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Thread: The Shadow Lugia's Cave of Wonders

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    Default Cosmic's Pokemon Mall!

    Hello folks. I'm pretty sure you're here to gape at the awesome shinies and events that are about to make their way back into this shop. Some will be the old familiar ones you're used to seeing, as well as quite a lot of new Shinies and Events that will be displayed in here for all to see!

    Of course, you're going to notice more changes that will make this version of my shop better than the last one, like more sections, and a more complete inventory.

    Shop Status: Closed

    ================================================== ========

        Spoiler:- Rules:

        Spoiler:- My Official Trophy Case!:

    Table of Contents will be going up soon...

        Spoiler:- A few need-to-know notes about my shop (clicky clicky!):

        Spoiler:- My Official List of Awesome People:
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