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    Default Derrick's Story, a black nuzlocke

    A country boy, Derrick Blakeson (age 15), and his friends start their own journeys, for their own reasons.

    Derrick is using this as an excuse to try to find his 'missing' father, who disappeared way back when he was a toddler. This excuse, though, is one that requires entry into the Unovan League to have access to their searchin' resources. Therefore, he has to get all the badges.

    Bianca "Belle" Lauray is going on her journey to prove to her sexist, drunkee of a father that she can make it in the world. She isn't necessarily needing to beat the league to prove, but rather get the badges.

    Cheren "Rinnard" Rinlin is going to make his mother, a previous champion of the country proud. He is aiming for the league.

    But not all follows accordingly for them, when a mysterious, shadowy being force them into his challenge of death, and an eco-terrorist group are thrown into their ways.
    The art gets better after the first three parts, to the point ya barely recognize it's mine, story-wise also.


    Basic rules, minus a small clause on gift and wild pokemon being counted as different catches, as this was a first attempted run.

    Easy to read Smackjeeves mirror: Smackjeeves
    Table of contents:
        Spoiler:- Chapter One-Highway 20 Ride:
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