Just a little background on my characters Joshua Morgan and Mica Rae Sanders from my story Black City.

It's just some cutesy little love thing I did for
a.) My actual monthsary with my girlfriend and
b.) Get my writing juices flowing again. haha.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Rating: PG, just because of its love theme.
Point of View: First Person.
Summary: Just a loveletter to a person who's not always there.
Chapters: Oneshot.


Dear you,

It’s been too long.

Too long since I’ve seen your face. Too long since I’ve heard your voice. Since I’ve held your hand. Heck, since I’ve touched you at all.

Two years. You left me five months after we got together, to explore the world, to see everything. To live. To get away from the prison that many called Canalave City.

And I still miss you. We talk every now and then, but you won’t come visit me here in Johto. You’re having fun in Hoenn right now, if I’m remembering our last conversation properly. I think you wanted to do the contests right now. And take pictures of the sights in Hoenn.

Such a free spirit, you are. And I miss the feeling I’d get when I was in the presence of that spirit. It was like the world had stopped and it was you and me.

Back when I was fifteen, at least. I’m seventeen now, making you sixteen. I wonder how I’d feel around you now. Judging from our conversations every few months when you’re not too busy and you have signal overseas, I’m screwed.

I fall head over heels for you every time you call. Which puts a big stopper in my ideas of finding a nice girl nearer to me to date. Not that I mind. I like you. Being yours. You being mine. The whole shizazz.

But we need to see each other soon. I finished three regions already. Johto, Kanto, and Sinnoh. Sure, it was nice talking to you over Pokegear when you were in the same region as me, but you only stay a bit longer before moving on. But I need to see you. It’s been too long.

Ok, rewind. Why am I writing to you. That’s my focus. Why am I writing you.

Why do you think I’m writing you, silly? Remember when I asked you what city you were going to be in next Wednesday via text? Well, next Wednesday is the 17th. Happy two years! I miss you terribly. But I’m still capable of doing this. I can still take it. I still want to.

Thank you, for everything. I like the little surprises you leave me when I get to the cities. That time when you left me a whole set of the different Pokeballs in Hearthome City was my favorite. I still haven’t finished them all off. Hahaha..

It’s funny, don’t you think? We end up in the same region for a few months, but we haven’t seen each other in person for two years. We really should. It’d be nice if we did, don’t you think? I love talking to you, but phone is different from actually seeing you. We should figure something out.

Do you have any Pokemon yet? You’ve gone through three regions already, and you’re on your fourth. You need to catch some Pokemon! There’s a Pokeball attached to this letter, a Loveball. Use it to catch yourself a nice Pokemon. I can’t be there to protect you, so I might as well provide the instrument to your protection.

Man… Two years. And, despite the difficulty of this relationship, I’m not tired. I’m just as happy in this relationship as I was two years ago when you were still pulling me out of that shell I was stuck in.

You remember still, don’t you? It was the summer of my 13th year of living that you came into my life. I was walking by the lake, and you were bored. So you came up to me and said hi. And enslaved me.

Then, over the course of two years, you and me became best friends. Did everything together. We’d lay under the stars and dream. I dreamt of small things.

Making good music. Meeting a nice girl that would be happy to be mine. Owning a small bakery shop, or a coffee shop, and playing music there. Having something nice to boast about myself.

And you dreamt the big things.

Travel the world. See the races in Alto Mare. Take place in Pokemon Contests. Try those famous Casteliacones in Unova. Things like that.

I remember your biggest dream though; find your true love.

Sappy as it may be, I like to think of myself as that. Think about it, two years together and we’re both still very much in love. And you’re still my best friend. How can it not be true?

I remember it was that night that I realized how much I cared about you. And I decided that I wanted to be as good for you as possible. Of course, I hid my feelings from you for a long time. It was after you broke up with your third boyfriend since meeting me that you started to realize that we had something special. I of course realized it early on. April 16th, to be exact. The same year that we met. Haha.

And then you took me out of the shell. I was a sheltered little boy. With two older sisters, one a successful Pokemon trainer and one in college, I was to take over the family business.

Sailing. My sailor dad. The hardass that he was. And my mom just wanted a stable life. My dad’s life was stable, so it was a good choice.

I didn’t have a say in my life, and you helped me speak for myself. You’re the reason I became a Pokemon trainer. Your stories of travels enchanted me. The idea that I could be my own person intrigued me.

But most of all, the thought of traveling with you was what sold me. I decided that I was going to travel around the world with you. To protect you.

Then we got together. We spent five months together, and I forgot about trying to get away from Canalave. You didn’t.

I remember the day you left clearly. It hurt a bit, I admit, but I understood. It was a long time coming. We snuck out and slept under the stars. And you left me. Left me with a note on my chest, saying that you were leaving. That night. To travel.

Again, it hurt. But I understood. And I made plans to become a trainer. And I left. My parents eventually understood my decision, but that’s a different story.

Funny. We didn’t get to travel together. But it’s ok. Maybe someday.

I really miss you. I try not to count the miles, and count the I love you’s instead, but it gets hard. Especially since we don’t talk as much as we used to. Freakin time differences. Freakin overseas calling. Why is it so expensive?

Ugh. But anyways. I just wanted to send you something nice. Two year anniversary. Why wouldn’t I want to do something nice?

You take care, Mica Rae Sanders. You were always a bit impulsive, and even more oblivious to the things around you. Too much sunshine in your head. Not a bad thing, but it has its downsides. Like I said, be careful. Be safe.

And stay mine, ok? I miss you. I love you.

Happy all these months.

Always yours,
Joshua Morgan