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Kyurem in B/W2 is a bit difficult since there is some random PID advancements in its cave (this is not the case in B/W though). If you get the right IVs but wrong nature and it isn't shiny, then that is the problem here. You will have to check your shifted starting frame first, and when you know it, you need to do the right amount of advancements the next time you try. If you instead are getting the wrong IVs, then you have just hit the wrong Timer0 which is very common but has no real solution other than trying again.
Ah, I see, I wasn't accounting for that, as for the timer0, I was hitting somewhere between 1104-1108 though this is the likely case because I wasn't accounting for that advancement, however I think I did hit the frame I wanted twice as I got a jolly kyurem that often scatters things twice, but due to not realizing that PID advancement I wouldn't have been able to correctly reproduce that frame again which is why I got what I did after those multiple tries.