold wind towards it, but it lowered its thin necks into its thick body long enough o get close, then stretched itself up to its full height. Castform were limited on how high they could float, both on physical limitation and fear of being swept up in an upper wind draft, but his exhausting battle with Skarmory left him unable to get much higher than the beast's shoulders. The incoming Fury Attack was more than the Castform could handle, and it too plopped to the ground."

    Falkner smirked. "And now we're one and one."

    Janie clenched her teeth. Dodrio were unknown creatures to her. She'd seen and heard of them, but few trainers from Orre had them, she had no idea what was in store. She looked down at Tally. "Well, at least it can't fly away from you."

    Tally barked in agreement, and bounded down the stairs from Janie's perch to the field.

    Falkner took the time to study the dog. "Hmm. Interesting build. Not a retriever, but we're well versed in hunting dog styles. Should be no different."

    The Dodrio danced on its two legs, keeping it's blood flow moving "We'll see about that Falkner, Tally Quick Attack!"

    Loyal as ever, tally shot forth in a great burst of speed. On an unspoken command, the Dodrio shot straight into the air. Tally skidded to a stop and looked into the sun to catch the shadow fall of an outstretched leg catch her in the side.

    The fighting type High Jump Kick found its mark on the normal type. The Dodrio jumped again, a second slam into the dog's side, tucked its heads and somersaulted back towards the center of the field again.

    Tally struggled slowly to get back up; that had been a lot of bird delivered to her side. Falkner just smirked though. "Accupressure yourself, then get ready."

    Two of its head turned and poked the main body in key points, releasing tension and building up power. Tally saw the opening though, and channeled a bit of Faint Attack into her recovery, burst forth once again, and wrapped her muzzle around the Dodrio's legs. With its two head occupied, and a lack of wings, it hadn't the center of balance to be able to avoid. That wouldn't last for long though, and the Dorio was quickly able to fling the Herdier back.

    However, the Herdier species had long been bred to be herding dogs by nipping at the heels of the animals to be herded. Thousands of years of domestication had given them a quick sense to roll if a Miltank, Tauros, or a Mareep hoof tried to catch them. This was similar enough that Tally could roll with the hit and landed on all four paws, no worse for wear than before. The Dodrio's heads, looking more determined than ever, turned back to forward.

    "Tally, try Quick Attack." Janie said confidently.


    "We'll see." The Dodrio focused three beams from it's mouths this time as Tally raced in close, dancing around just enough to avoid the Quick Attack and eventually finding it's mark. Ice crystals were forming on Tally's fur. Both Trainer and Pokémon knew this immediately, and were suddenly very much on the same page. A third time, Tally lunged at the massive flightless Bird. For a second time, it focused one of its few ranged attacks at the Dog, but Tally was trying to get the Freeze going. As she got too close for comfort, Falkner ordered another powerful jump from the Dodrio, who sprang up on its long legs. Tally didn't look though, she simply waited.


    The Herdier launched itself onto its hind legs suddenly. The Dodrio's leg plowed into solid ground, sending a wincing pain up its limb. Then, something furry thumped aginst the sore leg, and clamped it's cold jaws around the Dodrio's knees while burying sharp claws into bare leg. The Dodrio was unable to move its leg to fling, and the mouth on its knee was getting colder, pulling the ice out of the Tri-Attack's nearly successful freezing condition, so it tried the next best thing. it put all of its weight into the Herdier-infested leg and chambered it's free leg up to its body. The weight on its sore limb caused more pain, and seeing the incoming attack, Tally clamped her jaw down much harder. Three heads all snapped straight up on their necks and screamed bloody murder; although Tally was warming up too fast for Ice Fang to last or be terribly potent, the Crunch/scratch attack was proving too much and to top it off, the Dodrio as loosing circulation in that leg. It's free leg bailed on the attack and shot down cross-legged to keep it from falling over.

    "That's it Tally! Keep it up!"

    Tally’s mouth was starting to salivate from the pro-longed bite, but she remembered another of its attacks. Merging the wetness with matted fur, a fierce spark danced around Tally's muzzle.

    Again, the Dodrio's body went stiff in pain, and for a second time it cawed madly.

    That was it though, Tally had to let go, she couldn't hold on anymore. She danced backwards quickly, but the Dodrio's bad leg couldn't hold the bird up without the attacking Herdier-shaped cast wrapped around it, and buckled.

    With some regret, the referee called the match in Janie's favor.

    "No... But Dad and I had such memories riding him around! Very well. You win, Janie."

    Both trainers descended from their stands and met in the middle of the field.

    "I must admit Janie, I'm impressed. Here, take the Zephyr proudly."

    "Wow... Thanks. I mean, I won, -we won- but I don't feel like I really did anything. I mean, Castform came up with Hurricane on his own, Tally was largely on auto-pilot there at the end too. teh attacks I called got her hurt, after all."

    "Maybe." Falkner considered. But remember it took Castform manipulating Icy Wind to pull off Hurricane like that on the spot, and someone taught Tally those bite attacks."

    "Quite right." Both battlers turned and saw a figure had jumped over the edge of one of the viewing towers and was jetting down to the field.

    "Dad?" Janie couldn't believe it. "Dad! What are you doing here? You saw me? I'd hoped you'd see a much more organized battle."

    "What I saw was fine, and your Mom I'm sure agrees, I had to hang up though as she was in class. Battles are about the Pokémon, that's why you're the trainer. Joy told me about you're little freezer idea, cute."

    "Mom saw me too?"


    I nodded, and let Janie explain. "Tally and I practiced Ice Fang in the freezer at the Pokémon Center. Tally can't get herself cold yet, so I used an outside source."

    "My Tri Attack. I walked into a trap and baited it myself in other words."

    "No, not really. I didn't know Dodrio could learn it. But it was handy, so we put it to use."

    "Sneaky girl." Falkner snickered. "I'll let you two catch up then, looks like I have to make a trip to see Joy."

    The three of us descended in the elevator, and stood in the lobby after Falkner left.

    "So, are you going to be at all my gym battles?"

    "Regrettably, probably not. I happened to be in the region though on business, and the timing worked out, so here I am."

    "Business huh? So you’re out saving the world again. How long are you here then?"

    "Not too much longer. I was trying to track Team Rocket, something occurred in Kanto that looked like something we should have been concerned about, and I ended up here, but There's nothing to pin on them, it's a box truck and some support vehicles. Even if the Regional Police can find them between cities, suspicious activity in Kanto doesn't hold a lot of weight in Johto, and I've been informed rather firmly that your Mom doesn't like being alone, and that I owe her a big fancy dinner and flowers, at a minimum."

    Janie laughed at her parents being drippy romantic. She couldn't help it, she was almost eleven.

    "However, I think i can be in town for an evening, let's go find ourselves a little father-daughter date, or would that be too imposing?"

    A little giggle. "No, I think that would be fine."

    On to the next chapter
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    Great chapter can't wait to see how Janie progresses as a trainer if she's anything like Glover look out world.
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    No Witnesses, Pt1
    or, "The Lunchbox and the Sundress"
    Chapter 14
    Flip back to Chapter 13?

    "Are you alright, mistress?"

    Cayna startled from doing her laundry. "Wha? Oh, didn't hear you come in. I get used to hearing you speak in class and all"

    "Sorry, er" "Sorry, Cay.” The Gardevoir spoke in a soft, melodious voice. “Human speech doesn’t come as naturally to me as telepathy does, I'm afraid. Are you okay? You seem to be folding jeans rather more forcefully, and you don’t seem to glide about as you have in the past."

    Cayna looked up at her Gardevoir. "I'm fine Guinevere, really."

    "Your lonely, my mistress. I don't have to be psychic to know that. But are you okay?"

    Cayna turned and sat down on the bed, moving the clothes basket so Guin could sit next to her.

    "I suppose I'm not. After we got married, I told myself Glover would be in and out, he was much more the trainer than I was, after all. But he didn't. He stayed at home, did everything he could by remote. I got used to having him around. The Hoenn crisis four years ago was his only major outing, and that was at my urging. So when he had to leave, it was rather sudden and not too long after Janie left. It was good seeing her first gym battle, but that was Violet City, so far away from home, and I don't think we'll even be that close to together again for a long, long time." She sniffed a bit and wiped a tear with a tissue from the bedside. "I don't know how he holds up so well."

    "I have a feeling, that there's a reason he looked to see if Janie had gotten to Violet City yet.”

    "You mean like he was being more active about missing her?"

    "Yes, I do. That and he can immerse himself in work."

    "But that only leads to wild goose chases to pass the time. I've seen that before in my trainer friends. I just hope there's actually something to this so he isn't burning himself up."

    "Maybe. But regardless, there's a new world out there, so even if he is chasing ghosts, hopefully he's enjoying himself." The Gardevoir thought for a moment. "That's not quite what I meant."

    "I know what you mean, I think. From a trainer's perspective, twelve years is a long time. New gym leaders, new challenges, new styles of battling. You and Gotѐgrim and I were never really ones for the competitive. We travelled to travel."

    "That's the right way to say it, I think." Guinevere held her throat. "Sorry, I need to rest my vocal cords. We were never a species designed for long conversations."

    "No problem, you're doing so well though." Cayna sighed, then posed a question. “How do you do it though? You’ve been here, you were practically an aunt to Janie.”

    Guin thought for a moment. ”I don’t know. Probably has something to do with being what I am, Pokémon in the wild are used to their young going off unexpectedly, I guess. I’ve always thougt of myself as more a nursemaid and babysitter than family.”
    “You know you mean more to us than that, Guin. You and Gotѐgrim both. You’re more than the two Ralts I found in Floaroma under attack from a Starapter, you’re family. And Glover’s accepted you as such too.”
    “We know, it’s just a little off from the usual arrangement we’re taught by our elders, is all. And I’ll confess I’ve put a few thought searches out to check on her.” The Gardevoir coughed a bit. "I'll be right back after I get some water. Do you want anything, Mistress?"

    "No no, I'll be down in a minute."

    "Very well. My brother and I were going to drag you out to the pier for something to eat, get you out of the house and radiant for the Field Trip tomorrow."

    "You two are too good to me. Guin?"


    "Thank you."

    The following day, in the late morning lunch time, two shady figures were hunched behind a log. Before them were several large white buildings with glass front lobbies- The Research Labs.

    "What'cha lookin’ at Abbott?" one of the two figures stirred.

    "Sigilyph. Or trying to. Blasted things are too high up; they're up there with the Sand Hill Altaria."

    "Why? What's a Sigilyph doing here anyway?"

    "Guarding, what else? Didn't you read the report?"

    "Well, maybe. Are they guarding the Lab? Do you think they can see us?"

    "Probably, although they are Psychic types, so maybe they can only feel our minds."

    "They know what we're thinking? Oh Arceus, we're busted already!"

    "Just, just shut up! I told you to think pleasant thoughts. Besides, they haven't attacked us yet."

    "But maybe they aren't aggressive, they won’t respond unless there for sure is an attack, they're just waiting for us to screw up."

    Abbott held his head and sighed. "Yes, we're going to be defeated by a bunch of psychic guard parrots. You nincompoop, get a hold of yourself!"

    "Sorry Abbott." The latter turned and caught the conveniently held out pair of binoculars to his temple.

    "Now see, there you are on the ground. Get up. Pick up your hat and come on!"

    “But I don’t have a hat.”

    “Oh, so you don’t. Then quit dawdling and come on!”

    "Yes Abbott." The two men got up from the logs. They pulled two lab coats around their white leather bodysuits and the folded up, collapsed helmets on their backs and proceeded to the buildings.

    "And remember Costello: No Witnesses. "

    "Teachhur! Teachur! Can we play with the Pokémon now? Please?"
    "Yeah Ms. Cayna, please?"
    "I wanna play with the Pokemans. Pwease Cayna!"

    Field trip day. Something every kid looked forward to. The school wasn't far from the labs, and made several such trips like these as their scientific knowledge increased. This would be the kids' first, a simple introduction to a wide variety of species outside of the Pokémon egg they raised in the classroom, or what they might have at home, although most Orre region families didn't have Pokémon, it was easier to avoid trouble that way.

    Ms. Cayna looked around the Lab's break room turned cafeteria. "If everyone's done eating, and when Miss Jovi gets back."

    "I'll go ahead and collect the lunchboxes then."

    "Thanks Guinevere. Timmy, you have peanut butter all over your face." A tubby kid turned away from his teacher's helpful napkin to let his tongue roam freely.

    "You missed a spot." Too slow, and she got him. "Much better. Everyone be sure to line up and wash your hands, I'm sure the Pokémon don't want your lunch on their fur."

    "Of course they do! I'd want it on my fur if I had fur!"

    "Eww, that's gross Bob!"

    The Ranch hand Extraordinaire bounded into the break room with all the enthusiasm of the class as Guinevere picked up the crate of lunchboxes to take out to the bus.

    "So everyone's done eating then?” Jovi asked them enthusiastically. “Who wants to see some Pokémon?!"

    "We do! We do!" The kids cried in unison.

    "Not until everyone washes their hands first."

    "Aww." The kids chorused and began rushing through the sink, but Cayna wasn't a new teacher, and a line went past her and was immediately turned and reformed back into the hand-washing line. She felt like that Dr. Seuss character herding the Sneeches out of one line and into the next.

    “Hey, thanks for sending ‘Grim out to help me set up. I know he likes being around the kids, but with Adon sick, a Gallade is a marvelous extra set of hands to get the Pens ready for the kids.”

    “No problem, Jovi.” Cay turned and looked at the latest kid seeking the seal of approval. “Good job, Ava. Looks like you’re the line lead for the girls.”

    “Yay!” She bounded to the left side of the door.

    "'Ey, Abbott. Do you see that?"

    "A Gardevoir wearing a salmon colored Sun Dress taking Lunchboxes out? Yes I do."

    "Why do you suppose it's taking a crate of lunchboxes out?"

    "Who cares?"

    "Well, is it a witness?"

    "Not if you keep your big mouth shut. C'mere and help me get this door open. What the boss told us to grab should be just on the other side of this big safe of a door."

    "Ms Jovi, what's that Pokémon?"

    Jovi was glad she wasn't a teacher; herding Meowth was easier than getting fourteen juvenile pairs of hands washed. She secretly said an apology to no one for being a bad kid, though she’d never admit anything on record, and after a short struggle, they'd washed up and had two lines. She'd taken them out and started down the main passage, just as she'd done for several classes in previous years.

    "Oh, that's one of our Beldum. They protect us inside. Here, watch carefully, this one's going to take his friend's place."

    Just as she said, the Beldum bobbed as it floated down the hallway from the back of the facility, counting marks on the wall to find its post. Then it stopped, turned, and faced an occupying Beldum in a small alcove in the wall, hidden well as a decorative column.


    The on duty Beldum's eye flickered open. It studied its counterpart for a moment.

    'Dum.' It stated, and then the two stared at each other for a while, their eyes flickering in sequence.

    "What are they doing now, Ms Jovi?"

    "Speaking with their mind. That one that came down the hall is probably being told about you and why you're here."

    'Dum. Bel.'


    The Beldum coming off duty at that point turned the round foot on its bottom a partial turn, turning the pedestal it sat on. There was a click, the pedestal let go, and the Beldum straightened his foot and floated up and out of his little corner. Then he and his second shift replacement turned a half circle while facing each other with the efficiency of an Honor Guard. The new Beldum backed into the compartment, turned his foot, sat down and clicked himself into place.


    Satisfied his replacement was secure, the other one chirped quickly and floated down the hallway to the back.

    "Where's he going?"

    "Back to the Beldum room."

    "Can we go see the Beldum?"

    "Yeah, please? Please?"

    "I don't know that the Beldum would be very playful. They tend to be more interested in video games than interaction." Ms. Jovi told the kids.

    "We like video games!"

    "Well, yes, but the Beldum cheat."

    "Besides kids, Ms. Jovi has picked out a lot of Pokémon who are excited to see you."

    "Yes there are. So come on!"

    Quickly forgetting about Beldum, Jovi challenged the kids to a race to the front desk, which they immediately took her up on, much to Cayna's stricter organization.

    Jovi faked panting, coming up behind them. "Good job you guys.” She was actually in much better shape, than she let on, what with wrestling the Fighting types and in general working with the trainer Pokémon that come back to the lab for keeping, but kids were like Wookies; you let them win, or your day turns miserable. “Now let's go..." She turned and saw two researchers trying to get into the Purifying Room at the front of the Lab across the Hall from the Receptionist's Desk.

    "May I help you?"

    "Sorry to bother you. We're fine, really."

    "Yeah, Crane told us to get a folder he left in here is all."

    "That room's sealed." She told him point blank.

    “You ninny! I told you to ask for a key."

    "I can open it, here. She reached for the keypad when a little voice whispered in her ear. Normally, Jovi wasn't one to listen to anyone's voice, let alone a subconscious one, but she chose this one time to do so.

    "Hold on, let me see your badges please. Mom would kill me if anything happened.”

    "Oh, yes. Here." The taller, fitter of the two reached out with a piece of plastic. Just as Jovi grasped it, his hand shot out, he grabbed her wrist and spun her into his knee, doubling the ranch hand over.

    "Abbott, you said "No Witnesses!"

    "That's what I'm doing you dumbklopf. Now after those children!"

    Cayna began herding the kids back down the hall. Abbot released a Breloom, who on command Spored Jovi so she wouldn't get back up. Then he opened two more Pokéballs, revealing two Houndoom.

    "Brymstone," Abbott commanded. “Stop the Gardevoir outside, the one in the sun dress with the lunchboxes."

    The addressed Houndoom looked at his trainer with its head cocked. "No, I don't know why it's carrying lunchboxes; just don't let it in here. Hellfire, get that Beldum to open some doors for us!"

    But the Beldum weren't stupid, and already they’d begun a security drill. The lobby Beldum twisted in its stand and a shatterproof barrier closed around its compartment, blocking flames from the Houndoom. With a few more twists, some tapping of its claws and a few psychokinetic pulses, the Beldum closed off the corridor from the main lobby, blocking Abbott from Costello and the kids. It slammed the emergency shutters on the main door closed, trapping the Houndoom known as Brymstone outside, and it put an eight inch steel plate down on both sides of the Purifying Chamber vault door. If it had arms and a tongue, it probably would have also said "Nyah Nyah" behind its little blast shield, at least until the Breloom raced over and began Mach Punching the shield trying to break it.

    Along the Hallway were a number of Beldum, all telepathically aware of what was going on. They closed down the hallway, and sounded the break-in alert to the offices and side labs, playing musical blast walls separating the children and Cayna from Costello, who was only marginally interested in causing them mischief but had his orders.

    "What's happening Teacher?" One of the kids panted.

    "I, I don't know."

    "Are we in trouble?"

    "No, Ava, we're fine. There's just some bad people out there. We're okay now though."

    Which was the cue for a muffled crash, something roared loudly, and then something began pounding intensely at the blast wall Cayna was leaning against. She jumped nearly out of her skin. One of the Beldum started calling frantically, and the humans rushed into a side corridor. No sooner though did the Beldum seal them into the next segment though did a Rhyperior burst through.

    "I told you to deal with them."

    "But they're just kids Abbott."

    "They're witnesses."

    "You said there weren't going to be any witnesses."

    "No, I said there weren't to be any."

    "That's what I said."

    "Then why aren't you dealing with the witnesses?!" a short fused Abbott roared.

    "Because there aren't supposed to be any witnesses! You told me that. Now there are witnesses. I wish you'd make up your mind!"

    "I know what I said! I said "No witnesses!”

    “And now there are witnesses”

    “Of course there are witnesses! There are always witnesses!”

    “You said NO WITNESSES!”

    “I did.”

    “And there are witnesses.”



    “I did not say there’d be none. Just, go back and try to get into the Purifying system somehow. The boss wants that data. I'LL get rid of the witnesses." Costello gulped with clarity, and did as he was told, ignoring the great black beast that had blasted its way through three walls now.

    The Beldum had routed Cayna and the kids down into a series of cubicles, which lead outside to a patio for taking breaks in. The kids were tired, worn out, and didn't want to go outside. Not that they wanted to be inside with whatever terrible monster that could smash through walls was after them either. In fact, most of them wanted to go to their mommies and daddies. Cayna said a prayer that she could get them there. Then she bit her lip, opened the door, and the kids shuffled out. 8

    Then a Houndoom howled. Cay looked down, and at the corner of the building was the Houndoom that went after Guinevere.

    "Look out Mistress!" Cayna turned, and a Gallade in a work shirt and pants burst through their midst. "Get into the forest!" He called. His fist lit up, and with blinding speed he disappeared, slamming his hands into the Houndoom and launching it back, but a crashing sound alerted Cayna that the monster was in the room behind them. The Beldum blast wall was against the exterior wall. She hoped whatever creature was in there was tired, and that the double wall would withstand it for a while, but the door they came through was also a weak point, and if the creature hit it just right...

    Cay had no plans to stick around for that.

    "More running? A red headed glasses wearing boy looked at his teacher.

    "More running."

    "Man, I thought he'd never shut up. Seriously, that boy went on like someone dumped Lake Verity on him. I was half tempted to battle right there just to shut him up."

    "Me too Dad, I liked your "let's go watch the sunset and see a movie in hopes he’s hoarse by tonight” idea better though. Not that watching my old man cream him wouldn't be fun."

    "You’d probably have to listen to him go on about me then, and you would never be rid of him."

    Janie looked off sheepishly. "I know that look, what did you do?"



    "Alright. Cassie was goofing off. She'd never seen a roof like those and wanted to watch the water run down it. None of us had a chance to stop her, and she didn't expect it to divert over the door like that, so she says..."

    "Janie, if he finds out it was your Castform..."

    "He'll be after my throat for a long time. I always wanted a rival. Though I'm sure Jovi still has some of that itching powder she spiked the classroom seats with..."

    "No Janie, she doesn't. I threw it out, gave it to my Muk with some old tractor oil."

    "You're no fun."

    "I know. And don't try asking for the sneezing powders either, and her account is disabled from owning any Shuckle."

    "I'm pretty sure that's abusing League power, Dad."

    "That, or I'm pre-empting a national security threat."

    Janie and I laughed a bit, until my P*DA went off.



    "Something wrong dear?"

    "YES! I'm running from my life!"

    "I thought you had a field trip today?"

    "I do! And now we're running from YOUR Lab!"

    Janie was looking at me inquisitively, so I did what any father would do and turned away so she wasn't able to hear about this kind of trouble.

    "What happened?"

    "Two goons broke in, were trying to get into the Purifying Chamber! We're out in the forest somewhere-- I always get turned around in this God forsaken reserve -- trying to avoid their Pokémon."

    "Alright, listen. Find a wind chime, there should be one at each trail crossing. Take a stick and whack out the old NBC tone."


    "The NBC tone. You know, Dum-bim-bum. It's the best I can do for you until I get back to the Orre region, just trust me."

    "Alright. You hurry mister, this is your fault!"

    She hung up on me. Note to all males, never argue with an over-protective pissed off crazy lady.

    "Gotta go Dad?"

    "I'm sorry, but yes. Guess Breakfast is off then. Your mother is probably going to kill me, so I'm glad the last thing I saw was my daughter win her first gym battle."

    "Thanks, Dad. I love you."

    "Love you too. Good night." And at that, Ditto was released from his ball. He jet-packed me up high enough into the air, then transformed around me into an F18. My Rotom Moto slipped into a Ditto-based radio and began broadcasting an Emergency League tone to air-space controllers. Though we were unfiled, it would cover ourselves with the FAA for now. I called the Goldenrod dock and left a messege to go ahead and ship my crate. Once away from town, Gizmo opened the afterburners and we raced for the Orre region.
    Deep in the reserve, a Blaziken was running through the forest, crying loudly out to anyone and everyone. It stopped and bellowed up into a tree, drawing the attention of a Surperior whose sleeping eyes blinked twice before it snapped back to consciousness. The snake slithered down and out a ways to a pond, slapping at the water until an Empoleon came up. The Surperior passed on the same note the Blaziken told it. It swam madly down to another part of the lake, drawing the attention of a Blastoise and a Feraligatr, as well as an Elektross.

    High above, a Charizard was circling as an Aerodactyl climbed high into the air. It called out to one specific Sigilyph, who rounded up a portion of the guard. Then the flyers, soon joined by a Pidgeot and a Braviary swooped towards The Chime.

    The Blaziken had more allies now, a Scizor, a wide smattering of Fighting types from the Hitmons to a Throh and a Sawk, a Donphan, a Sceptile, and a Golem joined them. An Electivire came up another path shortly followed by a Pikachu, an Emolga, and a Zebstrika.

    All of them, heading loyally to The Chime.

    "Now I've got you! Finish them Rhyperior!"

    The Ground type balled itself up and began its rolling charge. Cay looked at the stick in her hand and the wind chime and cursed quietly at my existence, until a green blur bolted across the ground. It flicked its long tail, and the Rhyperior soared over the party of humans and crashed to the ground.

    "Vin?" Cay asked, surprised. The Surperior nodded quickly and then dove to circle the group protectively.

    The Rhyperior was crawling up onto its hands and feet to attack again, when a water missile of an Aqua Jet shattered its way through the trees and into the Rhyperior. A primordial shriek drew everyone's attention when a leathery creature dove at Abbott and Costello, all fangs and claws.

    Abbott cracked open another Pokéball, a big Drapion caught the Aerodactyl's plummet and flung it, but the assembled flight of Sigilyph behind began blasting the great monster with Air Cutters, flanked by a powerful flamethrower attack. Abbott's only useable Houndoom opened its mouth and let out a massive flame, but it struck into a several ton ball of granite that bowled through the trees, turned, and just kept on rolling.

    "Are these your Pokémon, Ms Cay? They look scary."

    "No." She said, shedding tears of joy. "They're Glover's. You remember him; he had you sing Happy Birthday to me."

    Very quickly, Abbott dove off to the side between two thick trees, avoiding the peril, but found himself outnumbered by angry Pokémon. In the confusion, he turned to leave, and found something cold, round, and steel like pressed against the back of his head.

    And it clicked, as the hammer cocked back.

    "No no, don't move."

    "How are you awake so soon?"

    "Please, it's called playing dead. I've been gassed by worse than a Breloom."

    "You wouldn't shoot me in front of the kids now..."

    "I'd think about it. They can’t see the barrel, it’s a small caliber, so it’ll most likely bury itself in your head and make you suffer for quite some time."

    And then, before Jovi could shove her shoulder angel out of the way of the trigger, a Gallade teleported in front of him. In one arm, it held a Gardevoir in a torn dress against it, sore but awake from being attacked by a Houndoom. It took its free hand though, and sucker punched Abbott in the gut, then more lightly did Costello, who hadn't actually harmed anyone but at this point, the Gallade was just extremely angry and Costello was guilty by association.

    The Police constable was along shortly after. He rode up on one of the Ranch jeeps to arrest them on guidance of a Lab aide. The assembled Pokémon all dispersed with the same elegance as a gentleman's club meeting and went back to their retirement, slowly, and in clusters of creatures who meant to catch up and hadn’t crossed paths, leaving the Blaziken and the Electivire to lead Cayna back to her own house on back of the property. The school brought out another bus to our driveway, since Cay had driven, and took everyone home.

    I arrived several hours later; Gizmo was dog tired and had hurried as best he could with some cartoonishly large jet engines.

    "Is everyone alright?" She was on the porch.

    "What do you think?" She snapped. "Where were you? You said you would make the world safe! That's not the world of Pokémon I wanted to introduce them too, Glover! You were supposed to make it safe! Now they were in the middle of it! My own Daughter is in the middle of this world! You were supposed to make it safe and it's not safe!" She stood up, fell into my arms, sobbing and pounding my chest, pounding out her anger.

    I let her cry. Through the sobs, I made out that Guin had been hurt, that a few kids may have pulled muscles, and I knew they were terrified, probably petrified. After a while, we went back to the porch swing. There was nothing to say; nothing I could say. She was right. I fell for a red herring, and something happened here. So I did the only thing I could do:

    I let her cry.

    To the Reader: Two quicky notes, in hopes I can squash two comments. Yes, I know "Talking Pokemon" are cliche' and somewhat awkward outside of PMD stories. Yes, I do have a motive, no I could not find a logical place to put a motive or explanation for it into this chapter. From the looks of things, Guin & 'Grim won't be making a serious re-appearence until No Witnesses, Pt 2, which will not be for sometime, look for it to be about when Janie gets to Goldenrod City.

    In that same vein, There is a motivation for Guinivere to be in a sundress. If you can make a guess as to why she's talking, then the sundres follows the same logic. I should be able to square that away in a much shorter time though, potentially between chapters 17-20. I'm not done with 16 yet, but that's my projected timeframe. In the meantime, I hoped you enjoyed the red-herring humor that si Lunchboxes and Sundresses.

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    Brilliant chapter. Abbot and Costello... Nice. It was also cool to see your more competitive team make an appearance.
    I've gotten into IV Breeding. I'll breed any Pokemon that can, just ask and I'll see what I can do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaziken10285 View Post
    Brilliant chapter. Abbot and Costello... Nice. It was also cool to see your more competitive team make an appearance.
    Thought you'd like that. And don't worry, they'll make another appearence, hopefully with more than a short paragraph's worth of "Trash the Rhyperior, Tussle a Drapion, break for Tea".


    World Turns CH15

    Flip back a chapter?

    "No Michael." I told him over the phone the next morning. "This was my screw up, but you're not coming back in."

    >'But Glover, the Orre region needs its protector.'

    "That doesn't default to you. You gave up being a twelve year old kid to save it once, now you're staying out in Sinnoh until you find J's crew and can confirm she's not using Cipher tech, and you’ll enjoy yourself."

    It was a ludicrous notion. But then, if he were smart enough to know that, then I'd feel more comfortable about his sanity and we wouldn't be in this mess. So until he tells me that much, until he stops jumping for everything Cipher, I was leaving him out there.

    Then again, I fell for it too...

    I hung up on him. The Police had roped off the hole that was plowed through our wall. I met Sherles and Crane there. Professor Lily was with Cayna and Jovi, and Guin and ‘Grim trying to console. School had been called off for the remainder of the week in light of the sudden and very close assault.

    And I didn’t know what Cayna needed, so I was here. Twelve years we’d been together, been through thick and thin. I evacuated her family from Hoenn when Maxie and Archie brought those monsters back from the Dawn of Time, she’d been there with me when we rescued the people of the Under, though we’d not met until then either, but never had she been on the brunt of all that’s wrong with the world, and I didn’t know what she needed.

    So I did what I knew to do, I worked. "How's that Beldum?" I asked Professor Crane.

    "Badly scarred, they did a number to it, nearly tore its foot off when they got through the barrier, and twisted it's head all the way around, but it'll pull through in time. No more guard duty for him though, Jovi’ll nurse him along, maybe in time get him evolved with another if we think he could withstand a fusing, might be the best way for things to heal, with an infusion of another Beldum."

    "What did they want, do we know?"

    "Something in the Purifying Chamber. What, I don't know. They couldn't get in. Told Jovi that they were running an errand for me."

    "Oh dear, I think I can guess."

    "What remains of our Shadow Pokémon research? Why would they want that, Glover?"

    "I don't know. Maybe Cipher is as wiped out as we thought, and wanted to fast track their recovery."

    "Or," Sherles jumped into the conversation, a bit hesitant on his idea. "Someone else wants in on the Gene game."

    I gulped hard. I didn't want to think about that one, one Cipher was enough, to be dealing with a copycat was scarier.

    Crane changed the subject, studying the damage they’d caused to the lab. "I thought we had these walls proofed Glover."

    "We did Professor Crane, as best we could. Incapable of being possessed by a Rotom without the Beldum, and even then a tricky thing to do. Un-hackable by a Porygon evolution, and resilient to nearly anything, but everything is going to fail at some point. What did they end up using Sherles, did you say?"

    "A Rhyperior, Glover. And from the looks of it, they pounded the wall with Giga Impacts and shot Stone Edges at them, then used Rollout to get through."


    "Probably from its days as a Rhyhorn."

    "Ah. See? As far as I’m concerned, Crane, those blast barriers did exactly what we wanted them to do. Yeah, it would have been nice if we’d captured the crooks, but they slowed them down long enough that people could evacuate to safer locations. And Rhyperior are not natural evolutions, they’re genetic “superhero” evolutions that only occur in extreme locations. The Protectors are simply an artificial way to trigger the proc- Crane, you’re a genius!"

    “I am?”

    “That Rhyperior must have been evolved somehow. Protectors are rare and expensive objects not easily manufactured. If I can get through the league, I might be able to track that one down. And we can find our crooks!”

    For once, Janie wasn't up before the sun. She'd been out late with her pops and slept in until 7:30 in the morning. She had breakfast at the Pokémon Center, was about ready to hit the road and get herself caught up.

    “You’re not staying in town then?”

    “Probably not Nurse Joy. I got what I came for, and there’s more to see. We’re topped off on supplies, I can’t think of anything else.”

    “Oh. Well, alright. I’ll get your Egg packed away then for you. It looks healthy enough, but it’s up to it when it wants to hatch. I’d say you’ve got a while though, I’m afraid.”

    Janie pouted for a brief second, then shrugged it off. “Very well, whenever he or she is ready to come out.”

    “That’s the right attitude. I’ll be right back then.”

    Chansey was the one to bring it back though, or more rightly, one of the Chansey. Janie took it appreciatively, and started out, pushing past Tommy who was still at his tirade, but demoted to pointing and mad fist waving as his voice gave out last night on him.

    She made it out the door and down the street before Tally veered off to look into a pond. Janie huffed and blew on her bangs. “You silly pup, get over here! We’re off to Azelea, remember?

    The Herdier though, despite deathly hating water, baths, and being wet, was fascinated by something under the surface though. Soon, a mid twenties robed man came across a wooden bridge and leaned over to the Herdier.

    “Some people don’t understand the finer things in simplicity, do they?”

    Tally looked up, smiled, and gave the man a combination look of “You’re right” and “Who are you?” Janie gave the man much the same look.

    “Forgive my intrusion, I’m Seymour, an apprentice from Sprout Tower. Did I hear right, you’re just on your way through?”

    “Why does everyone think that odd?”

    “No reason, I just had you pegged for a new trainer is all, and usually new trainers go to Sprout Tower, or train obsessively in town.”

    “They’re Bellsprout, right? I didn’t see any point in grind training on the little weeds, we’ve got plenty of wild forest between here and Uniontown”

    “Well, yes. But surely you aren’t doubting the abilities of a Bellsprout, are you?”

    “Well, no offense, but I’ve got a Herider with Fire Fang and we’re working on Ice Fang, a Beedrill and last I checked Bug trumps Grass, and a Castform with all kinds of weather related pain. Where’s the sport?”

    “An intriguing lineup. I tell you what then, how about I ask for a battle?”

    “To change my mind?”

    “Perhaps, but I’m an apprentice, and my Sprout Audrey and I need to learn and diversify. Any of your Pokémon would be an intriguing experience, and your confidence is impressive.”

    “Well, I do owe Tiny a battle. How are Beedrill a new experience for you though?” She set the egg container down on the ground beside her ad motioned over her shoulder for the Beedrill.

    “We’re set up near a flying gym. Bug types aren’t real high on the training list.”

    “Ah, well alright then. I warn you though, my Beedrill’s a real spitfire.”

    Spitfire? She knows the word Spitfire? Why then in all things holy am I being called Tiny? Now Spitfire, THAT’s a name. I could go with that. ‘Spitfire, the Beedril’. But why must she insist on calling me Tiny?” The Beedrill fumed.

    Seymour stepped aside and guided a dopey looking Bellsprout, far from its namesake, forward to battle. “We’ll allow you first move, Janie.”

    “Sounds like a plan then. Tiny, let’s warm up with a Poison Jab.”

    “Poison Jab? Let’s warm up with a better nickname perhaps, but we can do Poison Jab. Watch this Bellsprout wilt!”

    He took one glowing pointed limb and drilled it towards the Bellsprout with blindging speed and precision.

    And he missed. The Bellsprout’s body was very quickly just to the left of his needle. So he pulled his punch and thrust forward again with the other arm.

    And he missed, again.

    So he calmly pulled his punch back. The Bellsprout danced happily in place as its hapless foe meditated, waiting. Then, all at once, the Beedrill let out a fury of Poison Jabs, thrusting and pulling several dozen times, each time not hitting the plant that was six inches away from him.

    Beedrill panted, flustered and tired. The Bellsprout continued to dance happily, then of its own accord remembered it was in a Pokémon battle and spat a bit of Acid on the Beedrill. It ran down his face, onto his shoulders. He took one still glowing needle and wiped it off, flinging the weak poison attack off and flicking it violently on the ground.

    And then he snapped. More rightly, he held his pointy hand tips up to his head height, through his head back, and cackled as best a Beedrill could. Audrey looked at him as one might a crazy person, and when Tiny met his eyes, it was with murderous intent.

    Again and again he thrust madly, this time also flapping and rubbing his wings together at an extremely rapid pace, starting a quiet vibration and creshendoing it to a full on Summer evening onslaught of buzzing. The Bellsprout reached up with its leafy hands and covered the sides of its head, trying to filter out the noise, but the Buzzing continued, ringing in it’s bell shaped head and wearing away at its leafy soul as the Beedrill jabbed over and over at its weak body. Helpless, trapped, and with a psychotic bug type in its face, the Bellsprout began to cry little acid tears, but it only seemed to fuel the Beedrill’s fury.

    And then the Beedrill disappeared. Audrey waited until after the sudden light vanished before slowly peering over his leafy hands, the buzzing still loud in his head.

    “I think we’ve had about enough of that, alright Tiny?”

    “Hmm. It would seem there’s still much for us to learn about range attacks. Evasion isn’t everything I guess.”

    “I disagree, if you can avoid being hit, so much the better. That’s what I learned with Dad, anyway. But sound moves can be hard to dodge like that.”

    “Quite right. When Audrey and I get better, perhaps then we’ll learn to attack and prevent you from doing so. Even still, the Sages are much stronger than I. I think it would be worth your time to battle them.”

    “Maybe, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. Some other time, maybe. Thanks for the match though, and sorry Tiny went overboard.”

    “Not at all, I learned a good deal. Best of luck in your travels.”

    The girls hadn’t actually gone anywhere, no one had the strength to do so. Lily hadn’t been in the building yesterday work had called her to Unova, though she was usually at the field trips. Instead, they all sat on the couch, flipping through channels.

    “I still don’t really like my daughter carrying a firearm.” Lily finally sighed after several hours of barely interrupted silence.

    “I don’t! I wish she’d pulled the damn trigger and splattered him across the back of his eyes!”

    “Mi-lady,” Gotegrim interrupted bringing a bit of clarity to his trainer/partner/comrade. Cayna looked into the eyes of her Gallade, and thought for a moment.

    “No, you’re right I suppose, I suppose I don’t. ”

    Jovi however, didn’t say anything, being somewhat distrusting of herself. She didn’t quite know who she was at that point, her only recollection being pieced together and put forward to her in a third person. Her actions had been automatic, and instinctual. The pistol she carried had been for protection in the depths of the ranch, if and in case some of the Pokémon were to have gone rabid, or possessed by disease. Never in a million years did she think she’d find herself backed into a corner; that she would actually pull it and try to put it to use.

    And it scared her.

    On to Chapter 16
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    Wow Janie needs to learn how to comunicate with her Pokemon better. Great chapter Glover I love how your story flows and that's a big factor when I looking to read a story. Keep up the good work I didn't see any errors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wartiger97 View Post
    Wow Janie needs to learn how to comunicate with her Pokemon better. Great chapter Glover I love how your story flows and that's a big factor when I looking to read a story. Keep up the good work I didn't see any errors.
    Agreed, although there's a few things working against her. Numero uno "Tiny" has only been hers for a few weeks by this point. She's lived with Tally for five years if anyone else is reading this and has read Tempest, but I try to imply that Tally's been a family pet for a while. You won't see her doing the kind of telpathic links that Becca and Cole do with theirs, I'm just not into that, unless she ends up with a Pokemon that has rom in its bio for such things. Drsgons, for example in the lore are said to be highly intelligent, and there are always Psychic types, although even the I'm partially tempted to retcon a few of Sunbeam's thoughts from Tempest, namely that Glover was able to hear them. The more I think about it, the more I think that not all Psychics need to be, well, psychic. But we'll see how that plays out, shall we?
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    This Chapter Brought to You by the Letter M for Miserable

    Flip back to Chapter 15?

    "On the road again..." Janie sang to herself. She was south of Violet City now, it was lunch time, and a sign pointing towards the Ruins of Alph was beckoning her in. She kinda wanted to keep going, but briefly her mind wandered to the magnetic Unown we used to keep on the fridge, the ones she learned to spell with, "just like the ancients did". So so her Dad told her.

    Maybe the Journey could wait a little while, so she pushed through the visitor's center, Tally and Castform following behind her.

    The Ruins were empty. Not much to see, mind you, but Janie was expecting to find glory seekers hoping to catch an Unown sighting. Instead, nothing. She poked her head into the first chamber, and lit her flashlight. They'd put velvet ropes up with signs that said

    "No touching!"

    to protect the ancient walls. Text and hieroglyphs lined three of them, soaring high into the air on twelve foot walls. Much of the text was hard to read, some of the words strange. Though the Universal language Quertesian had evolved from the Unown ruins, not all of the words or tenses did or made the change through the years. On top of that, the story didn't seem to follow a regular pattern of around the room, instead it went in panels undefined, so she gave up reading and went back to looking.

    The ceiling was painted in a strange purle haze with many silver specks, although the ancient paint was fading and chipping from moisture and earthquakes. In truth, it reminded her something of the pictures of a nebula, and she wondered how the ancients knew what those were.

    Tally barked at something. Briefly, Janie thought she saw a shadow where Tally was hunched down, growling. In front of the Herdier was a blank spot on the wall, with only a single word carved into it.


    "Huh. Wonder what that means. Maybe someone was making a warning?"

    Seeing what was there, which wasn’t much, Janie left and went South towards the Research Lab dome, went past it, then crossed a pond over a rope bridge where her first encounter with Alph humanity was made.

    A Scientist was working at a stone sphere with an odd laser setup, and hadn't heard her coming, hence he jumped about twelve feet when she asked what he was doing.

    "What I'm doing? What are you doing? The Ruins are closed, today. What do you want? We’re busy, shoo!"

    "I'm just curious about the ruins is all."

    "Well, when you come back, you can be all the curious you want. And you can learn about this thingy when we do."

    "Oh. Alright." She told him. "How about I just watch you do, whatever it is."

    "You have no respect for science Missy, do you? Why I happen to be the lead researcher on this recently unearthed Stone Pokéball."

    "Stone Pokéball?"

    "Yep. And I can't wait to find out what could possibly be inside, just as soon as we open it."

    He adjusted thick framed glasses and picked up his fancy laser pointer.

    "Are you sure that's wise?"

    "Of course, you silly girl! It says O, then there's a P, and an N, with something before the N, probably an E."

    "Well, yes, but don't I see a D? Then something, and an N, a round dent and then a cross, maybe a T? Surely it says "Do Not Open" on it."

    "That's dumb. You'd be the worst scientist out there. Why would the Ancients leave us an old stone Pokéball they don't want us to open?"

    "Pandora's Box?"

    The scientist looked at her with disgust. "That's myth and you know it. Now go on, scoot. Get out of here. Skram!" And he pushed her all the way back to the rope bridge. Janie made a note to either be as far away from here or be ready to help evacuate to herself, then stopped off at the snack bar in the Visitor's Center.

    "What's going to happen to me?"

    No one had gotten much sleep. I'd taken the couch, but Cayna wouldn't sleep on the bed, so we ended up slumped against each other in the living room talking and holding each other. I suppose it wouldn't be right to say she'd never seen trouble before; after all, we met when we were evacuating the Under, and four years ago her brother-in-law disappeared, though we'd still managed to not tell her exactly what we think happened, that he was most likely disintegrated under the full wrath of a Rayquaza and its Hyper Beam, but trouble had never stared her in the face before. Not like this.

    And just when she'd gotten to sleep, I had to go to the Lab and assist in guarding the giant hole in the wall, which is when Jovi had approached me with her question.

    "Whatever do you mean?"

    "I've heard them talk, Glover. My own Mother told me she didn't want me having a gun. Now Professor Crane looks at me like he's scared of me, and Sherles keeps asking questions. Am I in trouble? Did I really go too far?"

    "Oh, Jovi. Heavens no. Why would anything happen to you?"

    "I... I pulled a gun on him! I tried to kill him Glover! He was defenseless, his Pokémon occupied or fainted, and I almost killed him!" She fell into me and started to cry.

    This wasn't Jovi at all. This wasn't the strong girl, the confident, headstrong girl that gave people pause, that had grown up as Janie's "Big Sister", that was always in some kind of mostly harmless mischief because she could. I found us a bench outside, leaving Dreadnaught to manning the outer wall to sit and console this new girl, this endless fountain of tears.

    She sniffled for a moment against me.

    "There there. Everything's fine, you'll be fine. What's really bothering you then?"

    Teary eyes looked up. "I've known you well enough to know you're too independent to care."

    "I... I just..."

    "Take your time."

    "Well... It's... I remember... No..." Jovi stopped and took a deep breath. "I don't remember actually doing anything. It's like I'm watching myself... I almost killed a man and I wasn't in control and..." She sniveled a bit before admitting "it scares the crap outta me." before she cried again into my dark blue duster.

    onwards to Chapter 17!
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    Great chapter I didn't see any errors. That scientist is an idiot why would a anchient Pokeball say "open"if it was a thing meant to be opened it would be blank meaning its just another regular Pokemon, but no he doesn't care as long as he gets famous from the discovery. Isn't his type the ones who die first in all the movies? Wow Jovi's kinda creeping me out with the " I almost killed a man and I didn't care, but I couldn't stop myself it was like I was just watching me do it I had no control" stuff, but I would have most likely done something similar except I would have asked my Scyther to maim him. First he tried to break into a building with dangerous technology from a past evil group that almost succeeded in taking over the world, then he threatend innocent children. The latter would be the icing on the you just officially pi$$ed me off cake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wartiger97 View Post
    Great chapter I didn't see any errors. That scientist is an idiot why would a anchient Pokeball say "open"if it was a thing meant to be opened it would be blank meaning its just another regular Pokemon, but no he doesn't care as long as he gets famous from the discovery. Isn't his type the ones who die first in all the movies?
    You learn quickly... Yo've not heard the last of the Ruins of Alph...
    Wow Jovi's kinda creeping me out with the " I almost killed a man and I didn't care, but I couldn't stop myself it was like I was just watching me do it I had no control" stuff, but I would have most likely done something similar except I would have asked my Scyther to maim him. First he tried to break into a building with dangerous technology from a past evil group that almost succeeded in taking over the world, then he threatend innocent children. The latter would be the icing on the you just officially pi$$ed me off cake.
    Hopefully I'm not overdoing it too much. That, actually gives me an idea for how to cap this off.

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    Ok that makes more sense because I thought you were going to make her possesed by something... Then again I guess it wouldn't bother me as much considering the circumstances then again I've been taught to do whatever I have to do to defend me, my family, and friends with nothing more and nothing less.
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    Current Events
    WT Chapter 17

    flip back to Chapter 16?

    Janie was making good time getting south. Outside was a man climbing down from a rocky perch. He'd been exploring, and like her, had been chased unceremoniously out of The Ruins. He'd been impressed with Tally, and after confessing that he gave copies out to a lot of trainers in his time, offered Janie the Technical Machine 5 on Roar.

    "We're working on the Fang moves right now." She told him, palming a small keychain sized electronic device . "Tally's smart enough, but I'd hate to dump too much on her right now."

    "Very well, there's no hurry. The machine is reusable, so long as you take care of it, you can use it again later."

    “Well in that case then, thanks! I’ll be sure to take good care of it!”

    The two then parted ways. Janie found herself studying the little box. A postage stamp sized screen hosted a how-two manual, with play, pause, and skip buttons for the video. It reminded her of her old Pokewalker from when she was younger in size and basic shape, and she figured the electronics were about as cheap and sensitive to dropping, sunlight, and the occasional bad luck. Not possessing a case for it, she carefully wrapped it in a bandanna and placed it in the top of her bag.

    Later that evening, she met a kid named Albert. He was on his way north from his hometown to battle Falkner. Tally made quick work out of his Ratatta, but the Zubat was able to avoid all of the Herdier's attacks, forcing her Beedrill to match the bat Pokémon.

    And it wasn't too long after that, that Janie decided to set up camp.

    By now, Janie had her team fairly well trained in the art of camping. Castform and Beedrill went looking for smaller sticks for kindling. Tally dug a nice pit hole, and Janie set up the tent. It was a fairly large, wire frame folding tent. One of those that was easy to set up, one just took it out of its sleeve, pulled the layers apart, then jumped back quickly to avoid being smacked in the head by a pop-up tent, as Janie had already done twice in Johto, and the whole thing snapped into place. A quick hammering job to spike it down, and one was all set. Folding the tent was a much more difficult manner, but the trade-off was having a near instant shelter in fast moving rain storms.

    Afterwards, Janie went back out for larger sticks that couldn't be carried by her smaller Pokemon, and would then prepare dinner of some kind for the threesome.

    This, would be where we rejoin the story then, when a girl just a year younger than Janie stumbled past her camp in a fret.

    "Oh, oh dear, me." She fretted, and then spotted the glow of Janie's fire. "Hello in the tent?" she called, hopefully.

    "Hello there!" Janie responded, getting up and stepping around the tent. May I help you?"

    "Bless you, yes! May I join you?"

    "Of course you may. Please, I was just warming up some soup. Please have some."

    This new acquaintance, sporting a slightly tattered old Girl Scout uniform stepped around the back of the tent and sat down on a small rock clutching a small, blue rodent asleep in her arms. "You're a total lifesaver. I'm Liz."

    "Janie." our heroine replied. She couldn't hlep but look down to make eye contact, between Janie being two years older, and a bit n the tall side, and Liz being equally smaller, it certainly made fo an interesting greeting. "What's got you worried?"

    "Well, I seem to have lost my camp. I was out for a weekend trip, a "picnic" trip of sorts with Nidy.” Liz We were out by the cliff edges and lost track of time. We only just made it to the top of the cliffs and back to the route before Sunset, and we have terrible night vision."

    "Lucky you found us then or you would have been out in the cold all night."

    "Lucky me is right, but I hate to drag you out to find my camp at this hour, would you mind if I curled up by your fire?"

    "Don't worry about that, I've got my sleeping bag it’s clear out, and I do have a Castform if we need to ward off any summer showers. I'll sleep outside tonight then. You can have the tent, be more comfortable than the ground and it’ll give you some privacy."

    "I don't want to put you out though."

    "Nonsense. I'd love the extra company. "


    "Of course, it’s just my Pokémon and I on the road. I’d love to have someone to talk to whose first words aren’t ‘Battle me!’. Here, have something to eat."

    Liz blew on her soup. "Thank you. This means a lot."

    Justy arrived that evening to the lab. "Here we are, Glover. These are my prized pupils I was telling you about. The future stars of the Orre region."

    The young trainers stood proudly in their ace trainer red and white dress shirts, andpants or skirts.

    "A bit too formal, don't cha think?"

    "You said you were looking for trainers who could battle and earn the respect of the colosseums and towns."

    "Well, yes, but this is supposed to be for fun, not a boot camp."

    One of them smirked a bit, Justy apparently hadn't heard of their little after hours parties. "Fun, huh?" he thought to himself.

    "Very well." I decided. "We'll get you rooms then. Thanks for volunteering to help with the lab guard."

    "Of course." One of the girls said, adjusting her green hair out of her eyes quickly.

    Another of the guys asked "When do they expect to get it all fixed?"

    "We've got a team with Conkeldur and Machoke working, they've got the structural wall repaired but we don't think we'll get the new plating until the day after tomorrow at best."

    "Justy said a week, so I guess he's right then."

    "Sadly, yes. It would look to be about that long.”I agreed. “I hate seeing this place practically defenseless."

    "But it won't be now that you have us." One of the pupils asserted. Justy just smiled.

    "I'll take first watch and head home tomorrow, give you guys the chance to settle in, okay?" The Phenac Gym Leader told them.

    "Yes Teacher."

    "Very well. Don't worry about anything, Glover. You're in safe hands now."

    "I appreciate that, Justy, but believe you me, there's still a lot to worry about."

    "Milord, Our forward agents have indeed been captured."

    "I figured as much. Do they suspect Cipher behind this?"

    "It would appear they are not sold on that notion, however there does seem to be enough suspicion that we could work with, on your command."

    "Hmm. We shall have to think on our next move. If Ardos will not sell me the Pokémon I desire, then we shall have that data, some way or another."

    Cinnabar Island. Once, a bustling seport, a restful stop for trainers and merchant vessels alike. Now, all that remains is a Pokemon Center servicing outlying islands, and a few camps. Some were archeologists, some looters, a few trying vainly to find their old homes, some looking to rebuild. The vast majority of them, were not cleared to be here. Much of Cinnabar has relocated to the Seafoam Islands, living delicately around Seafoam's status as protected wilderness.

    Thus, no one was around to pay any attention to a large ship that docked to the island in the night. They gave no concern to its mighty crane arm, the swiveling bridge, or the three large pods that it set off. Automated corridors stretched between the carefully placed containers, and a shady looking excavation team moved about inside the instant buildings. They were there for a week; the ship had droppd them off on its way by and would come back for them when their work was done.

    The work crews started on top of the old mansion and labs, digging with a careful haste. They were looking for one room, one item, one glass vial with a glowing, twisted strand.

    "AH HA!" One scientist finally exclaimed. "The Berserk Gene at last is back in our hands!"

    "Very good. I'll radio Madame Chief and alert her. The rest of you, evacuate out of here and mask what we were looking for."

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