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Thread: DragonMaster26's Freaking Awesome Trade Shop

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    Default DragonMaster26's Freaking Awesome Trade Shop

    Welcome to this humble collection trade shop of mine!. I have been collecting Event's, Dw Pokemon, Shinie's, and Rare pokes for a while now and decide to open a trade shop to offer them to fellow trainer's and to expand my collection at the same time.

    Shop Status-Open!!!

    But first here are the rules

    1. All Sppf rules apply here
    2. No hacks whatsoever, if you
    trade me a hack i will not do a tradeback as you could have cloned it by then, rather Ill choose a Pokemon of my choice.
    3. the above will apply to me also if you can provide sufficient proof.
    4. No Spamming, or Double posting, use the edit button.
    5. No Pm's about offer's, Post here first, then Vm me if you wish, informing me that you made an offer.
    6. Cloning and Rng are fine here, as i clone, dont like it? Leave.
    7. Have fun!!!

    Visit Froggy's Trade Shop to get Awesome DW Pokemon!!


        Spoiler:- Naughty People:


    ---> Giveaway has ended, Shiny Flawless Category has won so click on the spoiler below to see the eligible winner's, Thank's for voting!!

        Spoiler:- Winner's:

    Non-Eligible Voter's- Anyone on the Blacklist.

    Notice: Winner's will get the Pokemon that is displayed in the Pokecheck analysis, so before picking your prize click on the pokemon name to see it's detail's, What you see is what you are getting.

    Christmas Giveaway Elegible Pokemon Legality Analysis

        Spoiler:- Shiny Flawless:

    New Pokemon

    DW Lucario

    Korean Movie Event Zekrom + Reshiram (this cost 2-3 events each)

    Pokemon Center Event Shaymin

    Trophy Case

        Spoiler:- Trophy Case:

    Ratio System

    - My Shiny for a Shiny
    - My Shiny For 1 Event
    -My Flawless Shiny- your flawless shiny/ 2 shinies
    - My DW Event For 1 DW Event / 2 Shiny

    wants     Spoiler:- Must be UT:

    allright so here's what i can offer

    Korean Pokemon    Spoiler:- Korean Pkmn:

    Dw Pokemon     Spoiler:- Open Sesame:

    Shinies-    Spoiler:- boom shackalacka:

    German Pokemon    Spoiler:- German Pokemon:

    Egg Move Poke's     Spoiler:- Hatch Egg's!!:

    Flawless, Near-Flawless    Spoiler:- Appear!!:

    Event's     Spoiler:- Goodies:

    Services     Spoiler:- yeah thats right Services:

    and please no un-reasonable offer's

    credit to Kyogreblue3 for tha awesome banner, much better than Mew_

    Pending Trades-

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