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Thread: Training for my Mightyena!

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    Hey hello trainer how are you doing today good? With me is great and good today trainers. I'm going to research about Mightyena, because I need to know more about him and I train him on Pokémon diamond version game. I have a level 100 Hoenn team, but the pokémon Absol is weak on my team so I need to replace him for another pokémon and I'm training my Mightyena. If he get onto my team. I'll see at the results what the final results is and I think that I came with the positive results that he can het onto my team when he is at level 100. Then can he make a perfect balance on my ultimate level 100 Hoenn pokémon dear trainers. Because I know that he'll become the perfect dark element and balance on my pokémon team of "Ultimate 100 balanced" please wish me luck. I have found some moves for my Mightyena that I can try out for some power test, the moves are this Assurance is the powerful attack at couter attacking (it's better when the user attacked first, before the effect must working of double amount of damage), Bite (maybe), Payback (this move is strong I know) and Round (must discover about the move do) I hope that you like those moves dear trainers. So and I finally have research some moves of dark element for my Mightyena and he will become to level 100 (he is at level 50 right now) what moves that I researched on dark elemental attacks, I shall naming and explain you why I take those move dear trainers. I will talk about my team, my team is at balanced but Absol break the perfect balance and that's why I don't have ultimate balanced team. That's why I'm training my Mightyena to level 100 (he is at level 50 currently right now) and the moves that I let him learn is Assurance (this attack is stronger when the user is attacked and then counters it with 2 times more damage. Just counter attack) and Sucker punch (this attack gives more and more damage each turn that the attack is on use, but will reseted when user on sleep or frozen). I have researched my first strategy named "Ground shadow" of my Mightyena (future for level 100) and I wanna try it and research about that status and moveset strategy that I find out of these moves dear trainers and the moveset are Assurance (Counter attack, better effect after user attacked the effect will work with double damage amount), Sucker punch (every turn get stronger). Shadowball (lowers opponent's special defence power) and Dig (digging the grount then attack, watch out for the Earthquake) dear trainers. Perfect research about my Mightyena for train him and for his dark movesets to research isn't?

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    I think the first thing I need to say is to use paragraphing. What you just wrote is very hard to read and as such I honesty cannot tell what is the point of this thread (are you just talking about Mightyena? Asking for advice?)

    As such, going to close as the purpose of the thread is very unclear. If it is one of the above a discussion of Mightyena is rather narrow as-is (especially in a 4th gen thread...) and if it is a request for advice there's Help/Question sticky threads in say DPPt/HGSS sections to use instead.

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