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    Lord Zant

    Hi there! This is my first ever fanfic.
    So, this takes place after May had left Ash and Brock for Johto, so anything that happened after this in the anime might not be stated in this fic! This is mainly because I haven't watched the Diamond & Pearl series.. Yet, (A)

    Please, if you see any errors, anything at all, leave a comment/review about it.

    Oh yeah, this thing is also found at, here

    Summary: After 3 years, May is finally going to meet up with Ash again since she had left them, and this time, she is determined to win his heart. How can she do that when there's rivals, bad guys and the Pokémon Leauge? Ouchie ouch.

    Chapter 1: Preperations and Excitement

    "Ash! It's been too long! How've you been? I just wanted to tell you that I love you.."
    The 14 year old coordinator sighed to herself.

    "This is ridiculous.."

    She watched herself at the mirror. She hadn't really changed so much since she was 10. The only things that had changed was her having a change of clothes, she wanted to try something else than her usual outfit. She didn't really change much about her clothes though. Her red t-shirt was replaced with a very similar one, but this one was cut down a little bit to show some cleavage. She had put away her black shorts, but instead lengthened her white skirt just a little bit. She had also bought a new bandana. It was the same bandana, but with green color instead. Also, she had tied it in a different way, so that her hair was now laying down free on her back instead of being like two ponytails. Of course, she had also gotten just a little bit taller, and her body had also grown, although some body parts had grown to the size of a 16 year old girl. All of this, made her an eye-magnet everywhere she went. She blushed as thought of that.

    "Maybe I have changed.. But just a little bit!" she said, giggling. After that awkward moment, she once again sighed to herself.

    "I wonder if Ash has changed?"

    She didn't really know, they hadn't seen each other in 3 years, however they did have a few video-calls after May had left the group, but that only lasted for a month since Ash was too busy with training for his badges. She sighed to herself once more as she thought of the day she had left them. After she had given Ash numerous hints about her feelings to him without success, she decided to leave to the Johto region, alone. She was very doubtful about this, but made her decision when Ash didn't notice her hitting on him after they had split the ribbon they had won by getting the first place with a tie. Either that, or he didn't have any feelings for her.. At least not the kind of feelings she had for him. She sighed again, probably the 20th time this day alone, and picked up her newly bought backpack for her trip. It was the same model that Ash had, with the exception of being a bit larger, and different colors, mainly pink and purple. After a bit of searching through the surprisingly full bag, she had found what she was looking for;
    A pink case. It was a ribbon case, same size as the usual ones, and inside, lay her most precious item: A ribbon. Or, to be more precise, a half of a ribbon. It was the same half of a ribbon that she had split with Ash all those years ago. She squeezed it tightly with her hands and closed her eyes.

    "Oh Ash.. I've really missed you. I hope you've missed me, too.."

    "May! Have you finished packing your bag yet?"

    She jumped of surprise at the shouting voice.

    "Yes mom, I was just-"

    She didn't have time to finish her sentence as the door to her room was slowly opened. Soon enough, her mother, Caroline, was in the room. She looked awfully a lot like her daughter, but instead of having the same hairstyle as her daughter she had her hair curled in a zig-zag way. And since May had gotten taller, she was just half a head taller than her daughter.

    "Mum, you really scared me when you shouted!" May said, still a little bit irritated that she had interrupted her in her thoughts. Her mother raised an eyebrow.

    "Scare you? Honey, I was just wondering why you took so long. You didn't pack too much now did you?"

    "Um, no.. I just packed what I needed for my visit."

    Her mother nodded with a smile. She then noticed that her daughter was holding something.

    "May, what are you holding?"

    The teen girl looked at her hand, her eyes widened and she quickly hid it behind her back.

    "N-Nothing, I was just going through some old stuff, that's all."

    Her mother raised her other eyebrow, but her suspicious face then turned into i smirk. May shivered as she looked at her mother's face. It wasn't just a very unusual wide smile, it was evil.

    "What are you holding, dear?"

    "I, uh.." She tried to come up with something, she had to do it now, or else her mom would talk with her about boys. And that was, every time, a nightmare.

    "My toothbrush!"

    Her mother's smile went even wider, she wondered how it was possible to have such a wide smile.

    "Going through your old toothbrushes?"


    The teeth on her mother were now visible, and May backed away from the right now crazy woman.

    "Can I see it?"

    "What? No way!"

    "Why not? I think I lost mine."

    "You have like 5 or more in the toilet!"

    "But not an old one!" her mother whined.

    "What, you want to brush your teeth with 4 year old toothbrushes?!"

    "You can wash them!"

    "Buy a new one!"

    Her mother sighed and looked at the floor. May also sighed, but in relief. She thought that her mother had given up. Oh, she was wrong.

    "Oh my, is that your father?" Caroline said and pointed out of the window. May turned around, quickly.

    "Is he home yet?" she asked, still trying to find her father somewhere outside. Suddenly, she felt her beloved half ribbon get forcefully snatched away from her. She screamed in surprise as she nearly dropped the ribbon in the process. May froze. Her mother had the ribbon in her hands.

    'Oh no.. This is bad.' May thought. And then it happened. What May previously thought was impossible happened. The smile on her mother's face widened. She backed away, only to stop when she noticed that she was already backed up against the wall.

    "Crap." she said. Her mother then slowly went closer to her daughter.

    "Maaaaaaay," she asked, with a mix of sarcasm and evil. "Is this the same ribbon I think it is?" May wanted to escape, somehow..She had to do it. Suddenly, she got an idea. She closed her eyes and just dropped to the floor. Her mother bought it.

    "May! Are you alright?" she asked worried, while kneeling down towards her daughter. "May! Answer me!" her mother screamed. Her mother then took out her cellphone. "I'm calling an ambulance! Hold on dear!" May smiled. How could a woman so evil also be so caring at the same time?

    "Help! My daughter just fainted! I need an ambulance to-"

    Her mother stopped. May just wondered why she didn't call that ambulance. She would happily pay a visit to the hospital just to skip talking about her crush. Now, she awaited her mother's next move.

    "Don't worry, false alarm."


    Her mother had put her cellphone in her pocket and kneeled down towards her daughter again.

    "Honey, I know you're alright."

    May froze. How could she know? May tried not to move, there was still hope.

    "You know why?" her mother asked, the evilness now taking over the sarcasm. May just lied there, not moving, not even breathing.

    "Cause you just smiled. People don't do that when they faint."

    Silence. The only thing that was heard was Caroline's soft breathing. After almost 20 seconds, May couldn't take it anymore. She needed air. She slowly opened her mouth, and out came a single word.

    In the Sinnoh region, faraway from May, was a young, 14 year old boy running through the woods. The boy had a light blue hoodie with a half pokeball sign in white under the stomache part. The hoodie didn't have anything that covered the arms, but the boy had a black shirt which went to just over his elbow. He had a red and black cap with a half of a pokeball sign too, but this pokeball sign was green. He also wore black gloves and black and blue sneakers.

    “Dawn! Give me my cap back!” the boy shouted.

    “No way! You promised me a hug!” the girl shouted. The girl, unlike the boy, was 13 year old. Her name was Dawn, a blue haired coordinator from Twinleaf Town. To keep the front of her hair to fall down on her face, she had golden hair clips to keep them up. She wore a very, very short pink skirt, which made several boys almost faint when they went by her. She wore a mini dress that was almost completely black, and had a white undershirt inside the V-shaped neck. She used to have pink boots, but since it was pretty warm nowadays she had changed to pink sneakers and black socks instead. She wears a white beanie with a pokeball sign printed on it in pink, and she also had a yellow backpack to keep some stuff and her ribbons in.

    “What? That's all you wanted? Then stop!” the boy shouted. The girl stopped dead in her tracks after hearing what the boy said.

    “Really? You're going to give me a hug?” Dawn asked. Ash raised an eyebrow.

    “Yea? All you needed to do was to ask, you didn't need to take my cap and use your puppy-eyes just for a hug.”

    “O-Okay..” Dawn said. She then turned away and blushed, but quickly shrugged it away and turned to face the 14 year old pokémon trainer, Ash Ketchum.

    “Alright then, here's your cap!” she said. She then motioned Ash to take the cap from her hands. Ash smirked, and then reached her hands to take the cap. He took it, placed it on his head, and then ran off.


    “I never promised you anything!” he screamed as he ran, trying not to get killed by the raging blue haired girl.

    “Guys! Dinner's ready!”

    A 20 year old breeder, named Brock, was preparing for dinner. He was an ex Rock-type gym leader, so even if he was a breeder, he still knew a bit about pokémon battles. He had left the gym for his brother Forrest to take over his gym for now, as he travels with Ash and Dawn. Even with all of these 'skills', he still couldn't get the thing he wanted the most: Girls. He sighed.

    'Why does everybody get love but me?' he thought sadly. He watched as the two teens chased each others. He shook his head and continued to prepare the soup.

    "ASH! COME HERE NOW! I WANT MY HUG!" the girl screamed. Ash just laughed, she would never get him. He was simply too fast, he thought.

    "I'm Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town. I've trained with my pokémon for over 4 years, and I'm going to be the greatest pokémon ma-"

    He was suddenly tackled to the ground by someone with a quite powerful force. He turned around on the ground and looked up into the one that tackled him.

    "Now.. I want my hug." Dawn told him, and tried to sound threatful. But Ash just laughed.

    "Why should I?" he asked, still laughing abit. He never thought that Dawn could be so.. Stubborn.

    "I got your hat."

    Ash's eyes went wide, and he gasped when he saw his cap on Dawn's head instead of his.

    "How did you.."

    "You're not the only one fast around here, hm?" she smirked. "Now give me my hug."

    "No way!" Ash tried to escape, but it was no use. To prevent Ash from escaping, she lied down and put her body weight on him, making him unable to escape without hurting her. Dawn was blushing madly, Ash didn't even know why, maybe she was sick? He tried to wiggle himself out of her strong grip, or how you now call it.

    "Man, you're really heavy!" he said, still trying to escape. He then got a slap on his cheek.

    "Never.. EVER, talk about a woman's weight!"

    "But what if they weigh normal?" he asked. He tried to touch the place where Dawn had slapped him, but her elbows made it impossible to move his arms.


    "Uh, no! I mean you're underweight!" he said quickly, now afraid that Dawn would kill him. He could see that Dawn's face was about to.. Blow up. He looked around with his head to find a way out. He then saw his best friend stand at the side, next to a tree.

    "Hey! Have you been watching this whole time? Help me! Give her a weak thunder wave!"

    "Pika! Pikachu!" the yellow creature responded.

    "What? Are you still pissed about that ketchup? I'll buy you a new one in when we get to Jubilife City!"

    The yellow mouse pokémon with a lightning shaped tail turned away, still mad that his master had ate his beloved bottle of ketchup. He had even hid it under a bag in the tent to keep it safe, but Ash still found it, somehow. He then went to Brock to see if he had any ketchup.

    "Pikachu! Don't leave me!" Ash screamed. Pikachu continued to walk, not even turning around. Ash sighed. He was defeated. And his best friend had left him, for ketchup. Ash gulped. He then slowly turned his head towards Dawn so he could face her. He didn't like what he saw.

    "Now.." Dawn said, with evil in her face, "What are you going to do now?"

    "I.. I'll scream for help!" Ash responded.

    "Out here in the woods? Nobody will hear you, Jubilife City is more than 2 days from here, Pikachu doesn't wanna help and Brock is busy with the food. The only ones that can help you are those Magikarp in that lake over there. But they can't help you now, can they?"

    "Yes they can! They'll use Splash attack to cover you with water!"


    "Alright, alright! Jeez.."

    Dawn smirked.

    "So, are you going to accept defeat and give me what I deserve?"

    "But.. You deserve a slap on the cheek, should I really give you that?"


    "Alright I'm sorry! But you did slap me.." he muttered the last words, however, Dawn heard him anyway.

    "What was that?"

    "Eh, nothing! I just told you that you deserve a huge hug!" Ash said.

    "Really? Then why don't you give me one right now then?"

    'Oops.. I shouldn't have said that.' Ash thought.

    "Um.. No." he said and smiled. Dawn sighed.


    "Dawn, I told you the puppy-eyes aren't going to work."

    Dawn sighed again.

    "Fine." she said flatly. She quickly let go of Ash and stood up.

    "Here's your stupid cap."

    She threw it right at his face, pretty hard, making him wanna say 'ow', but he kept quiet. Ash took of the cap that covered all his face, and met Dawn's eyes. They weren't furious anymore, they were.. Sad. Ash thought he saw a tear forming in her eyes, but couldn't be so sure about it as she turned around and walked away.

    "I'm heading back to Brock. You coming?" she asked, not turning around.

    "Y-Yeah, I'll be there in just a sec! Is the food ready yet?"

    He didn't receive any answer, so he sighed. He raised himself from the ground and tried to look after Dawn, but she had already reached out of sight by following down the path next to the lake. Ash dusted off some dirt from his clothes and was happy that they weren't ruined. He was still wondering how Dawn was so heavy. Of course, he would never tell her that, atleast not again.. He sighed again, and started walking the same path Dawn just took.
    May sighed. She had been tortured with questions from her mother about Ash for the last 40 minutes, she wondered how she was able to hold off her mother for so long, without telling the truth.. Must be some strong willpower or something. She still hadn't completely lied, she was just telling her mother about how she missed Brock and.. Ash. She said that she missed them, alot, but didn't exactly tell her mother that she missed one of them real badly. The only thing her mother did was asking her questions about Ash, only bringing up Brock once, and she would occasionally tell May how much she had 'grown up'. May still didn't know in what way she meant by her growing up. She looked out of the window. Her father was still a gym leader, but they had built a more bigger and better gym a little more further into town. It wasn't that faraway, but this meant that she couldn't meet him between battles and had to wait for him to come home.. Which was late. And Max.. She had to admit that she missed that little geek. He had left for his pokémon journey a year ago, but unlike with Ash, they had been keeping in touch with video-calls every week. May sighed once more. She had just come from the Grand Festival, and placed first. It was a very big achievement, but she wasn't so happy about it when she won. Of course, she jumped and felt crazy, and posed for the cameras at her first Grand Festival victory, but she felt that something was missing. She didn't know anyone there, except for Drew. There were no parents, no brothers, sisters.. No Ash. Solidad didn't compete in the festival, she had 'more important' things to do. Drew had as usual congratulated her with a rose. Or.. Roses. Alot of them, too. After the Grand Festival, Drew and Solidad had decided to head for Sinnoh to get some more ribbons and to compete in the Grand Festival there. She smiled. She still couldn't believe that she had won over Drew in the finals. She was actually suspecting that he let her win. But he wouldn't do that now, would he..? She lied down on her bed with her half ribbon in her hands. She decided not to come with Drew and Solidad, she wanted to stay home and just take a rest. Drew and Solidad didn't like this of course, and Drew had given her a kiss on the cheek before they departed which still made her blush as she thought about it. Solidad didn't give her anything, but she did wish May goodluck in where she was going to head next, and that she hoped that they would meet soon. May closed her eyes and squeezed her ribbon once more. But just staying home and rest wasn't the only reason she had stayed home. She looked at the clock on the wall.

    'Tomorrow..' she thought. She then went of to sleep, still holding that ribbon tightly.


    Once again, I accept any corrections!
    If you hated it, say it. If you loved it, say that too!
    I'd love to hear.
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    Chapter 2, for anyone reading this, (;

    Chapter 2: Unexpected stuff and Pain

    Ash, Pikachu, Dawn and Brock were now a day and a half from reaching their destination, Jubilife City. Ash had finally gotten his 8 badges, by training almost everyday, and, for the past week, trying to escape from Dawn. But right now, Dawn was ignoring Ash instead.

    "Come on guys, can't we just head to the league?" a tired boy asked.

    "Are you stupid? The competition isn't for another two weeks." an annoyed girl responded.

    "But, I can train there before it starts?" he said, still trying to convince the blue haired coordinator.

    "I have to agree with Ash this time." the 20 year old breeder said. "Some extra training before the competition shouldn't hurt."

    A single, but deadly glare from Dawn made him change his mind just like that.

    "B-But I guess we can head to the city and fill up with supplies! A-Also, I think I need to get some new clothes." he said and backed away. Scared about what Dawn might do to him, he dropped his walking speed to get with Ash. Brock looked down on his clothes, it was identical to his clothes he had when Ash first started his pokémon journey, except that now the colors was reversed: He had a orange vest with some black/gray on it, and wore a green shirt under it. He also wore grey-ish pants and blue and white sneakers.

    "Man, what've you done to her?" the breeder asked, still scared.

    "I didn't do anything!" Ash whispered. He was still not sure if Dawn could hear him. "I think I didn't.."

    "Well, something happened. By the way, did something happen yesterday? She came to the table, finished her soup and then just walked away with a thank you. She was clearly upset."

    "Well I.."

    "So something did happen? Tell me about it, Ash."

    Ash took a deep breath.

    "I'm afraid she'll hear me!" he whispered. But it looked like he didn't do a good job, Dawn was now slightly tilting her head towards Ash and Brock. After a few seconds, Dawn was now facing forward, but Ash knew that she was still listening intensively. Ash looked at Brock, and Brock awaited Ash's next move. Without making any sounds at all, Ash formed the words 'I'll tell you later' with his lips. Brock nodded, and they continued to walk towards Jubilife City, still keeping a little bit of distance from Dawn.


    "Next, please." a young boy said. May walked towards the boy, who was sitting behind a desk and looking into a computer screen.

    "Hi!" May said.

    "Hi." the boy replied, still looking at the screen. "Name, please?"

    "May Maple." May replied.

    The boy, who sat behind a desk, redirected his eyes towards the brunette.

    "The May Maple?" he asked, stunned.

    "That's me!" May replied with a smile. The boy eyed her from top to toe.

    "Of course." the boy finally said with a smile. "Only a top coordinator can achieve such beauty and skill."

    "T-Thank you." May replied, blushing. The boy also blushed when he realized what he had just said.

    "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that." the boy said, still blushing. May giggled.

    "It's okay, I hear it all the time." she said and winked. "You new here?"

    It took a few seconds before the 15 year old boy answered.

    "Um, yeah." he said, the red on his cheeks finally starting to disappear, "It's my first day actually, and it's super boring. I haven't seen anyone as beautiful as you since I started here. That reminds me, this job sucks."

    May blushed once more and giggled. The boy smiled.

    "How can I help you?" he asked.

    "I need my tickets for my trip." she replied.


    "Sinnoh, Jubilife City."

    "That's quite a place to head to, are you going to win that Grand Festival too?"

    May giggled.

    "No, actually, I'm going to visit my friend." she said.

    "Aww, that's too bad, here I thought I had a chance with you."

    "What do you mean?" May asked, confused.

    "Well, it's obviously someone you have feelings for, or else you wouldn't be blushing when talking about him. Or her."


    "Heh, sorry. Let me get your ticket ready."

    May sighed and waited for the ticket to get ready, which took an awful lot of time. Meanwhile, she watched the young boy as he worked. He had spiky hair, which almost looked a little bit like Brock's hairstyle. His hair was jet black, but with a little bit of brown in the front of his hair. He had black working clothes, and she couldn't see his shoes, but she assumed they were black, too. His eyes.. They were deep blue and sweet looking.

    'So much black in this airport..' she thought. 'They should make it more blue.' she giggled again.

    "There we go." the boy finally said, wondering why the beautiful brunette giggled. "One first class ticket to Jubilife City, Sinnoh." He handed over the ticket to May with a wide smile.

    "Have a nice trip, sweetie." he said.

    "Thanks, boy." she said and smiled. She was about to walk towards the gate and wait for her plane, but the boy stopped her.

    "Wait!" he almost shouted. "Can I have your autograph?"

    May turned around and smiled.

    "Of course, why not?"

    The boy smiled and gave her a piece of paper and a pen.

    "What's your name, boy?"

    "John." he replied.

    May finished the autograph and gave it to the young boy.

    "There." May said. "See you later!" May ran to the gate, afraid that she might miss the flight.

    "I'm sure we will." John said, smiling.


    Ash and his friends decided to take a little pause after walking non-stop the past few hours. Dawn went to a nearby lake with her pokemon after setting down her bag in their temporary resting place. Brock released his pokémon so that they could try out his new recipe, making pokémon more sharp thinking in battle. Ash, on the other hand, decided to just relax in the shadow of a large tree. He snickered when he saw Brock's pokémon spit the food out in disgust, making Brock cry animestyle. Ash sighed. Where was Pikachu? He then remembered that he went off with Dawn and her pokémon for a swim at the lake, maybe he should head there later? Nah, he didn't exactly wanna get killed by the blue haired girl.

    "Brock, have you seen Pikachu?" he asked.

    "I-I think he's still with Dawn." he said, still crying.

    "M'kay, I'm gonna go get him, maybe he wants to try out your new recipe?"

    Brock immediately stopped crying and smiled.

    "Y-Yeah! You're right!"

    "Heh, I'll get him now then." Ash said, laughing. He then went to the lake, hoping to find his best friend without meeting Dawn.

    After a few minutes of walking, he had finally reached the lake. He could see all of Dawn's pokémon play in the water, but he couldn't spot Pikachu anywhere. Or Dawn. He sighed, he hoped not to see her at all. The lake was quite big, it was the size of a football stadium, and surrounding it were thick trees, it would be hard to find his best friend. He continued walking on the road, hoping to find Pikachu, and still watching the pokémon play while walking. He had now entered the road with the thick trees, he was surprised when he couldn't see the lake anymore.

    "Pikachu!" he screamed. No answer. He sighed, and continued to walk. He then heard something rustle, if he was lucky, it would be Pikachu. He walked off the road closer to the rustling sound. Then, on the other side of a few bushes, he could see what was making those sounds. It was Dawn. Naked. Changing into her clothes. Ash didn't move. He didn't move because he was scared that she might hear him, but also because he couldn't get his eyes off her. He watched her back, her hair that was wet from the swimming, and her bottom. He was happy that she didn't face him so he didn't had to see her face or her most private section, although he did see her.. Butt.

    "Beautiful.." he said quietly. But Dawn heard him, and she stopped taking her bra on. Ash almost crapped his pants, and he quickly bent down behind the bush in front of him. He held his breath. Right next to him, was Dawn fully naked and was changing clothes, with only a thick bush between her and Ash. And after Ash had made that stupid mistake, Dawn had stopped putting her clothes on and wondered what that sound was. Ash still held his breath, he didn't want to die early.

    'Mom,' he thought, 'if you can hear this, I love you, I always will'

    To his surprise, noise was coming from the other side of the bush, he assumed that Dawn had started taking on clothes again. He sighed, making sure that Dawn wouldn't hear him. He then turned around and was about to crawl away when he saw something run towards him at high speed. He couldn't see what it was exactly, it was probably some pokémon.. Why was it running towards him?

    "Pikapi!" the creature screamed. Ash froze, it was Pikachu! Ash motioned for Pikachu to stop with his hands and the words 'NO NO NO' nearly escaped his mouth. Pikachu, being very close to his master, understood that something was wrong, and stopped running towards him. He still wondered what made his master so upset. Ash was relieved when he saw that Pikachu stopped, but that quickly disappeared when he saw that Pikachu had a terrified look on his face and backed away. Now, Ash was wondering what was wrong. Pikachu backed up again slowly and sweat dropped, and then turned around and ran away at twice the speed than when he first arrived there. Ash wondered what scared Pikachu away, but he already had a thought about what it was. He slowly looked up, and saw a fully dressed blue haired girl that could very kill him on the spot. He sweat dropped and waited for her next move.

    "H-Hi.. Dawn.. He-he-he.." he barely said.




    Somewhere in the skies of Johto, a young coordinator was sitting on a plane, bored. She had been doing nothing for the past few hours, except looking over the beautiful landscapes and cities of Johto, and, of course, thinking of how she would greet Brock and Ash when she finally met them.

    "Hi guys! Miss me..?" she asked no one. She sighed. Lucky for her, there was no one on the plane except the pilots and some flight personnel that from time to time asked her if she needed something to eat or drink. That made her free to talk to herself without anyone disturbing her.

    'What if Ash hasn't missed me?' she thought. She sighed. She looked out the window and wondered when they would get there. She closed her eyes, and went to sleep for the rest of the flight.

    "I love you Ash.." she whispered, before dozing off.


    Ash, Brock and Dawn had finally reached Jubilife City, although one of them arrived in a not-so-good condition. Brock had carried Ash since he wasn't able to walk after something had happened by the lake, he was still too scared to ask any of them what happened. They entered the Jubilife pokécenter and was greeted with a smile from the nurse, Nurse Joy.

    "Hi!" she said. "Oh my, what happened to him? Is he alright?"

    Brock instantly dropped Ash on the floor which made him scream in pain, and then Brock jumped in front of Dawn, taking Nurse Joy's hand with an amazing speed which would make even a Arcanine turn away in shame.

    "Yes, my love!" Brock almost screamed, holding Nurse Joy's hands, "His mind and body is just alright, but my heart and soul is completely broken! Please Nurse Joy, can't you heal them for me?" he then leaned towards Nurse Joy, she backed away, but still holding his hands, or, in another way, Brock wouldn't let go.

    "I-I, uh.." she stuttered. Suddenly, a strange sound and a flash of light was emitted from the side of Brock's belt, soon revealing one of his pokémon, Croagunk. It was a dark blue frog looking creature, with yellow eyes and black around them. Its hands were mostly black with orange in the middle, and it also had two white stripes on its stomach that almost looked like they were bandages wrapped around the pokémon. Its type was poison and fighting, and it was also pretty good in pokémon battles. It always had a funny smile on its face, but right now it was prepared to protect any unlucky woman from Brock's 'love'.

    "Oh, is that your Croagunk?" she asked suddenly.

    "Um, yes it is, how come?" Brock asked, surprised.

    "It looks so well taken care of!" Nurse Joy replied.

    "Well, I am trying to be the best pokémon breeder ever, that may be the reason." Brock said and winked.

    "Please, show me some of your secrets! I assume that you have few."

    "I'd love to, Nurse Joy!" he said happy. Croagunk, Dawn, Ash and even Brock himself was wondering if all of this actually happened.

    "Do you want me to have your pokémon while you go looking for a hotel?" she asked Ash and Dawn. She didn't receive any answer, as both of them was still watching her and Brock holding hands. Croagrunk shrugged, and then pushed the button on his pokéball and returned inside.

    "I'll take that as a yes." she said and giggled. Ash and Dawn had finally understood what was happening, and they put their pokéballs on the desk. Nurse Joy let go of Brock's hands and happily took the pokéballs for Ash and Dawn.

    "I'll be taking care of the pokémon while you're gone, have fun!" she said with smile. Brock once again leaped forward and took Nurse Joy's hands, taking this opportunity that Croagunk wasn't there to stop him.

    "Nurse Joy! As I'm yours forever I will never leave you!" he said with a "romantic" voice, "Please, let me stay with you! I'm sure these two lovebirds will find a hotel while we are together!"

    "WHAT? ME AND ASH? LOVEBIRDS? ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?" Dawn suddenly screamed. She then looked at Ash who was still processing everything that was happening.

    "Never!" she said, crossed her arms and looked away.

    "So you two aren't together?" Nurse Joy asked. "I think you two look cute together!"

    Dawn blushed, but still kept her position. Ash noticed this.

    "Dawn, you've been blushing a lot lately, is something wrong? Maybe you should let Nurse Joy check on you while I go look for a hotel." Ash said. After hearing this, Brock and Nurse Joy giggled together, and Ash just stood there watching Dawn blush even more. She couldn't take the embarrassment anymore, so she grabbed Ash by the arm and dragged him out of the pokécenter.

    "C'mon Ash, let's leave these guys and find a hotel!" she said, still dragging him.

    "What? Just the two of us?" Ash asked, still a bit confused. He then watched Dawn's face get even more red, it was now almost the same color as a tomato.

    "ASH! YOU WILL NOT SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO, GOT IT?" she screamed at his face, now drawing attention from people walking by.

    "Alright alright, jeez, cool it will ya?" Ash said, scared to death. Dawn was about to slap him in the face, but there were too many people watching with smiles, so she just left Ash there, still confused.

    "Hey Dawn, wait up!" he shouted. The boy then followed the girl to go find a hotel nearby, not daring to say anything at all, unless, spoken to, of course.


    "Miss? Miss?" a woman asked.

    "Wha, what?" May asked, barely being able to open her eyes.

    "Miss, we've arrived at our destination, the plane is going back to Hoenn in 5 minutes, are you going to stay and head back with us?" the woman asked. May looked like she had gotten a kick in the behind, because suddenly she just jumped up, making the poor woman almost scream.

    "No! I'm ready to leave, right now!" she said and clenched her fist. The woman just stood there, raising an eyebrow.

    "Excuse me, miss, but are you by any chance the famous May Maple?" the female personnel asked.

    "That's correct!" May answered with a proud smile.

    "Could I have your autograph? My daughter is a beginner coordinator and a huge fan of yours, you're a real inspiration for her, she has already won 3 ribbons just by watching videos of you!"

    "Wow that's amazing." May said, not really understanding that she was that of a role model. "Of course, do you have a pen and paper?" The woman, seemingly out of nowhere handed May a piece of paper and a pen. May quickly signed it. The woman thanked her, and May left the plane, still having that smile on her. She could see Lilypad Town from a distance, and headed towards the airport to get a taxi.

    "I hope this trip is worth it.." she said and sighed.

    "WHAT?" a furious blue haired girl screamed.

    "I'm very sorry, but I am pretty sure that this is the only hotel in the whole city that has any rooms left, because of the talent show starting in a few days." the reception lady answered.

    "B-But, so you're saying that this room only fits for two people?"

    "Yes, I am truly sorry, it is designed that way, there is nothing I can do."

    "Alright, we'll take it." Dawn said and sighed.

    "Okay, please read through this form carefully. Names?" the lady asked.

    "Dawn Berlitz." Dawn replied. She waited for Ash to say his name, but he didn't even move.

    "ASH!" she 'whispered' to him.

    "Ash Ketchum." he said.

    "Was it that hard?" Dawn asked and sweatdropped.

    "But you said that I wasn't allowed to talk unle-"

    "FORGET THAT! Now sign the form!" Ash nodded and signed the form for Dawn, while the reception lady stood there and smiled. Ash handed over the signed form, and the lady accepted it with an even wider smile.

    "Thank you, enjoy your honeymoon!" the lady said and winked. This time, Ash was the one to blush.

    "We're not together!" he whined.

    "Oh no? That's too bad." the lady said. She turned around and looked at the wall with all of the keys to the rooms. She found the one belonging to Ash and Dawn and grabbed them.

    "There you go," the lady said and handed the keys over to Ash, "Enjoy your, um, 'stay'" she said with a wink and sarcasm on the last word. Ash blushed even harder, and Dawn was actually enjoying that.

    "C'mon Ash, let's check out our room!" she said and grabbed his arm again, now dragging him up the hotel stairs.

    "Hey! Why can't we take the elevator?"

    "Cause I hate them!" Dawn replied.

    "What?" he said confused.

    The reception lady watched the two teens with amusement.

    "They're obviously lying, if not, they'll get together soon enough after they've seen the room." she said and smiled. "Next, please!"

    Ash and Dawn had finally reached the top floor, which was the 13th floor, and Dawn was still excited to see the room. Ash, on the other hand, was busy checking his body for any injuries made to him after being dragged up the stairs for 5 minutes.

    "Look, Ash! There's our room!" she said excited and jumped. "Hurry up, you lazy!"

    "Shouldn't we wait for Brock or something?" Ash asked tired, he was glad that he didn't receive any serious damage on his body after that.. Walk through the stairs.

    "But I wanna see the room now!" Dawn whined.

    "Uhuh, but we should probably get back to Brock and tell him about this, besides, this room is only for two people."

    "I guess you're right.." Dawn said low and looked at a ground. There was a silence for a few seconds, but Dawn broke it with a smile.

    "Then let's get GOING!" she screamed and ran past Ash. Ash was relieved but suddenly felt something drag him back.

    "DAWN, LET GO OF ME!" Ash screamed desperately.

    "NO! LET'S GET TO BROCK!" Dawn said laughing. Ash tried to get free but it was nearly impossible. They were soon by the staircase and then Ash realized something: They were heading down the stairs, not up.

    "WAIT DAWN, LET GO OF M-" he didn't have time to finish his sentence before his face hit the rug covered stairs with a thud.

    "Oops, sorry!" Dawn said, still running down the stairs while holding Ash's arm. Ash didn't know if she was sarcastic or not.

    'Maybe this is her way of punishing me for what I did to her..?' he thought in pain. 'If it is, this is much better then letting her beat me up, and-' once again, he didn't have time to finish his thought before his face instead hit a part of the staircase that wasn't covered with rug, making him unconscious by the impact.
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    Chapter 2, eh? I'm reading. I'll also review every now and then - got a PM list?

    Some people might complain about how cranky you're making Dawn; I like to amplify some traits of some characters to suit my needs so I agree with the artistic license you're taking there. (All shipping authors do this in a basic way simply by shipping any main character that isn't Brock.) Just be careful to show other sides of her as well. The last thing you want is to accidentally turn a protagonist into an antagonist. Fanfiction should have some flexibility, but it also needs to be fairly believable.

    That said, having Dawn as a love rival for May is an interesting choice, but not necessarily a bad one. It'll be interesting to see how you make this rivalry culminate. On the other hand, I hope John doesn't become too much of a love rival for Ash! He seems kind of creepy.

    I like the scene with Brock and Nurse Joy, that was really well written. And lucky Brock.

    Oh, nice tension between Dawn and Ash at the end. You have a funny way of writing their interactions.

    I want to know what happens to Ash when he wakes up now...

    Get that next chapter out soon, please!

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    Thanks for your review, Lord Zant, (;

    Yup, I've gotten -alot- of complaints about Dawn, but she'll change in the next few chapters, hopefully.. (A)

    Chapter 3 and 4 right here, right now!

    Chapter 3 - Suspecting and Surprises

    "Excuse me, sir? Could you pull over at the Pokécenter?" May asked the taxi driver.

    "The Pokécenter?" the driver asked. "That's impossible, the roads are closed due to that retarded festival and talent show."

    "What festival? Talent show?" May asked, confused.

    "Yeah it's some annual thing or something.. The whole thing is a money making scam, but the winning prize for the talent show is pretty sweet!"

    "Really? What's the prize?" May asked, still confused.

    "How should I know?" the driver replied. May sweatdropped and asked the driver to pull over as near the pokécenter as he could.

    "Thanks for the ride!" May said nervously and handed him the money.

    "Have a nice day, miss!" the driver said as May went out of the taxi.

    "Thank you, you too, sir!" she said and waved to the driver. The driver nodded, and turned around the vehicle to find some other customers. With that, May stood there, her legs almost shaking, while watching Jubilife City.

    "Well, here goes nothing.."


    "Ash! Ash! Answer me! Ash!"

    Ash opened his eyes. The first thing he felt was having an enormous headache, and the first thing he saw was Dawn's worried face, looking down on him.

    "Ash! Are you alright?" she asked worried.

    "Wh.. What happened?" Ash asked, trying to figure out why his head was about to blow up.

    "Sir, this lady here tells me that you fell from the stairs, is that correct?" an old man asked.

    "If she says so, then yes.." Ash replied, half dead, not wanting to get killed by the girl for real if he stated otherwise.

    "Sir, there is no sign of any damage made to you, but I strongly recommend you visit a hospital just to be sure." the man said.

    'No sign? My head is about to blow up!' Ash thought, irritated.

    "N.. No, I'm fine, thank you sir, we were on our way to one right now anyway." Ash replied, his headache getting a little bit worse.

    "If you say so." the man said and stood up. "If there is anything I can help you two with, anything at all, please don't hesitate to contact me. And you young man, you don't dance while going down the stairs!"

    With that said, he gave a short nod to the worried young girl next to Ash, and then went out of sight. After that, there was a creepy silence for a few seconds, but Ash decided to brake it.

    "Dancing down the stairs.. Was that all you could think of?" Ash asked smiling. Dawn gave him a weak smile.

    "I'm sorry Ash, I shouldn't have done that.." she said, regretful.

    "Nah it's cool, I kinda deserved it for seeing you naked.."

    "YOU WHAT?"

    "You didn't know?" Ash asked, feeling scared to death once more.

    "HOW MUCH DID YOU SEE?" she demanded, leaning towards him.

    "Uh.. I didn't see anything! I just came when you were putting on your-"

    "HOW MUCH?" she demanded once again.

    "I.. I.. I saw you when you were putting on your bra!" he said, covering his face with his hands.

    "SO YOU SAW MY ***?"

    "K.. K.. Kinda.."

    Dawn was now shaking with anger, and Ash was shaking with fear.

    "I.. I'm sorry!" Ash tried. "I was only looking for Pikachu!"

    'Speaking of which, where was he..?'

    It seemed that Dawn didn't hear his explanation. Ash was trying to figure out a way from this, even with that crazy headache going on. For the first time since that little.. Incident, Ash came up with a decent plan. He raised himself quickly from the floor, and with all his remaining power, he launched himself at Dawn, embracing her. He couldn't feel her shake with anger anymore, he only felt her warmth through her clothes. After a few seconds, which felt like forever for both Dawn and Ash, he let go of her, looking into her eyes, hoping not to get killed. She didn't say anything or move at all.

    'Aw man, did I paralyze her?' he thought.

    "Dawn..?" he finally asked. No answer.

    "I'm sorry.." he continued, "For everything. I really hope you can forgive me."

    No answer. He looked deeply into the girl's blue eyes. Still no answer.

    "I.. I understand if you want to kill me, Dawn." he said with a sad smile. Instead of slapping Ash on the cheek and then torture him, she jumped on him and embraced him, making both of them fall to the floor, catching Ash off guard and making him take the blow while hitting the floor. And there they lied, hugging each other on the hotel lobby floor, making the reception lady smile, and an old couple thinking how the teens nowadays could be so ruthless.


    "Excuse me, but where can I find the Jubilife pokécenter?" May asked a person passing by.

    "The pokécenter?" the old woman said. "I think it's on the other side of town."

    May fell to the ground anime style.

    "Are you sure..?" May asked, still not wanting to believe that she had walked to the other side of the city.

    "Miss, I may be old but my memory is just super."

    May sighed and thanked the old lady. She was about to faint of exhaustion, so she decided to go into a hamburger bar to get something to drink. Or eat.. May went into the hamburger bar and was surprised that it was almost full. All of the tables were taken, most of the people inside had to eat standing.

    "Bleh, I'm not gonna eat standing." May whined. But she changed her mind when she saw their menu. Her mood quickly changed when she saw that they served ramen. There wasn't any line, so she went to one of the men that was working there, a blue haired man, to make an order.

    "Hi!" she greeted the man. The man didn't answer, it looked like he had seen a ghost or something. "Sir?" May asked.

    "H.. HI! WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?" the blue haired man almost screamed.

    "Um.." May said, frightened, "Do you serve ramen in here..?"

    "WHY YES WE DO!" the man screamed even louder. He put his hands on his mouth when he realized what he had just done. "I'm sorry, do you want some fries with that, too?"

    "What? Fries with ramen? I guess.. Strange combination" May said and giggled.

    "Okay! Let me give your order to our chef!" he said. Almost instantly, he had disappeared from behind the desk, and came back in just a few seconds. "Done!" he said proudly.

    "Okay, how much time before it's ready?"

    "Ehm, about five minutes, but you can get a table for yourself meanwhile, I'll call you when it's done!" he said. May nodded and was about to look for a table when she remembered that there wasn't any available. She sighed. Eating ramen standing would be hard..


    May snapped up her head at that voice. She tried looking around in the hamburger bar, but didn't see any familiar faces.

    "Over here!"

    May turned around to check where the voice came from.

    "John!" May said happily. May went to his table, and she was glad that she had met him in here, he had just saved her from being forced to eat while standing. She shivered at the thought.

    "Hey, what are you doing in Sinnoh? Are you like, stalking me or something?" May said and giggled.

    "Well.." he said. May raised an eyebrow.

    "So you did follow me here?" May asked. John snickered.

    "Of course not, that job in that airport was just a little change.. My real job is here, in Sinnoh." he replied.

    "Oh really?" May asked, wanting to know more, "What are you working with then?" The same expression that blue haired man made earlier was now on John's face.


    "A-Are you like, a terrorist or something..?" May asked, now worried. John laughed.

    "Tell you what, I'll tell you after the festival, 'kay?" he said. May just nodded. She still didn't like it that he didn't tell her right away.

    "May! Here's your ramen!" the blue haired man said.

    "Oh, that's mine, I have to get that." May said and went to the blue haired man. She received the ramen bowl from the blue haired man, and then just wondered about something.

    "How did you know my name?" May asked. The blue haired man once again got that weird expression on his face.

    "C..Cause, you're the Hoenn Grand Festival winner!" he said, stuttering.

    "Oh right!" May said and went to the table John was sitting at. After May had sat down on the chair, the blue haired man sighed.

    "So, have you talked to that boy of yours?" John finally asked after wondering why May had fries with the ramen. May blushed, she had totally forgotten about Ash.

    "No.. I was on my way to him, but went lost. So I decided to take a break from all of this traveling and get something to eat. Then I met you in here." May explained. John gave out a short laugh.

    "If you want me to I can get you to the pokécenter after you've eaten that delicious ramen."

    "No that's fine, I think I can make it there."

    "Really? How much time have you spent in the city so far?"

    "Um.." May sighed.

    "Exactly, I can give you a ride there." John offered with a smile.

    "I don't wanna be a problem.."

    "It would be an honor for me, May."

    "T-Thanks." May said, blushing.

    "Shall we get going then?" John asked. May nodded, and followed John outside. None of them knew that there was a certain green haired coordinator, watching every step the two teens took. The green haired coordinator couldn't help but notice that the boy that was with May shot a glare at the blue haired worker at the hamburger bar, which made the worker almost run away. He saw May and the boy enter a limousine, and flipped up his cellphone.

    "Ken, trace this number. KZ31 965. Now. Send me the coordinates as soon as they stop moving."

    The green haired coordinator then ended the very short call to dial a different number.


    "I need your help, May is in danger."

    "I'm on my way." a voice could be heard from the cellphone. The green haired coordinator ended the call and put his cellphone in his pocket. He was about to head the same way the black limousine with May and that boy were heading to, but then he saw the hamburger bar from the corner of his eyes and stopped. He thought about it for a few seconds, but then went into the bar to get one, single burger before looking after May.


    "Dawn! Have you seen Pikachu?" Ash asked. He looked back at the blue haired girl that was walking behind him. She was looking at the ground while walking, clearly not paying any attention to anything that was going on around her, not even hearing what Ash just asked her. Ash shook his head and kept on walking through the city towards the pokécenter while actively searching for Pikachu.

    "Where are you buddy?" he asked no one in particular. He looked back at the blue haired girl again, wondering if she was okay. He decided to snap Dawn out of zombie mode, hopefully she would know where Pikachu was.

    "Dawn?" he asked, tilting his head her way. Still no answer, and she was still looking down on the ground while walking. Ash sighed, this is going to be tough.

    "Dawn? Want a free ribbon..?" he tried. Still nothing.

    "Dawn..? Want a hug?" he asked with sarcasm. Dawn suddenly snapped her head up from the ground and acted like she had just woken up from a long rest.

    "Wuh, wa.. Really?" Dawn asked, confused. Ash shook his head. Maybe it would be best for him to wait until they got to the pokécenter which wasn't so faraway, he thought. He sighed, this was going to be a very long day.


    May shivered, she froze.

    "Are you freezing? A young teen asked.

    "No, I'm fine.." she lied.

    "Don't be ridiculous, here, take my coat." the teen handed over his coat to May, and she wondered how she could ever freeze in a fancy and coasy limousine.

    "Is this your car?" May finally asked. John smirked.

    "Not really, actually it's my uncles, but as you can see I'm free to use it whenever I want." he replied with a smile.

    "Oh.." May got out. They had been traveling in that limo for quite a while now, and May was starting to get impatient and worried.

    "John, when are we going to arrived at the pokécenter?" she asked, trying to fake a smile.

    "Oh, soon enough, we're just gonna take a quick stop, that's all." he replied with a smile. May sighed inside. His voice was so sweet..

    "So we've been going the wrong way this whole time?" she asked, now irritated.

    "Not exactly, the pokécenter should be just 10 minutes away after we've stopped by at my place."

    "So we're going home to you now?" May bursted out. John was surprised by this and almost jumped out of his seat.

    "Calm down!" he said and sweatdropped. "It's not like I'm going to kidnap you or something."

    May got a worried look on her face, what if he was going to kidnap her? What if he was some kind of bad guy she had just met, wanting to have some 'fun' at his place? John noticed that she was getting worried.

    "Don't worry, May, I would never do anything to the beautiful top coordinator."

    May blushed when she heard this, but quickly collected herself.

    "So what are we going to do at your place..?" she asked.

    "We're gonna see my uncle!" John stated proudly. "Well, we won't actually meet him, but we'll see him over the videophone."

    "Why can't we just call him from the pokécenter, for example?"

    "My uncle doesn't like other people sneaking around his calls.." he said and looked out of the window. "That's why my videophone machine at home is equipped with a device that encrypts our calls."

    "Woah.." May said surprised. "Your uncle must like having alot security around him.."

    John smiled.

    "Tell you what, when we get home at my place, I'll show you what I work with and what I've done after I've talked with my uncle."

    "Sure, that would be great!" May said, feeling a little bit more secure around John. John then turned around, trying to spot something.

    "What's wrong?" May asked. John still looked out of the window, checking almost every way.

    "I don't know.. It feels like we are being followed for some reason.. Driver, please pull over."

    The limo slowed down, and when they had pulled over out of the road, John stepped out of the vehicle, still looking for any signs for anyone following them. It was getting dark, it was almost impossible to see anything that wasn't within 30 feet. May also stepped out of the limo, and she couldn't help but notice John's well built body.. He also had black clothes, just like in the airport. After a moment of silence, May stepped in front of John, who was still looking for followers.

    "John.. There isn't anyone, or anything out here.. Can't we go now? I'm freezing." May whined, with her sweet voice.

    "Right." he said and nodded. "Let's get going."

    They entered the limo again, and was about to start the engine when it, unfortunately, broke down. John cursed and asked the driver if he could fix it, and the driver happily accepted the challenge.

    "Hmpf, looks like their shitty limo just died or something." a green haired coordinator said, watching the black limo from a distance through the vehicle windows.

    "Why are you using that kind of language?" a pink haired girl asked, sitting in the passenger seat. "Oh, I see, you're just jealous that he has money."

    "Jealous?" the green haired coordinator defended himself. "That thing didn't last an hour, he might as well had bought it at Toys 'R Us or something. Besides, don't you think that I have money? I could get any girl I want."

    "Excluding me." the girl said and winked.

    "Whatever. I'm starting to doubt that you're a girl anyways."

    "Real funny." the girl said with sarcasm.

    "I know." the green haired coordinator said and winked. The girl sighed and rolled her eyes.

    "Let me drive now! You drive like me when I'm drunk!"

    "Excuse me? I don't even have a drivers license and I still drive better than you."

    "Oh please, then why did you hit those mailboxes before?"

    "I was watching your beautiful eyes." he said and smiled.

    "Oh Drew, you're so romantic! Take me now!" the girl said in a sarcastic way and started making kissing sounds.

    "Do you know how ridiculous you look right now?" the boy asked, flipping up his cellphone and took a quick shot.

    "What was that light?" the girl wondered and stopped faking a couple making out.

    "What light? Are you retarded?"

    The girl crossed her arms and grunted.

    "Well I saw something.." she said irritated. "Now let me drive!"

    "Why should I?" the boy said and flicked his hair.

    "Because I have a drivers license!" the girl said and posed.

    "And? I still drive better than you."

    "And? Atleast I'm not the one taking private lessons." the girl said and teased him.

    "It's not illegal."

    "But it's unfair!" the girl protested.

    "Jealous?" the boy said and leaned closer.

    "N-No! Now let me drive! You don't want officer Jenny to pull us over while you're driving, hm?"

    "Fine." the boy said and sighed. The two of them quickly changed seats, and then heard a low 'vroom' sound not too faraway.

    "Looks like they're up and running again." Drew said, still wanting to drive his black car.

    "And so are we!" the pink haired girl said and started the engine. She tried to accelerate, but the car didn't even move.

    "Did I brake it?" she asked, scared.

    "The e-brake is still on." the green haired coordinator said and smirked.

    "I.. I was just testing you." the pink haired coordinator stuttered, blushing. Drew just smiled and flicked his hair. He then unlocked the e-break for the pink haired coordinator.

    "You know, I could do that myself." the girl said. "As I said, I was just testing you."

    "Sure." Drew replied and smirked. "Let's go or we'll lose them."

    The pink haired coordinator nodded, and they were soon on their way, following that black limo's every turn.

    "Well, here we are." John said and sighed. "Might not have been what you expected."

    May watched as the limo stopped outside of the little two floor house. May then giggled.

    "Does my house look funny?" John asked confused.

    "No, it's just that I expected your house to be more.. Fancy, since you have your private driver and limo and all that." she answered, still giggling.

    "Oh. Well, it's the inside that matters, but you're a coordinator so you don't know that too much now do you?" John asked smiling.

    "Hey!" May said, still giggling. "Can we head inside now?"

    "Of course." he said. He then turned around and faced their driver. "Fred, I won't be needing you anymore tonight, thanks for everything."

    "My pleasure." the driver, Fred, said. He then bowed and went inside the vehicle. After the limo went out of sight, John gestured for May to go first.

    "Shall we?" he asked. May nodded. "Ladies first."

    They went through the little garden that John had and was now standing right outside the white painted house. John grabbed some keys from his pocket and was about to unlock the door but stopped.

    "Something wrong?" May asked.

    "I don't think that car over there was here before." he said, watching a black car that had parked not so far outside his gates.

    "Wait here, I'm gonna go check it out." May nodded, and John started walking towards the uninvited car just outside his house.

    "Be careful.." May whispered. She then shivered, freezing. He could at least had opened the door for her..

    "Oh my god, oh my GOD! HE'S COMING THIS WAY DO SOMETHING DREW!" a pink haired girl whispered loudly.

    "****." Drew answered. "Think of something, quick!"

    "Let's drive out of here!" she said and was about to start the engine.

    "Are you nuts? We'll just give ourselves away!" Drew said and stopped her hand from reaching the keys. "And we can't leave May!"

    "If you're so smart then why don't you think of something!" she 'whispered', annoyed. Drew gritted his teeth. John was almost by their car, he had to think of something, quick.

    "Well?" the girl asked. "He's almost here!"

    "Quit whining and help me think of something! It'll only be a few seconds before he knows we're in the car!"

    "Man, we're dead, are we going to jail?" the girl asked, not wanting to be stuck in prison her whole life. Drew clenched his fists. He had an idea.

    "I have an idea." he said, flatly. The girl looked at him with a weird expression. "But I don't think you'll like it."

    "WELL? JUST DO IT OR WE'RE DEAD!" she screamed. Drew shrugged.

    "Remember, you wanted me to do this." with that said, he pulled the girl closer to his body and kissed her.

    "Whho.. WHA, ngh..!" the girl tried to get out, it was impossible to talk with Drew's tongue in her mouth.

    "Just go with the flow." Drew said while pausing the kiss. The girl was about to protest but didn't have time for it as Drew's mouth squeezed hers. They went on for almost 2 minutes, and Drew decided to finally stop.

    "I think he's gone." Drew said, flicking his hair. He didn't get any response, he looked at the girl from the corner of his eye.

    "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?" she screamed.

    "I just saved our asses, that happened." he replied.


    "Then why didn't you stop the kiss earlier? Come to think of it, it was me that stopped it. You have to admit you liked it." he said with a smirk on his face.

    "WHA.. NO!" she said and blushed. "YOU.. YOU TASTED LIKE HAMBURGERS!"

    "Meh, whatever, let's see what they're up to inside." he said and shrugged. "By the way, I think I tasted some lipstick, too." He exited the car and awaited the girl to do that, too.

    "Are you coming or what?" he asked, watching the girl blush in the car.


    "Didn't it taste good..?" he asked, smiling. The girl crossed her arms and looked away with closed eyes. Drew smiled, this girl, she was something, that's for sure.


    Chapter 4: His Balls, His House

    "Well..?" May said when John approached her.

    "False alarm." John said and smiled.

    "Told you so." May teased him. "Why was that car there anyway?"

    "It was just a young couple in love, making out."

    "Why were you gone for so long then?"

    "Um, I had to make sure that they weren't faking it, and man, they didn't." John said and blushed. "Wanna head inside now?"


    May's eyes went wide open at the first sight of John's house, the inside of it, atleast.

    "This is.. This is.. This.. This is.." May stuttered.

    "Amazing?" John finished for her while snickering.

    "INCREDIBLE!" May screamed. "This is just like how the movie stars live! Even better!"

    John laughed while May watched every single corner of the room. First, the room they had first entered:
    The floor was made out of extremely great wood, and the walls were white, she had no idea what material they were made of. She quickly put her shoes next the door and then handed over the shortly borrowed coat to John and went to see the next room that was just in front of the room she was in right now. The floor was made of same wood, she assumed the whole floor in the house was made of it. The room was probably John's living room, with a big flat screen tv on the side of the wall and over 5 couches and chairs facing the tv. On one side of the room was the kitchen, with a table for 4 people and a refrigerator, plus other stuff that May didn't exactly care about right now. On the far end of the room was also a bar full with drinks and expensive wine, and a few bar chairs, too. Right next to the bar was a sliding door with glass so you could see through it, making May able to see the backyard of John's house. She sprinted to the sliding door and slid it open, and then ran outside to see John's big pool. She quickly returned inside however, not wanting to get cold again. She eyed the pool with a trampoline for a few seconds, and then turned around and started running to see the next room, tackling a poor teenage boy to the ground on the way. When she got into the next room she noticed two things; every room had a really expensive looking roof lamp covered with gold that princesses usually had in their palaces. Second, John was awfully rich, she made a mental note to check out why later, but never did that as she saw his wardrobe; a wardrobe the size of her whole room. She screamed in delight when she saw that John for some reason also had clothes and dresses for women.

    "Joooohn," she asked with a teasing voice, "Why do you have girl clothes?"

    The smile that John had quickly changed into a frown.

    "I.. I don't feel like talking about that right now." he replied.

    "Oh.." May said, holding a red knee lengthened dress. "Can I try this on?" she said, trying to change subject.

    John didn't say anything, he just nodded. May did a strange sound that John only could guess was a form of squealing, as she picked a few homecoming dresses to try out. After five minutes, May had picked a 'few' dresses to try out, still jumping with excitement.

    "John, could you.. Leave?" she asked.

    "What? Why?" he asked, dumbfounded.

    "I have to change! You don't wanna see me naked now, do you?"

    John stuttered a few words while scratching the back of his head. May blushed immediately.

    "GET OUT!"

    John ran as fast as he could, even running upstairs. He had never tasted the wrath of an angry young girl.

    "Man, she got some temper.." he said and sighed. "Might as well make that phone call now."

    He walked towards the other side of the not-so-small room, past the little pool, to the videophone. He dialed a number and entered the password needed for the call. Pretty soon, a huge face of a man in his thirties could be seen on John's flat screen tv. He chuckled inside, wondering how it would be if his uncle had a head that large in real life.

    "John." the man on the screen said, holding a phone to his ear. "It's good to see you."

    "Hey, uncle. Same here." John replied with a smile. The man on the screen nodded. John noticed that his uncle was stroking a Persian while talking to him, he always had something about cats.

    "How are your pokémon doing?" the man asked.

    "Great." John replied. "They're more than ready to face Cynthia."

    "Excellent. But that isn't for about two weeks, in the meantime, I'm transferring a few men to your location."

    "And how many men is a 'few', exactly..?"

    His uncle thought about it for a moment.

    "About.. 100." he finally replied. John chuckled. If that was only a few, then how much men would 'many' be?

    "The fools have already established a temporary base just outside Jubilife City, we'll use that one to transfer the pokémon before moving on to the League."

    "I'm sorry, 'The Fools'..?" John asked.

    "The two fools and that talking cat!" the man almost screamed.

    "Ah. Should've known." John replied. "But why were they working in a hamburger bar?"

    "You ask too much questions, John. It's only a cover until we've extracted tonight's load and start with the real project."

    "I understand." John replied. His uncle nodded and was about to end the call when he saw something behind John.

    "Who is that?" he asked, no, demanded to know. John got surprised and turned around to see what his uncle meant. Then he saw May, standing there, beautiful as ever with a red dress on and her long, brown hair, resting on her back.

    "May.. You look just like her." John got out.

    "Like who?" May wondered. She then noticed that John was talking with a man.

    "I should probably get going.." she said and turned around, trying to sneak away.

    "Stop right there young lady." the man said, now talking through the speakers placed around the room. May did as she was told and gulped. Her eyes went wide when she saw the pool in the room. The man redirected his gaze towards John.

    "You certainly have a good taste in women." his uncle said.

    Both May and John blushed like crazy after they heard what the man said.

    "T.. Thank you, sir!" May tried to say and bowed, holding the edge of her dress while doing so. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you." John's uncle smiled.

    "Beautiful and elegant, a very wise choice indeed." the man said. May couldn't say anything, she was trying to hide her face, while John tried to save her from any further embarrassment.

    "How did you meet her?" his uncle asked.

    "I.. I met her in the Hoenn airport." John replied.

    "I see. What made you choose her instead of all the other women I've already showed you?"

    "She.. She just won the Hoenn Grand Festival, she's a top coordinator." John finally said and sighed. His uncle's eyes went wide.

    "Now this is interesting." he said, smirking. "Now you're saying that this young lady is a top coordinator?" Very interesting indeed."

    Both May and John nodded at the same time. His uncle smiled even more, and John didn't like that.

    "Hm, we could surely use your beauty and skills at our team. I could make you powerful in no time, just like that." he said.

    "I-I don't think so, uncle." John said.

    "Why not?" his uncle asked, irritated.

    "Well, she may be able to help.. But not in the way you think, I think it would be better if she could design the houses with me instead, she could get hurt while working." John said and stared at his uncle. The man and John stared at each other for a while, with an awkward silence now hovering all over the room. May was wondering why they were looking at each other for so long, and work with what..?

    "I understand." John's uncle finally said. "I trust you don't let her ruin this plan." He then ended the call, making John stand there, and sigh.

    "What did he mean with all that.. Stuff?" May asked.

    "He wanted to recruit you." John replied.

    "Really?" May said and smiled. "What are you guys working with then?"

    "Well.. We tell people to build buildings, I'm an architect. I design buildings for my uncle."

    "Really? That's so cool!"

    "Yeah.. But my uncle had other plans for you."


    "Well.. He wanted to use your beauty, if you know what I mean."

    "Huh..?" May asked, not getting it.

    "You know.. A dancer."

    "Me? A dancer? Cool! I'd love to!" May said, jumping. John chuckled.

    "It's not the kind of dancing you're thinking of." he said, still chuckling.

    "But I wanna dance! Ask your uncle if I can take that job!"

    "Trust me, you don't want to." John said and smiled.

    "Why not?" May asked irritated. "Fine, show me some buildings you've designed!"

    John sighed and nodded, he then went to the big screen were his uncle's big face had been a few minutes ago, to open a few boxes right under it. He took about 10 to 20 pieces of large sketches and put them to a desk.

    "Well, here are some of my designs." he said and smiled.

    "Woah, you designed every one of them?" May asked, stunned.

    "Yup. But most of the buildings are built in Kanto, where our.. Office, is."

    "Oh, is there any buildings here in Sinnoh that you've designed?"

    "Um.. Yeah, one."

    "Alright, show me it! We can head there before we get to the pokécenter!" she jumped with excitement.

    "I'd prefer not."

    "Please?" May said sweetly and went closer to him. John chuckled and shook his head.


    "Flygon, flamethrower, now!"

    A red hot line of hot fire was coming in fast from outside, destroying the expensive lamp on the roof and made the room pitch black.

    "JOHN!" May screamed in fear.


    A loud thud could be heard, and then, silence. May was scared to death, trying to back against the wall, but hit something, or someone. She turned around, and then got blinded by some sort of flashlight, but her vision was slowly returning. Without being able to see who the person was, she kicked the person between the legs, making the person fall to the floor, almost crying in pain.



    Another flash of light could be seen, and now the part of the room where May, John and the person that had gotten a kick between the legs was now lit up by a little flashlight on the ground. May's eyes had now adjusted themselves for the darkness, and she looked down on the floor to see the person she had just kicked.

    "Drew?" she said, dropping down to the person that had his hands between his legs. "DREW! SAY SOMETHING!"

    No answer, May could see that he was in great pain, he was trying to suppress the tears that was about to come out.

    "MAY! WHY THE HELL DID YOU KICK HIM?" a girl screamed. May didn't care about who was screaming, she only cared about Drew, if he was okay or not.

    "Drew! Say something!" she said desperately, shaking him with her hands. She looked at Drew's face, he was about to say something, although it looked like he had to force it out.

    "M... Ma...M.." Drew got out.

    "Y-Yes?" May asked. Drew motioned for May to lean closer so that she could hear him. May did as he wanted, and put her ear near his mouth, waiting for him to speak.

    "My.. My balls.." Drew whispered. May blushed furiously and raised herself from the ground, looking around the room for help. Her eyes locked into a pink haired girl.

    "W-Who are you?" May asked, holding her hand with the other one. She glanced at the boy she had just recently kicked in the balls, but then looked at the girl once more. She looked almost like Solidad, with a few exceptions, one of them having a different hairstyle and being shorter. Her hair was resting free on her back, her hair also being longer than May's hair. The pink haired girl had a pink blouse, she probably didn't need to have anything extra on, but she had a pink shirt, as expected, underneath the blouse, and if you looked closely, you could see the lines from her bra. May looked down on the girl's chest and blushed when she noticed that the girl had the same breast size as herself, if not, even larger. The pink haired girl had a pretty and an amazingly short skirt, a weak breeze was enough to make it fly in the wind and reveal what was under it. The skirt was, also, pink.

    "I'm Amelia, now why are you staring at me like that?"

    "You're beautiful." May said and smiled. The girl blushed but then posed.

    "Of course I am, I mean, just look at me! You ain't too bad yourself, with that dress."

    The both girls smiled.

    "What's with all that pink?" May asked.

    "Oh, I just love pink! Imagine a world made of pink only.." the girl said and sighed, fantasizing about a world with pink everywhere. May put her index finger on her cheek and tried to imagine that, too, but sweatdropped at how retarded that would look like. Both girls were interrupted by Drew, who was chuckling, still lying on the ground.

    "What's so funny?" Amelia wondered.

    "It's funny how almost everything you have is pink, except for a few things."

    Amelia crossed her arms and grunted.

    "Well, too bad you can't buy everything in pink." she replied annoyed.

    "Really?" Drew said, still having trouble with speaking. "Last time I checked, you could buy pink underwear."

    Amelia blushed even worse than last time, and May wondered what Drew was talking about.

    "How did you.." she asked, blushing like crazy.

    "Well.." Drew said, trying to sit up. "Let's put it this way; I can still see them."

    The pink haired girl blushed even more. She then rushed over to Drew, pulled him up out of the floor, and then crossed her arms, looking the other way with her eyes closed.

    "There!" Amelia said, still blushing. "Now you can't see them!"

    "I don't need to." Drew replied. "I've already seen them long enough to know that green is your second favorite color. I wonder why?" he finished with sarcasm and flicked his hair.

    Amelia blushed so much that it probably wasn't possible to get her face more red, and she wanted to smack Drew in the face, maybe he would forget everything about her green underwear.

    "Shut up!" Amelia said and turned around, walking away a few steps from him.

    "Amelia, maybe you should try a more.. Not-so-short skirt." May said, chuckling and sweatdropping.

    "I-I will!" Amelia said, still pissed off. There was a long moment of silence, before May finally broke it.

    "Wha.. What are you guys doing here? What the HELL happened to that lamp? AND WHY IS JOHN ALL BEAT UP?" she bursted out. She ran past the blushing pink haired girl and the smirking green haired coordinator, to the unconscious boy on the floor.

    "John! Are you alright? What did you do to him?" May asked.

    "We just saved you." Drew replied, still smirking about Amelia's green underwear.

    "From what?" May wondered, trying to wake John up.

    "From that douche there." Drew said and pointed towards John. "I have to admit, he packs quite a punch, but I still got him."

    "But he didn't do anything!"

    May then explained everything, from where she had met John at the airport, to when all of this in the room had happened.

    "Oh." Amelia said after a moment. "So.. That dress isn't yours..?"

    May shook her head.

    "Now," May continued, and raised herself from the floor, "WHY DID YOU BEAT HIM UP AND CRASH IN INTO HIS HOUSE?"

    "We were only trying to save you, we thought you were in trouble." Drew replied, the smirk on his face now gone.

    "I see." May said. "But why did you think that I was in any danger?"

    "We heard you scream his name from outside." Drew said.

    "Oh please." Amelia added, "if she screams his name, it doesn't have to mean something bad happened, it could be something good, too. I told you we should've waited for more proof that she was in danger!"

    "Shut up, Pinky." Drew said, annoyed.

    "What do you mean with 'something good'?" May asked. She didn't get any response, Drew had crossed his arms with his head down and his eyes closed, while Amelia was shaking, about to explode with laughter. After a few seconds, May had finally realized what Amelia meant.

    "Hey! We didn't do anything! He just showed me his sketches!" May protected herself.

    "Yeah, right." Amelia said, still trying to suppress her laughter. "His 'sketch-'"

    She didn't finish that word, instead, she fell to the floor, laughing so hard that the sound of it went through the right now broken windows, outside and scared a few Pidgeys from a tree nearby in the process.

    "John!" she screamed, faking a couple making out on the ground. "Show me your 'sketches'! Oh, it's so good! Can you give me toooooooour?"

    May blushed madly, while Drew stood there, smirking. He had regained his evil smile after seeing Amelia's underwear while she rolled around on the floor, still faking a couple making out, but was now faking some more intimate moments.

    "Aren't you going to drop your green panties while you're still at it?" Drew said, still smirking. Amelia immediately stopped rolling around on the floor and stood up. She cleared her throat as the brunette and the green haired boy watched her with amusement. A cough from behind made all three of them jump from the ground, some more than others.

    "What the hell was that?" Amelia wondered, she had fell to the ground again after she heard that creepy cough.

    "John!" May screamed and sprinted to the boy who was struggling to get up.

    "What happened.. Are you okay, May?" he said, checking for a mirror to see his face. He looked at a mirror but didn't see what he had expected.

    "Who.. Who the hell are you? What are you doing here? And who the **** screwed my room?"

    He was about to to scream some more about his wrecked windows and furnitures, but his eyes locked on into a certain pink haired girl and shut his mouth. He turned around and faced the girl.

    "Such beauty, am I in heaven?" he asked. Amelia blushed at that statement, May slapped herself in her forehead and Drew also got red, but with jealousy. Everybody thought that John was flirting with her, but he was actually wondering if he was in heaven, his head was screaming for sleep and his vision was blurry. John shook his head, trying to wake from this beautiful dream where his room was completely ruined. May stepped in front of him and slapped him on his face.

    "Snap out of it, John! You're not dreaming." May said. John let out a sound that heard like a short 'ow', and then looked back at the pink haired girl.

    "Who are you guys?" he asked. None of them gave him an answer, but Drew soon stepped towards John and bowed.

    "Please forgive me, I am the reason for all of this. I will stand for the costs of all the damage I have done." he said and raised himself. John was surprised by the boy's sudden actions.

    "My my." John said, and then looked towards May. "I believe this is the boy you have a crush on? You have taught him well, or is it the other way around?"

    "WHAT?" May screamed. "No way!"

    "No?" John wondered. "I'm sorry, I thought you were the boy May has feelings for."

    "Am I not..?" Drew asked, feeling hurt.

    "N-No! I don't have a crush on anyone! John!" May answered.

    "I see." Drew said with closed eyes. "It must be Ketchum."

    "Can we please talk about this some other time? Would you and that lovely girl next to you explain what happened in here?"

    "I followed you guys from the hamburger bar. I asked this girl, Pinkelia, to come with me and save May from you. But I see that wasn't necessary." Drew replied.

    "Why would May be in any danger?" John asked.

    "It all looked suspicious." he said, embarrassed. "Again, I'm sorry for everything. I'll pay for all the damages done."

    John laughed, making Drew wonder if he had gone nuts after that punch to the face.

    "No need to, I'll get everything replaced soon enough. All I ask for return is your name!"

    "I'm Drew. Are you sure about this?"

    "Why of course! Money is not a problem for me, I assume it is not a problem for you, either."

    Drew nodded, he thought that this John was a pretty good guy after all.

    "Now," John continued, "Why don't we get to the pokécenter? I'll deal with my room later."

    Everybody nodded went outside using the emergency exit, they didn't wanna risk getting hurt by all of the falling pieces of glass. May and John went to his garage to get his car, but Drew and Amelia went towards the gate.

    "Hey!" John shouted. "Where are you going? There's still room in my car!"

    "Thanks, but we got our own. It's right over there." Drew said and pointed towards the black car not too faraway.

    "Wait, what?" John said surprised. "Is that your car?"

    Drew nodded and wondered why it was such a big deal.

    "So you two were the ones making out earlier?" John asked.

    Drew smirked and replayed the moment in his head, while Amelia shook her head and blushed, remembering the taste of hamburgers and lipstick mixed together.

    "We fooled ya, didn't we?" Drew asked proudly. May was looking at him, wondering how he could do things like that, fake a kiss..

    "Why yes you did! You were eating each other up! It was impossible to believe that you faked it. Or did you?" John said.

    "C'mon Drew, let's get out of here." Amelia said while pulling his arm towards the car. Drew still had that smirk on his face, and made a 'I'll tell you later' look to John. John smiled and motioned for May to enter his own car.

    "You have a driverslicense?" she asked, smiling.

    "Yeah, why else would I have this car?"

    "Whatever." May said and smiled. "Let's head to the pokécenter, after all of this, it'll be heaven to just rest over there."

    John nodded and started the car, and was about to drive to the center when he saw that Drew's car hadn't started yet.

    "Hey!" John said after he had pulled his car over next to Drew's and pulled down the car windows. "Are you gonna follow us to the center or what? And why haven't you started the car yet?"

    "Pink-elia here wants to drive my car." Drew replied with his eyes closed.

    "Then why don't you let her?" John asked. "Do you even have a driverslicense?"

    "No, he does not! That's why he should let me drive!" Amelia shouted from the passenger seat.

    "But you stink at driving. You're the reason John saw us in the first place. Why would a stalker park his car right outside his victim's gates?"

    "Are you retarded?" Amelia answered. "It was so that we could get a better view!"

    "You need glasses or something? I think you should get your vision tested or something."

    Amelia was about to rip Drew apart, but John stopped.

    "Hey, Drew?" he asked. Drew opened his eyes and looked at John.

    "Hm?" he replied.

    "I think you should let her drive this time." John said and sweatdropped.

    "Fine." Drew said, irritated. Both Amelia and Drew exited the car to change seats, they tried to change seats without exiting the car last time, but that didn't end so well. Drew had a frown while going to the passenger seat, while Amelia felt like singing 'In Your Face'. Both got into their respective seats. John was about to drive away but was stopped by Amelia's voice.

    "John! Can't you show us one of your buildings?" Amelia asked, still happy to be able to drive.

    "N..No, I'd rather not." he replied.

    "Please..?" May whined from behind his back. John sighed. He shook his head, making the two girls get disappointed.

    "C'mon John." Drew said. "I thought you were a man."

    John snapped up his head and looked into Drew's smirking face.

    "Fine." John said, now smirking, too. "I'll show you it, right now. Amelia, follow my car."

    Both of the girls screamed 'YAY', while John pulled up his car window, and Drew flicked his hair, still with that smirk on his face.

    'This'll get interesting.' John and Drew thought at the same time.

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    So far, I really like this story, I must say. I'll be sure to include more stuff when you update more.
    A PM list would be nice to be on as well.
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    Default Chapter 5: Releasement, Realization and a Kiss - Part 1

    Oh, hai. I didn't know you had an account here to, TanktheAggron ^^

    A little warning first; this chapter is pretty long..
    Had to split in 2.


    Chapter 5 - Realization, Releasement and a Kiss

    The three coordinators and John were now only a few minutes away from his building that he had designed. John's car was in the front leading the way, while Drew's car was a few feet behind, but with Amelia as the driver. Unknown to John and the others, they had been going around in circles, the cold night being the reason. But soon enough, John was starting to notice that.

    "****." he cursed, also slamming the steering wheel.

    "What is it..?" May wondered, she was slightly dozing away, the car had a very nice warming ability.

    "We've been going around for circles. See that tree over there? I've seen it before this night, two times."

    He glanced at May quickly when he didn't get any answer, she was sleeping, peacefully. He smiled and shook his head, trying to navigate in the cold and very dark night. He wondered how Drew and Amelia were doing right now. He cursed once more when he saw that tree.

    "Damn you, stupid tree." he whispered and gave it a glare.

    Over at Drew's car, things weren't so quiet.

    "I keep telling you that you'll lose him if you don't get closer!" Drew said, annoyed.

    "But there is a rule or something that you can't be too close to another car!" Amelia said, trying not to lose John's car in the dark.

    "What now? You don't even know what that rule is? And you have a driverslicense."


    "How should I know? I don't have a driverslicense, things like that doesn't concern me. Now drive closer, or we'll lose them. It's pretty dark right now."

    "Hmpf, FINE, but promise me you shut up!" Amelia said and went closer to John's car with a few millimeters. Drew looked at Amelia.

    "Well? Get closer, now!"

    "I JUST DID?"

    "What the f-, you what? I swear you drive like my grandma."

    "I DO NOT!"

    "THEN GET CLOSER!" Drew almost screamed, he then calmed himself down, promising himself not to lose his temper like that again. Amelia muttered something and then accelerated a bit, making them pretty close to John's car.

    "I swear.. If he suddenly just brakes and we crash into him, it's all your fault." Amelia said, thinking of a possible scenario where they crashed into John's vehicle, killing both of them.

    "Relax, this thing has airbags." Drew said, closing his eyes. "Where the hell are we? It's been 30 minutes, we should've been at the pokécenter by now. I don't even think that we're in Jubilife City anymore."

    "W.. What do you mean with that?" Amelia asked, looking at Drew.

    "For crying out loud, eyes on the road, you'll get us killed!" Drew said, making Amelia scream and watch the road again. "What do you think I mean, I mean we're not in the city anymore. There hasn't been any buildings around here for five minutes, either that or we've been heading the wrong way."

    "And what if we headed the wrong way?" Amelia asked, scared.

    "A ghost will come and get us.. BOOH!" Drew said with a scary voice, chuckling after that. Amelia however didn't really notice that Drew was joking and screamed, making Drew deaf for a few seconds.

    "Jeez.." Drew said, trying his hearing. "Maybe you should let me drive now?"

    "N-No, I think I can make it.." Amelia said, her eyes closing and then opened every few seconds.

    "I seriously doubt that. Next time John stops, we'll change places."

    Amelia nodded, and continued to concentrate on the road, following John's every turn. John had now finally found out what road they were on now, and was now heading the right direction back to Jubilife City. They we're right now just outside of the city, in a road that was in the middle of a forest. Back in Drew's black car, Amelia was trying to get her mind off of the ghosts Drew was talking about.

    "So.." she began. She glanced quickly at Drew, who had his eyes closed. Amelia didn't know if he was sleeping or not, maybe faking it, too.

    "How long've you been together with May?" she asked.

    "Zero seconds." Drew replied, still trying to rest with his eyes closed. "What time is it?"

    "Don't try to change the subject." Amelia said and smirked, still watching the road and John's car. "Now, how did you two meet?"

    "Can you please be quiet, I'm trying to sleep."

    "Naw, does the little baby have to get some sleep?"

    "Real funny." Drew said with sarcasm.

    "I know." Amelia said and winked. She then realized that Drew still had his eyes closed and slapped herself on the forehead. Although it looked like the opposite, Drew actually had his eyes opened and saw everything that had just happened, and smirked.

    'This girl..' he thought.


    "Are you sure?" a young teen asked, worried.

    "I certainly am young man, there is no sign of your Pikachu on any of the city's security cams." a man replied.

    The young boy sighed. He thanked the head of town security and went out of the office to see how Dawn was doing. As he expected, she was still thinking deeply. But instead of staring at the ground, the young blue haired girl watched as the night stars lit up the outskirts of the city. Ash sighed and approached her, hoping to meet her and get some answers.

    "Dawn?" the boy asked, watching the girl as she stood there, leaning against the wall of the building, still watching the stars and the moon.

    "It's almost fullmoon.." she whispered.

    "What?" Ash wondered.

    Dawn turned her head towards the young teenage boy.

    "Isn't it beautiful, Ash?" she said, the first thing she had ever said since that strange thing happened at that hotel, and besides what she had just whispered.

    "I.." Ash got out, starting to get more worried about the girl. "I think so."

    The girl smiled, and so did Ash.

    "Dawn? Are you.. Feeling alright?" he asked, looking deeply into her blue eyes that was almost shining from the moonlight.

    "Yeah.. Why shouldn't I be?" she replied with an ever so beautiful smile.

    "You've been acting.. Strange, lately. I was starting to get worried."

    "Oh, that's so sweet.." She said and looked down, putting one shoe against the wall to get a better grip. "I'm fine, you don't have to worry, Ash. I'm just thinking about a few things.."

    She looked up into the sky again, leaving Ash with a funny expression on his face.

    "Like what..?" Ash wondered.

    He didn't get any answer, she was still standing there, looking at the stars. Ash sighed. He decided to join Dawn with her sky-watching and went next to her, also leaning at the wall.

    'Boring.' Ash thought.

    Dawn then suddenly turned her head and faced Ash, catching him a little bit off guard.

    "Ash..?" she said.

    "Y-Yeah?" Ash tried to say, he couldn't believe that Dawn was so pretty under the moonlight.

    "Can I ask you a question?" she asked.

    "S-Sure!" Ash stuttered.

    "Promise me you'll be honest with me." she said with a serious face. Ash gulped, this was something real serious. He then looked into Dawn's blue eyes and nodded. She took a deep breath and once again looked up at the stars, but then turned around to face Ash. She was standing right in front of him, with her arms pushed against the wall, with Ash's head between them. Ash could feel her breath slowly hitting his lips every few seconds, their faces only a few inches apart. Ash gulped, he had never seen Dawn like this. She was staring directly into his auburn colored eyes.

    "Ash." she finally said. "Who am I to you?"

    'Is that all?' Ash thought and sighed inside.

    "Your friend..?" he answered.

    "Is.. Is that all I am to you?"

    "Um.. Can I be more?"

    Dawn backed away slightly after hearing that.

    "So all of those hugs, high-fives.. Meant nothing to you..?"

    "What? Of course they did!"

    "In what way?"

    "I.. Um, hugs are cool!"

    Dawn's hopes of getting together with Ash quickly vanished.

    "I see.." she said and backed away from him, but still looking deeply into his eyes. Ash didn't move, did he do something wrong?

    "Then I am just a friend of yours like everybody else.." she continued, keeping her hands close to her heart. "Everyone, except one special girl, of course.. It's funny, here I thought you would be my first love." she said and forced a weak smile to emerge.

    "Dawn, what are you talking about?" the boy wondered, he really had no idea.

    "It's okay." she continued. "I understand. But I really envy her, that girl.." she said and closed her eyes, squeezing her night scarf with her hand. Ash just stood there, needing a translator for all of this.

    "We should head back." she said quietly, thoughts swirling around in her head. "It's getting late, Brock and Nurse Joy are probably worried and waiting for us."

    With that said, she turned around and started walking, leaving a confused Ash behind. Dawn stopped walking, trying to suppress the wave of tears wanting to get out, but it was no use. The tears were now running freely down her cheek, dropping down to the ground after reaching her chin. She clenched her fists, and then started running. Running towards the town full of lights, full of people, full of.. Joy.

    "Dawn, wait!" Ash screamed and ran after the blue haired girl.

    'What did I do now?' he thought as he tried to run faster, slowly losing the girl out of sight.


    The brunette opened her eyes and found herself standing in the middle of a large field, full of flowers and beautiful pokémon like Beautifly and Butterfree, flying around, enjoying the summer days. The brown haired girl sighed as she watched the pokémon fly around in the beautiful field, having no problems at all. The teenage girl just stood there and watched, feeling jealousy over their simple life as pokémons. She could hear footsteps coming from behind, but didn't care to turn around, watching this field full of life was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The footstep sounds were now getting closer, and the person, so May assumed, was now standing next to her, also watching the beautiful scene in front of them. May could sense that the person next to her watched her body closely, but she didn't exactly care, somehow, she trusted this person.

    "It's so beautiful.." May whispered, still gazing at the field and the pokémon. She didn't get any answer, why would she? She never asked the person anything.

    "Uhuh." the person said.

    May sighed. The person's voice was so sweet.. Was it John? No, impossible, why would he be with her?

    "I've missed you." the boy almost whispered.

    "Have you?" May answered.

    It took a while before the boy said anything else.

    "Of course, May. It's been years."

    "Yes it has." May said. She then turned around and faced the boy. He was so handsome..

    "But we haven't met yet." May continued. "This isn't real.."

    The boy stepped closer and was now standing in front of her. The raven haired boy took both of her hands, holding them, while staring deeply into her sapphire eyes.

    "This.. This isn't real, this is just a dream.." May whispered, trying to convince herself.

    "So what if it is?" the boy said and leaned closer, bringing the girl into a soft but passionate kiss.

    "Ash.." she whispered and opened her eyes. She sighed when she realized that she was still in that car with John. She sighed once more, wishing that she could experience all that once again. She gave out a big yawn which made John chuckle.

    "Sleep well?" he asked, smiling. But he only received a big yawn for answer.

    "For how long was I gone..?" she asked, trying to fix her vision.

    "About 5 minutes." John answered. "We can see the city from here, shouldn't be too long before we're there. It's almost midnight, and we'll soon get some sleep."

    May nodded and was about to head back to sleep some more, maybe she would dream that same dream, but then, she heard something familiar.

    "Pika pikapi!"

    Her eyes went wide, and she looked out of the window trying to spot what was making that sound.

    "Pikachu?" she said, still trying to find the source of that sound. "John, did you hear that?"

    "H.. Hear what?" he almost stuttered, still having his eyes on the road.

    "I could almost swear that I just heard something.."


    "THERE, there it was again, please tell me you heard that, John."

    "I'm sorry, maybe you're hallucinating? You should probably get some more sleep."

    "No, John, pull over now. Please."

    John cursed himself for not taking the other way to the town, and slowed down the vehicle, pulling into the side of the road. Both of them exited the vehicle, and then heard a high pitched sound, it was Drew's car that was slowing down, but they almost crashed into John's car. John and May could see Drew and Amelia get out of the car, having a fight about something. Amelia rushed towards the front of Drew's car and pointed at that place.

    "See? We almost crashed into him! And it's your fault!" she said, glaring at Drew.

    "But we didn't." he said and flicked his hair. "That means, I was right."


    "But we didn't. That's what I meant. We didn't crash, therefore, I was right."

    Amelia was about to punch him in the face, but stopped when she heard a strange noise.

    "What the hell was that?" she asked, looking at the forest right in front of them.

    "You heard that, too?" May asked. "It sounds like pokémon."

    "Yeah.. Why did we stop anyway?" Amelia asked.

    "I thought I heard Pikachu.. We need to get going!" she said and started walking towards the dark forest that was emitting strange sounds. She turned around once and noticed that nobody followed her.

    "Well? Come on!" she said, motioning for them to join her.

    "May, it's a forest, it's probably just the pokémon mating." John replied and sighed.

    "What? Alright then, Amelia, come with me!" May said, starting to get annoyed.

    "NO WAY, IT'S TOO SCARY!" Amelia screamed, holding Drew's arms.

    "D-Drew..?" May asked. Drew thought about it for a little while.

    "It's probably just the pokémon mating, as John said." he answered, and John sighed with relief.

    "But." Drew added. "If you say something is wrong, then we have to check it out."

    "Thank you!" May said and gave him a huge smile. "Now let's go!"

    Drew nodded and followed May into the dark forest. John sighed once more before following the two teens. Amelia, on the other hand, stood there alone, watching the three teens walk away from her.

    "Fine! I'll stay right here! I'll guard the cars!" she said and crossed her arms. She was expecting that someone would ask her to come with them, but they were soon lost out of sight in the forest. Amelia sighed, and looked around in the road filled with darkness. Not being able to handle her fear, she ran towards the same direction that her friends just went to.

    "WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she screamed, running with all her might, afraid that the darkness might eat her up.


    "Damn she's fast." a young teen said while trying to catch his breath. "I just hope she made it there without any trouble."

    The raven haired boy then prepared himself for an other running round, and started sprinting towards the pokécenter that was just a few seconds away from him. He reached the pokécenter doors, and took a deep breath before entering, hoping to find Dawn somewhere inside. When he walked inside, he was surprised to see that Brock was taking care of more than 10 pokémon that wanted to get some food and stuff like that. Brock heard the doors slide open and turned his head, seeing Ash stand there, looking all beat up.

    "Hi Ash." he said and smiled.

    "Hey, Brock." Ash answered and took a seat. "H-Have you seen Dawn?"

    Brock nodded.

    "What did you do to her, Ash..?" Brock wondered with a serious face. Ash sighed in relief, he had thought that Dawn was kidnapped or mugged on her way to the pokécenter.

    "I.. I don't know, Brock. Girls are so.. Complicated, she asked me a few questions, hugged me, hit me, almost killed me-"

    "Ash, wait, I'm just gonna give these pokémon their food so they can head to sleep."

    Ash nodded and sighed. It had been a very, very long day. He closed his eyes, wanting to take a little rest before Brock was done, but instead of just resting, he went of to sleep, exhausted.

    He stood there, in the evening, looking at the beautiful sunset. Why, he did not know. What time was it? He did not know. Where is everybody? He did not know. He sighed, still gazing at the red-orange sun, slowly slipping down in the ocean water in the horizon. He looked down to his feet, he was standing on a cliff that went pretty far out over the beach water. He looked to his sides, seeing nothing more but a long shore, never ending. He looked behind him, and only saw tight trees. He was trapped, he thought. But he liked it, just standing there, watching the sunset, alone. Or so he thought.

    "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

    Ash fell to the ground, almost crapping his pants after hearing that. He looked down at the ground, relieved that he hadn't fallen into the water. Or sand..

    "Hm, careful." somebody said and giggled.

    Ash, who finally had recovered from that.. Fall, looked up to see a person standing there, also watching the sunset.

    "Ouch.. That really hurt. Yeah, it's kinda pretty." Ash said, still rubbing his butt that hurt. "Wait, who are you?"

    "Silly, don't you know me?" the person said and giggled, also still gazing at the sunset. Ash tried to see who it was, but that person had a black parasol that covered his or her face, making him unable to see the person's face, head, or even hair. Ash raised himself, and rubbed his butt one last time.

    "No.. Who are you?" Ash asked, wanting to rub his butt some more.

    "So.. You've forgotten about me?" the person said, not giggling anymore.

    "What are you talking about? I can't even see your face, and what the hell are we doing out here anyway?" Ash asked, looking around once more.

    "Silly boy, you don't have to see anyone to know who they are.." the person said softly.

    "Well.." Ash said, trying to see through the black parasol. "You're wearing a nice red dress that parasol ladies usually have, so that makes you a girl. Plus, you have a girlish sweet voice."

    The person, who probably was a girl after what Ash had noticed, giggled.

    "More..? Do you know who I am?" the girl asked, not moving from the spot.

    Ash grew impatient, he always hated those stupid riddles and silly questions.

    "No, I don't! But I wanna know!" he screamed, sprinting towards the girl who was a few feet from him. He grabbed her shoulder with his hand and was about to turn her around to see her face, but as soon as he did that, he woke up, wanting to punch someone in the face for that.

    "Damn it!" Ash screamed, making Brock jump in surprise.

    "Sheesh, Ash!" Brock said, still holding his hand to his heart. "Bad dream?"

    "Nah.. But I don't know if you could call it a good one, either. For how long was I gone?"

    "About 30 minutes, I believe."

    "WHAT?" Ash screamed, making Brock jump again, holding his heart with his other hand, too.


    Ash chuckled a bit and rubbed the back of his head.

    "Heh, sorry, it's just that it's been a really long day."

    "Alright, Ash. Tell me everything, from the start, I'm listening." Brock said and took a seat next to Ash. Ash took a very unusual deep breath before he told Brock everything about what happened with him, Dawn and Pikachu. After a moments thinking, he decided to tell about the dream he just had about that strange, annoying girl. After he had finished telling everything, Brock sat there with a funny but serious expression on his face.

    "Ash.. Do you realize what you have done?" he asked.

    "N.. No?" Ash wondered.

    "You broke her heart." Brock said with a serious tone.

    "I what? How did I do that? I only hugged her, I didn't realize I squeezed her that hard.." Ash said, putting his index finger on his cheek. Brock face palmed after hearing Ash's answer.

    "Not like that, Ash. The other way."

    "What way? Did I make her heart stop?"

    Brock face palmed once more, and then accidentally fell off the chair, still having his hand on his forehead. This was going to be a lot more harder than he thought. After all of these years, Ash, for some reason, still hadn't learned anything about love. Brock chuckled, how could he have been? It's always been about the pokémon battles, nothing else.

    "No, Ash. Let me ask you this: Why do you think she wants you to hug her?" Brock asked after getting himself up from the floor.

    Ash thought about it for a moment. Brock smiled, maybe he was going to figure it out?

    "Cause.. She likes to grab people?"

    Brock punched himself in the stomach, making Ash wonder if he had gone nuts.

    "No, Ash. Keep guessing."

    "Well, I dunno.. She just likes hugging?"

    "Right, right." Brock said, nodding. "And why do people hug, exactly?"

    "To get warmer?"

    "Jeez, Ash! Pay attention!"

    "Alright alright!" Ash said and frowned. "Cause, they like hugging each other?"

    "Uhuh.. Why do they like that, Ash?"

    "Cause.. It's nice?"

    "Yes! And why is it nice, Ash?"

    "How should I know?"

    Brock slapped himself in his forehead again, maybe he was asking the wrong questions?

    "Alright Ash, I'm gonna head straight for it. Why do you think Dawn wants to hug you that badly?"

    "I don't know.. I don't know, Brock!" Ash almost screamed and shook his head, resting it on his hands.

    "Concentrate Ash! This is important! Now, why doesn't Dawn come to me for hugs instead of wanting them from you?"

    "Cause.. She wants to hug me!"

    "Right! Why does she want to hug you, and only you?" Brock asked, getting his hopes up.

    "Cause.. I don't know!" Ash said and laughed. Brock fell to the floor once more, getting frustrated.

    "Alright, Ash." Brock said from the ground. "What would you say, if I told you that Dawn loved you?"

    "LOVES ME? I.. I would say that that is impossible!" Ash almost screamed.

    "Oh yeah?" Brock said, getting up from the floor, again. "Well, I am telling you that, right now. Dawn loves you. You turned her down."

    "H.. WHAT? How can she love me? How did I turn her down? I didn't do anything!"

    "Didn't you, Ash? Didn't you? Think of every action she has made towards you, think of everything she has said to you, everything she has asked you, and everything you've answered her. Think about it!"

    Ash sighed and leaned against his chair. He closed his eyes, replaying every single moment these past few days about him and Dawn. After a few moments, Ash finally opened his eyes, staring at the ground, while Brock awaited his next move, hoping that he would understand.

    "I.." Ash got out. He then hid his face with his hands, leaning forward.

    "What have I done..?"


    "May." John said and sighed. They had been wandering around in the forest for five minutes, following May around that tried to find any evidence for that something was wrong. "Let's get out of here, it's getting late, I think it's past midnight, May."

    "He's right." Drew added. "We've been walking around for a few minutes and haven't found anything yet. We should head to the pokécenter, it's not too far away from our cars."

    May sighed, she knew she couldn't do anything else than to listen to what Drew and John wanted to.

    "P-P-Please, May?" Amelia stuttered, holding May's arm. "I'm starting to freak out, I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!"

    "No?" Drew said and smirked. "I can see your panties."

    "OH SHUT UP!" Amelia screamed back. "Now can we please get out of here? I'm freezing!"

    "Alright, let's go." May said and turned around.

    A large roar could be heard, echoing through the forest, sending down shivers through the teens spines.

    "C..C.. Can we go, now, like, NOW?" Amelia said, holding May's arm tightly.

    "Something is seriously up. Let's go, John, May." Drew said and headed towards the roaring sound.

    "ARE YOU CRAZY?" she said, letting go of May. But nobody listened to her, they just went off to that sound, ignoring her. Like last time, she screamed for them to wait for her while sprinting after them.

    "Damn." was all Drew could get out. The teens were now looking at a raging giant looking creature, that tried to escape from a massive net that looked like it was made out of pretty strong material. Several men were trying to push the pokémon down using ropes, but it didn't look like they succeeded. More than half of the people that tried to calm the pokémon down flew off in different directions after being violently dragged towards the pokémon and then attacked with a Hyper Beam, making them unconscious and hurt pretty badly.

    "Stop! You're hurting it!" May screamed, running in to the middle of everything.

    "May! Get back here!" Drew screamed and went to go get her back.

    John and Amelia just stood there, eyes wide open.

    "****, is that.. A Blastoise?" John asked, still watching everything that happened.

    "I.. I think so.. But it's, huge! It's ten times bigger than my car!" Amelia screamed, almost fainting.

    "C'mon, let's help out May and Drew." John said and followed the two teens.

    "No way, I'm staying RIGHT, HERE!" she said, backing off. But as she watched everything in front of her, she had two choices, either run away into the dark, or help her friends out here in the.. Well, it was pretty light with all of the Hyper Beams being shot. She sighed, and then ran after John.

    "What do you think you're doing, kid! Get outta her!" a person in black clothes said.

    "No way! Stop with what you're doing, right now!" May screamed.

    "You want it that way, huh?" the person said. "Poochyena, go!"

    The person with black clothes and an 'R' printed on the shirt threw his pokéball high into the air, soon unleashing a black and grey hyena creature, waiting for orders.

    "OH YEAH?" May screamed, grabbing a pokéball, too. She was about to throw it into the air and call out her Venusaur, but Drew stepped in front of her, stopping her.

    "Please allow me, May." he said, flicking his hair. "Absol, go!"

    He threw a pokéball not so high into the air, and soon enough, a dark blue pokémon covered in white fur with a tuft on its head materialized in front of them.

    "Sooool!" it screeched, waiting for Drew's orders.

    "Absol, tackle it." he said, crossing his arms.

    Absol wondered why his master gave out such a weak order, but obeyed any way and tackled the little hyena, making it faint instantly.

    "No!" the person in black said, rushing towards his fainted pokémon. "Are you alright?"

    "C'mon May, let's save the Blastoise." he said, watching the pathetic trainer and his weak pokémon. "You too, Absol."

    Drew and May worked together to bring these bad guys down, one by one, giving the big Blastoise time to escape. It was about to launch a Hydro Pump towards the two people that didn't wear black, but redirected its attack towards the others when it saw them helping it. It let out a big roar, now completely free from that annoying net. May smiled when she saw that.

    "Blastoise! You're alright!" she screamed, looking at the giant turtle.

    "Stoise!" it replied.

    "May." Drew said, grabbing another pokéball; His Absol was getting tired from battling one after another. "More on the way."

    May turned around and saw at least 10 more persons, ready to bring the two teens down, no matter what the cost. She brought up one of her pokéballs and returned her now tired Venusaur.

    "You deserve a nice long rest." she said, smiling at the pokéball.

    "I'll take these guys, maybe I'll leave one for you. Maybe." he said, calling out his Roserade, a flower looking creature that looked like it also had some white hair, with pink and red flowers as 'hands'.


    Drew had totally forgot that it was in the middle of the night, there was no sun. Roserade's Solarbeam attack was less than not effective, and unfortunately for them, most of the bad guys pokémon were fire types. Roserade immediately fainted after a direct hit from a high leveled Overheat attack.

    "****." Drew said as he recalled his fainted flower. "Your turn, May."

    "Right." she said, grabbing a pokéball. "Blaziken, take the stage!"

    May was about to call out an attack, but was stopped when someone else behind did it instead.

    "Hydreigon, Hyper Voice now!"

    A large, ear hurting sound could be heard that echoed through the forest, even so powerful that it made the ground shake and made a few people faint. As the persons in black were now temporarily unable to do anything, John, who had called the attack, and Drew, prepared to take them out in one shot.

    "Alright, Flygon, you're-"

    "Hold it!" May interrupted him, preventing him from taking his pokéball. "Allow me to, Drew." she continued and winked.

    Drew sighed. Just this time then. He was already better than her on everything anyways. But why did she choose Ketchum over him?

    "Blaziken, Flamethrower!" she said, grabbing another pokéball while doing so. "Beautifly, you're up!"

    "Hydreigon, use-"

    A large, but powerful stream of water came from behind the teens, hitting the men in front with a powerful force. A few men had been starting to recover from the Hyper Voice from before, but with the Hydro Pump that was just launched, they also fell to the ground, joining their already fainted companions.

    "Aw, man, did you have to?" John asked, irritated. The giant turtle chuckled as answer.

    "Alright, Beautifly, String Shot!"

    The butterfly pokémon launched a thin but strong web against the men, binding them, making them unable to move, if they even could.

    "Flygon, return." Drew said, recalling his giant green looking insect-dragon. "Let's recall their pokémon too, before they recover."

    The three teens were about to grab a few pokéballs and recall the pokémon, but then heard a siren sound getting closer every second.

    "Hold it right there!"

    The siren sound was now next to the three teens revealing a motorbike with an extra seat by the side, driven by someone who probably was an officer. The motorbike stopped in front of them quite forcefully, making it look like the bike was about to flip over.

    "Growlithe, prepare for a Flamethrower!" the officer said, jumping out of the bike. An orange colored puppy with black stripes jumped out of the bike together with its master.

    "Oh please." Drew said, smirking. "You think that little thing could defeat me?"

    Officer Jenny clenched a fist.

    "Excuse me? Was that an insult?" she said, glaring at Drew. But Drew just stood there, still smirking.

    "With all due respect, Officer Jenny, we're three persons, against you and your Growlithe. Do you think you have a chance?" Drew then looked over at John, who sighed and nodded, he knew what to do.

    "So it was an insult." Officer Jenny replied and gritted her teeth. "Growlithe, tackle them!"

    The red-orange puppy also gritted its teeth, and then charged towards the green haired coordinator. But Drew just stood there, smirking. The puppy had now jumped into the air, aiming for Drew somewhere under his stomach.

    "Hyper Voice.." John said and sighed. As before, a large schreech could be heard, but this one was a little bit weaker than the last two ones. The puppy quickly fell to the ground after being an inch from Drew's crotch, trying to cover it's ears. Officer Jenny also fell to the ground, trying to get the ringing in her ears to stop. And under all of this, Drew still stood on the same place, still smirking, even though he was about to fall from the force from Hydreigon's Hyper Voice. After a little moment, Officer Jenny had regained her hearing, and saw her puppy in front of her, fainted. Drew's smirk went even wider when he saw that the puppy had fainted.

    "It.. Fainted?" he said, still smirking with his hands in his pockets. Officer Jenny rushed to her puppy, wondering if it was alright.

    "Are you okay?" she asked, rubbing its fur. The puppy nodded, still having a headache from that loud scream. Officer Jenny gritted her teeth and picked up her radio.

    "This is Office Jenny, I need immediate backup to the Jubilife Forest, bring the dogs!"

    "But officer, we are not the bad guys!" May said and stepped forward.

    "Then who is? We've been having reports of criminals capturing peoples pokémon, and that this is the place were they store them!" Officer Jenny said.

    "Officer, they're right over there." John said, pointing to the group of men lying on the ground with web covering their bodies.

    "Oh my, did you do all this?" Officer Jenny asked, stunned. "How did you stop Team Rocket?"

    "We'll explain later." Drew said, flicking his hair. "Now can we please recall their pokémon. I don't think that the web will hold for the fire pokémon.

    "Right." Officer Jenny said and nodded while recalling her fainted puppy. "I'll help you."

    The three teens plus Officer Jenny recalled every foe pokémon, while the backup was on the way. Meanwhile, the teens told everything to the officer, about how they got here and what Team Rocket were doing with that giant Blastoise.

    "Giant Blastoise?" Officer Jenny asked. "Are you kids high? Don't make me report you guys!"

    "We're not!" May said, feeling tired.

    "Well, I haven't heard anything about a giant Blastoise. But I have heard that Team Rocket is using someplace in Jubilife City to store the stolen pokémon, I guess it must be somewhere around here. Kids, help me find it." Officer Jenny said, starting her bike up. "I didn't see anything on my way here, but I did hear some strange pokémon noises. We'll split up, you guys take that side while I scan this side again. They must be somewhere around here."

    The teens nodded and went off to find the stored pokémon somewhere in the forest. Drew and May went together to check one side while John sat on the other seat in the motorbike with Officer Jenny. After a while, May was starting to yawn, feeling that she would like to sleep, here in the forest if necessary.

    "Maybe you should head back to the car." Drew said, listening for any sounds of the stolen pokémon. "I don't think we'll find anything in this part of the forest."

    "No.." May whispered. "We have to find Pikachu."

    "Pikachu? You mean Ketchum's?" Drew wondered.

    "Y-Yeah, I think I heard it before, that's why we stopped in the first place."

    "Really? Then they must be somewhere close to the road, c'mon, we've been looking at the wrong place."

    May didn't have the power left to open her mouth and answer, so she just nodded. Being so dark out there in the woods, Drew didn't even see when she nodded, making her lose power for nothing. May was about to take a little rest by leaning against a tree, but then heard something.

    "You heard that? Or am I going crazy?" May asked, scared.

    "No, I heard that. Let's go." Drew said, heading the way where the sounds came from.

    The sounds got louder and louder the closer the two of them went, while the trees got less thicker the further they got into the woods, somehow.

    "Damn." Drew said, stunned.

    They had reached to a part of the forest that had a large lake, and there was probably over 50 cages with pokémon locked by the lake, screaming and trying to get out using their attacks, it was obviously not working. Drew and May was now standing in front of them, making every pokémon quiet, they wondered if those two were good or bad guys.

    "Pika pikapi!"

    "Pikachu!" May screamed, now feeling a little bit more awake. She rushed to a little cage that contained the little mouse pokémon.

    "Pikachu! Are you alright?" May asked, trying to unlock the cage.

    "Pi pikachu!" he answered.

    "Oh, that's good!" she said, still trying to unlock the cage. Pikachu sweatdropped at this. "Where's Ash?"

    "Pi, pikachu, pikapi pi.. Kachu.. Cha..." it said, shaking its head.

    "You left him? He saw who naked?" May wondered.

    "Pikapi, pikachu."

    "IS HE DEAD?" May screamed, making Pikachu slap himself on the head.

    "Pikachu! Pikapi, pipikachu!"

    "What do you mean 'he's probably dead'?"

    Pikachu once again slapped himself on the forehead, not wanting to talk more about his master.

    "Don't worry, we'll get you guys out of her!" May said, looking back at Drew, who just stood there, staring at her and the mouse creature.

    "Drew, let's get Officer Jenny!" May said.

    Drew nodded, and soon enough the two of them went to get Officer Jenny and John, leaving confused pokémon behind, thinking that the two people had left them.

    "May." Drew said, still concentrating, trying to figure out where they were.

    "Yeah?" May said, watching the green haired coordinator trying to navigate.

    "How did you understand Pikachu?" he asked, closing his eyes, trying to listen for the officer's motorbike.

    "I.. I don't know." May answered, suddenly realizing that she had understood every word Pikachu had said to her.

    "Never mind about that right now." Drew said, getting annoyed. "Help me find our way to Officer Jenny."

    May nodded and joined Drew in his trying-to-figure-out-where-we-are looking, also feeling the sleepiness returning, slowly but surely.


    Back at the pokécenter, with the boy and the breeder, things were a lot more calmer, atleast for one of them.

    "Damn it, damn it, damn it, DAMN IT!" Ash screamed, punching himself in the stomach. Brock looked at him, wondering if he was going nuts.

    "Where is she?" Ash asked, he had been torturing himself for not realizing the girl's true feelings about him sooner.

    "She's in her room, room 6." Brock answered, now taking care of his own pokémon, feeding them before they went off to sleep. "Are you sure want you to meet her now?"

    "I.. I have to apologize.." Ash sighed, standing up.

    "I know you want to do that, but Ash, don't you think that it gets worse when you tell her that you don't love her, again?" Brock asked, recalling his pokémon so that they could get some rest.

    "I.. But I.."

    "Ash. She's going through a lot right now. You should get some rest. And about the hotel room, forget that, you can head there tomorrow with someone else or something, you should take my room."

    "But where will you sleep?" Ash wondered.

    "I, eheh.." Brock said and blushed.

    "Oh, did it go well with Nurse Joy?" Ash asked, teasing him.

    "For a matter of fact, it did!" Brock said and smiled. "But her name is actually Mary Joy."

    "What?" Ash asked, stunned. "Oh right, Joy is their last name, everybody has their own forename of course."

    "Yes, she's wonderful!" Brock said and started dreaming, but went back to reality pretty soon. "Ash, here's the keys. Get some sleep."

    Ash sighed, he knew he couldn't to anything. But all his energy came back just like that when he thought about Pikachu.

    "PIKACHU! WHERE IS HE?" he screamed, making Brock cry in pain as he got scared.

    "ASH! THINK ABOUT MY HEART FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" Brock screamed, holding his hands next to his heart.

    "Sheesh, sorry.. Have you seen Pikachu? I can't find him, we've been checking the town's security cams but they haven't picked up anything yet."

    "Maybe he's not in the city? But you shouldn't think about that right now, get some sleep." Brock said and stood up, walking towards Ash.

    "I don't know.. It feels like I'm letting him down if I stop looking, Brock." Ash said and sighed, thinking about his best friend.

    "You have a lot going on right now, get some sleep, or I'll make you." Brock said and chuckled.

    "How..?" Ash asked, yawning.

    Brock then pressed a pressure point somewhere near Ash's neck, making him fall to the floor, sleeping, and, snoring.

    "Woah! I can't believe that sleeping trick worked! I have to thank Mary later." Brock said and laughed. He then prepared to bring Ash into one of the pokécenter rooms, trying to do so without waking the boy up.


    "I have to hand it to you guys, you've done some pretty amazing work here tonight. Although I still don't believe that there is a giant Blastoise walking around somewhere around the forest." Officer Jenny said and smiled.

    "It was nothing really.." John said and sighed. They were standing by the lake, watching as the policemen arrested the bad guys and pokémon, too. They had already released the pokémon, but kept most of them as they didn't know where their masters were, so the police had to put up an announcement in the city about them. Slowly, but surely, one by one pokémon was picked up by their respective trainers, and soon enough, there was only one remaining.

    "Cha..." the yellow rodent complained.

    "Nobody understands you." Drew said, thinking about something. "May's asleep."

    He looked at the brunette that was 'resting' on a large rock, sleeping sweetly. Pikachu sighed, and Drew kept thinking that something was missing.

    "Well, I don't think that you guys can help anymore, unless you know anything more?" Jenny asked.

    John and Drew shook their heads, although John shook it a little bit more violently.

    "Alright, then I guess you guys can head out of here, but I do require that you guys file a report for me tomorrow, you should probably get some sleep now." she said, yawning.

    "Alright Drew, let's go." John said, wondering who would carry May to the car.

    "Something is wrong." Drew said, still thinking hard with his eyes closed.

    "What?" John wondered, he didn't want anymore to do with this.

    Drew didn't respond, he was still trying to figure out what the hell was making him concerned. For some reason the word 'green' was on his mind.

    'Hm.' he thought. 'Why the hell does it feel like something is missing? Something.. Green.. Annoying, beautiful.. Someone.'

    Drew then snapped up his head, making John jump by surprise.

    "Where the hell is Amelia?" Drew suddenly said, staring at John.

    "Amelia? She's right-"

    John turned around, trying to spot her somewhere in the crowd of policemen. After a moment, he sighed and turned to face Drew.

    "****." was all he said, slapping himself in the forehead.

    "Why are you swearing young man? One more word like that and it's going in the report!"

    "I'm sorry officer. But one of our friends are missing." John replied with a sigh.

    "What? Are you serious?"

    "Yes. Drew, where are you going?" John asked.

    "To find her." Drew said as he walked into the dark forest once more. John sighed, and then turned towards Officer Jenny for advice.

    "I guess we should go look for her." she said, motioning for another policeman to come over. "We need to find a little girl, we have to search the whole forest."

    "How does she look like?" the policeman asked.

    "15 years old, pink haired, pink clothes. Shouldn't be too hard to find." John answered.

    "Right." the policeman said and nodded. "The search should take a maximum of 10 minutes to cover the whole forest with our men."

    "This is a priority one search, make it quicker." Officer Jenny added.

    The policeman made a quick salute, and then went off to execute the search order.

    "I think you should go help Drew with that side, I'll organize my men."

    John then ran off after Drew, finding him after sprinting for five minutes, now how the hell did Drew get out here so fast?

    "Drew? Found her yet?" he asked, catching his breath. Drew stopped walking after hearing John's question, but still didn't turn around.

    "You know." Drew started, taking his hands out off the pockets. "I've heard many retarded questions, but that one takes the prize."

    "So you haven't..?" John asked, finally being able to breathe normally. It took a while before Drew answered.

    "I guess that one took the first place instead."

    John gave out a short laugh, and then, silence.

    "We should head back, maybe the police has spotted her." John finally said.

    He didn't get any answer, instead, Drew picked up his cellphone and dialed a number.

    "Hi!" a voice could be heard from Drew's phone. "Sorry, you've reached Amelia's phone, but I'm not here right now, please leave a message after the beep."


    Silence. Nobody said anything, John didn't move, he just watched as Drew still held the phone next to his ear. But soon, Drew finally spoke.

    "Listen." he said and paused. "Pick up the phone, now."

    Nothing could be heard.

    "If I.." he continued. "If I find out that somebody kidnapped her, I'll rip your whole body apart, and if you so much as touch her-"

    He was interrupted by a long beep, signaling that he was recieving an incoming call. He pushed a button, ending the call and switched to the incoming one.

    "It's Ken." a voice could be heard. "I picked up her phone's signal, she's in the forest."

    Drew's eyes went wide, so did John's.

    "Do you have her location?" Drew asked, clenching his fist.

    "Yes." the voice said. "I'll send it right away."

    "Wait, Ken." Drew quickly said, stopping the person from ending the call.

    "Yes?" the person, Ken, said.

    "Thank you." Drew said, closing his eyes.

    The person was clearly surprised over what Drew had just said, as he didn't respond immediately.

    "Anytime." Ken finally said and ended the call.

    Drew lowered the phone and looked up at the night sky, watching the moon as it lit up the whole forest. After a few seconds, another beep could be heard, making Drew raise the phone again, checking the coordinates for Amelia's location. John had now snapped out of his temporary freeze and walked to Drew, putting his hand on Drew's shoulder.

    "Alright! We know where she is, she's almost in front of us!" John said, checking Drew's cellphone.

    "No.. No.." Drew said, shaking his head.

    "What?" John asked, walking in front Drew towards Amelia's shown location. "She's right here let's go!"

    Drew shook his head once more, and for some reason, turned around and walked away towards Officer Jenny and the other policemen.

    "Hey! Where the hell are you going?"

    Without turning around, Drew threw his cellphone high into the air, making John almost jump to catch it.

    "Drew!" John screamed, holding the cellphone in his hands, watching the green haired coordinator slowly get out off sight. Instead of giving John an answer, Drew put his hands in his pockets, thinking about the pink haired girl. John shook his head, maybe Drew wanted him to get Amelia for him? He sighed, and started following the mark on the forest map displayed on the cellphone, and it also gave out beeping sounds that went faster the closer he got to the marking. He had now entered a clearing in the forest, free from thick trees. The beeping sound was now beeping rapidly; he was pretty close by now.

    "Amelia!" he screamed, trying to spot the pink haired girl.

    No answer. He sighed and continued to walk. Drew's cellphone was beeping like crazy, it showed him that he was right on the marking. He looked around but still couldn't spot Amelia anywhere. He shook his head, he didn't understand, she's supposed to be right here! But then he spotted something, something on the ground a few feet from him, an object. He walked closer to it, trying to see what it was. It was shining brightly, probably because it was reflecting the moon light. He picked it up, even getting blinded a few seconds because of the light. Drew's cellphone wasn't even beeping anymore, it just gave a long annoying sound, that never ended. John gulped and feared the worst. He watched the little object, carefully. It was a cellphone. Its screen was totally shattered, it was very difficulty to see anything on the screen at all. He tried to see what it said on the mobile, it was difficult, but not impossible.


    FROM: Sexy-Boii
    TIME: 0.46 AM


    John gulped once more before he pushed the the play button on the cellphone. He put it next to his ear, listening intensively. After hearing the three first words, he cursed out loud, then turned around to head back to Drew and the officers. It was Drew's voice on that voice message.. So it was Amelia's cellphone.


    Part 2 next post!

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    Default Chapter 5: Releasement, Realization and a Kiss - Part 2

    "Heh, still awake?" Brock asked, finishing his How-to-make-the-perfect-recipe guide on paper.

    "I couldn't sleep.." the blue haired coordinator said and gave Brock a weak smile.

    "I understand. Take a seat, just relax and you'll get tired soon enough." Brock said, happy to be finished with his awesome guide.

    "I don't think so." the blue haired girl said and giggled.

    "Hm.. I know!" Brock said and stood up. "If you can't sleep, let my try this on you!"

    The blue haired girl just nodded, confused, wondering what the breeder had on his mind. Brock walked towards her, and put a hand between her shoulder and neck and squeezed, hard.

    "OW! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Dawn screamed and jumped up from the chair in pain, scaring Brock in the process, making him fall to the floor, stunned.

    "B-But it worked on Ash!" Brock whined from the floor.

    "It did?" Dawn said, rubbing the place that was still aching. "Maybe he was already asleep or something?"

    "Heh, probably." Brock answered and got back in his chairs. There was an akward silence for quite a long time, before Dawn broke it with a sigh and a question.

    "Do.. Do you think Ash likes this..? Playing with my heart..?"

    Brock looked at her and shook his head.

    "Impossible. You should've seen him before when I got him to realized what he had done."

    "He told you..?"

    "Yes." Brock said and nodded. He took a deep breath before telling Dawn about what Ash and him had talked about before, and how Ash had reacted.

    "So he does care.." Dawn said and sighed. "I thought he was some kind of playboy or something.."

    "Heh, Ash? Never, he's the best friend you can have, even though he's the most dense person you'll ever meet in your whole life." Brock said and laughed. "Now how about we try out my new recipe, hm?"

    "Oh, sure!" Dawn said and smiled excited. "But what kind of recipe is it?"

    "Well, I have one for pokémon food and one for different cupcakes, which one would you like to try out?"

    "Which one do you think?" Dawn said and giggled.

    "Alright, we can use the centers kitchen." Brock said and started walking towards it. "Are you sure you can stay up? It's pretty late and I don't wanna get killed by your mom if she finds out."

    "I'm pretty sure she'll never find out, Brock." Dawn answered and giggled. "Now let's make cupcakes!"

    After she said that, she sprinted the last part to the kitchen and made Brock fall to the floor again.

    "Looks like she's back to normal." Brock sighed with a smile. "Ow, my butt.."

    He then raised himself from the floor to go and make some chocolate cupcakes with the blue haired girl.


    "Tommy, is there any sound on this?" Officer Jenny asked the head of security. Head of security, Tommy, shook his head.

    "We only have microphones on the cameras inside the city, it's lucky enough we have a few of these cameras outside." Tommy replied.

    "Alright.." Officer Jenny said and sighed. "Kids, keep your eyes open, you don't wanna miss her."

    John, Drew, Tommy and Jenny watched the cameras carefully, trying to spot any movement at all.

    "Can't you fast forward?" Drew asked, growing impatient.

    "I'm sorry young man, this is live from our cameras. We can watch the recordings later, but I doubt that's a good idea right now."

    Drew nodded, and everybody checked the cameras again, hoping to find Amelia somewhere. After a few minutes, Drew spotted something.

    "There." he said and pointed towards a screen. Tommy enlarged the screen so that everybody could see it better. Everybody stared at Drew, they couldn't see anything. Drew then walked out of the office, leaving everybody confused.

    "There!" John said after finally spotting Amelia.

    They could see her on the screen, being carried away by 4-5 men from Team Rocket. They had even tied her whole body, also putting some sticky tape over her mouth, probably cause they had gotten a headache from her screaming.

    "I have to go help Drew!" John said, sprinting out of the room. However, Officer Jenny stopped him.

    "Hold it right there! Who's gonna take care of May?" Officer Jenny said, looking out of the office window. May was still sleeping softly in the car, smiling every now and then.

    "****!" John screamed, making Tommy chuckle.

    "Watch that language young man, don't forget what I told you earlier." Officer Jenny yelled at him, pointing with her finger. John sweatdropped at this and sighed.

    "But what about Drew? I have to go help him!"

    "I think that he can handle himself just fine, dear. Now you go get that young lady somewhere safe, I'm gonna go help Drew with my men."

    With that, Jenny rushed to her motorbike and fired it up, also taking up her radio reporting about the missing pink haired girl. John sighed, and ran to his car, starting it. He looked at May and chuckled. She would finally get to the pokécenter. He then noticed the yellow rodent that was sitting on her lap, also sleeping. Was it her pokémon?


    "Mjhom, nom.. Ng, I have to admit that this recipe was pretty good!" Dawn tried to say, her mouth full of chocolate cupcake.

    Dawn had successfully made a few cupcakes that tasted like heaven, although Brock didn't have the same luck. Or skill.

    "Why.. WHY!" Brock screamed, tasting his burned cupcake.

    "It isn't my fault that you left them too long in the oven." Dawn said and giggled, still chewing on her delicious cupcake.

    Brock was about to cry a little bit over his cupcakes, but the pokécenter doors slid open, making him look up in surprise.

    "Hey, does anybody know this girl?"

    Brock and Dawn were both surprised over that a young man came into the room, holding a sleeping brunette on his hands.

    "May!" Brock shouted, running towards her. "Is she alright?"

    "Yes, she is fine, she just needs a good nights sleep, can you please take care of her?"

    The man put down the brunette girl on a chair next to Brock. Brock opened his mouth to ask who that man was, but the man quickly left the building, making Brock and Dawn gasp in surprise.

    "Who.. Who is she? What just happened?" Dawn asked, showing some cupcake pieces in her mouth.

    "It's May! She used to travel with me and Ash, plus her little brother."

    "She what? Really?" Dawn asked, a piece of cupcake now falling from her mouth to the floor."

    "Yeh. I wonder who that guy was? And what does May do here?"

    "Wait, you said you used to know her?"

    "Hm, still not tired, I see?" Brock asked and smiled.

    "I'll be after you told me about her." Dawn replied, still chewing.

    Brock sighed with a smile, this was going to be a longer night than he expected.


    "This is soooo boring." a man in black clothes said.

    "Cram it Jack, our orders is to wait. You know that." another man, also in black clothes, replied.


    "It's our orders.. We have to obey them." a man replied, who probably was the leader of the five Team Rocket men.

    "Oh yeah! I say screw that cat! Let's grab this girl!" the man said, stepping closer towards the pink haired girl that was scared to death, trying to escape from the ropes tied around her body.

    "Jack, please, don't." the leader said, frowning. "Jesse and James wants the girl, we have nothing to do with her other than hand her over to them when they get here."

    "I don't care! Why don't we have some fun with her before we hand her over, then?"

    The other members in the Rocket group watched their companion as he was filled with excitement and lust, not being able to handle the knowledge that they had a beautiful tied up teen right in front of them.

    "Hey there, little girl, let's have some fun, shall we?" he said and smirked, reaching for the girls upper body. Out of the bushes, a strange object lunged itself towards the man, Jack, and quickly tackled him to the ground before he could get what he wanted.

    "Hey, what the-"

    The man was interrupted by a massive punch to the jaw, another punch like that would brake it for sure. Jack's vision was blurry, but he could see that on top of him sat a green haired teen, ready to kill the man at any moment. The rest of the Rocket members stood there, not realizing what just happened. After regaining their senses, they quickly grabbed their pokéballs, ready to fight against the intruder. The leader pressed the button on his pokéball, enlarging it, and was about to throw in the air when he was stopped by the cold voice of the green haired boy.

    "I wouldn't do that." the boy said, glaring at the leader.

    The leader gritted his teeth, he knew where this was going, he had been through this once before.

    "Stand down!" the leader said, motioning for his teammates to drop their pokéballs into their pockets.

    "But.. He's beating down Jack!" a member said from behind.

    "He deserves it." the leader said, watching his companion get beat up by a teen. Drew gave the leader a grateful look, before punching Jack on the face two times more, breaking his jaw for real. He then raised himself and went to Amelia, who had been quiet this whole time. Drew tried to untie her, but the rope was made of strong material.

    "Knife." Drew said.

    The Rocket members wondered what he meant, but the leader threw a pocketknife towards Drew who skillfully catches it, and then unties Amelia with it.

    "D-Drew.." Amelia stuttered, happy that she was finally free.

    "Did they touch you?" Drew asked, looking at the beat up man on the ground.

    "Doesn't look like it.." Amelia answered, following Drew's eyes.

    "Let's go." Drew said, grabbing Amelia's hand while he went back to the security office to get his car.

    The Rocket members watched as the teens left them, stunned by everything that had just happened.

    "Are we going to let them walk away just like that?" a member asked.

    He didn't receive any answer, and every Rocket member shifted their gaze towards their unconscious team member on the ground. Two men stepped towards the man on the ground and was about the help him up, but was stopped by their leader.

    "Leave him." he said, watching Jack on the ground.

    The two Rocket members hesitated for a moment, but then left the man on the ground, leaving together with the rest of the group.

    "Thank you.." Amelia whispered, squeezing Drew's hand while they walked through the dark forest. She didn't get any vocal answer, instead Drew answered by squeezing her hand even harder.

    "Let's go." Drew said, feeling awfully tired.

    "Where..?" Amelia asked.

    Drew stopped walking. He had forgot that he didn't have any place to stay in Jubilife City, the hotel he stayed in before was now already full after he had checked out.

    "I.. I don't know. Guess I have to check with Ken if he has a place here." Drew answered, letting go of Amelia's hand.

    "You.." Amelia started and blushed. "You could stay at my place."

    Drew snapped up his head at this.

    "Bad idea." he said.

    "Why? If you don't, then you'll probably wander around in the forest! Come on, I have two beds!" she complained.

    Drew sighed in defeat, he knew that she was right.

    "Alright." he said, sighing. "Where is it?"

    "It's the pink house near the pokécenter!" Amelia said, brightening up.

    Drew smiled and nodded, and then turned around to keep on walking towards his car, but then heard a strange sound. He turned around again and saw Amelia lying on the ground, not moving.

    "Amelia! Are you okay?" he asked, pulling her up from the ground.

    She made a sound that sounded like a snore, making Drew smile. But then, he facepalmed.

    "****, now I have to carry her." he said and sighed. Then he pulled her up, surprised that she weigh so little.

    "This ain't so bad." he said, feeling her breath hit his neck every now and then. He blushed when he noticed that he was holding her bridal style. After a few minutes, Drew had finally reached his car, and put Amelia in the passenger seat. He picked up his phone and called Officer Jenny, although it was a little bit harder than he thought; The officers was wondering who he was and why he wanted to speak with Jenny. But after some shouting here and there he finally reached her and told her that he had gotten Amelia, leaving the part where he almost killed that douchebag. After that call, he decided to call John, too.

    "Who is it?" John asked, it was very easy hearing that he was tired and annoyed.

    "It's Drew." Drew replied.

    "Hey, how's it going? Did you find Amelia? I'm on my way right now, hold on!"

    "No, I got her, it's fine. You should head home, get some sleep."

    "Oh, thank Arceus for that." John said and sighed. "Right, you should probably do that, too. Do you have a place to stay at? You could crash over at my place if you don't."

    "Uh, I.. I have." Drew quickly said and ended the call rather quickly. Drew stashed away his cellphone and watched as the girl next to him smiled while she was sleeping. Drew decided to drive by the pokécenter and see how May was doing, he was on his way there anyway. After parking his car just outside of the center doors, he entered the building, still hesitating about whether he should bring Amelia or not. He decided not to, he was just stopping by quickly anyways..

    "Hi Brock." Drew said, startling the breeder as he was talking to a young blue haired girl. "How's May doing?"

    "****, Drew, you scared me! How the hell did you get in here so quiet? Is that Pikachu?" Brock said, feeling his heart break apart after Drew had scared him.

    "Brock! Don't swear! You're supposed to be the grown up!" Dawn whined from the chair, wondering who that green haired boy was. "Hi Pikachu!"

    "Pikapikapi!" the yellow rodent said and yawned.

    "Yeah, she's right, Brock. We're allowed to swear, not you." Drew said, smirking.

    "Whatever." Brock said, catching his breath. "What's going on? What happened to May and that guy that carried her inside? I have so many questions my head is about to blow."

    "Well, when May wakes up, she'll tell you everything. But I have to go now, I was just checking in on May. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get going."

    As he said that, he nodded towards Brock and was about to leave, but then spotted the blue haired girl that was staring at him.

    "Miss." Drew said with a smile and bowed. He, somehow, threw a rose towards the girl and then left the building, leaving the two of them stunned.

    "I.. I guess that was May's rival, Drew?" Dawn said, holding the rose with her hand.

    "Yup, he's kinda cool. Although he never hit it off with Ash." Brock responded, feeling the urge to make new cupcakes.

    "He's hot.." Dawn thought out loud.

    Brock sweatdropped and Dawn realized what she just said, she began trying to make Brock think of something else by giving him her half eaten cupcake.

    "Tired yet?" Brock asked. He was starting to feel tired himself, he sighed when he saw that it was 1.35 am.

    "Almost." Dawn said and winked. "Now, what are we going to do with that hotel room?"

    "Well, why don't you and I go there? Ash has a little room, and May can take yours."

    "Brock, it's a room for two, if you know what I mean."

    "Ah, oh. Well.. Maybe one of us could go there?"

    "Who? I don't wanna go there alone.. And two people has to go, if only one of us leaves, there's still one person left."

    Brock and Dawn thought about it for a moment, before both of them snapped their heads up with a huge grin and looked at each other.

    "You're thinking what I'm thinking?" Dawn asked, smirking.

    "You bet." Brock replied, also smirking.

    "Pika?" the yellow mouse pokémon asked. He had stayed her with Dawn and Brock hoping to meet Ash later.

    "And you, you're coming with us!" Brock said, smirking.


    Drew had finally found Amelia's house after almost 20 minutes, when she said 'The Pink House', he didn't understand that she meant that only the roof was pink. He sighed, and parked his car outside of her pink colored roof house. He got out of the car, took Amelia, and locked his car before going towards her door. It was a very small house, but he assumed that the inside would be a lot more full of stuff. That was, pink.. He sighed, and was about to open the door, but it was locked, of course. He was about to face palm, but holding Amelia over the shoulder would make that a little bit difficult for him. He tried to figure out where her keys were, and soon saw something stick out of here skirt. He blushed, but he had to do it, he reached in her back pocket of her skirt to find her keys. Soon enough, after going through make up and other crazy stuff she had in just that little pocket, he found her keys. He quickly opened it and put her down on her bed, softly. He was thinking about changing her, but that thought quickly disappeared. Instead, he just took of her blouse, putting it on her desk next to the bed. He sighed. He didn't put the bed cover over her body, he just let her lie there, sleeping, peacefully. It was probably too warm to have cover over body anyways. He sighed again, wondering what he should do. Maybe head to sleep? Her bed was made for two, obviously. He shook his head and decided to sleep in the living room instead, on her couch or something. He started walking towards her awfully small living room, but then noticed her computer on her desk. He smirked. Should he? Just a little bit. Heh.


    "I can't believe we're actually doing this man." a breeder said, holding a brunette in his arms.

    "I'm not a man." a blue haired girl replied, holding her ex-crush in her arms and over her shoulder. A Pikachu was sitting on her other shoulder, smiling at his master who was snoring.

    "Ow come on, it's just a saying. Man.. Do you know how heavy she is?"

    "Are you kidding me? I just met her a few hours ago, if you can call that meeting each other."

    "Bleh, can't this stupid thing hurry up?"

    A soft 'pling' could be heard, and the elevator doors opened slowly after so that the two persons could exit.

    "Now, which room is it?" the breeder asked, feeling like dropping the brunette he was carrying.

    "It's right.. There." Dawn said, going towards the room that they had reserved. She took her keys out of her pockets, relieved that the lady at the reception had given them an extra key just in case. She opened the door, and went inside with Brock. The moment they entered the room, they just couldn't say anything, even Pikachu gasped. The room itself was bigger than the pokécenter lobby, and the bed.. Well, it was very big for 'some reason'. In front of the bed was an enormous tv, probably worth a fortune. The bed was to the left, while the tv was to the right, if seen from Dawn's and Brock's perspective. To the sides of the two, there was a large wardrobe where the guests could put their clothes and shoes, it was large enough for almost four people. The room also had a huge refrigerator in the mini-kitchen that had a few chairs and a table, and other stuff that they didn't really care about, except maybe Brock. The room was red and pink, obviously being love-themed. If you went straight forward to the end of the room, there was a balcony, with an extraordinary sight over the beautiful city that was full of lights everywhere. Next to the tv, was the bathroom. Brock and Dawn went there together to check it out. They both gasped when they saw it; it had a giant bathtub, or a jacuzzi to be more exact. It had no curtains at all, and when they now thought about it, the bathroom didn't have any door to close, hence the name the room has.

    "Dawn.. What the hell is this kind of hotel room?" Brock asked stunned.

    "I.. I believe it's the Honeymoon Room or something.." Dawn said, getting jealous.

    "I see." Brock said, smiling. "Let's get these two lovebirds into the bed and head out of here."


    Brock only chuckled for an answer. The two of them put down their respective persons on the bed. Dawn decided to play a little prank on Ash, putting him on the bed side that was closest to the balcony, she hoped that he would get some sunlight into his eyes when he woke up. Either way, when any of them woke up, they would be into a big surprise. After Dawn had taken out Ash's hoodie, and after Brock didn't dare to touch any of May's clothes, both of them decided to head back to the pokécenter and get some well deserved sleep. Dawn opened the door but was stopped when she heard Brock whisper


    "What is it?" Dawn whispered wondering.

    "Don't you wanna see what's gonna happen with the two of them?"

    "Um. I don't think we can stay much longer and see, besides, they need their privacy.." Dawn said and sighed. "Anyhow, what are you suggesting?"

    Brock didn't answer, instead, he pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and flashed it for Dawn.

    "And what are you going to do with that?" Dawn asked quietly.

    "It has a camera." Brock said and smirked.

    Dawn didn't understand what Brock meant, but after a few seconds she did, and man, she had a wide smile.

    It had already gone five minutes, Brock and Dawn had been trying to put Brock's cellphone in a place where it could get a clear shot of the room but still not be too easy to spot. They had found the 'perfect' spot, they had put it under one of the balcony chairs; the balcony chairs had some strange design, so it was a whole right on its legs, making the cellphone able to see the whole room, except for the bathroom.

    "Alright.." Brock said, starting the recording. "Let's hope that something interesting happens before the battery dies."

    Dawn giggled, and soon enough, both of them had left the room, locking it before they left. Dawn had unfortunately slammed the door a little bit too hard, making the brunette coordinator wake up by the slam. She yawned and sighed when she saw Ash lying in the same bed with her, she assumed that she was still dreaming, but she liked it.

    "Hi 'Dream-Ash'.." she said, watching the raven haired boy right in front of her, in her 'dream'. "Thanks for letting me dream about you."

    She didn't get any answer, though the boy was half-asleep, he didn't hear what the girl had just said. The 14 year old coordinator sighed, and leaned forward with her head towards the boy, kissing him. She kissed him, very roughly, licking the top and the bottom of the boy's lips, wishing that she would experience something like that in reality. She leaned back again, watching the boy of her dreams.

    "Mm.. Yummy.." the boy said and yawned.

    The girl giggled once before going of the sleep once more, now going to dreamland for real. She never noticed that little Pikachu lying by the end of the bed that had seen everything.

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    As I said in my original fanfiction review, I really wonder what the two of them will do 'in their dreams', only to find out the harsh fact that what they did was actually in reality. Hilarity ensues for sure!
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    Default Chapter 6

    Chapter 6: Explanations and Catching Someone Off Guard, Again..

    A loud ringing could be heard, making a teenaged boy moan in annoyance. The boy turned around in his bed, trying to press the 'end' button on his videophone. Not seeing what he was doing, he accidentally pushed the green button on the other side instead, making a head of a man show up on his large screen.

    "John." the man on the screen said, his voice echoing through the boy's room.

    "Wuh.. Wuh.. Let me sleep.." John managed to get out.

    His uncle watched with amusement as his nephew still tried to end the call, but he kept missing the button.

    "John, wake up. It's important." the man said, smiling at his stupid nephew.

    "I believe my sleep is more important than anything you have in mind.." John answered with his head buried into his pillow.

    'Why the hell did I sleep up here?' John thought and cursed himself.

    "I doubt it." the man said, wondering why John was so dead. "It's our forestbase, it's been discovered. 20 of my men has been captured and 50 pokémon released, all because of some kids."

    "I know." John replied, still not raising his head from the pillow. "And then one of Mirrow's men captured one of the girls who also happened to be the boy's girlfriend. Jack wanted to have some fun with that girl, and now he's in a wheelchair. How ironic."

    "How did you know that?" the man asked and raised an eyebrow.

    "Cause I was there?"

    "Then why the hell didn't you stop them?"

    "I THHRRRIEEEED!" John screamed at his pillow. "Besides, I didn't want to get in the way when he was dealing with Jack."

    "Why didn't you use your pokémon?"

    "They're at the shittybase." John lied.

    "The what?"


    "What the hell is that?"

    John finally raised his head from the pillow, almost feeling to rip it apart.

    "THEY'RE AT THE CITYBASE!" John screamed.

    There was a little awkward silence while the two of them stared at each other, before John returned his head into the pillow again.

    "Then why didn't you say so? Without your head stuck into that thing I mean."

    John only mumbled a few words.

    "Hm, well, my reason for calling you is to tell you that the festival has started, I assumed you didn't know that, and I was right."


    "Yes. Commence operation 'Black Cobra' tomorrow."

    "Wjhill do.."

    "And get out off bed John, it's getting late."

    "It's 8 in the morning, let me sleep dammit!" John whined.

    "It's 1 pm." his uncle said and ended the call.

    John raised his head once more from the pillow and checked the clock on the wall. It showed 0.58 pm. John, at last, ripped the pillow apart in two pieces, making him sigh in happiness as it flew some white feathers here and there.


    "What if they wonder what we're doing there?" a blue haired girl asked with a smile.

    "Why should we do anything? We'll just say that we wanted to drop by or something." a breeder said, waiting for the elevator to stop.
    The blue haired girl nodded, and the elevator doors finally opened, and the two of them left it.

    "You got that key with you?" Brock asked, staring at one of the Honeymoon Room doors.

    "Uhuh, remember, this was your idea.." the blue haired girl said as she unlocked the door, sliding it open. The young breeder and the blue haired coordinator entered the room, closing the door behind them. They eyed the room carefully.

    "What the hell happened in here?" Brock asked.

    "Brock, no swearing. And I don't know, guess we'll have to check your cellphone." the girl said and giggled.

    The two of them walked by the bed that was completely screwed up; the sheets and even the pillows were on the ground.

    "Do you think they'll kill us for this?" Dawn asked, watching Brock pick up the phone.

    "I don't know.." Brock said, trying to start the phone. "The battery's dead, as expected. Let's head back to the pokécenter and charge this thing up, hopefully we'll see some interesting stuff." Brock said, raising his eyebrows with a smile.

    The two of them smirked and left the room, locking the door after them. None of them suspected that a certain boy was still in the room, sleeping, with a Pikachu in his arms.


    A pink haired girl raised herself from the bed, stretching her arms. She yawned and smiled, it had been a while since she had such a good nights sleep. She fell back to the bed, wanting to stay just a little bit longer. As she turned around and twisted herself on the bed, she noticed that something was lying next to her, under the bed cover. She touched the 'head' of the thing, just to be sure that it wasn't just her clothes lying there in a pile. She slowly put her hand there, and screamed, loudly, after feeling that it was very hard. She collected herself after that scream, and punched that 'thing' on the head, hard.


    Then the 'thing' moved, looking like it was about jump out off the bed.

    "Ow.. Amelia, would you mind telling me what the **** is wrong with you?"

    "I.. It can talk?"

    The thing, or person, revealed itself by throwing off the sheets.

    "D.. Drew?" Amelia asked, stunned. "You.. You.. YOU SLEPT WITH ME!"

    Once again, the pink haired girl punched the uninvited bedsleeper in the face, even harder than last time. The green haired coordinator fell off the bed to the floor, rubbing his face and nose.

    "Is this how you treat your savior..?" the boy asked from the floor.

    "Savior? What did you ever save me from?"

    The green haired boy sighed and raised himself from the floor.

    "Nothing. I'm outta here."

    The green haired coordinator started walking towards the door, opened it, and left the house, leaving a confused pink haired girl behind. The girl blinked a few times, before she ran out of the house to catch up with the boy.

    "Drew, wait!" the girl screamed.

    Drew stopped, but didn't turn around.

    "Where are you going?" Amelia asked, feeling cold for some reason.

    "To the pokécenter."


    "To see May."

    "But I thought she didn't want you..?"

    "She doesn't. But she's still my friend."

    "I see." Amelia said and smiled. "Then I'll go with you!"

    The girl walked in front of the boy, wondering how May was doing.

    "Well?" she asked, looking at Drew who smirked for some reason. "Are you coming?"

    "Maybe you should head home first." Drew replied, staring at her chest. "Green bras too..?"

    Amelia looked down at her chest, blushed, and then sprinted home to get some clothes. She ran so fast that Drew's hair flew up in the air when she ran past him.

    "I'll just wait here then.." Drew whispered and closed his eyes.


    A brown haired girl was walking through the festival; It had only started, not many people were there or even any attractions. The festival was set up to be in mid-city, so the young coordinator could still browse the malls for clothes and similar stuff. She squealed in delight as she saw every dress; they were even more beautiful than the ones John had at home. She sighed when she saw the price tags, even her, the daughter of a well known gymleader and the top coordinator from Hoenn couldn't afford one of those dresses without thinking about the money left for food and house rent. She sighed once more as she watched the beautiful dresses through the window. Maybe she would steal them..? Not exactly steal them, just borrow.. She cursed herself for even thinking that thought.

    "Someday.." the girl said and sighed.

    The girl continued to walk through the almost empty stores, it would probably be packed in a few days.

    "I wonder where Ash is? Maybe I should get to the pokécenter later, he's probably there."

    The girl then started daydreaming about how their first kiss would be like, not knowing that it had already happened.


    A pink haired girl and a green haired coordinator walked towards the city's pokécenter, which was just a few minutes away from where they were right now. None of them said anything, they were both thinking deeply. The girl was wondering what the boy meant with 'her savior', and the boy was trying to figure out what eye-color the girl had, he had already seen the rest of her.

    "Pink-elia." Drew said, still watching the road and the people that went by.

    "Yes?" Amelia answered, also watching the road, buildings and people.

    "Come closer, I can't see you." Drew said, guessing about what eye-color she had, probably pink, that would be cool.

    "What do you mean? I'm right next to you?" she wondered.

    "Yes, but I need to see your face. Lean closer." Drew said, looking into her eyes. Still not close enough to see..

    "You know.. If that was some kind stupid pick up line.. It ain't working." she replied and winked.

    "I'm not." Drew said, looking forward again. "I just wanna see your eyes."

    "Well.. That one was better, but I'm still not convinced." she said and giggled.

    Drew then turned around and put his hands on her shoulders, making her stop.

    "Are you losing it?" Amelia asked, staring at his eyes.

    The green haired coordinator leaned closer towards the girl's face, he couldn't believe that he still wasn't able to see what color they were. The pink haired coordinator held her breath; she had dreamed about this moment, the moment the two of them would kiss, for real, without anyone of them faking it. She could feel his breath hit her lips every few seconds, so she opened her mouth and started breathing again, breathing in his breath that tasted like watermelon. She closed her eyes, feeling like fainting any second now.

    "They're.." Drew whispered, snapping Amelia's eyes open.

    "They're green.." Drew said, letting go of the girl.

    "Please hold me Drew.." the girl whispered, but nobody could hear her, not even the boy that was standing in front of her.

    "My what are green?" the girl asked, wanting to hold the boy.

    "Your eyes." the boy replied and started walking towards the center again, it wasn't so faraway now. The girl stood there on that spot for many seconds before moving, she had to run to catch up with the boy for standing there so long.

    "So what if they are..?" the girl asked, staring a the boy's moist lips. "You thought they were pink too, didn't you?"

    "Nah, if your bras and panties were green then they had to be green, too."

    "Hmpf, shut up, Drew.. It's not funny anymore."

    "So you admit it was funny before?"

    The boy didn't receive any answer, and they remained silent for the rest of their little trip, with the girl walking slight behind the boy.


    "Can't it charge faster?" a blue haired girl whined from the chair. "Don't you have a reserve battery or something? I'm tired over waiting."

    "Patience my friend, it'll be worth it, trust me."

    Dawn sighed and rested her head on her hand, but jumped up when the battery charger showed a green light.

    "Now, shall we?" Brock asked, grinning.

    Brock inserted the battery pack into his cellphone and started it up.

    "What's so interesting?" Mary Joy asked.

    "It's actually a very long story miss Mary." Dawn replied with a smile. "But to make it short, we have a video on Brock's cellphone about Ash and his friend who have been spending the night together."

    "Oh, how fun!" Mary said and smiled. "But don't you think that it is a little bit rude recording the two of them?"

    Brock explained the whole situation so that the nurse would understand.

    "Would you like to see it with us?" Brock asked, smiling towards Dawn.

    "Well.." the nurse started. "I don't think I have time for it. For some strange reason I've recieved an awfully high number of pokémon that needs to be taken care of."

    Right after she said that, a young boy rushed in, holding a fainted bird in his hand.

    "Nurse Joy!" the 10 year old boy said, worried. "Can you please take care of my Starly? It's been hurt pretty badly!"

    "Let's see." Mary said and took the bird, holding it with her arms. "Why he's just fine, a nice long rest should do the thing."

    "Oh, thank you Nurse Joy!" the little boy said and jumped.

    Suddenly, another person ran into room, also holding a fainted pokémon.

    "Nurse Joy!" the little girl said. "Can you check if my Turtwig is alright?"

    Mary Joy also took to see the Turtwig, and smiled after a little inspection.

    "It only needs some long nice rest, dear." Mary replied with a smile.

    The little girl sighed with relief before recalling her pokémon with a smile.

    "What happened?" Brock asked, wondering why their pokémon was all beat up.

    "Oh, we both tried to defeat the king of the field.." the little boy said and sighed. "He even beat us with an electrictype!"

    "Yeah! He's been in the field for almost two hours now!" the little girl said.

    "Field? What field?" Dawn asked.

    "I believe the two of them are talking about an event in the festival. It's called the king of the field, and it's pretty interesting." Mary said, trying to remember the rules. "If I remember correctly, there is a pokémon battle field where one trainer has to accept challengers. It's basically a contest about which trainer who can stand in the field for the most amount of time without losing. Also, to make things more interesting, there are some special rules about which pokémon the current king of the field can choose, but I can't remember them."

    "Oh, I know, Nurse Joy, I know!" the girl said and jumped. "The battle rules are simple: one on one battle with no substitutions or time limit. The field king is only allowed to choose one pokémon which he must use for a 30-minute period, after that, he can choose to switch pokémon. The challengers, like me, is also only allowed to use one pokémon each battle, but we can come back anytime for a challenge again. Anyone who wins the king of the field takes his place, and has to accept challengers like the one before. Any person who manages to stand undefeated in the field for one straight hour wins an extra point ticket, which can be used at the talent contest!"

    "Sounds exciting."

    Everybody looked to the pokécenter doors and saw a green haired boy and a pink haired girl in the lobby.

    "Hey Drew! Good to see you!" Brock said.

    "Same here." he said and nodded. "Now what's with that talent contest?"

    "Well.." the little girl started, she watched the pink haired girl. "It starts in four days, I think. The persons can do whatever they want for the contest, they can dance, sing, magic-shows, anything they can think of to win!"

    The girl kept on staring at the pink haired girl, she had seen her somewhere.

    "And," the girl continued, "it's almost gonna be like a pokémon contest! There will be four judges, the same as the ones in pokémon contests. Instead of using pokémons only to win, every contestant is allowed to use and do whatever they think can impress the judges. It's the reason so many people come to the festival, it's gonna be awesome!"

    "Yes indeed." Mary said and smiled. "And I hear that the winning prize is, too."

    "Really? How can you know that? Only the judges know the prize!" the girl said.

    "Oh, that's easy, it's because I'm one of the judges." Mary said and smiled.

    "You are?" everybody asked, except for Brock and Drew.

    "Why of course." Brock started. "The judges are the same judges from the regular pokémon contests."

    "Exactly." Drew said and flicked his hair. "You said that yourself, little girl."

    The little girl blushed but shrugged it off. She then smiled and sprinted towards Amelia.

    "Ah, I know you, you're Solidad's sister, Amelia!" she said, holding Amelia's hands. "I can't believe I know a top coordinator's sister! Can I have your autograph? Please?"

    "Why, sure!" Amelia said happily and took out a pen and paper. Everybody stared at her.

    "What?" she asked, writing the autograph. "You never know when somebody asks for your autograph!"

    Everybody sweatdropped and laughed.

    "You're Solidad's sister?" Brock asked, stunned.

    "Yeah?" Amelia answered, giving the girl her autograph. "Don't I look like her?"

    "Well, yeah, but she never told us that." Brock said and chuckled.

    "Hmpf, I guess she didn't want to tell you guys about her more beautiful and talented sister." Amelia said and posed.

    "So that means you're a top coordinator too, right?" Dawn asked, smiling.

    Amelia sweatdropped and fell to the floor, crying.

    "Doesn't look like it." Drew said, smirking.

    "Oh shut up. You ain't one, either." Amelia cried, hiding her face with her hands.

    "Maybe not, but I chose not to." Drew replied, closing his eyes. "Now can someone explain why I can see Ash sleeping on your cellphone?"

    Brock raised an eyebrow and turned around to see his cellphone. As he did that, his face brightened up immediately, so did Dawn's face.

    "And where's May?" Drew added.

    Brock smiled even more and motioned for Amelia and Drew to get closer.

    "My dear friends." Brock started. "All your questions will be answered by watching this magnificent object."

    Drew and Amelia watched Brock with puzzled expressions, while Dawn had a smile which could only be translated as an evil smile.

    "Um.." the little girl said. "This is getting creepy.. I'm off to see the king, bye Nurse Joy, thanks for everything!"

    "Yeah I wanna see him and his Pikachu too, bye Nurse Joy!"

    The little boy and the girl ran out of the building, leaving a group of people who were watching an exciting video, and the nurse to sigh.


    "Pikachu, Thunder now!"

    The yellow mouse creature unleashed a very powerful electric charge that first went into the clouds in the sky, before crashing down on its target. The target, a grass pokémon with a growing flower on it's back, fainted instantly after getting that powerful attack hitting it directly. Its trainer gasped in surprise, as he thought that the electric charge wouldn't have any effect on his plant pokémon.

    "Ivysaur!" the boy yelled, running towards his crisped friend. "Are you okay?"

    "Saur.." his friend answered.
    Its trainer smiled, hugging his friend tightly.

    "Why did you do that?" he screamed, looking at a proud, smiling trainer.

    "Wait, what?" the trainer said, backing off. "You challenged me!"

    "You didn't have to over do it!" the boy whined and recalled his pokémon.

    "I did not!" the 14 year old winner replied. "I went easy on you!"

    "No way! If any, I went easy on you!" the boy screamed and went out of the field. A few spectators giggled and sighed as they watched the trainer in the field, waiting for any more challengers.

    "Two hours has almost passed." a referee said. "If no more challengers step forward within five minutes, the king of the field shall recieve an additional point ticket."

    Silence, nobody spoke, they only watched with awe as the current king of the field recieved another challenger. The challenger picked a pokéball from her pocket, and pointed it against the king of the field.

    "I challenge you, Ash Ketchum, to a pokémon battle!" the girl said.

    "And I accept!" Ash said, smirking. "Pikachu, you need to take a rest, I'll use-"

    "Pika!" the yellow mouse creature screamed, not moving from the spot.

    "Alright then, I'll use Pikachu!" Ash said, turning his cap backwards. A few girls that was spectating from the sides fell to the ground after seeing what Ash just did, feeling that it was getting hard to breathe. The boys from the spectator sides laughed at the challenger, she can't beat Ash. No one can.

    "Me too." the challenger said and threw her pokéball in the air. After half a second, the pokéball opened in mid-air, releasing a similar pokémon that the field king had, with only a few things that was different. First of all, the Pikachu was a female. The Pikachu also had pink bow on the top of its head, further prooving its gender, for some. The eye color on the mouse was slightly brighter than that on Ash's Pikachu. Ash's Pikachu was catched off guard, but quickly recovered and got ready into a battle stance. Ash was also surprised by the challenger's choice, but then clenched his fists, ready to battle. The spectators gasped, this would be an awesome battle.

    "This is a one on one battle between the king of the field and the challenger." the referee began. "There will be no timelimit and no substitutions. Begin!"

    "Pikachu, Quick Attack!" Ash screamed.

    "Pikichu, Light screen!"

    "What the..?"


    "Hey, I heard someone is nearly beating the field king!"

    "Really? You mean that guy who has been there for two hours?"

    "Yeah! Let's go, we might still make it!"

    The two boys then ran out of the mall with incredible speed, making a certain brown haired girl
    watch them while they did so, and wondered what the fuzz was about. She shrugged it off, and decided to go shop some stuff that she could actually afford. She went into a nice and cozy looking little store with an old man that was reading a newspaper. She eyed the store carefully, and was happy to see that she found a few stuff that she wanted. She picked some black sunglasses and tried them on, surprised over that they were really, really black, it was a little bit hard to see anything. After trying out nearly half of the stores sunglasses, she finally picked one that fit her perfectly; being brown sunglasses, they even maintained to hide her eyes.

    "Hi, I would like to get these." May said to the man and smiled. She handed over the money to the man but saw a beautiful pink scarf on the side of the desk. The man followed her gaze and chuckled.

    "That thing costs double the sunglasses, you still want them?" he asked, still chuckling.

    May nodded and was about to leave, but then remembered something.

    "Oh yeah, a few kids just recently talked about some king of the field.." she started. "What's that?"

    "Heh, you're new around here, aren't you?" the man said, chuckling once more.

    "Why yes, can you tell me about that now?" May asked, smiling.

    "Well.." the man said, taking a deep breath. "Why don't you go there yourself and check it out?"

    May fell to the floor and sweatdropped, and asked where the place were. The man gave her the directions to the field, still chuckling every now and then. As the brunette went out of the mall, she glanced at herself by looking at one mirror, seeing herself with her newly bought accessories. Her change of hairstyle, combined with her glasses and pink scarf that covered some of her face, would make some of her friends not notice that it was her. She giggled over her new awesome appearance before heading off to the park that that man was talking about. As she entered the beautiful but not-so-big park, she started thinking about Ash.

    'What if he doesn't like my new look..?" she thought and sighed. "I can't take this anymore.. I have to see him, right after this little visit."

    May went through the park full of life. Everywhere she turned there was flowers and trees, green, pink, red, orange.. It was truly something worth seeing. Many old couples were walking around in the same park, enjoying the sights and the fresh air. The girl sighed, she didn't want to grow old.. She went by a little lake and saw as the pokémon played, some even battling each other. The girl sighed once more, before heading towards the part of the park that was full of pokémon trainers. She could see many different fields that was designed for different pokémon battles with different pokémon. The fields were pretty cool, she wondered why nobody was using them. She took off her sunglasses but kept her scarf on, it was awfully hard to see with the glasses on. As she scanned the many different fields for people, she saw one big group of people, surrounding some kind of large grass field. May sprinted towards the group, not wanting to miss anything awesome. She frowned when she reached the crowd; it was too thick to see anything at all. She had to jump too see what was going on, but even then, she only got a glimpse over the battlefield. It was a pokémon battle, obviously. But she wondered why it was so exciting, it was just a regular battle?

    "Miss?" May asked a lady. "What's going on?"

    "Oh, why aren't you the sweetest." the lady said, making May blush. "This, is the battlefield. Right now, there's a young boy who controls the field, no one has defeated him in two straight hours. But, this young lady here might have a chance."

    May, the lady and the rest of the crowd watched the battle intensively, not missing anything. The brunette, however, watched the challenger; she was very sexy in almost every boy's eyes, having a well formed body in every perspective, a thin shirt and a short skirt which showed pretty much of her skin. This, combined with the girl's long black hair that was constantly flying in the air, made her a worthy opponent to May's beauty. May tried to get closer to the field by forcing her way through, and made it without anyone getting angered; they where too busy watching the battle. As May was now standing really close on the challenger's side, she got a clear shot over the girl's whole body and face, making her able to see the girl's beautiful aurora colored eyes. May sighed, she had sapphire colored eyes, they weren't beautiful. She decided to join the rest of crowd, and watched the battle, she was surprised to see that there were two Pikachus in the battlefield, both of them worned out.

    "Pikachu, Agility!"

    One of the Pikachus started running in a zig-way after hearing its order, but quickly fell down to the grass due to exhaustion.

    'That boy almost sounds like..' May thought, wondering.

    "Heh, looks like you and your Pikachu are losing it, Ash! Pikichu, Tackle!" the challenger screamed.


    May looked at the other side of the field, seeing a boy that was clenching his fists, worried. May took off her sunglasses to get a better look, and gasped when she saw who it was. It was Ash, the boy of her dreams, right in front of her.

    "Ash!" May almost screamed, drawing attention from a few nearby girls.

    "Yes, that's Ash.." a girl next to May said and sighed with a smile. "He's so sexy!"

    May wanted to slap the girl in the face for saying that, but she had to admit, he was pretty hot.

    'He looks just like in my dreams..' May thought and sighed. She then almost jumped and put her glasses on, afraid that he might see her. May then redirected her eyes towards the battle; there was no way Ash could've seen her in a battle like this. In the battlefield, a Pikachu was trying to stand up, being at the edge of fainting, while the other Pikachu with a pink bow on its head had a little bit more energy left, although it could only survive another direct hit before fainting.

    "Pikachu! This it, the final challenger! Don't quit now!" the current field king screamed.

    The encouraging words worked, as the Pikachu that was once stuck on the ground was now standing up, but it was still shaking in pain. Ash's Pikachu eyed it's opponent carefully, waiting for what was coming next. The challenger smirked, this is over, now.

    "Pikichu, let's finish this, Volt Tackle!"

    Ash's, and Pikachu's eyes went wide open after hearing that. Pikachu prepared for impact, while the other Pikachu started sprinting, electricity now covering its whole body. Everyone held their breath, the challenger smirking, and Ash, trying to figure out something, quick. Ash's Pikachu fell to the ground, listening for any orders that Ash might give. The challenger's pokémon, Pikichu, was now only 2 seconds away from Pikachu.

    "AERIAL IRON TAIL, NOW!" Ash screamed.

    Pikachu used all power that it had left to jump, only a little distance, but it made the difference. Pikichu missed, and had to stop before crashing into Ash and the audience. As she turned around, she saw something white that glowed coming at her, fast. Before she knew it, she was lying on the ground, fainted. Pikachu fell to the ground also, its tail not glowing anymore. Nobody said anything, they just watched the two creatures that had fought for a very, very long time. After a few seconds, the referee raised the flag that was on Ash's side.

    "Pikichu is unable to battle, the king of the field, Ash Ketchum is the winner!"

    After that, the crowd went nuts and cheered for Ash, some girls jumped while the boys said something like 'I knew he would win'. The referee handed something over to Ash that looked like some kind of paper, before Ash went to get his Pikachu, congratulating him for all the hard work. The challenger did the same, and she watched the boy with a smile. She thanked her Pikachu and recalled it, and then walked towards Ash and the referee.

    "Nice match, I'm Aurora." the girl said and wanted to shake hands with him. Ash happily shook it, also thanking her for a good battle. May giggled, he won! Maybe she should congratulate him right now?

    "Looks like you've won." the girl said and winked. "Here's your bonus prize."

    The girl said the last words in a rather flirty way, and after that, she wrapped her arms around Ash's neck, pulling him into a hard kiss, using her tongue like crazy. She pulled him in closer, pressing her breasts against his chest, and once again, the crowd and the referee was quiet, but this time, their mouths were open. Under all of this, Ash didn't even move, he still had his eyes open too. May still held her glasses in her hands, but after seeing what was just happening, she crushed them with her hands, and dropped them to the ground. May 'walked' towards the two teens that were kissing, and pulled Ash's arm, breaking the kiss. She kept pulling Ash until they were completely out of the park, and now, they were standing right outside the entrance.

    "What the hell do you think you're doing, Ash?" May asked, glaring at the boy.

    She didn't get any answer, as the boy was still also trying to figure out what he had done.

    "Wh.. What just happened.." he mumbled, the image of that girl who kissed popping up in his mind. "Was that my first kiss..?"

    "Yes it was!" May shouted, enraged. "And you wasted it on a girl that you've known for 10 minutes!"

    "She was so rough.." Ash almost whispered, feeling his lips with his hand. He then shook his head, finally getting back to reality.

    "And who are you anyway?" Ash asked, staring into the girl's deep blue eyes. "I think I've seen you before."

    "Heh, very funny Ash." May said, sarcastically. "Now don't let me tell Brock about this."

    "What? How do you know Brock?" Ash asked, getting a little bit suspicious.

    "Yo.. You're serious?" May asked. For some reason, a part of her just broke after hearing what Ash just said.

    "Yes, I am. Who are you? You're cute, I think I've seen you before.." Ash said, trying to figure out where he had seen this girl.

    May blushed, but then quickly ran away from Ash, having tears falling out of her eyes. She had waited so long to finally see Ash, but when she got there, he didn't even recognize her. As she sprinted away from the park entrance, the boy, Ash, stood there, confused.

    'What did I do now..?' he thought, feeling down.


    Ash snapped up his head, he had totally forgot Pikachu after all of this, but it was a good reason he did, anyway.

    "Hi buddy!" Ash said, grabbing his best friend who then climbed up to his shoulder. "Great battle!"

    "Pikapi! Pikachu, cha.. Pikachu?"

    "Yeah I know, that kiss was crazy, I still can't believe that it was my first kiss."

    "Pikapi, pikachu.. Cha.."

    "What do you mean it wasn't my first kiss?"

    His best friend didn't respond, he only shook his head, leaving his trainer confused as both of them left the park. He sighed once, before heading towards the hotelroom and then the pokécenter later, it would be awesome to tell Brock and Dawn about him owning the field for two hours straight.


    The brunette was still running back to the hotel, and she didn't even pay attention to the road, she was lucky she didn't got hit by a car or something. She did, however, tackle a few people on the way to the hotel that wanted to smack her in the face, but after seeing that the girl was crying, they instead apologized. The girl was now standing outside of her hotel room, she made a mental note to thank Brock later for this very expensive room. She unlocked it and went inside, jumped to the big bed, and cried, just cried. Before she knew it, she had already turned on the tv and was looking at the replay over Ash and all his battles.


    "FINALLY." Brock said and sighed.

    Brock, Dawn, Drew, Amelia and even Mary Joy had been waiting for the cellphone to buffer the video, and now, the whole video was done. Their faces brightened up when they saw Brock and Dawn leave the room on the cellphone screen. The lights from both the city and the moon lighted up the room, so they could see Ash pretty clearly, although they couldn't see May because of the phone's position plus that Ash's body was covering hers. Everybody held their breath as they could hear May shift position in the bed and even faced Ash.

    "Hi Dream-Ash." they could hear May say. "Thanks for letting me dream about you."

    They couldn't hear May say anything else, but they heard some other, strange sound instead.

    "Mm.. Yummy.." they could hear Ash mumble.

    "Holy ****, did she just kiss him?" Brock asked, his eyes wide open, which doesn't happen a lot.

    "Brock!" the blue haired girl screamed. "And yes, it sounded like that. How sweet!"

    Everybody smiled at the cute scene that was played in front of them in the cellphone, although they never saw the actual kiss, that would make them look away in disgust. Drew closed his eyes and didn't know if he should be happy or angry for what happened last night between them.

    "Can you fast forward, Brock? I wonder where the two of them are right now." Drew asked, still having his eyes closed.

    "Why yeah, let's see, but I think'll it take some time."

    "Oh my god, Pikachu saw everything!" Amelia said and pointed to a yellow little creature at the end of the bed.

    "Hoho, how do you think they'll react when they find out they have been sleeping together? And that May kissed him?" Brock asked, chuckling.

    "This is gonna be awesome, hurry up, Brock!" Dawn whined.

    "Alright, alright, it's eight hours long, just hold on." Brock said, trying to fast forward faster. "There, it's getting lighter, it's probably morning in the video now."

    Just like Brock said, it was now getting lighter, making it much more easy for them to see Ash and most of the room clearly.

    "Hey, look! Ash is waking up! And it's because of my little prank!" Dawn stated proudly.

    As the boy on the screen was wondering why the hell he got so much light in his eyes, the little Pikachu on the end of the bed also started moving, soon fully awake.

    "Hey! Check out Pikachu! Wonder what he'll do next." Amelia said.

    The five people who was watching the tape couldn't believe their eyes as they saw the Pikachu, trying to pull down Ash from the bed for some reason.

    "Oh my god, what is he doing?" Amelia asked. She grunted when nobody cared to listen.

    They wondered how Pikachu was able to pull down Ash with just his teeth, and soon enough, Ash was at edge of the bed, still going.

    "Heh, I think I know what's coming next." Brock said and chuckled.

    Just as he thought, Pikachu never stopped pulling down Ash, and now he got what he wanted: Ash on the floor.

    Ash fell off the bed, his face hitting the floor first, and everybody gasped, thinking that he would scream out loud. But it never came any scream as the boy was still sleeping after that impact. Everybody chuckled at the boy, but quickly went silent when they saw that Pikachu was still trying to pull Ash somewhere, this time under the bed.

    "What is he trying to do?" Dawn asked puzzled.

    "He's trying to hide Ash." Drew replied.

    "Oh look, May's waking up!" Amelia almost screamed and jumped.

    As she said, the brunette on the recording was now moving around in the bed alot, probably because of that fall Ash made. Pretty soon, they could see that the girl was now sitting up in the bed, looking around while stretching.

    "What was that..?" the girl asked and yawned.

    Brock and the rest of the group watched with huge smiles while Pikachu was still pulling Ash in under the bed, almost done. As Pikachu was still trying to hide Ash, the brunette had already got out from the bed, stretching one last time. She then slowly went towards the balcony where the phone was.

    "Oh no! What if she finds the phone?" Dawn asked.

    "This isn't live. It's already happened, if she had found it, we wouldn't be watching this." Drew replied.

    "Oh.." Dawn said and blushed. "Look, Pikachu won't make it, she'll notice Ash!"

    The brunette was now at the balcony, behind the cellphone, watching the city. Everybody saw how Pikachu was almost there, just a few seconds more, but if May turned around even once they would be doomed. Lucky enough for them, Brock and the others could hear that May was dialing a number, giving Pikachu a few more seconds before she would turn around.

    "Hi mom." the girl started, still looking at the city, although they couldn't see it in the recording. "Uh, I'm there, yeah.. No, I think Drew and Brock got me a hotelroom, I'll have to thank them later. Yes, I'm fine.. WHAT! DON'T CALL HIM, MOOOOOOOOOM..!"

    The girl in the recording did something that made the whole cellphone shake, but its vision returned after a few seconds.

    "A joke? It wasn't funny, mom. No.. I'll see him later.. Are you crazy? I'll probably just give him a hug first, who the hell starts with a kiss? Hm, right, bye."

    The girl then ended the call and turned around just after Pikachu had pulled Ash under the bed. Brock and the others thought they could hear a soft "Cha.." before May went into the bathroom to get ready.

    "Holy crap do you guys know what this means? They have the-"

    "BROCK! No swearing, only we are allowed to!" the blue haired girl interrupted the breeder.

    "No swearing except for you..?" Mary started. "Fun rule, I like it!"

    "Whatever.." Brock said and sighed. "They both have the same hotelroom and none of them knows it!"

    "There's more." Drew said and smirked. "They've slept together, May thinks it was a dream while Ash doesn't think anything at all. May kissed him, still thinking it was a dream, and Ash still doesn't know anything. But Pikachu.. That guy, he knows everything, and it looks like he doesn't want May and Ash to find out yet."

    "Hm, maybe Pikachu doesn't think Ash is ready yet?" Brock asked, still keeping an eye on the cellphone screen.

    "I believe so." Drew replied.

    "Looks like May's done, that was quick." Dawn said, surprised over her rival's speed. "Look, she's leaving! And she took my keys, too."

    "Well, they're not yours now anyway." Brock said and smiled.

    "So.. Ash has been under the bed even when we got in?" Dawn asked.

    "I don't know, the video is ending now, the battery probably died about now."

    "But.. If this was a few hours ago, then May and Ash has already left the hotel room by now. Both Ash and May hasn't come to the center since we came and checked the room. So, where are they now..?"


    "Hm, who was she anyways?" a 14 year old boy asked, waiting for the elevator to stop. "It feels like I've seen her somewhere.."

    His best friend that was sitting on his shoulder slapped himself on the forehead, ashamed over his master that was so stupid.

    "Pikapi pika." it said, irritated.

    "I'M STUPID? WHY?"

    His best friend didn't even bother to answer, he just motioned for his master to exit the elevator that had stopped. His master sighed once before going through the hallway to find his hotelroom, picking up his keys while doing so.

    "Maybe you got too damaged under that battle..?" his master said, smirking. His best friend, a Pikachu, answered by giving his master Ash a 'weak' thunderbolt that still did its job, and more. Ash fell to the ground, holding the keys, and sighed in relieve as he saw that his keys wasn't turned into crisp. He quickly got up and unlocked the door, wanting to take a quick nap before heading to the pokécenter to see Brock and Dawn. He and his Pikachu entered the little but cozy room. Ash took off his shoes, while Pikachu perked up its ears, sensing something.

    "What is it?" Ash asked, looking around in the room. He then also heard something.

    "Pika!" Pikachu whispered, glaring at the bathroom entrance. Ash quickly pressed himself against the wall, wanting to plan a little bit with his friend.

    "****, is someone in there?" Ash whispered, trying to listen for more sounds. The only thing that could be heard was the shower water that hit the floor.

    "Pi!" his friend responded.

    "Who the hell is using our bathroom? Dawn isn't even here! Pikachu, let's teach them something about stealing our showers!"

    His Pikachu nodded in agreement, and Ash took a deep breath before doing the 'FREEZE FBI' move, without a gun that is.

    "FREEZE YOU SCUMBAG!" Ash almost screamed. He was about to call out an order towards the intruder that was using their shower, but then saw that the person was a girl.. A very very beautiful one, too, that was completely naked using his shower in his hotelroom. He gasped, seeing the girl's perfect body all soaked in water. The girl, who just noticed the boy that had entered the bathroom that didn't have any door or curtains, now stared at the boy, trying to process what was happening. Ash almost crapped himself, wishing that he could use Teleport to get out of there. Maybe Pikachu could use it? He looked at his shoulder and cursed his Pikachu that wasn't even there. He then slowly turned his face towards the naked girl, and backed a few steps away when he saw her face.

    "H.. Hi, May?" Ash asked, finally realizing that the girl he thought was gorgeous was his old traveling partner.

    The brunette was now shaking, probably about to blow up any minute. As she was trying not to, Ash tried to sneak away, maybe being able to find Pikachu and use Teleport.

    "Pikachu, teleport!" Ash whispered, still looking at the brunettes death glare. May was now shaking like crazy, Ash knew what was coming.

    "A.. A.. A.." the girl got out, still shaking and dropped the soap from her hands.

    "Y.. Yeah?" Ash said, almost out of the bathroom, just a liiiiiiiiittle bit mor-



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    Default Chapter 7 - We Meet Again, Ash.

    Thanks for your review, TanktheAggron ^^

    Chapter 7 - We Meet Again, Ash.

    "Well, that was.. Interesting." Mary Joy said, giggling.

    She and the others had been watching the recording quite a few times now, replaying the video just to make sure that they didn't miss something and to confirm that the stuff was actually happening.

    "Indeed it was." Brock said and chuckled.

    "Oh, I wanna see their faces when they find out!" Dawn whined, wanting to see some more.

    "I don't know.." Brock hesitated. "I think that this was actually more than enough."

    "Brock's right." the Nurse added with a smile. "I don't think that you would like it if someone recorded you in a situation like that, Dawn."

    "Y-Yeah.. You're right.." the blunette answered.

    "For the sake of these two kids I suggest that everyone of you keep quiet about this so that they can find out for them selves and talk about it, if they now ever find out, that is."

    Everybody nodded at the nurse's wise words.

    "And for the two of you," Mary continued, looking at Drew and Amelia, "after these two have talked, it would be great if you could give them some tips."

    Amelia got a 'what the' expression while Drew stood there, smirking at the oblivious girl.

    "Tips about what?" the pink haired girl asked, dumbfounded.

    "You know, love tips." the nurse said and smiled.

    "Love tips? Why would we give them tha- HEY, WE'RE NOT TOGETHER!" the girl screamed, making everyone chuckle, except for the nurse.

    "You are not?" she asked, her smile fading away. "But I thought-"

    "NURSE JOY WE'RE NOT TOGETHER!" Amelia screamed, hiding her face with her hands.

    "Oh, I'm sorry." the nurse said and regained her smile.

    "Heh, she's on the list of girls I can't get." Drew explained.

    Amelia stopped hiding her face and crossed her arms instead.

    "Hmpf, exactly!" Amelia grunted and looked away. "I'll never get together with this.. This.. Boy!"

    "I doubt it.." Drew whispered, still smirking.

    "Oh yeah, you wanna bet?" Amelia challenged him.

    "About what." the green haired boy wondered.

    "Hmpf, if I don't get together with you, then I win! If I do, you win!" Amelia suggested.

    "I see, then it's a deal." Drew said, already thinking about ways to make the girl fall in love with him.

    "Well, that was.. Also interesting." the nurse said and smiled. "Brock, can I ask you for a favor?"

    "Sure thing, what is it?" the breeder replied.

    "I have to go and have a meeting with the other judges, would you mind receiving patients while I'm gone?"

    "Why, not at all, I can do that!"

    "Thank you!" the nurse said and pulled Brock into a quick hug. "I'll be back in half an hour!"

    The nurse then sprinted out of the center, leaving the breeder and the other teens.

    "Alright Brock, quit drooling will ya?" Dawn said, trying to snap Brock out of his dreaming.

    "Heh, sorry guys." he said and rubbed the back of his head. "So, anyone got an idea of what we should do when Nurse Joy gets back? We can't sit in here until the evening."

    "We can.. Watch tv!" Amelia suggested and jumped with Dawn.

    "Are you retarded? For how long are you planning on doing that?" Drew asked.

    "Sh, don't talk with me." Amelia said and looked away.

    "What, afraid that you might fall in love with me?"

    The green haired boy had an evil smile on his face, as Amelia was shaking, wanting to scream at the coordinators face. Lucky enough for her, Dawn tried to calm her down.

    "Well.." Dawn said, whispering a few calming words to Amelia. "Do you got any ideas, Brock, Drew?"

    "I know some sweet restaurant somewhere in the middle city, it's near the festival and malls, too, so you can shop or something after we've been there." Drew said.

    "A restaurant, HUH? Just so you can try to seduce me, HMM?" Amelia said, not trying to suppress her annoyance anymore.

    "That sounds great!" Dawn said, not trying to stop the raging pink haired girl anymore. "What do you think, Brock?"

    "Sounds pretty good, and after that you can go shopping while we look around in the festival or something and check if there's some nice attractions up." the breeder replied. "But we can't do that right now, we have to wait for Nurse Joy to get back. And man, this job is easy! I don't have to do anyth-"

    The breeder got interrupted as atleast 5 persons with pokéballs in their hands rushed into the pokécenter and then to the breeder, asking him for help.

    "Heh, karma's a *****." Drew said and smirked at the poor breeder.

    "Alright then, we'll just wait for Nurse Joy and head to that restaurant!" Dawn said and smiled, trying not to laugh at Brock who was bombarded with pokéballs.

    "And.." Amelia said and jumped. "We can watch some tv while we wait for Nurse Joy!"

    "I guess." Drew replied, wondering if he could win that bet.

    "I never asked you for permission." Amelia said, walking with Dawn towards the part of the lobby that had a tv.

    Drew sighed and watched as the two female coordinators sat down on the chairs and watched something that was obviously exciting, as both of them gasped at the screen.

    "Drew, come quick, they're showing a replay of the last king of the field! And it's Ash!" the blunette screamed, still not taking her eyes off the screen. Drew immediately sprinted towards the two girls, and gasped as he saw that they were indeed right; On the screen was Ash battling a hot girl, both of them having Pikachus.

    "When was this?" Drew asked, seeing Ash's Pikachu fall to the grass.

    "It was.. 4.30 PM." Amelia said.

    "It's almost 5.30 PM now, so it was almost an hour ago, where the hell is he now?" Drew asked, watching the worried king of the field on the screen.

    "Who cares, let's watch this first! He'e almost losing!" Dawn screamed, she had always thought that Ash was nearly unbeatable, and now, a girl was beating him.

    "AAAAAASH, I LOVE YOU!" the three coordinators could hear some girl scream from the tv screen.

    "Hm, I'm glad that the camera man isn't filming that girl, that would be awkward." Drew said and flicked his hair. "Now why are they showing this anyway? Shouldn't they be showing the live thing from the king of the field right now?"

    "As you can see, the stunningly handsome and skillful trainer, Ash Ketchum, has finally received a worthy opponent after almost two hours." a voice could be heard from the screen.

    "Oh." Drew said and chuckled. "Ketchum, nice work."

    "Well it looks like the field king's Pikachu is having a very hard time to stand up, will they manage to get out of this undefeated?" the news reporter or similar said.

    As the woman said, Ash's Pikachu couldn't even stand up, but it did after a few seconds, although it was shaking like crazy.

    "C'mon Pikachu, you can do it!" Amelia said, clenching her fists.

    "This isn't live, either Ash won or lose, and it was an hour ago."

    "SHUT UP NOBODY ASKED YOU!" Amelia suddenly screamed, but still had her eyes on the screen.

    "Guys shut up, the challenger's Pikachu is using Volt Tackle!" Dawn said, trying to shut up the both of them.

    On the screen they could see another Pikachu that had a pink bow on its head, running fast towards the other Pikachu, soon having its body covered with electricity. The three coordinators held their breath as they wondered if Ash could make up with something.

    "AERIAL IRON TAIL, NOW!" they could hear Ash scream.

    On the screen, they could see that Ash's Pikachu jumped into the air, making the other Pikachu miss with its attack. Soon enough, it got Pikachu's glowing Iron Tail right in the face, making it faint instantly. The crowd on the tv went nuts and cheered like crazy, Dawn and Amelia soon joined in, jumping around.

    "Woah ****, did you see that? That girl just bent down and picked up her Pikachu, did you see her ***?" Drew said, his eyes wide open and looked on into the girls perfect body. "Man.."

    "DREW YOU PERVERT!" Amelia said and smacked Drew on the face.

    Drew rubbed the place where Amelia had hit him and was about to smack her in the face, too, but then saw something unbelievable on the tv screen, his mouth open and eyes wide.

    "Lucky bastard." they could hear Brock say from behind.

    "BROCK!" Dawn screamed, but then went silent as she saw what happened on the tv screen.

    The three coordinators plus Brock could see that the challenger, a beautiful girl, was kissing Ash in a pretty disgusting way. Even the crowd on the tv didn't say anything. The group wondered why the tv show allowed this to be aired, but then a girl came in, pulling Ash's arm, ending the kiss.

    "Well, there you got it folks, the king of the field stood yet undefeated after two straight hours, giving him another point ticket, plus an additional prize." the tv lady said.

    "The king of the field has left his position, do you accept his place?" the referee asked the female challenger.

    "No, I do not." the 'hot' girl said, walking away from the field. "I have some unfinished business to do."

    "Sexy, talented and attitude.. Now that's what a girl should be like, too bad she picked Ketchum." Drew said and grinned.

    "Should they..?" Amelia whispered, wondering if she should become a girl like that challenger.

    "Guys, I think that girl who pulled Ash away was May." Brock said, staring at the screen and saw half of the crowd wanting to become the new field king.

    "Where do you think Ash and May are now? I wonder if they found out that they have the same hotelroom." Dawn said and giggled. "Maybe we should call them and ask them if they want to come with us later?"

    "I don't think that's a good idea." Drew replied, still grinning. "If I know May, either they're together now, or the opposite, it depends on what happened exactly after she pulled him away."

    "Well, then we shouldn't call them." Dawn said and smiled. "Right Amelia, Amelia?"

    The blue haired girl watched as Amelia was thinking deeply of something.

    "Hello? Amelia?" the blue haired girl continued. "Are you thinking about your booooooyfriiiiiiiiend?"

    At these words, the pink haired coordinator almost jumped out of her thoughts.

    "I AM NOT." she replied.

    Dawn giggled before taking Amelia's arm and dragging her to her own room.

    "C'mon, let's hang out in my room before we head out for dinner!" she said, still dragging Amelia who almost fell to the floor.

    "So." Drew started, turning off the tv. "You done with those guys from before?"

    "Yeah, I thought I was done and then more guys came in, I hate that king of the field thing, it's their fault I get to do so much work." Brock replied.

    The two of them turned around and saw even more people needing assistance.

    "Heh, Drew, help me out will ya?" Brock said, walking towards the people.

    "Oh come on.." Drew said, shaking his head. "Don't make me, man."

    Brock grinned and motioned for the green haired boy to help, and so he did, and he regretted it just after the first person that needed help.


    "So, who is is this May girl?" Dawn asked Amelia.

    The two girls sat in the little room that Dawn had for herself, only containing one single room with one bed, plus a bathroom.

    "How should I know, she's pretty cool.. I met her last night, when Drew stalked her."

    "Stalked her..?"

    "Oh right, I haven't told you yet." the pink haired girl said and sighed. "Well.. It's this guy that May met, and Drew was stalking her before he even met her. So, Drew thought that this guy was some kind of kidnapper, which he wasn't, so he decided to follow him, calling me too. And we followed them to their house, and Drew, out of jealousy, kinda screwed up this guy's room upstairs. Then I met her, she was cool, but I don't know anything much more than that."

    "Oh, she's real sweet, she used to travel with Ash and Brock."

    "Really? I heard she won a few contests, too, she's Drew's rival, also."

    "Hm, enough about that." Dawn said and smiled. "Are you together with Drew?"

    Dawn whispered the last words, afraid that somebody might hear them. Amelia blushed and quickly denied it.


    "Whhaaaaaaat? You clearly give him these weird looks with your eyes, and you stands next to him so much often.. You think he's sexy, don't you?"


    "But you think so.. Right?"

    Amelia blushed even more and went to the bathroom to 'freshen up', leaving the blue haired girl to giggle.

    "So." Amelia said from the bathroom. "You have a crush on Ash?"

    "HM? WHO TOLD YOU THAT?" the blue haired girl screamed, stopping her giggling.

    "Heh, nobody did, I think." Amelia said and giggled. "So you dooooooooooo have a crush on him?"

    "N-No, I had, not anymore."

    "What happened?" Amelia asked worried, now done with hiding her blushing. "Did he hurt you?"

    "I.. Yes, but not with purpose, he didn't even know anything. Actually, there has been many girls who want to have Ash, but nobody has ever won his heart." Dawn said and sighed. "But this girl, May, I think she has a shot on this."

    "Maybe so, maybe so." Amelia said and giggled. "Now, truth or dare?"


    "TRUTH OR DARE!" Amelia screamed with a grin.

    "Uh, you first." Dawn replied.



    "Thank you so much nurse Brock! I thought it was something serious!"

    "It's nothing, just be careful with giving them the wrong food next time."

    The breeder and the green haired boy watched as their last patient left the pokécenter, sighing afterwards.

    "I'll never help you anymore." the boy, Drew, said and sighed. He never thought that being a pokémon nurse could be so hard. How the hell could Nurse Joy manage to do this herself? Plus her Chansey.

    "Heh, sorry, I really needed your help." Brock replied.

    "Hmpf, when's Nurse Joy coming back? I'm sick of this."

    "I don't know, it's been almost 30 minutes now."

    The two of them sighed once more as the center doors went open, they thought they would atleast get a few minutes break. They gasped as they saw that the person was a familiar young boy, although he looked a little bit.. Different.

    "Ash! Hey, where've-"

    The breeder stopped as he saw that the boy was looking very bad, his Pikachu smiling.

    "What happened to you?" Drew asked, smirking. "You accidentally kissed May?"

    "No, he didn't."

    Brock and Drew looked at the doors and saw a young brunette behind the boy, clearly upset about something.

    "Why hello there, May." Brock said.

    "Hi Brock!" May said, back to normal. "Thanks for that room, I really appreciate it!"

    "Actually, it was Ash who got it." Brock said and rubbed the back of his head.

    "Oh." the girl said, her smile now gone, but it quickly came back. "How've you been, Brock? I really missed you!"

    "Yeah, it's been too long, I've been great!" the breeder said, hugging the girl. "How about you, won many contests, eh?"

    "Um, yeah!" May said and giggled.

    The green haired boy chuckled, making the brunette and the breeder to stare at him.

    "What is it, Drew?" May asked.

    "You haven't told them?" he replied, smirking.

    "Um, no!" May said, glaring at Drew.

    "Tell us what, May?" Brock wondered.

    "Um, nothing! I'll tell you later!" May said, jumping around. "Now where's that blue haired girl Drew said you have been traveling with?"

    "Oh, you mean Dawn?" Brock asked, smiling over Ash who was still standing there, not moving and his eyes half closed. "She's in her room with Amelia, I forgot which room it was."

    "Oh yeah, Amelia! I have to ask her about what happened last night."

    "She got kidnapped." Drew said, closing his eyes.

    "She what?" May and Brock shouted at once.

    "Yep. But she's fine now, I took care of it."

    "But.. Shouldn't we call her parents or something?" May asked worried. "AND WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT, DID I GET KIDNAPPED TOO?"

    "No, you slept after we saved those pokémon. You were sleeping while all of this happened."

    "Oh." May said and blushed. "What happened exactly?"

    "Yeah Drew, I don't know anything about this, have you called the cops? It all sounds very dangerous, Drew."

    "Yes we have, everything is fine now, except for one *******." Drew said, whispering the last words. "I promise I'll tell you everything later."

    "Fine, I wanna see Dawn now!" May squealed.

    After she said that, the four persons, minus one half dead boy and plus a Pikachu, saw two girls come out from the hallway.

    "Hi Dawn, Amelia!" May almost screamed and sprinted towards the two girls. "It's so good to finally see you, Dawn!"

    "Uh.. Y-Yeah.." the blue haired his stuttered.

    "Hi May." Amelia said and winked. She then pushed Dawn using her elbow. "Well? Are you gonna do it?"

    "Do what?" May wondered.

    "I'm.. I'm sorry, May." the blue haired girl whispered.

    "F-For what?" May asked, now starting to get worried.

    Dawn gulped once before leaving the confused brunette and a smirking pink haired girl, and headed towards the boys in the pokécenter. She walked fast, past Drew and Brock, and was now standing before her ex-crush.

    "A-Ash..?" the girl barely got out, looking into the boy's auburn eyes. "Are you there..?"

    She didn't get any answer, the boy was still staring into deep nothing. The other teens and the breeder watched curiously as they wondered what was going on, except for Amelia, who knew exactly what was going to happen.

    "Pika pika pikapi?" the yellow creature asked.

    "H.. Hi, Pikachu.." Dawn said, still trying to wake up Ash.

    Dawn gulped once before doing what she had promised Amelia to do. She wrapped her arms around Ash's neck, pressing her body and lips against his own. Drew, Brock and May gasped in disbelief as they could see the blue haired girl squeeze Ash's lips with her own, also using her tongue, touching the inside of Ash's mouth every now and then. Ash's eyer were now wide open, although he didn't move. Even Pikachu couldn't believe what was happening, his eyes also wide open. Dawn now stopped having fun with Ash's lips and mouth, and she slowly broke away, also letting go of his neck with her arms.

    "Ash..?" she finally asked, still feeling Ash's saliva on her tongue. The boy opened his mouth to say something, his eyes still lost somewhere.

    "Yu.. Yummy." the boy said, before falling straight backwards to the floor like a stick, with a satisfied look on his face.


    Somewhere in the forest just outside Jubilife City, a young man, or a 16 year old boy to be precise, was trying to figure out something to do. He had bought a chainsaw and was now standing next to a familiar tree he had seen a few times last night.

    "Thought you were gonna get away, huh?" the boy said, glaring at a certain tree. He started up the chainsaw, which was a very powerful and expensive one, just to ensure that maximum damage was dealt. The boy slowly tilted the chainsaw that was on maximum power towards the helpless tree, but got stopped as his cellphone was ringing.

    "What?" the boy said annoyed. "I'm in the middle of something."

    "Like what?" his uncle asked.

    ".. I'm taking care of.. Someone."

    "On what purpose?"

    "He.. He mocked me."

    "I see. Is it worth killing him for that?"


    "Hmpf, very well. Now, the fools have already established the first parts, you'll have to get there later and check that everything is fine."

    "Will do." John said and grinned. "Bye, uncle."

    He ended the call and started to 'take care' of the tree, smirking as he did so. After a little moment, the tree had finally collapsed to the grass, while John was laughing like a mad scientist all the time.


    "Is it ready yet?" a very powerful man asked.

    "Y-Yes sir." a terrified scientist answered. "But we don't know if there exists any side effects to this."

    "How long before it is completely done?"

    "It should take about three days."

    "Very well." the man said and spinned around in his chair.

    "Are you still here?" the man said. "Get out of here!"

    The scientist plus his companions left the room and the man to think about his plans.



    "My head.."

    The young boy rubbed his forehead, feeling all dead.

    "Are you alright, Ash?" a woman asked.

    "No.. My head hurts like hell, why am I so dry in my mouth?"

    "I don't know, dear." the nurse said and checked the boy's eyes. "You seem alright, is there anything else than your headache?"

    "I, I don't think so.." Ash answered, trying to find his Pikachu. "Where is everyone?"

    "Brock and Drew are just outside with your Pikachu, the girls are fighting over something.." the nurse said and giggled. "I don't know what happened, Brock told me that you fainted."

    "Alright, thanks for everything." the boy said and raised himself from the bed.

    "Oh no you don't!" the nurse said and pushed the boy down back to the bed. "You're staying right here!"

    "But I'm perfectly fine!" the boy whined.

    As he said that, Brock and Drew entered the room, wondering if their friend was alright.

    "Ketchum. You okay?" Drew asked and smirked.

    "Yeah, I'm ready to go!" the boy said, trying to get up but was stopped by the nurse.

    "Heh, doesn't look like it, Ash." the breeder said and chuckled. "Nurse Joy, can Ash come with us to the restaurant?"

    "What restaurant?" the boy said, confused.

    "I'm afraid not, Brock." the nurse said and sighed. "Because of that he fainted, he has to stay in the bed until tomorrow."

    "WHAT?" the boy screamed, he had never liked being stuck in one place for a long period of time. "I can't stay here doing nothing!"

    "Alright then." the breeder said and sighed. "Ash, do you want up to get something for you?"

    "No, I'm coming with you!" the boy whined.

    "I don't think so." Brock said and chuckled. "So, something you want us to get for you while we're gone?"

    "I don't want to be any trouble.." Ash said and grunted.

    "Come on, there's gotta be something you'd like."

    "Well.." Ash said and crossed his arms. "I would like to have three burgers, with extra fries, one large milkshake, strawberry flavor, and some ramen."

    "Oh my." the nurse said and giggled. "I guess it's good to have a good apatite."

    "Heh, anything else?" Brock asked and sighed.

    "Well.." the boy said and thought about it.

    "I'd like to have some ice cream, with some chocolate sauce on. Five donuts, different flavors. That is all, eheheh." the boy said and rubbed the back of his head.

    "Uh.. Anything else?" Brock asked, looking at Drew for assistance, although the green haired boy shook his head; he wouldn't help Brock on this one.

    "Yes, LET ME OUT OF HERE!" Ash whined and fake-cried.

    The three persons watched the boy with amusement and huge smiles.

    "Well, we have to get going now, we'll get back in a few hours with your stuff, too, Ash." Brock said and went out of the room with Drew. "See you!"

    "Bye." Drew said and give Ash a quick nod before going out of the room with Brock."

    "Well.." the nurse started and giggled. "I have to take care of a few pokémon, don't get out of the bed, okay?"

    Ash only grunted for an answer, making the nurse giggle once more. She got out of the room, closed the door, leaving the young boy to lie there, without his Pikachu, that probably went with Brock and the other guys. He sighed and rested his head on the soft pillow, trying to remember why he had fainted before.

    The boy only closed his eyes for a second, and when he opened them, he wasn't in the room anymore. He sighed and took a deep breath. He was in that cliff again, so that girl was probably not too far away from where he was.

    "I see you're back."

    Ash snapped his head up, seeing the girl with the beautiful dress and that parasol watching the sunset at the end of the cliff.

    "Why did you do that?" Ash asked, watching the lady's behind.

    "Do what?" the girl said and giggled. "If any, you did something."

    "Why don't you just show me who you are?" Ash asked irritated.

    "You have to figure out yourself.." the girl said lowly. "You've forgotten me, I never thought you could do that."

    "I'm going crazy."

    "Maybe you are.." the girl said and giggled again. "So, why are you here?"

    "What the h-, how should I know? I just got tired and went off to sleep, I guess."

    "You've done that many times, but this is only the second time you're here." the girl said, tilting her head just a little bit towards the boy that was standing behind her. "Isn't it beautiful..?"

    "I told you last time.. It is." Ash said, watching the never ending shore and the sunset. "But it's probably just my imagination.

    "Oh really?" the girl said, taking down her parasol, but still facing the ocean. "How can you be so sure about that?"

    "What else could this be? It's clearly a dream." Ash said, seeing that the girl had brown, long hair.

    "Oh, you silly boy. Dreams can be so much more than just random images and memories."

    "Oh yeah? Like what." the boy asked, sitting down on a rock behind him.

    "They.. Give you inspiration, different perspectives. They also make you realize things."

    "Go on.." Ash said, standing up again.

    "They give people peace.. A place to stay, when people don't have any place to go."

    "And..?" Ash said, sneaking towards the girl, one, single, quiet step at a time.

    "They're like a second life."

    There was an awkward silence, the only thing that could be heard was the water hitting the shore, and the cool breeze that rustled the trees and grass.

    "Don't you think so, boy?" the girl asked and giggled.

    Ash, however, didn't answer, as he was still trying to sneak up to the girl. He was now only a few inches from her, his body and mind filled with excitement, he would get to see who this mysterious person was, if it was his dream's creation or not.

    "Boy..?" the girl asked again.

    Ash didn't answer, as he slowly raised his hand, aiming for the girl's shoulder.

    "I.." the girl continued, not giggling anymore. "I know you're there."

    Ash opened his eyes, punching himself in the stomach for failing. It would probably take days before he would meet her again. He cursed himself and punched himself in the stomach again, regretting it afterwards.

    "Ow.." he whispered, rubbing his now red skin.

    As he was doing that, he closed his eyes, hearing that somebody opened the door.

    "Hi Brock." Ash said and yawned. "You back already?"

    He didn't get any answer, and the person who entered the room slowly walked towards Ash on the bed.

    "Nurse Joy..?" Ash asked, opening one eye.

    He didn't see anyone on that side, wondering if he had gone nuts. He sighed once before closing his eyes again, but then he heard something.. Someone that was breathing. He opened his eyes and saw a beautiful girl just above his face, looking down on him.


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    Hey I'd love to be on the PM list! Great story so far, though I'm disliking this Aurora person :P Advanceshipper through and through xD
    What I'm Currently Working On:

    Creds to Astral Shadow for the outstanding banner!

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    Default Chapter 8: Decisions and Thoughts

    Chapter 8: Decisions and Thoughts

    "Can't you work faster? You lazy good for nothing!"

    A woman with very long red hair was standing at the side, yelling at a blue haired man and a cat pokémon.

    "Why aren't you helping us?" the blue haired man complained, flipping over a few stakes. "Me and Meowth are doing everything."

    "He's right, lend us a hand, will ya?" the cat said, making a few burgers ready. "You can atleast go out and take a few orders, I bet tha guys outside are tired of waiting."

    "Quit whining, I'll go get the orders then." the red haired women said and went out of the kitchen. "And hurry up, they're waiting!"

    The blue haired man and the cat sighed as they once more felt the warm steam hit their faces.

    "Hey, Meowth?" the blue haired man, James, asked as he was preparing the stakes.

    "What is it?" the cat wondered, also preparing the now ready burgers.

    "Don't you think that we could have done.. More?" the man asked, trying to spot the red haired woman, Jessie.

    "More? Whaddaya mean with that?" the cat responded, resisting the urge to take a bite of the hamburgers.

    "I mean.. More, than this, working for Giovanni I mean.." the man said and sighed. "Haven't you thought if you wanna do something else? Like, working legit? I never thought I would say this but.. I think I'm getting sick of this, Meowth."

    "Pull yaself togetha!" the cat said and slapped the man on the head. "Neva lose faith in Team Rocket!"

    The two of them stopped talking and continued preparing the orders, now waiting for Jessie to return.

    "You never answered my question, Meowth." James stated and sighed.

    "What was the question anyways?" the cat asked irritated.

    "If you.." James started, looking at Meowth. "If you've ever thought of doing something else than this."

    The cat didn't respond; he was actually thinking about what James had asked him.

    "Yes." the cat finally said. "But that doesn't mean that we can do anything about this right now."

    "I guess you're right.. I was thinking of starting our own restaurant together with you and Jessie."

    "Yeah, that would be nice." the cat said and smiled, imagining having a restaurant together with his two partners.

    The two of them went silent again, still awaiting Jessie's arrival.

    "Hey, Meowth?" James asked, hearing Jessie's footsteps get closer.

    "Uhuh?" the cat wondered, putting a few plates that was ready on the counter.

    "What if Giovanni was dead?"


    "Um, Nurse Joy..?" the girl asked, her head poking out of a patient room. "Could you come in here..?"

    "Why yes, what's the matter?" the nurse asked and started walking towards the girl.

    "Well.." the girl said, glancing at an unconscious boy lying on the bed in the room.

    "Oh my, what happened?" the nurse asked, checking the boy.

    "Ever heard the saying 'scare someone to death'? It kind of happened just now. Is he okay?"

    "He's fine, he's just in deep sleep right now, it'll probably take some time before he wakes up." the nurse said and sighed. "May I ask who you are, miss..?"

    "I'm Aurora, his girlfriend." the girl replied and giggled.

    "Oh, how cute!" the nurse said, also giggling. "I have to go now, can you watch him yourself?"

    "Of course, thanks for checking on him."

    The nurse nodded and left the room, still giggling. The girl, Aurora, looked at the boy, trying to figure out a way to wake him up. Being so "smart", she had already thought of something up, and walked towards the boy with a smirk on her face, ready to try out her plan.


    The 14 year old boy raised his eyebrow in surprise as he noticed that he was, once again, standing on that cliff, watching that certain girl.

    "Back already?" the girl said and giggled.

    "Seems like it." the boy replied, sitting down on a rock.

    He couldn't help but notice that the girl didn't have her black parasol to cover half her body. She was really beautiful, even if he only saw the back of her. He sighed, he missed Pikachu, he really did.

    "You know.." the girl started. "That was a dirty trick you pulled off."

    "Heh, almost got you, didn't I?" the boy said, watching the girl's long brown hair float in the air.

    "Even if it did work, what would you see?"


    "Yes, me. But who am I? What face would you see?"

    The boy gasped, his head blowing up by that question.

    "I told you, I hate riddles."

    "You never told me that." the girl said and giggled.

    "Bleh, you probably know it anyways cause you're in my mind."

    "Good guess."

    "So I was right?"

    "Maybe." the girl said and giggled.

    "Can't you just tell me who you are?" the boy whined. "I can't try to find out, or else you'll just wake me up."

    "Exactly, you'll just have to remember me."

    "So I've met you before?"


    "But.. So you are just in my mind?"


    Ash slapped himself on the forehead.

    "This sucks.." the boy whispered.

    "Ash..?" the girl suddenly asked.

    "Mm?" Ash said, closing his eyes.

    "Be.. Be careful."

    Ash opened his eyes, lying on the pokécenter room bed again. He sighed once before turning around on the bed, but then hit something with his head. Or someone.

    "Hey, sexy."

    Ash screamed a very girlish scream and fell off the bed, landing on his butt.

    "Aurora?" Ash asked, rubbing his butt.

    "Come back to bed..?" the girl begged him.

    "What, are you crazy?" the boy said, still rubbing his butt. "What are you doing here?"

    "I came to see you." the girl replied and winked. "Now come back to bed, it's cold."

    "Wait, what? Look, Nurse Joy told me not to leave the bed, so could you please move?"

    "Nope. And if that's what she told you, come back."

    "Get off my bed first!"

    "Make me."

    Ash sat there on his butt, watching the unbelievable hot girl who was smiling at him.

    "Well..?" she asked, giving him the puppy-eyes. "Aren't you gonna make me..?"

    The boy still sat there, his mouth a little bit open.

    "Mary!" he finally screamed.

    "Who's Mary?"

    "Nurse Joy!"

    "Oh, I see, you're not man enough to take care of me yourself, hm?" the girl teased him.

    Ash then stood up and went to the girl on his bed.

    "I am more man than any other guy you've seen." the boy almost threatened, his face very close to the girl's.

    "Then show me." the girl whispered, moving her face and lips closer to the boy's.

    The boy closed his eyes, feeling his whole body shake by the girl's close presence. But he quickly backed off just in time, shaking his head in frustration. The girl watched him and smirked.

    "You are very resistable." she said, still smiling. "What's stopping you?"

    The girl eyed the boy carefully, and Ash, for some reason, was getting back his headache.

    "This isn't right.." Ash said, wandering around in the room. "Please leave.."

    "You want this so badly.." the girl said and watched the boy curiously. "But something is stopping you. Or someone."

    "What do you mean?" Ash asked, finally sitting down on the other side of the bed.

    "You want this.. Don't you?" she whispered. "But you can't do it."

    "What the hell, I can do whatever I want!" the boy said, still not facing her.

    "Then why don't you just kiss me, pretty boy..?" she whispered dangerously close to his ear.

    "Shut up, I'm not in the mood."

    "So, last time you was..?"

    "Be quiet, please." Ash said.
    The girl did as she was told and didn't speak.

    "Why are you here again?" Ash wondered, not looking at the girl lying next to him.

    "I told you, I'm here for you."

    "The truth, please."

    "It is the truth, boy."

    "I see. What do you want me?"

    "I want you.."

    "Why." Ash asked, tilting his head towards the girl, but still didn't look at her.

    "Cause.." the girl said, laying her finger on the boy's back, slowly sliding it down from the top. "Cause, you're hot.. Talented, kind, and-"

    "You met me a few hours ago." Ash interrupted her.

    "Love at first sight, don't you think?"

    The boy didn't respond, but he turned around, staring into the girl's beautiful mixed-colored eyes.

    "You're pretty." the boy started. "I have to admit that."

    "Go on.." the girl said and smiled, leaning closer with her face and body, but Ash backed away a bit.

    "I can't be with you." Ash said, closing his eyes.

    "Why? We're both sexy, talented.."

    "I can't.. I.. I have problems right now."

    "It's that girl, isn't it..?" the girl whispered, putting her hand on the boy's chest.

    "What girl?"

    "Oh." Aurora said and sighed. "You'll figure it out soon enough."

    Aurora got out of the bed, much to Ash's relief.

    "But." the girl said, stopping on her way out. "Before I leave, I want a little prize for almost beating you."

    "W-What?" Ash asked, he didn't like the sound of that.

    "Let's just say that I want to finish what we started before." Aurora said and walked back towards the boy.

    "N.. No, that one before was enough!" Ash said, hiding himself with the cover. "You took my first kiss!"

    The girl went even closer as the boy tried to hide himself. Ash could swear that he saw that Aurora's eyes glowed for half a second.

    "That was our first kiss, yes." the girl said and turned around. "But it was not your first."

    Aurora then left the room, leaving the confused and a little bit frightened boy.


    "Oh my god, did you see that dress..?" an excited girl asked.

    "Yeah, I was thinking of stealing it.." another girl confessed.

    "What the hell? Let's get there now!" a third girl squealed. "We can afford it if we get money together!"

    A green haired boy and a breeder with a Pikachu on his shoulder sighed as they watched the three girls walking in front of them.

    "I don't think this was a good idea, Drew." the breeder said.

    "Don't worry, we'll get rid of them after the restaurant." the boy, Drew, replied.

    The two boys shook their heads when they could hear that the girls were talking about "sexy boys". The boys sighed in relief when they saw that the girls walked a little bit faster, the two of them would get some peace.. Maybe.

    "So.." the pink haired girl, Amelia, started. "How did Ash respond to your kiss besides fainting?"

    "Oh, shut up!" the blue haired girl, Dawn replied. "You made me do it!"

    "Yeah, shut up!" the brunette, May, added.

    "What, you jealous?" Amelia teased the brunette.

    May blushed and quickly denied it.

    "Besides." Amelia continued. "I never told you to kiss him like that, Dawn! That was kinda gross!"

    Now, the blue haired girl was blushing.

    "Hey!" Dawn defended herself. "You haven't kept your side of the promise!"

    Now, Amelia was blushing, as the two other girls watched her and giggled.

    "What did you promise her, Amelia?" May asked.

    "She said that if I kissed Ash she would kiss Drew." Dawn answered, poking Amelia with her elbow.

    "Shh..!" Amelia whispered, looking back at Drew. "They can hear us!"

    "Don't be ridiculous!" May said and giggled. "Now, when are you gonna do it?"

    "How should I know?" Amelia replied and crossed her arms.

    "Atleast you've thought about it..?" Dawn asked.

    "Well.. I was thinking of doing it after the restaurant.. Like a thank you gift."

    "Thanks for what?" May asked.

    "For paying the tab." Amelia replied.

    The three girls went quiet for a few seconds before bursting out with laughter.

    "Hmpf." Drew grunted.

    "What is it?" Brock wondered and grinned. "Lost your way?"

    "No." the boy replied. "I just heard what the girls are talking about."

    "Really? What did they talk about?"

    "They still expect me to pay the bill later."

    "Heh, we can share it if you want."

    "No, thank you Brock." the boy said and smiled. "It isn't neccessary."

    "Heh, very well."

    The breeder chuckled together with the yellow creature on his shoulder while the green haired boy got a brilliant idea.


    John was lying on his bed, not caring about the phone that was ringing next to him. He was surprised that the phone stopped ringing and sighed in relief.

    "John." a voice could be heard.

    "WHAT THE ****."

    John fell out of the bed, landing with his face first.

    "Ouch." his uncle said through the huge screen. "That hurt."

    "HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?" John screamed, rubbing his nose.

    "I installed an application that lets me use the videophones without waiting for you to answer."

    "Please let me sleep." John whined.

    "It's 6 PM. Have you even got something to eat or drink?"

    "I'm fat. I don't need to get something everyday."

    "Nonsense. Now, have you checked in on the fools?"

    "Does it look like it?" John replied, getting into a sleeping position on the floor.

    "You'll have to do it later then, I think-"

    The man got interrupted by a phone ringing on the background. The man turned around with his officechair and picked it up.

    "Yes?" the man said.

    John buried his face into his pillow on the floor, a few minutes extra sleep wouldn't hurt. He closed his eyes and listened while his uncle talked to someone else.

    "I see." his uncle said. "And why did you leave him? .. He's the first one to do that, I see.. Well, keep on trying. What do you mean it's too late? I don't care if he has a girl, keep trying!"

    John's uncle ended that call and turned around again, facing the videophone.

    "Your sister has failed." his uncle finally said.

    "What, did you assign her to a homosexual?"

    "No, it was a young boy around her age."

    "How did she fail that..?"

    "He has a strong mind, but I doubt that's the real reason."

    "Give her a break.."

    "I already have. And it was a long one, too. She's getting bad at this."

    "She's not a *****." John said flatly.

    "I never said that."

    After that, his uncle ended the call, leaving John to get some sleep. He sighed, he loved his uncle in every way, except for a few things. Talking like his sister was a ***** was one of them.


    "How many will be accompaning you today, sir?" a male waiter asked.

    "We're five." Drew replied.

    "This way." the waiter said and smiled.

    The waiter showed the five people towards a table, giving them menus after they had taken a seat.

    "I'll be back in a moment to take your orders." the waiter said and left the table.

    "Oh my god, they have ramen!" the brunette squealed.

    "May! We're in a fancy restaurant, you should get something better!" Amelia said.

    "Oh.." May said and sighed. "You're right."

    The girl then checked the menu to see if there was anything good other than ramen.

    "Drew, this is such a nice place! I mean look!" the girl squealed.

    Everybody, except for Drew, looked around in the restaurant. As she said, it was a really good place, the only customers being rich looking or famous people. The restaurant had excellent chairs and tables, and the decoration was stunning; water fountains, music, carpets.. Most of the restaurant was either red or black.

    "Pika pika!" Pikachu agreed.

    "You come here often?" Brock asked and grinned.

    "No, this is my first time." Drew replied.

    Brock, Dawn and Amelia chuckled at that, and suddenly, May almost jumped out of her seat.

    "I've made up my mind!" she said, putting down the menu on the table.

    "Alright, have you decided?" Dawn asked everyone else.

    They nodded, and waited for the waiter to arrive. He finally did after just a few seconds, and May was as expected the most excited person.

    "Have you deci-"

    "YES!" May got out, interrupting the waiter.

    "Uhm, okay." the waiter said and chuckled. "What would you like to have, miss?"

    "I'll have this.." May said and pointed on a picture of a meal on the menu. "And this.. And this, this, this and this!"

    The waiter actually had a hard time writing down what she wanted, but eventually got everything down. Everybody else at the table sweatdropped.

    "And for these two lovely ladies..?"

    Dawn and Amelia giggled before giving the waiter their orders. Even if they were two persons, their orders combined took less time to order than May's.

    "And for the gentlemen?"

    "I'll just have the salad buffét, thanks." Drew said, grinning.

    "Me too." Brock said, also grinning.

    "Alright then, what do you want to drink?" the waiter asked and smiled.

    "I'll have water." Drew said.

    "Ditto." Brock added.

    "Are you like on a diet or something?" May asked, raising an eyebrow. "Do like me! Live your life! I'll have a double mocha cappuccino, thanks!"

    "Very well." the waiter said and nodded. "And the two of you?"

    "I'll have the same." Dawn said, smiling.

    "Me too." Amelia said, also smiling.

    "Alright, everything's set. Is there anything else I can get you?"

    "Pika pikachu." Pikachu said.

    The waiter raised an eyebrow.

    "He just wants some ketchup." May said and giggled.

    Everybody wondered how May could understand what Pikachu had just said, but they all shrugged it off.

    "Okay, I'll be back soon with your drinks, the your food should be ready in 30 minutes." the waiter said and smiled. "And for the two gentlemen, the salad bar is just over there."

    With that said, the waiter did a quick bow before leaving.

    "Well? Aren't you gonna go get your salad?" May teased the boys.

    The boys shook their head before standing up and getting their yummy salad. May waited for the boys to get to the bar before she spoke.

    "So, when are you gonna do it?" May asked Amelia in a teasing voice. "I'd love to see that."

    "SHUT UP." Amelia whispered. "I told you I'm gonna do it after!"

    "Pff, yeah right." Dawn said and shook her head. "You're too much of a coward to do that.."

    "OH YEAH? WELL, I'M GONNA DO IT!" Amelia almost screamed, drawing attention from a few persons nearby.

    "Alright, why are you so mad.." Dawn said and sighed. "Is it because we're talking about your boooyfrieeeeeend?"

    "Dawn shut up!" Amelia whispered. "Do you want me to bring up Ash?"

    The blue haired girl grunted.

    "Well, that did it." Amelia said proudly and smiled.

    "So." Amelia said after a little moment. "What happened at that field?"

    "W-What field?" May stuttered.

    "Don't play innocent." Dawn joined in.

    "We saw everything on tv, so did other people."

    "Oh my god." May said, hiding her face with her hands. "This is so embarrassing."

    "Exactly, now tell us about it." Dawn said and giggled.

    "Can.. Can we talk about this later?" May whispered to the girls. "Like.. I don't wanna talk about it right now."

    "Sure." Dawn and Amelia said at the same time and smiled.

    "Don't you think the waiter is cuuuuuute?" Amelia whispered as she saw the waiter come with their drinks.

    "Here you are." the waiter said and gave them their drinks. "Please enjoy, your food should be ready soon."

    With that said, the waiter gave a quick bow before leaving, making the girls nod in approvement towards each other. Soon enough, the girls could see the two boys come back, holding bowls filled with sallad. They took a seat and wondered why the girls were so quiet. The girls giggled as they saw Drew's bowl, the bowl wasn't even half filled. Pikachu jumped to the table with a bowl filled with ketchup, he was so, so happy.

    "Why are you on a diet?" May asked and giggled, doing as the girls next to her.

    "I'm not hungry." Drew responded, but forced a weak smile to emerge.

    The girls continued to giggle, while Brock chuckled, wondering what was going on. While the two boys, or atleast one of them, enjoyed their meal, the girls talked about who was the most sexiest person, most cute, most smart.. Brock couldn't handle the constant chatter and stopped listening ages ago, but Drew still did, taking up every word the girls said while he was eating, slowly. The girls also started talking more quietly because they were suspecting that Drew was listening, which was right, but he could still hear them clearly. After all, they were sitting right in front of him. Drew sighed in relief when he saw that their waiter was now coming towards their table, with the girls orders. He had spent the last 20 minutes listening to the girls to maybe hear something interesting, but they were talking about.. Shopping. He chuckled when he saw that a waiter first came to give Dawn's and Amelia's meals, and then an extra waiter came to carry out May's meal, and it looked like he had trouble carrying it all. The girls squealed in delight after the waiter, or waiters, had put down their orders on the table and left. As May started to eat, the others at the people couldn't help but gasp at how fast she was eating. Even Pikachu sweatdropped.

    "May.." Drew started, his eyes wide open. "How can you not be fat?"

    May stopped eating, but then smiled with some ramen still in her mouth, she had ordered it anyway. The rest of the visit in the restaurant went by very quickly, the five persons enjoying every second of it. Drew and Brock were discussing ways to raise their pokémon while they were eating, while the girls was.. Still talking about boys. Drew had now given up by the time May had started eating her second meal, they were never gonna talk about something interesting. They were now ready to pay the bill, May being the only one left still eating; she was as expected the only one to order dessert.

    "Excuse me." Amelia said and stopped a waiter. "Could we please pay now?"

    "Why of course." the waiter said and smiled. "I'll be back in just a sec."

    As he walked off, the three girls were staring at Drew, who was wondering what in the world they wanted.

    "Um, excuse me?" Drew asked, crossing his arms.

    "Well.." Dawn started.

    "Because of that this was your idea.." May continued.

    ".. Then you have to pay the bill!" Amelia finished.

    The three girls and Brock awaited Drew's next move.

    "No." he said, shaking his head.

    By the time Drew had stopped shaking his head, the girls were out of sight. As he looked around in the restaurant, he could see the three girls through the window, standing outside waving at him.

    "Heh, don't worry." Brock said and put a hand on Drew's shoulder. "I'll pay it with you, I can pay for everything if you want."

    "It's okay." Drew said and sighed. "I'll take care of this. You should probably head out and ask where the girls want to go next."

    Brock sighed and nodded before heading out to the girls together with Pikachu. The waiter had now come back, holding a piece of paper on his hand. Drew gave the man enough money to eat at that restaurant for a week, making the waiter raise his eyebrow.

    "Keep the change." Drew said as he walked out of the restaurant.


    "ARE YOU TWO OUT OF YOUR MINDS?" a red haired woman screamed. "WE ARE AT THE EDGE OF BEING PROMOTED!"

    "Moar like being at tha edge of being kick'd out." a cat replied.

    "Hmpf, I still can't believe that you are even considering this!" the woman screamed.

    "But Jessie, we can't keep doing this." a blue haired man complained. "And if we asks if we can get out, he'll just hurt us, or worse."

    "Then we don't leave Team Rocket!"

    After what the red haired woman just said, her cellphone rang, making her shake with anger. She picked it up, and immediately her anger faded away and was replaced with fear.

    "Jessie." a voice could be heard after she answered the call. "Have you finished your part?"

    "Um, yes, Giovanni! But there is still some things that needs-"

    "I don't care." the man spat out. "If you don't finish this, I'll finish you."

    The call ended, and the red haired woman stood there with a frightened face, still holding that cellphone.

    "What.. What did he say..?" James wondered.

    The woman didn't answer, and was still looking at deep nothing. The cat and the blue haired man watched each other with worry on their faces. They sighed, and was about to leave the closed hamburger bar, but was stopped by the woman.

    "Wait." she said, having an unreadable face expression.

    James and Meowth turned around, looking at their friend.

    "Yes..?" they both asked her at the same time.

    There was a long silence where nobody spoke or did anything, but it was broken by the woman soon enough.

    "Let's do it."


    "OH. MY. GOD."

    A girl, or right now, three girls were jumping with excitement as they ran through the famous Jubilife Dress Store.

    "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD." the girls screamed at the same time.

    Right behind the hyped up girls were two boys, a green haired coordinator and a breeder, watching the girls who was probably about to be kicked out by a security guard for public disturbance.

    "Man, are they always like this?" the boy, Drew, asked as he saw the girls running into the changing rooms.

    "Pika pika.." the yellow mouse complained.

    "Well, Dawn and May has, and probably will, always be like this." the breeder, Brock, said and chuckled. "But I don't know about Amelia.

    "Pink-elia has always been like this." Drew said and smiled.

    "Are they actually gonna buy anything?" Brock asked bored. "I think I'm gonna take a seat, this'll probably take some time."

    "This won't take too much time, they won't find anything they can afford."

    Drew was right, just after he had said that the girls came back with sad face expressions.

    "Have you seen the price tags on these..?" Dawn said, putting back a beautiful blue dress that would fit her perfectly. "I mean.. Drew, I bet you can't afford these."

    "I don't know." Drew admitted. "I have to admit these things are pricy, maybe too pricy."

    "Buy them for us!" May squealed.

    "Hmpf, a few dresses would make me rich." Drew replied.

    "What the hell does that mean?" Amelia wondered.

    "I mean that if I buy these dresses, they would inflict too much change towards my money and would lower me to the rich class. As of now, I am over that stage." the boy said and flicked his hair.

    The three girls sighed and decided that it was probably time the head back home. Unlike before that day, the three girls were now walking behind the boys.

    "Ameliaaaaa, it's time to go soon!" Dawn whispered. "When are you gonna do it?"

    "I'll do it when we get home!" Amelia whispered back.

    "But then we'll miss it!" May whispered, whining. "You have to do it before we split ways home!"

    "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT SHUT UP!" Amelia said and forgot to whisper, drawing attention from the two boys in front of them.

    "Is something wrong?" Brock asked.

    "N-No, nothing! I'm fine, just keep walking, eheheh!" Amelia stuttered.

    At that, the girls, and Brock, could hear Drew laugh an evil laugh.

    "Pff, what's so funny, butthole?" Amelia said, irritated.

    "Nothing." Drew replied, not turning around.

    "Grr, I don't think I'll be able to do this." Amelia whispered, still irritated at her "enemy".

    "Oh, you have to! Please! I kissed Ash!" Dawn whined.

    "Uh yeah, please don't remind me of that." May said and sweatdropped, thinking back of the moment where Dawn had shoved her tongue into Ash's oblivious mouth.

    The pink haired didn't respond. She wanted so badly not to kiss the boy, but a deal was a deal. She sighed, she would have to do it before she and Drew would head towards her house.

    "Well.." Amelia started. "I guess this is where we'll split ways, I'll see you guys tomorrow."

    The group had finally reached the place where Amelia's house was on the other road, and the pokécenter on the other way. Although it wasn't that far between the center and Amelia's house, it was still a few minutes walking.

    "Alright." Brock said and smiled. "We can head out for the festival tomorrow or something. We'll see you tomorrow then, Amelia, Drew."

    Amelia smiled and nodded towards Brock, and saw that her two friends was standing behind him, making the words "DO IT YOU COWARD" with their lips. Amelia turned around to face the boy, and he was already standing there, facing the road they were supposed to head to.

    "D-Drew?" Amelia asked, shaking with nervousness.

    The boy didn't respond, he was waiting for the girl to head home.

    "I.. I just-"

    The girl was cut off in mid sentence by Drew's soft and moist lips, slowly engulfing her own. Her eyes widened at first, but then closed while she responded to the sweet, sweet kiss. Brock, Pikachu, Dawn and May gasped, the first being surprised over the event itself, while the girls were surprised over Drew's sudden move. The kiss lasted for a few seconds, which felt like forever for Amelia, and she hated it when Drew stopped the tongue-free kiss.

    "Shall we?" Drew asked, motioning for the girl to head home.

    Amelia blushed and quickly walked to the road, slowing down a bit after that to wait for the boy.

    "I'll see you tomorrow, guys." the boy said and turned around, following the pink haired girl home.

    Brock, May and Dawn stood there and watched as the the pink haired girl and the green haired boy got out of sight, and it took a little while before any of them did anything.

    "OH MY GOD MAY BROCK DID YOU SEE THAT WHAT THE.. OH MY!" Dawn got out and jumped with a huge smile.

    "Now that was unexpected." the breeder said and walked together with Dawn and a stunned Pikachu back to the center.

    The brunette, May, still stood there, thinking deeply.

    'That was.. So cute.. How does it feel like..?'


    May snapped her head up and quickly went after her two friends.

    "So." Dawn started after a few seconds walking without nobody saying anything. "Where are you heading to?"

    "What, me?" May asked. "I, uh, to the hotel? It's only like six minutes from the center.."

    "I seriously doubt that you've forgotten that you share room with Ash at that hotel, May." Dawn added.

    May sighed, she knew that, she did. Why did everything happen to her..?

    "Well, I guess I'll get back to the center with you guys and get Ash, he can't head home alone after that." May said and looked at Dawn at those last words.

    The blue haired girl blushed and quickly looked away, trying to talk about food with Brock who was chuckling at what the girls were talking about.

    'Stupid Ash.' May thought. 'Forcing me to care about him..'

    She wanted to kiss Ash so badly.

    'I'll.. I'll just forgive him..'


    The young girl watched as the raven haired boy once again fell back to sleep, probably out of boreness. She smiled, she had never met a boy like him ever before. So handsome, so talented, so kind, so.. Perfect. She sighed as she remembered that she had given him her ever first kiss. And it was good.

    "Nurse Joy?" the girl asked the nurse, who was filling out some paper work at the counter. "How long before Ash's friends get back?"

    "Oh, I don't know dear." the nurse replied and smiled. "Although I think it should be atleast another hour before they get back, the were also going to go shopping or something like that."

    "Oh, okay." the girl said and gave the nurse an even wider smile.

    "Well, you shouldn't be too down about it, Aurora." the nurse said and continued her paper work. "Think of it this way; you'll have more time with your boyfriend alone!"

    The girl froze as she thought of those words.

    Boyfriend. Alone.

    "T-Thank you, Mary." the girl said and went back into the patient room.

    The nurse nodded towards no one in particular as she yawned once, before putting her finished paper work at the counter.

    "Hi Ash." the girl said as she stared at the boy who was lying on the bed, his cap covering his handsome face.

    The girl took a chair and placed it to the side of the bed before sitting down on it, still staring at the boy in front of her.

    'Should I..?' the girl thought. 'Just a quick peek.'

    The girl giggled quickly and took the boys hand, holding it. She then leaned back against the chair, closing her eyes. Even though it looked like the girl was resting peacefully, she was actually concentrating really, really hard.

    "What did you mean with that?" the boy asked a girl who was standing in front of him.

    "Oh, you are really dense." the girl answered, watching the ocean and the sunset.

    "Just tell me, will ya?"

    "I meant what I said. Be careful."

    "For what?"

    The girl didn't answer the boy, she just stared at the sunset in front of her. Ash quickly felt his anger raise, he didn't like, no, he hated those stupid annoying riddles, why couldn't they just give him the answers? The boy sighed, sitting down on that same rock from before. He yawned once, before gasping as he saw that the sunset was now completely gone, the moon had already taken over.

    "Why did the moon come so fast?" Ash asked, staring at the round ball in the sky that was giving light to the whole area.

    "Disturbance." the girl replied.


    Ash thought he heard something rustle behind him, and quickly stood up and turned around, wondering what the hell that was.

    "Who's there!" he screamed, reaching for a pokéball. He slapped himself on the forehead when he remembered that he didn't have them, it was a dream. Or was it?

    "You know, this is getting pretty retarde-"

    Ash froze after he turned around, as he noticed that the girl had somehow disappeared, did she jump? He quickly ran towards the end of the cliff and looked down, careful not to fall off. He sighed when he didn't see anything, atleast he would have heard her fall into the water.. He shook his head before turning around, and stopped when he saw something, or someone..


    Ash screamed like a girl and jumped back, falling from the cliff. He closed his eyes and kept on screaming, screaming like a girl, and prepared to hit the soft sand. If he died here, would he die in reality? After almost 10 seconds of screaming non-stop, he opened one eye, surprised that he was still on that cliff. He opened the other eye, too, and felt that someone was holding his wrist.

    "Umm.. That was, very fun to watch." somebody said.

    Ash turned around and saw a familiar girl, holding his wrist, smiling.

    "A-Aurora?" he asked, stunned. "What are you doing here?"

    "Well.." she started, pulling the boy up so he wouldn't fall again. "You obviously wanted to dream about me, or else I wouldn't be standing here."

    "Uh." Ash said and blushed. "Well, thanks for saving me, I guess.."

    "No problem!" the girl got out and hugged the boy.

    "Hey!" Ash quickly said, backing off.

    "What?" the girl wondered, hurt. "You won't even hug me in a dream?"

    "I.. I'm sorry.." Ash stuttered, looking down at the ground.

    "Hm, fine.." the girl whispered, sitting down on that large rock the boy was once sitting on. "If we're not gonna make out, how about we talk? I'm sure I'm better than that girl who was standing there before."

    "What do you want to talk about?" Ash asked, sitting down next to the girl.

    "I don't know, it's your dream." the girl said in a flirty way, looking up at the moon. "Nice dream you have here."

    "Uhm, thanks." the boy said, confused over how the girl from his dream was talking. "How old are you?"

    "H-How should I know? I'm just a creation of your mind, right?"

    "Oops, I'll ask the real you when I wake up then." the boy said and winked.

    He could see that the girl blushed, that was odd.

    "So, why don't you want me?" the girl started. "I-I mean, why don't you want me in reality?"

    "Of course I want you.. Or her, she's so pretty. But I can't, it feels like.."

    "There's someone else..?" the girl finished for him.

    "S.. Something like that." the boy said and rubbed the back of his head. "Now where did that girl go?"

    "I don't know. Who was she?"

    "Now that's a good question. I've been trying to figure that out for the last three times I've been here, but as soon as I get close to her or try something funny she stops my dream, waking me up."

    "Sounds.. Cool. Do you have any ideas of who she might be?"

    "I really have no idea. The only thing I know is that she's cute, and has brown hair."

    The girl nodded, and eyed to boy carefully.

    "Why.. Why are you staring at me like that?" the boy asked, also staring at the girl.

    He couldn't believe that his mind could picture Aurora so perfectly. Her hair, her face, her clothes, her voice, her smile, her body, her.. He punched himself in the stomach, hard. The girl was about to scream at him for doing that, but then giggled.

    "What.. What's so funny?" Ash asked, trying not to think perverted thoughts.

    "You were thinking about me." she said and giggled.

    "Y-Yeah I did, how did you know that?"

    "You. Are. So.. Stupid." the girl said, leaning closer for every word she said. "And hot.. And cute.. And.. You want me."

    Ash quickly stood up, shaking his head in frustration.

    "Please stop doing that, you act like you are the real person." Ash said, staring at the forest behind them.

    "What if I am the real person?" Aurora asked, stepping closer, her eyes locked on into his.


    "Maybe, maybe not."

    "Heh, you sound like that girl from before." Ash said and chuckled.

    The girl giggled, but then fell to the ground, feeling all worn out. Ash quickly kneeled down next to her, wondering what was wrong.

    "Are you okay?" he asked, trying to pull her up.

    "Yeah.. I'm just.."

    Ash opened his eyes, after feeling a sudden pain running through his head, or mind. He blinked a few times, to get back his vision that was in someway a little bit blurry. He yawned when the vision had finally returned, and almost jumped out of the bed when he saw Aurora at the side of the bed, rubbing her head.

    "What the hell are you doing here?" Ash almost screamed, watching the girl with anger.

    "I'm so sorry.." the girl whispered, shaking her head for some reason.

    "Are you okay..?" Ash asked and got out of the bed, trying to check why she was in pain.

    "Ye.. Yeah.." she said, not wanting to look at the boy who tried to help her.

    She got out of the chair and walked out of the room, leaving the confused boy. Ash stood there for a few seconds before chasing after her.

    "Wait! Aurora!" Ash screamed.

    He ran through the lobby after the girl, watching as she fell to the floor, still pressing her hands against her head. Ash went down to her, wondering if she was alright.

    "Aurora! What's wrong?"

    "What's happening?" Nurse Joy said, running towards the boy and the girl.

    Ash moved away so that the nurse could check the girl.

    "I-I'm fine.." the girl got out, her eyelids being heavy as ever.

    "Oh my, you're burning up!" Nurse Joy shouted after setting her hand on the girl's forehead. "We have to get you checked, now!"

    Nurse Joy and Ash tried to drag Aurora off the floor, and was now dragging her towards a patient room. Aurora suddenly jumped and almost tackled Ash, making them both fall to the floor, Aurora on top on him.

    "Ash.." Aurora whispered.

    "Young lady, this is no time for snuggling, we have to get you checked, now!" the nurse shouted and went to the girl.

    "ASH!" Aurora said loudly. "You have to kiss me, please, it'll save me from getting.. Getting.."

    She didn't finish that sentence, instead, she pressed her lips against Ash's, making him open his eyes out wide, almost fainting from everything that was happening. He could feel that Aurora was trying to kiss him, almost like she wasn't supposed to. Ash closed his eyes, receiving the kiss, but didn't respond to it. Nurse Joy stood there, frozen, over what was happening. Aurora slowly squeezed Ash's lips every now and then, enjoying every split second of it. She moaned, and Ash noticed that she didn't use her tongue like last time. This kiss, it wasn't gross, it was.. Normal, passionate. Ash wanted to wrap his arms around the girl and respond to the kiss, but for some reason, he didn't. Ash could hear that the pokécenter doors went open and instinctively broke the kiss and turned around to see who it was.

    "A.. Ash..?" a familiar brunette said as she stood there, a few tears running down her cheek.

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    Default Chapter 9: A Start of A Contest

    I "forgot" to update.. (A)

    "Now stay still.."

    "Nurse Joy, please, I'm alright."

    "Now that's the biggest lie I've heard since.. Never!"

    The nurse was doing a health inspection on the little girl who was feeling a little bit sick. Right now, the nurse was reading the girl's brain waves.

    "Well, they seem normal." the nurse said.

    'Thank heaven.' the girl thought. 'That was close.'

    "Now, do you still have that headache?" Nurse Joy asked.

    "No." the girl lied with a smile.

    "Very well." the nurse said and smiled. "If you anytime feel worse, just come here and I'll check on you, 'kay?"

    The girl nodded, and got help from the nurse to remove a few stuff stuck to her head.

    "Thank you nurse, I'll get back here if I feel sick again." the girl lied again.

    The girl left the center, waving goodbye towards the nurse while walking towards the city, determined to find a certain boy.


    Two teens were sitting on a bed, both of them having their backs facing each other. The raven haired boy was sitting on one side of the bed, watching out of the balcony. The other person, a brown haired girl, was sitting on the other side, staring at the hotel room door. Between the two persons was a Pikachu, wondering why it was so quiet. It sighed, he knew why, he wasn't sure if his two friends were. The boy sighed once before tilting his head back towards the girl behind him.

    "May I..-"

    "Shut up." the girl replied.

    She was trying to calm herself down, but it didn't work. She didn't know whether to feel angry or sad. But there was one feeling that took over the other two. She sighed and repeated the words several times in her mind.


    "I'm gonna take a shower." the girl said and stood up. "If you even come near the bathroom.."

    She didn't finish her sentence and instead walked towards the bathroom. The boy, out of fear, walked out to the balcony, afraid that the girl would kill him if he even sat on the bed.

    "Pika pikapi..?" the yellow mouse asked and jumped on the boy's shoulder as he was looking over the city.

    "Yeah, I'm fine." he whispered, resting his head on his hand that was on the railing. "Girls are so complicated."

    "Pikachu, pi pikachu, pi."

    "I didn't kiss her!" Ash stated. "She kissed me!"


    "But, why is she so upset anyway?"

    His best friend slapped himself on the forehead before jumping down to the floor, taking a seat on one of the balcony chairs. Ash did as his friend, not feeling good at all.

    "Why did she cry when she saw me with Aurora?" the boy asked, looking over at his cool and relaxing Pikachu. "I mean, it was just a kiss.. And I didn't respond to it."

    May was standing in the bathroom, listening to every word the two of them said.

    'Just a kiss?' the girl thought, clenching her fists. 'I'll teach him.'

    "Pikapi." the Pikachu started. "Pikachu, pi pika. Pikachu."

    'Yeah, you go, Pikachu!' the girl thought and giggled.

    She could hear Ash answer his best friend, but couldn't hear exactly every word that he said. She turned on the shower and let the water flow before skipping towards the balcony, hiding just behind Ash and Pikachu.

    "What, I'm stupid?" the boy bursted out.

    "Pika pika pi.." Pikachu answered.

    "Well, I haven't thought of it that way.." the boy admitted. "Do you think she's mad for that?"


    "I.. I have to apologize to her then.."

    'He's so caring..' May thought and sighed. 'I'll forgive him, but not right away.'

    "How should I forgive her?" the boy continued.

    "Pika pikachu, pika."

    "Wow, that was.. Deep, Pikachu." Ash said and grinned.

    Ash turned around and thought that he had heard something. Pikachu also perked its ears up.

    "Did you hear that?" Ash asked, staring at their room. "May is still showering, what the hell was that?"

    The two of them listened carefully for any more sounds but didn't catch up anything.

    "I think we're going nuts, buddy." the boy said and sighed.

    "Pika pika.."

    Just behind the two, May was covering her mouth, trying not to giggle. She had already almost revealed herself by giggling a few times.

    "Girls are so complicated, don't you think so?" the boy asked.

    He didn't get any answer, and he continued to watch the tall buildings from the balcony together with his Pikachu.

    "Do you think Aurora is alright..?"

    Once again his friend did not respond, and the boy thought about what happened earlier that day; when May had entered the pokécenter just at the same time as Aurora had attacked and kissed him. The girl ran off after seeing that, and Ash, of course, ran after her, wondering why she was crying. He had left Brock and Dawn together with Aurora at the center, at that time, he didn't really think so much about them. Ash had chased May to the hotel, and when he entered, she was still crying in the bed, screaming for Ash to leave. He did, together with his stunned Pikachu who had jumped on Ash's shoulder when he had run past Brock. Ash came back to the room after a few minutes, only to see that the girl was sitting on the edge of the bed, not responding to Ash or even looked at him. And now, there he was, at the balcony with his Pikachu, and May taking a shower a few feet from him.

    "Heh, did you see May's face when I walked into the bathroom yesterday? It looked like she was about to blow up, and-" the boy asked and chuckled.

    Suddenly out of nowhere, a girl from behind rushed forward to the boy and grabbed him by the collar, pulling him up against her.

    "SAY THAT AGAIN." the girl dared him, pressing her nose against his, rage flowing through her eyes.

    Ash only stuttered a few weird words that didn't make sense.

    "Aren't you supposed to be naked..?" Ash finally got out, fearing for his dear life.

    He soon realized what he had just said, but it was too late to do anything about it.

    "I.. I mean, you smell great!" he said desperately, seeing his Pikachu smirk.

    May's face got even more red of anger, and then she did something she had wanted to do for quite a while. Ash fell to the floor, rubbing his cheek that was completely red. May gasped as she saw the boy she had just slapped hard on the face. She was about to apologize, but stopped and went to the bathroom; he deserved it.

    "I'm gonna take a shower." May said as she went by the bed. "If you come in, you won't get so lucky next time."

    Ash was still lying on the balcony floor, shocked over what had just happened. He looked up after a few seconds of getting back to reality, and saw Pikachu, still smirking.

    "It wasn't funny." the boy said and raised himself from the floor. "It really hurt."

    "Pikapi! Pikachu!" the mouse replied and laughed.

    "But I didn't do anything!"

    His Pikachu gave him a look that showed him disbelief.

    "Alright, alright.." the boy said and sighed.

    He sat down on the balcony chairs once more, still rubbing his sore cheek.

    "Man.." Ash started, closing his eyes. "Don't you think that May has been kinda.. Harsh?"

    His Pikachu didn't respond, he was still staring at Ash's cheek and smirked.

    "It's not funny, I told you."

    "Chaaa! Pikatzchu, pikapi." it said and snickered.

    After that, Pikachu jumped out of the balcony chair and headed towards the door, out of the hotel room.

    "Wait, Pikachu!" Ash said and ran after Pikachu. "We have to wait for May!"

    He stopped chasing his friend just before he left the room; now how did Pikachu open the door? Pikachu was heading to the pokécenter, he and May would also do that, tomorrow or something. Why did Pikachu always leave him when he needed him the most? He sighed and turned around to get out to the balcony, but stopped when he saw something at the corner of his eye. He poked his head into the bathroom and locked eyes with a confused girl, holding a soap in her hand and her other hand on her chest.


    "It's almost done."


    A man with a Persian walking next to him was watching one of his laboratories filled with pokémon and scientists.

    "Any sideeffects?" the man asked the leading professor.

    "We can't know exactly for how long the transformation will last." the professor said, watching a few locked up pokémon in cages. "Also, more than half of the test subjects have showed us a significant change in power, size, and battle performance."

    "I assume that these changes are positive?" the man asked.

    "Yes they are." the professor said, and then sighed. "But, some test subjects have also shown to change their personalities after being exposed to the gas."

    "I see. Does the personality change have that much of an impact on their overall performance?"

    "Yes." the professor said and motioned for his boss to follow him into the monitor room.

    The professor fired up a few dead screens, showing many of the locked up pokémon.

    "This one." the professor said and pointed towards one of the screens that showed a Blastoise. "After being exposed to the F54 beta gas, it began to slowly increase in size for about a day before reaching its maximum size; ten times the normal size. Under these 24 hours, this Blastoise did not show any changes in its personality or any other mood related subjects."

    The professor clicked up a few other pokémon on the other screens, showing pokémon that jumped around, trying to break free.

    "These pokémon however, after being exposed to the gas, got much more aggressive. But, they also got more quick thinking, and some of them even got out, but we re-captured them."

    "Quick thinking..?"

    "Yes. We tested a pokémon exposed to the gas to battle another pokémon that hadn't."

    The professor turned on yet another screen, showing a Mankey who had red eyes that was battling another Primeape. After roughly 20 seconds, the Mankey had seriously injured the Primeape, standing victorious and trying to escape from the little cage battlefield.

    "As you can see, this gas has greatly improved the battling and thinking abilites of the testsubjects, but must be used with extreme caution. However, the testsubjects that hasn't got more aggressive or much of a personality change, have gotten even more battling improvement, although they exceed more in the tactical area."

    "So.." the man started, feeling a little bit dumb. "Either we have large and very smart pokémon or small, but aggressive and very powerful pokémon?"

    "Well.. For now."

    "I see. How long before you can make this stable?"

    "We can't know for sure. But we do know that next test must be done outside these labs, so that we can get real results."

    "Are you crazy? We can't let a giant smart pokémon out or a small punching monkey."

    "We already did, sir. The Blastoise from before escaped, but we re-captured it, and after a few hours, its normal size returned. In other words, the gas lasts for a few hours after the 24-hour period."

    "So what shall we do now?"

    "One, final test should do it. Use it on a small pokémon, and we'll get this stable."

    The man thought about it for a moment.

    "Isn't any pokémon in here good enough?" he asked.

    "No. We must use non-captured pokémon and secretly gas them. That way we'll get real results."

    "I see.."

    The man sighed, he didn't know what pokémon to try it on.

    "You can test your Persian." the professor suggested.

    "Never." the man said, still trying to figure out a valid test subject. "I'll try to find a pokémon who can do it, I'll return later."

    The professor nodded as the man went back to his small office with his cat, and sat on the black office chair, twirling around to watch the forest behind him. He looked at one of the walls in the room; there were pictures of Team Rocket members hanging on the wall, somebody must have a valid pokémon. He smirked as he saw a picture of 2 persons and a cat in the middle, smiling.


    Ash was getting ready for bed right now in the bathroom. Or, ready to sleep on the floor. He sighed and brushed his teeth faster, he was really tired, especially after he had just got into the bathroom when May was showering.. Again. He stared into his face on the mirror in front of him while brushing his teeth, and could see that his cheeks were still deep red. Not from anger or embarrassment, but from a hard slap to the cheek and getting a soap thrown in the face. He chuckled, May was good at throwing stuff, if she really wanted to hit her target. He glanced quickly at May, who was already sleeping peacefully on her side of the bed. He stopped brushing his teeth for a moment to watch the girl; her whole body was covered in the bed quilt except for her head and face that was being lit up by the early moon shining brightly from outside.

    'She's real pretty.' Ash thought as he watched the girl.

    He then shook his head and continued to brush his teeth, wondering why he was thinking like that.


    'Why is he staring at me like that?' the girl thought. 'Does he know I'm watching him?'

    She sighed in relief as she saw that the boy was changing into his pyjamas. Her eyes went wide when she saw his slightly muscular body as he took of his shirt. Ash glanced at May, but she managed to close her eyes in just the right time.

    "M-May?" the boy asked, stepping forwards towards the girl. "Are you awake..?"

    May didn't respond, she loved it when people thought she was sleeping, they always did stuff she never thought they would do. She could hear that the boy was standing next to her, watching her. May tried not to smile, it was really, really hard.

    "May..?" the boy asked again.

    He sighed when he didn't get any answer.

    "I.. I don't know why everybody is so crazy about these kisses.." Ash almost whispered. "I mean, what's so awesome with them anyway? When Aurora and Dawn kissed me, sure, it was cool, but I thought it would be more than that."

    'Are you stupid?' May thought, her face turning into a frown.

    "Heh, look at me, talking to a sleeping girl.." the boy continued and sighed. "I'm probably not gonna remember anything of this when I wake up."

    The boy stared at the girl, still expecting to get an answer.

    "Anyways.." the boy started and chuckled a bit. "I don't know if you can hear me, I don't really know if I want you to hear me.. But, I really need to get this off my chest.. So, in a way, I hope you're listening."

    The boy sighed again as the girl didn't even move.

    "I.." Ash whispered. "I'm really sorry May. I'm sorry for not recognizing you. I'm sorry for seeing you naked, twice. I'm sorry for being a jerk.. I'm.. I'm sorry for being the worst friend ever."

    Still no answer.

    "I'm really sorry May.. I don't wanna lose you as a friend, I promise I'll make it up to you, I swear."

    'You already have.' the girl thought and giggled in her mind.

    May listened carefully for any more confessions but didn't get any. Now why is he still standing there? She slowly opened her eye to peek at the boy and almost jumped out of the bed when she saw that Ash had bent down on his knees and was looking straight at her. May quickly closed her eye and felt her heart beat faster.

    'What the hell is he doing?' the girl thought, breathing faster.

    "I.." the boy whispered again. "I'm sorry for everything."

    May could feel Ash's soft lips hit her cheek, she felt like she was going to get a heartattack.

    'Did he just kiss me?' the girl screamed in her mind.

    "Sweet dreams.."

    She could hear that Ash was moving away from her, towards the balcony. She faked that she turned around in sleep with a yawn and opened her one eye to see what the boy was up to. She gasped when she saw that the boy was out in the balcony, sitting on a chair.

    'What the hell is he doing?' she thought.

    She tried to see what he was doing and saw that he used his hoodie as a bed quilt.

    'Is he seriously going to sleep out there? It's freezing!'

    She decided to wait a little bit before going to conclusions, maybe he was just gonna rest a bit and come back to bed? That idea faded away when she could hear the boy snore.

    'Oh my god.. He's really gonna sleep out there! Why..? Is he that scared of me..?'

    She sighed when she saw that Ash's hoodie fell to the floor, he would catch a cold or even worse if he stayed out there. She got herself from the bed and didn't care to walk slowly, it would require an earthquake to wake the boy up. She took a seat next to the sleeping Ash and watched him with a smile.

    "Ash..?" she whispered, trying to see if the boy was still awake. "I know you're not sleeping."

    Her question was answered with an even louder snore from the boy. She giggled and scooted her chair even closer to the boy, now sitting right next to him.

    "Isn't it beautiful..?" she asked, resting her head on the boy's shoulder. "It's almost full moon."

    She was right, it was only a few days left until it fullmoon. Even now, it was really a treat to watch the moon plus the beautiful city lights.

    "Ash..? Speak to me." she whispered, taking his hand.

    Once again, the boy snored even louder, making the girl giggle uncontrollably.

    "You're stupid.." May whispered and gave Ash a quick kiss on the forehead.

    "No.. May would never.. She would never do that.. It's.. It's because I saw her naked.." the boy mumbled.

    May quickly snapped up her head from Ash's shoulder and stared at him. Was he talking to her?

    "Of course she's my friend.." the boy continued and yawned. "No, she's real kind. I used to travel with her, I know how she is."

    'Is he talking about me..?'

    "Yeah.. May's awesome, she has won really many contests.. I bet she's gonna be a top coordinator someday." the boy said, his eyes still closed.

    'He is..' May thought and giggled.

    "Aurora..? Yeah, she's pretty."

    May grunted and crossed her arms at those words.

    "But May's even more!" the boy almost screamed in his sleep. "I've seen exactly her whole body the two times I've seen her."

    "Pervert.." May muttered.

    "I don't know.. When I first saw her, she had gotten so much more beautiful that I didn't even recognize her.."

    May giggled, this was actually very interesting.

    "What? It isn't my fault she changed.. Oh, shut up. I don't even know who you are."

    May sighed when she didn't hear Ash talk to himself anymore, or someone else. Now, the hard part; dragging Ash back to the bed. She felt like her back was about to break after pulling Ash for straight five minutes. Even after all the pulling and dragging and even dropping him to the floor once, the boy managed to stay asleep. She giggled as she covered Ash with the bed quilt, and sighed in relief, it had been a hard work doing all of this. Now where's Pikachu? The girl shrugged it off and joined Ash in the bed. She was about so head off to sleep, but as she watched the boy's innocent face, she got an idea. She leaned closer and put her lips just next to Ash's, resisting the urge to squeeze his lips. And there she lied, her lips and face just in front of Ash's. She giggled at the thought of how Ash would react to this.


    "Brock, do you think Ash and May will get together soon?"

    A blue haired girl was extremely bored, she had wandered around in the pokécenter with nothing to do except watch a few boring commercials on the tv. Right now, she was trying to ask her friend a few interesting questions that might save her from boreness a few minutes.

    "Heh, that, I don't know, Dawn." the breeder responded and chuckled, watching while Mary Joy dropped a few pokéballs. "Atleast not right away."

    "Do you think May's okay? I mean, did you hear what Nurse Joy told us? Why couldn't we have come a little bit faster, we missed it all!"

    "Well, I don't think I would want to see what happened between Aurora and Ash."

    "Why not? It was probably real cute! Or gross! Or romantic! Oh my god I CAN'T BELIEVE WE MISSED THAT."

    "Pika pika.." the yellow creature said and sighed.

    "Chill out Dawn, I bet it wasn't that action packed, I mean, Mary saw everything so they didn't do anything, right?" the breeder asked the nurse.

    "Um, actually, I think it was a very cute kiss, it looked like he wanted kiss his girlfriend but didn't." the nurse replied and went to the two of them. "Now why wouldn't he kiss her back?"

    "Girlfriend?" Dawn and Brock asked at the same time.

    "Yes?" Mary said and gave them a puzzled expression. "I thought you knew that."

    "He never told us that, did he tell you?" Brock asked and looked at Dawn.

    "Uhm, no?" Dawn replied and put her finger on her chin. "Atleast I think so."

    "Oh." the nurse started. "Then I might have just spoiled a secret."

    "How do you know they're together, Nurse Joy?" Dawn asked.

    "Well.. The girl said it, and they looked so cute together!" the nurse said and giggled.

    The center door opened, and a few people came in, needing the nurse's assistance.

    "I have to help them." the nurse said and went back to the counter, giggling.

    "This is bad." Brock said of crossed his arms. "Do you think Ash agreed to be her boyfriend?"

    "No way!" the girl bursted out. "He belongs to May!"

    "Heh, atleast I know you're over him for sure."

    "Hmpf! Anyways, she must have hypnotized him or something!"

    "We can't know anything for sure yet." Brock said and turned on the lobbytv. "Either Ash agreed to be her boyfriend, or she wants Ash that bad. Any of those possibilities will probably not end so well."

    "We have to ask Ash when he gets here! When is he coming, anyway?"

    "I don't know about him and May, but Drew promised that he would get here with Amelia in a few minutes."

    "Oh, remember that kiss yesterday? That was so awesome, do you think they slept together last night?"

    "Yes I do, but I don't think they slept together like that, cause they only have one bed.. But I guess we'll have to wait and find out."

    They went quiet for a little while, having nothing to do but to check a few commercials about the festival.

    "How's it going with Mary?" Dawn teased him.

    "Eheh, actually, it's going fine. We're just friends, she just lets me sleep on her other bed, my breeding advices has really helped alot." the breeder replied and rubbed Pikachu's fur.

    "Pff, just friends, yeah right." Dawn said and giggled. "Admit you want her to be more than that."

    "Well, I can't say no to that." Brock answered and chuckled.

    Dawn was about to say something very inappropriate, but stopped when she saw two of her friends enter the pokécenter.

    "I won." one of the persons said.

    "No, you didn't!" the other person, a pink haired girl, replied with a scream.

    The first person, a green haired coordinator, flicked his hair for an answer and headed towards the breeder while the girls greeted each other.

    "So.." Dawn said and pulled the pink haired girl away from the two boys. "Did anything happen last night?"

    "What?" the pink haired girl said, getting a little bit red on the cheeks. "Don't be ridiculous!"

    "Oh come on!" Dawn whispered and rolled her eyes. "After what happened yesterday, I can almost guarantee something happened at your house."

    "It's.. It's not my house!"

    "AMELIA!" Dawn suddenly screamed, drawing attention from the two boys standing not so far from them.

    "Sh, shut up!" Amelia whispered and pulled Dawn and herself away from the boys. "Nothing happened."

    "Amelia." Dawn said and crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow. "You're a terrible liar."

    Dawn dragged the pink haired girl to her pokécenter room so that they could get some privacy.

    "Now." Dawn started, throwing herself on the bed. "Tell me what happened yesterday."

    "I told you nothing happened!" Amelia said and sat on the edge of Dawn's bed. "What could have happened?"

    "Amelia! I thought we were friends." Dawn whined and frowned.

    "Alright.." Amelia said and sighed.

    "Yeeeeeeeeesss?" Dawn said, leaning closer until she was sitting right next to Amelia.

    Amelia took a deep breath before looking away from Dawn.

    "We slept together."

    There was an awkward silence where Amelia still had her head turned away from Dawn, who was gaping, wondering if she had heard right.

    "YOU HAD SEX?" Dawn screamed, her voice penetrating the pokécenter room, making the boys wonder if everything was alright.

    "NO WE DIDN'T HAVE SEX ARE YOU COMPLETELY INSANE?" Amelia screamed back, her face full red.

    "WELL, what did you do then?" Dawn said, turning from screaming to whispering.

    "We didn't do anything, we just slept in the same bed!" Amelia whispered back.

    "Oh." Dawn said, raising an eyebrow. "Don't lie to me, Amelia."


    After the pink haired girl had screamed her.. Explanation, the two girls faced the pokécenter door to see Drew and Brock standing there, with weird face expressions.

    "You had sex with Amelia?" Brock suddenly asked Drew.

    Drew's face turned as red as Amelia's, and then he quickly shook his head.

    "No. We only slept in the same bed cause she only has one." he replied, his red on his cheek quickly fading away.

    Brock nodded with a grin, and Dawn sat there, still not believing it.

    "Why didn't you sleep on the couch then?" she asked, stepping towards the green haired boy.

    "It.. It was dirty." the boy replied and flicked his hair.

    "HEY." Amelia protested, also standing up. "It's not dirty!"

    Dawn looked at Drew with a grin, while Brock was chuckling as usual. Even Pikachu had an evil grin. Amelia, realizing what she had just done, hid her face with her hands.

    "I.. I have no comment." Drew said and went out of the room.

    "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE TOGETHER WITH DREW!" Dawn squealed.

    Brock felt his ear breaking apart, so he left the room to go see Drew.

    "No we're not! Don't you remember that bet?" Amelia stated.

    "Well, yeah, but if you and Drew kissed and slept in the same bed, I think Drew won."

    "No! I'll never fall in love with a guy like him!" Amelia said and crossed her arms. "Now let's get to the lobby and see what we can do in the city today, I'm bored."

    Dawn shrugged and grinned while they headed towards the lobby to find that Brock and Drew were whispering about "something".

    "HEY? DID I JUST HEAR MY NAME?" Amelia said, running towards the two boys.

    "Heh, not at all, Amelia." Brock replied and smiled. "We were just talking about Ash and May, they should be here any minute."

    "Exactly." Drew added and grinned. "We're not always talking about you."

    "So you do talk about me sometimes?" Amelia said and stepped in front of Drew.

    "Yes, we usually do that. Or, to be more precise, about your clothes."

    "Oh, of course!" Amelia said and posed. "My taste for clothes is just so adorable- HEY!"

    She was about to smack the boy's grinning face but stopped as she saw her brunette friend come inside the pokécenter with a huge smile.

    "Hi guys!" the girl greeted everyone. "Had a good night?"

    "Hi May." Brock greeted her. "Where's Ash?"

    "Oh, he should be around her soon." the girl said and giggled while heading towards Dawn. "C'mon, Amelia! Let's see what we can do in the city today!"

    "ALRIGHT MAY!" Amelia screamed and went out of sight with the two other girls.

    "Do you think Ash is okay?" Brock asked, checking out of the pokécenter doors.

    "He should be." Drew said and chuckled.

    After that, they could see Ash come inside, the color on his face gone.

    "Ugh, what happened to you?" Brock asked and chuckled.

    "You look awful, Ketchum." Drew added in and grinned.

    "Pika pika.." the mouse agreed from Brock's shoulder.

    "What happened?" Brock asked and chuckled.

    "So, what happened?"

    The three girls were sitting on Dawn's bed, talking girl talk. The most excited one was Dawn, being grateful that her two friends had arrived before she would have done something stupid out of boreness.

    "Well.." May started, motioning for the girls to get closer. "We slept together!"

    "YOU HAD SEX?" Dawn and Amelia screamed at the same time.

    The smile on May's face quickly disappeared and turned into a blush instead.

    "What? No! We only slept on the same bed!" May defended herself.

    Dawn and Amelia looked at May with weird face expressions.

    "And..?" Amelia said, raising an eyebrow.

    "W-What do you mean and? We slept together, it's a big deal!"

    "But I thought you had already slept togeth-"

    "Yeah, May!" Dawn said, interrupting Amelia av putting her hand in front of her hand. "Wait a go!"

    "Thank you, Dawn." May said and smiled. "And what's up with you, Amelia? You talk like it's normal sleeping together with boys, why is that?"

    "Oh, I, um.."

    "She slept with Drew." Dawn said and winked. "But I believe they did even more than that."

    "WE DID NOT HAVE SEX WILL YOU SHUT UP DAWN PLEASE!" Amelia bursted out and hid her face with her hands. "I don't like him.."

    "Sure, sure.." Dawn reassured Amelia and gave her a few pats on the back. "We know that."

    "Looks like you're the only one without a boy, Dawn." May said and grinned.

    "Pff, not fair." Dawn replied and grunted. "Now can we please get out of here? I'm tired of being stuck here."

    "Yeah!" Amelia screamed and beamed up. "I wanna ride the ferris wheel!"

    The three girls then started thinking about what to do in the festival, squealing every now and then.

    "You what?" Brock asked stunned, watching the raven haired boy.

    "Ouch.." Drew said, also watching the boy. "I.. I didn't expect that, Ketchum."

    "And when I woke up, I found myself lying with her on the bed, our lips right next to each other." the boy continued and shivered. "When I asked her what happened, she told me I kissed her! And I can't remember a thing!"

    "That sounds.. Though, you're lucky she didn't kill you, Ash." Drew said.

    "Yeah.. It's not the first time I see a girl naked and get away with it.. Almost."

    "Not the first time?" Drew asked and looked at Brock. "What does he mean with that?"

    "He saw Dawn naked, too." Brock replied and grinned.

    "Oh." Drew said and shook his head. "I don't know if you should call that a curse or just good luck."

    "It's.. Both." Ash said and smiled at his Pikachu. "And this little fella left me all the times!"

    His Pikachu rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment before jumping over to his master's head. He smiled as he had missed being on his master's cap.

    "Guys! We're going to the festival, are you coming?"

    The three boys turned around to see three girls with huge smiles walk towards them.

    "Sure." Brock said and smiled. "What exactly did you guys plan to do there?"

    "The carnival!" the three girls screamed at once and hugged each other.

    "I'm sorry to be the one ruining all of the fun." Nurse Joy said from behind the counter as she examined a broken pokéball. "But the carnival isn't going to be open until tomorrow."

    The three girls sweatdropped before dropping down to the floor, crying anime-style.

    "Ouch." Drew said and laughed out loud, something he didn't do so often. "I really enjoy this."

    "Shut up Drew." Amelia said and pulled herself plus the other girls up. "That means you can't have fun, either."

    "Of course we can." Drew said and quickly tried to figure something out. "We can.. Eat."

    "I thought you were on a diet?" May said and crossed her arms.

    "Whatever." Drew said and flicked his hair. "There's always something to do."

    "Drew knows what he's talking about." the nurse said and put the fixed pokéball in a box.

    "Why thank you." Drew said and smirked.

    "Actually, there is something that I think you might be interested in." the nurse continued and smiled. "There is a pokémon contest starting in a few hours."

    The three girls squealed and ran towards the nurse, eager to hear more. The boys also listened, getting interested as the nurse had said.

    "Really?" Dawn asked, jumping.

    "Where is it?" May squealed, also jumping.

    "Calm down, dear." Mary said and sweatdropped. "It's in the middle of the festival actually, but it isn't an official contest. It's a yearly, city-festival exclusive one where the winner is allowed to eat the all-you-can-eat buffét in the city's restaurants for a whole month."

    The three girls squealed in delight, but May almost jumped towards the nurse, wanting to hear more.

    "REALLY?" May bursted out and leaned forward with a huge smile, forcing the nurse to back off a bit.

    "Yes, May." Mary said and chuckled. "Even though it's not an official contest, the official judges will be there, including me."


    The raven haired boy had jumped and pushed away two girls, now standing in front of Mary with May next to him.

    "ONE MONTH FREE FOOD YOU SAY?" the boy said, finally back to normal.

    "Y-Yes." the nurse answered, frightened by the two crazy persons. "That's correct."

    "Then I'm in!" Ash and May screamed at the same time, clenching their fists with huge smiles.

    They turned and faced each other, surprised over what happened.

    "And I'm gonna win!" they screamed at the same time, surprising each other again.

    "No I am!" Ash screamed, clenching his fist again.

    "That buffét is mine!" May screamed, pressing her nose against his.




    The two of them kept on exchanging deadly, electric sparks with their eyes, not wanting to give up the awesome prize. None of the two noticed that a certain pink haired girl had sneaked up on the two, standing next to them with a huge smile. The other persons watched with curiousity, wondering what Amelia was up to. Amelia raised her two hands, one behind Ash's head and the other one behind May's. She quickly pressed the two raging teens' heads against each other, but was careful not to do it too quickly so that she would hurt them. She backed off and watched the spectacle in front of her together with the others in the center. Ash and May's lips were pressed against each other, their rage now gone and replaced with wonder. After a few seconds, they both backed off, falling to the floor with their butts. They stared at each other for a while still on the floor, trying to realize what just happened.

    "YOU KISSED ME!" they both screamed at once, disgusted.

    Everybody in the room, except for Ash and May of course, bursted out with laughter, even the nurse laughed so hard she got a tear in her eye.

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    Default Chapter 10: A Short Battle and A Kiss.. Again

    Chapter 10: A Short Battle and A Kiss.. Again

    "Beautifly, String Shot!"

    "Pikachu, Thunder!"

    "Wait, you're gonna use Pikachu?"

    Ash, May, Dawn, Brock, Drew and Amelia had gone to the forest just outside of city to train for the upcoming pokémon contest. It was about to start in a few hours, but even then, the raven haired boy hadn't decided which pokémon to use.

    "I don't know!" the boy whined and called back Pikachu. "I can't decide!"

    "Maybe you should call Professor Oak and get one of your other pokémons, Ash." Brock suggested.

    "What do you have to choose from, Ketchum?" Drew asked, smirking.

    "Well." Ash said and grinned. "Come on out, guys!"

    Ash grabbed all of his pokéballs and threw them high into the air, releasing 5 pokémon.

    "That's a nice collection you have there."

    Everybody turned around to see a man who was familiar for a few of the teens.

    "John!" May and Dawn said happily and went to go greet the man. "Where've you been?"

    "Oh, I was just doing some errands for my uncle." John said and chuckled. "So who are these guys?"

    "Well, you know Drew!" May said and nodded towards the green haired boy. "The cute boy with that Pikachu over there is Ash, and Brock is over there; he's going to be the best pokémon breeder someday!"

    "Cute boy..?" John asked and grinned.

    "W-What?" May asked, suddenly realizing what she had just said. "I never said that about Ash!"

    "He never said anything about Ash, May." Brock added, also grinning with John.

    "N-No!" May said and got red. "That's insane! Ash isn't cute! He's.. He's.."

    May sighed and gave up, the two of them would never believe anything else. She looked over at Ash who was still trying to figure out which pokémon he was going to choose, not even noticing when John came. May was surprised that Amelia, Dawn and Drew hadn't heard anything she said about Ash and was walking towards her now.

    "John." Drew said and nodded.

    "Hey there, Drew." John said and smiled. "Did you get any savior prize? If you get what I mean."

    "Uh, no." the green haired boy said and turned around, walking towards Ash and his pokémon. "I'm gonna help Ash with his picking."

    "What the hell are you talking about, John..?" Dawn asked the newcomer.

    "Oh, he hasn't told you?" John asked surprised. "I thought that atleast May had done it."

    "Eheh, there has been.. Stuff, coming up actually, so I haven't had time for that." the girl replied and chuckled embarrassed. "Why don't you tell Brock and Dawn about what happened? C'mon Amelia, let's train, it's just a few hours left!"

    With that said, May and Amelia ran to Ash and Drew who were having an argument about which pokémon Ash would choose.

    "So what happened the other night?" Brock asked, curiously. "It sounds pretty serious actually."

    "Yeah, tell us! May only gave me the short version!"

    "Well, that's because she slept through half of the night." John said and explained the whole night.


    "Miss, do you wish to stay here for longer or should I check you out?"

    "A few more days, if it works out for you, that is."

    A hotel receptionist smiled at a young, pink haired lady who she had seen on pokémon contests tv channels before.

    "All done, you're checked in again." the lady behind the counter said.

    The pink haired girl nodded and was about to head towards the festival but was stopped by the lady.

    "Miss, could I have your autograph?"


    "Ash, I still can't believe you haven't decided yet." May said and sighed. "It shouldn't be too hard."

    "It's super hard!" the boy defended himself, looking at his six pokémon. "I mean, look at them!"

    Ash, Drew, Amelia and May watched all of his pokémon;

    A Staraptor, a majestic black and white hawk, also having a red tipped crest on its head. It had awesome speed and power.

    An Infernape, a red/orange/brown monkey like creature that also had white fur on its legs, chest and head, being the type of fire and fighting. One thing that was awesome was that it had a flame on its head that never goes out.

    A Torterra, a green turtle looking pokémon with a huge shell on its back that had a tree growing out of it, and three stony, shiny things sticking out that resembled mountain peaks. Also under the tree there was a little bit of brown, probably resembling soil. In other words, the Torterra was a Continent Pokémon for sure; it looked like it had a little forest on its back. Its type was grass and ground.

    A Buizel, a pokémon that looked like many, mixed creatures together; being a water type pokémon, it has fins on its arms and its tail, or tails, works as a propeller in water. It is mainly brown, but its mid section is white. Around its neck it has some kind of yellow ring that is used as a flotation device.

    A Gible, a very small dragon pokémon, being under 1m tall, but has a large mouth with sharp teeth. It is mostly blue, and it has two horns that has light blue stripes on them. It also has a light blue stripe on its back, and its stomach or underbelly is red. It has a fin on its head that is very powerful, and can very well carry a person.

    And last, but not least, his Pikachu. The first ever pokémon he acquired, now his best friend and probably most powerful or experienced pokémon he has.

    "Ash, you should send one of your other pokémon here, I think they'll have a better chance of winning this." Drew said, getting bored. "Pink-elia, I'm gonna see John and the others, they've been talking for too long. You coming?"

    The pink haired girl shrugged before going with Drew to the others, leaving Ash and May alone with their pokémon.

    "Help me, May." the boy said and sighed.

    "No way, that buffét is mine." the girl said and winked, making the boy fall to the ground, crying.


    "After that, Officer Jenny's backup had arrived, but Drew, he noticed that-"

    "I noticed that I was too awesome." Drew interrupted John's telling. "And I still am."

    John gave Drew a questioning look, but then understood and nodded.

    "Right." John said and smirked. "That is all."

    "Really?" Dawn asked dumbfounded. "The story ends with Drew figuring that out?"

    "That's pretty much it." John replied.

    "That was an actionpacked night." Brock added and chuckled. "Are you sure that everyone's alright? And what about the police work?"

    "Everything's fine. I filed the report for you guys."

    "Oh, I forgot that!" Amelia screamed. "I was thinking about.. Um.. Ehehe, I just forgot, that's all. Thank you John."

    "We owe you one." Drew agreed.

    "No problem. Now, what are you guys doing out here?"

    "Well, me, May and Ash are going to enter the pokémon contest starting soon!"

    "Sounds cool. But aren't you gonna enter it?" John asked, nodding towards Brock and Dawn.

    "Nah, I'm a breeder so I ain't so good at it. And Dawn wants to see her friends in action." Brock replied.

    "I see." John said and smiled. "What about Drew?"

    "I'm not in the mood." Drew replied, watching Ash train with all of his pokémon.

    "Oh, Drew! You're never in the mood for anything!" Amelia complained, stepping in front of the boy. "Well, except for-"

    "Fine." Drew interrupted her, putting his hand in front of her mouth. "I'll enter the stupid contest, just promise me you'll shut up."

    "Thaaaaaaaaank you Drew!" Amelia said and winked.

    "I'm entering so you can shut up." the boy said and left.

    "Oh." Amelia said, watching the boy walk away. "I didn't expect that anyway, stupid!"

    She didn't get any answer as Drew had already gone to Ash and May, out of hearing range.

    "Pff, I hate him!" Amelia bursted out, enraged. "He's such a jerk!"

    "Don't worry, he's probably just not in the mood for anything at all right now." Dawn reassured the girl. "He's entering the contest for you!"

    "I doubt that.." Amelia whispered and frowned.

    "Heh, well, I have to go now, but I'll se sure to come to the contest and see you guys!" John said and smiled.

    He turned around and started walking away but stopped as he saw and heard a very powerful electric beam shot through the air.

    "Nice work Pikachu!" a boy screamed from a distance.

    "I believe that is Ash?" John asked, watching the boy as he hugged his Pikachu.

    "Indeed." Brock replied and grinned. "He's very good at battling."

    John nodded and motioned for Brock and the others to follow him to Ash.

    "Cool pokémon you got there, Ash." John said, watching all of his pokémon.

    "Um, thanks!" Ash replied and laughed. "But who are you?"

    "I'm John." he replied, shaking hands with Ash. "I met your girlfriend a few days ago. I also met Drew and Amelia last night or so."

    "My girlfriend..? I don't have a girlfriend?"

    "You don't?" John asked surprised, looking at May who was standing next to Ash. "But I thought-"

    "Ash doesn't have a girlfriend!" May said, interrupting John by putting her hand on his mouth. "At least not yet!"

    She whispered those last words, making John nod in understanding.

    "Ah, my bad, sorry, Ash." John started. "Anyways, it's a pleasure to finally see you. May has talked about you alot."

    "It's nice to see you too, John!" Ash said happily and then turned to face May. "Oh, has she?"

    "Yes, she said that.." he paused, getting a glare from May. "She said that you're not cute, you smell like a Muk, and you're stupid as her brother."

    "Hey, May!" the boy screamed, crossing his arms. "I'm not stupid!"

    "Of course you are!" the girl shouted back. "The only thing you can think of is pokémon and food!"

    "No I'm not! I think about other things and friends, too!"

    "Oh yeah? What about me? Hm? How you forgot me and just happened to walk into the bathroom when I was showering, TWICE!"

    Everybody went quiet after that.. Confession, some more surprised than others.

    "Naked in the shower..?" John asked stunned.

    "Twice..?" Drew and Brock asked, shaking their heads.

    "You pervert!" Amelia and Dawn screamed.

    Ash backed away, shaking his head and hands.

    "B-But, it was an accident!" the boy tried, looking at his pokémon. "Right?"

    All of his pokémon, except for Pikachu, shook their heads, knowing that it wasn't an accident.. Atleast not the second time. Ash looked at Pikachu, seeking backup but only got a grin from the mouse.

    "It really was an accident!" the boy continued, embarrassed. "Me and Pikachu thought you were a thief using our shower!"

    Everybody raised an eyebrow, believing that the boy was real bad at lying.

    "A thief?" May said and tried not to grin; she really enjoyed making fun of Ash somehow, he looked so cute when he was nervous. "Now why would a thief brake into a hotel just to take a shower?"

    "I.. It was a quick shower before taking our stuff..?" Ash tried again, rubbing the back of his head.

    "Now that is the most stupid-"

    Ash suddenly got an awesome idea of getting out of this.

    "John!" the boy screamed, interrupting the brunette. "I challenge you to a pokémon battle!"

    Drew laughed strangely over Ash's lame attempt of changing subject, while the others turned to face John, wating for his response. May grunted and promised herself to make fun of Ash.. Later.

    "I.. I don't think that's a good idea, Ash." John replied. "The contest is starting in an hour or so."

    "Aw, c'mon John!" the boy whined. "Be cool for once!"

    "Be cool..? I just met you." John replied and chuckled. "Very well, one, quick battle."

    "Yes!" Ash said, clenching his fist. "I want you to use your strongest pokémon against me!"

    "Um.." John started and raised an eyebrow. "I admire your courage and self-confidence, but that is a really bad idea."

    "Come on, John! Be cool!" Ash whined again, but then turned around and smirked. "Or are you too scared..?"

    "Ha-ha!" John said sarcastically and chuckled. "Let's do this."

    "Yes! I choose you, Pikachu!"

    "Pika pika!" the mouse said, jumping in front of Ash with a smile.

    "Let's go." Drew said, pulling Amelia's arm.

    "Hey!" Amelia screamed, trying to shake herself free. "Let me go!"

    "Fine." Drew said flatly, letting go of her. "Hope you like getting shocked."

    Drew then walked away, standing next to May and Dawn.

    "What is he talking about..?" the girl wondered.

    "Amelia!" Brock screamed. "Get off the battlefield!"

    "What..?" Amelia asked, looking around.

    She saw that Ash and John were staring strangely at her, motioning for her to back away.

    "Oh!" the girl said and blushed. "S-Sorry!"

    Amelia sprinted off the battlefield and went to Drew, Dawn and May.

    "You could've atleast told me I was standing in the line of fire, Drew." Amelia said, watching Brock as he got ready to judge the match.

    "Nah, it would be more fun to embarrass you." Drew said, leaning against a tree behind them. "I was right."

    "You're a jerk, you know that?" Amelia said, staring at the boy.

    "Looks like someone.." Dawn said, leaning closer to the girl.

    "Is in love.." May teased, doing as Dawn.

    "Then that means I won the bet." Drew said and winked.

    Amelia suddenly turned around and pressed her nose against Drew's, almost making him jump in surprise by her sudden action.

    "I will never, EVER, get together with you, do you UNDERSTAND?" she screamed, making Drew able to taste her cherry breath.

    "I would rather be with Ash than you, you.. You.."

    She didn't finish that sentence, instead, she quickly walked to the other side of the field and sat down on a rock, making Brock, John and Ash stare in surprise.

    "Um.." Brock started and chuckled abit. "This will be a one on one battle between Ash and John. There will be no time limit and no substitutions. Ash will be using Pikachu, and John..?"

    John picked a pokéball from somewhere and was about to throw it into the air, but was stopped by Ash.

    "No, John! I want you to use your strongest pokémon!" the boy screamed from the other side of the open field.

    John frowned, but then nodded.

    "Very well." he started and picked another pokéball. "Go."

    John threw the pokéball, that was pink and purple for some reason, high into the air, soon releasing a very beautiful creature.

    "Gardevoir!" the pokémon said and bowed.

    "Meet my first pokémon." John said and smiled towards the psychic-type.

    "Cool!" Ash said, watching the awesome pokémon in front of him.

    May, Dawn and Amelia gasped with smiles as they watched the Gardevoir, it looked so gorgeous floating around like that just over the ground. It was a very human like pokémon, being almost the same size and body shape. The "skirt" from when the pokémon was first a Kirlia, had now extended and was looking beautiful, with similar green under it. It had green, curly hair down its sides. Its thin, green arms seemed to stop when the fingers started. It also has very thin and slender legs, although its "skirt" cover them for the most of the time.

    Ash took up his pokédex, wanting to know more about that awesome Gardevoir.

    "Gardevoir." the pokédex started after a few seconds. "The Embrace Pokémon. Gardevoir has the psychokinetic power to distort the dimensions and create a small black hole. This Pokémon will try to protect its Trainer even at the risk of its own life."

    "Cool.." Ash whispered, flipping down his pokédex.

    "Ash, I'll give you one last chance to retreat." John said, no longer smiling as usual.

    "Me and Pikachu never back down!" the boy said, clenching his fist once more.

    "Pika!" the mouse screamed, sparks coming out of its cheeks.

    "Alright." John said and nodded towards Brock.

    "Are you ready, Ash?" Brock asked him.

    "We've always been!" the boy answered.

    "Begin the match!" Brock screamed, pulling down both of his arms.

    Ash and John stared at each other, none of them moving. The spectators, and even Brock, wondered what was going on.

    "Thunder!" Ash screamed.

    Pikachu immediately responded to the command and launched a very, very powerful electric charge that flew high into the air, before making its way towards Gardevoir. Still, John hadn't moved an inch, but he had his eyes closed unlike the others and his Gardevoir. Ash was getting worried, and Pikachu's Thunder attack was now heading straight towards Gardevoir, who was still standing still, smiling at Ash. The Thunder attack had now reached its target, lighting up Gardevoir's whole body, as it still didn't move, however, it had its eyes closed. The Thunder attack, that hit Gardevoir directly, seemed to do nothing as it was still standing on the exactly same spot as before, now smiling towards Pikachu. There was a very, very akward silence, nothing could be heard except for Ash's and Pikachu's gasp, and the warm summer breeze gently lifting their hair. Pikachu shook its head in disbelief, believing that his foe must have used some special trick to absorb the electricity.

    "Agility!" Ash called out, trying to come up with a way to bring that Gardevoir down. "Follow up with Iron Tail!"

    Pikachu started to sprint in zig-zags with an incredible speed, even creating an illusion that there was more than two Pikachus. Gardevoir, who was a very experienced pokémon, also got surprised by the speed of that Pikachu, but it still stood on its ground, watching Pikachu getting closer. Gardevoir closed its eyes, trying to hear and sense its master's command. After not hearing anything at all other than a deep sigh from John, Gardevoir also sighed, knowing what to do. The spectators, Ash and of course Pikachu wondered why the two of them did nothing than just standing there, and they knew it wouldn't work out too well. Pikachu was still running in zig-zags, just in case Gardevoir would launch an attack if he didn't. Pikachu was now not too far away from the Gardevoir, and was now running straight towards it, its tail glowing bright white. Suddenly, both John and Gardevoir opened their eyes, staring directly at the incoming Pikachu. Gardevoir, and John, raised their arm, pointing it at the Pikachu that was a few inches from them. Gardevoir's arm, and for some strange reason John's whole body, was now surrounded by some strange pink and purple aura, making it look like he was on fire. Gardevoir's arm and body was now glowing like crazy, and Ash gasped, he knew what was coming.

    "JUMP!" Ash screamed at the top of his lungs.

    Pikachu immediately stopped its attack and jumped high into the air, even jumping over his foe. Gardevoir tried to stop its very powerful, charged up attack, but couldn't; it was too much to handle. Gardevoir made a last attempt to stop the attack, but couldn't. The powerful pink and purple, psychic ball hovering around Gardevoir's hand was now launched, making her, and her trainer, to fall to the ground, exhausted. The pink aura like ball flew across the field almost instantly, hitting the poor 14 year old boy so that he flew over 10 yards backwards. Everybody stared at the boy, who was lying on the ground, not moving.

    "Pikapi!" Pikachu screamed, running towards its master.

    Gardevoir, who finally had recovered from that very powerful attack, realized what had happened and used Teleport to quickly get to the unconscious boy. John and the others had now also gotten out of their zombie trance and was now running towards Ash.

    "ASH!" the girls screamed.

    "Ash, speak to me!" Brock said, leaning down with the others.

    Gardevoir pushed Brock and the others away from Ash gently, so that she could check him up.

    "Is he alright..?" May asked, feeling like breaking down. "He.. He's not breathing! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?"

    "May, calm down." John whispered, staring at his first pokémon. "Gardevoir can fix this."

    "HOW?" May bursted out, kneeling down to her crush. "Ash, please, say something! Ash!"

    May started to shake Ash's still body, making everyone more worried.

    "What's happening..?" Dawn asked, her voice cracking up. "Can you heal him?

    John looked at his Gardevoir and then nodded.

    "How can you know that?" Amelia asked, glancing at Drew every now and then.

    "She told me." John replied.

    "But.. She didn't say anything..?" Amelia asked further.

    "Telepathy." Drew explained, not believing that he actually was starting to get worried for the Ketchum boy.

    "Spot on." John said and nodded. "Gardevoir, I think we should try now, he won't be able to take this much longer."

    "Take what..?" May asked, a few tears now running down her cheeks.

    Gardevoir closed her eyes and put her hand on Ash's, soon starting to glow bright pink. May let go of Ash and stood up, watching the boy as he also began to shine.

    John took a deep breath before explaining.

    "That attack.. Gardevoir used, it isn't normal."

    Nobody said anything, they just waited for John to keep on talking.

    "The power on that psychic attack is based on how much emotion is running through Gardevoir.. But this time, she took the emotions from me."

    "So.. Depending on how much you are "feeling", the more powerful the attack gets?" Drew asked.

    "Yup." John replied and sighed. "How's it going, Gardevoir?"

    The Embrace Pokémon wasn't glowing brightly anymore, and then turned around, smiling at John.

    "He's gonna be fine..?" May and Dawn asked, smiling abit.

    John nodded and sighed in relief, he was lucky nothing worse happened.

    "So, is this even.. Fair? Doing that..?" Brock asked, crossing his arms. "It isn't stated in the rules that you can use that.. Attack."

    "That's the problem." John said and recalled his pokémon. "We've never battled by the rules."

    Everybody stared at John for a few seconds before gazing at the unconscious boy once more.

    "Why is he still not moving?" May asked, kneeling down to the boy again. "Atleast he's breathing again.."

    "A nice, long rest should do the trick." John said and chuckled. "I'm really sorry for everything, but I have to go now. Can you take care of yourselves and Ash?"

    "Stupid question." Drew replied and grinned. "The question is, who's gonna carry Ash to the center."

    John chuckled before waving them goodbye, and then went out of sight. The teens plus Brock stared at each other for a moment, then at Ash, wondering who was going to carry the somewhat heavy boy.

    "Heh, I'll do it then." Brock finally said and sighed with a smile. "We should get going, the contest starts soon, I don't think Ash would get any better out here."

    Everybody else sighed in relief and started walking back towards the center, still looking back at Ash sometimes who was hanging on Brock's shoulder. Pikachu was sitting on the other side of Brock's shoulder, frowning at his master. While the girls watched the boy as he snored on Brock's back, Drew thought of what happened earlier. As time went by, Drew got more and more irritated.

    "What is it, Drew?" Brock wondered, noticing that the green haired coordinator was bugged by something.

    "Oh, nothing." the boy started. "It's just that out of nowhere, John pops up, and Ash challenges him to a battle, right?"

    Brock and the girls nodded, raising eyebrows.

    "So." Drew continued. "Ash wants John to use his most powerful pokémon, and he does just that, using his Gardevoir. Not only does Gardevoir and John have the ability to speak to each other using telepathy, but Gardevoir's attack power is based on how much feelings is radiating from John. And, the attack isn't even named or seen somewhere else before, I believe."

    "Heh, I know it sounds weird, but I've met a few people who can use telepathy with their pokémon, Drew." Brock said and chuckled.

    "Well.. As John said, depending on how much feelings he had, the more powerful the attack gets. Look at Ash." Drew said and nodded towards him. "Does it look like he got hit softly?"

    Brock and the girls stared abit at Ash, except for Brock who had a hard time doing that as he was carrying him.

    "Now to my point; Ash got thrown away like several feet or so because of that stupidly powerful attack, meaning.. That John must've had a lot of feelings or whatever."

    Brock and the girls once again stared at the boy, but now with worry, they never thought of it that way.

    "John also mentioned that Ash wouldn't be able to take it much longer.. What did he meant with that? And what did Gardevoir do to him? Or to be more correct, take from him."

    Nobody spoke, everybody wanted Drew to continue.

    "What I think.." he started again. "Is that that attack, contained these retarded feelings or thoughts is supposed to completely go through the victim.. And, I don't think that the victims have ever been a human. I think Ash went through a lot after that hit, he probably got Gardevoir's feelings and thoughts in him or something."

    "B-But what's happening to him right now?" May asked scared.

    "I think Gardevoir drained those feelings and thoughts back, so there shouldn't be a problem now." Drew said and gave a short laugh. "Although he might have a huge headache or so when he wakes up."

    "Drew, you're scaring me.." May whispered and went closer to Ash. "He's gonna be okay, right?"

    "Yeah, Drew, shut up!" Amelia "whispered".

    "He's gonna be alright.." Drew said and sighed. "I think."

    Drew glanced once to the pink haired girl next to him. After what happened between the two of them before Ash's battle, he assumed that Amelia didn't want anything to do with him. And he would do as she wanted.

    "I think so too." Brock added and sighed. "But we can't know for sure until Nurse Joy has checked him, we're almost there."

    "Can't we go faster?" May whined and jumped a bit.

    "Heh, I'm sorry, May. But he's really heavy, why don't you give it a try?"

    "Hmpf, fine!" May said, grabbing Ash's limp body. "Atleast I care for his health!"

    After that, she started walking with the heavy Ash hanging on her shoulder.

    "Are you coming or what?" the girl screamed, not caring to turn around.

    "What just happened..?" Amelia asked, glancing at Brock and Dawn.

    "Heh, I don't know." Brock said and chuckled. "Let's get going, I think she'll drop Ash anytime soon."

    The teens and Brock sighed before following the brunette holding Ash. May smiled as she could hear Ash snore, he would probably draw a lot of attention once they reached the city. May could see a few buildings from the city not too faraway, so she started sprinting with a wide smile.

    'I wonder what Ash is dreaming about..?' she thought as she could hear the boy yawn loudly. 'Man, he's really heavy..'


    The raven haired boy sighed before falling down to the ground, feeling tired for some reason.

    "What's happening to me?" the boy asked no one in particular.

    "Looks like you got a lot of feelings." the girl said, giggling more than usual.

    "What's that supposed to mean?" the boy answered, standing up. "Ow, my head.."

    "Do you remember anything from before?" the girl asked, staring at the sunset while sitting on a little rock.

    "No.." Ash replied, rubbing his head. "And I don't think that rock you're sitting on was there before.."

    "It wasn't." the girl answered and giggled. "Now, if I say John, a battle, and his Gardevoir, does that make any sense?"

    "Uhm, well.." Ash said, getting closer to the girl. "I remember something about having a battle with him.. Then Pikachu used Thunder, it didn't work."

    "Go on." the girl said and giggled again.

    "Then.. It didn't work, his Gardevoir didn't even move. And then she used some kind of attack that.. That.."

    "That made you come here." the girl finished for him.

    "I guess you could say that." Ash said and chuckled. "So, you mind telling me what happened to me?"

    "You know what attack Gardevoir used?"


    "To keep it short; it's power depends on how much feelings and emotions are running through Gardevoir."

    "Ookaaayy..?" Ash said and raised an eyebrow. "That doesn't explain how I suddenly fell to the ground and passed out since I'm standing here talking to you."

    "You did more than pass out." the girl said and giggled. "You flew back a few yards."

    "What..? Y-You mean I'm dead..?" the boy stuttered. "But I haven't become a pokémon master yet!"

    "So after you've become a pokémon master, it's okay to die..?"

    "Um.. That's not important, so I'm dead..?"

    "Of course it's important.." the girl said and sighed. "No, you're alive."

    "Phew, for a moment there I thought-"

    "Maybe not for long." the girl interrupted him and giggled.

    "W-What? So I'm dying?"

    "Maybe.. You just have to get an emotional breakdown."

    "An emotional what? What's that?"

    "You have to let out your feelings, if you don't in the next two days, there's a chance you'll die."

    "O-Okay, you mean confess my feelings? Is that it? I can tell Pikachu that I really love him, but I think he already knows that-"

    "No, not like that." the girl interrupted him again. "Feelings from John and Gardevoir that are still stuck in your mind and body. You have to let them out, your body can't take them for much longer."

    "Alright, this is some creepy stuff, how do I do that?"

    "You don't have to do anything. It'll happen by itself."

    "Then what was the point of telling me this?"

    "Because.." the girl started and tilted her head backwards. "I thought it would be a good idea to warn you."


    "Is he going to be okay..?"

    "Yes, he is."

    May, Dawn, Amelia, Brock and Drew were standing around a small patient bed together with Nurse Joy, watching the unconscious boy as he slept, and snored, peacefully.

    "Pika pika.." the rodent said and sighed.

    Ash had been out cold for the past 30 minutes, and right now, Nurse Joy had finished her inspection on the boy.

    "He seems okay.." the nurse started and checked her paper with Ash's diagnosis. "But I don't think he's going to wake up today."

    "You.. You mean, like he's in a coma or something?" Dawn asked and frowned.

    "Yes, sort of." the nurse replied and sighed.


    Everyone in the room could only watch with sad face expressions as the brunette was desperately trying to wake the boy up. It took a few seconds before the nurse stopped her.

    "May, that's enough." she said, gently pulling the weeping girl away. "If any, you're making it worse by doing that."

    May nodded before going to Dawn and Amelia who happily reassured the girl.

    "Another thing that's strange is Ash's brain waves." the nurse started, looking at the boy. "Do you have any idea regarding this?"

    Everybody nodded, except for May, who was still staring at Ash who was smiling while he slept.

    "Brock, I want you to take May out to the lobby and stay with her. Drew, Dawn and Amelia, you'll have to explain what happened to Ash before I decide what to do with him.. If things gets worse, I'll have to call a real doctor over here."

    Brock nodded and took May out of the room as Drew and the two other girls started to tell about what happened earlier.

    "He'll be alright, May." Brock assured the girl as she sat down on one of the lobby chairs.

    "H.. How can you know that?" May stuttered, turning on the tv. "Nurse Joy said she didn't know."

    "You know Ash, he's a fighter. It's probably just a hangover or something like that."

    May nodded slowly, and watched as Brock sat down next to her.

    "So." Brock started and grinned. "It looks like you have a crush on Ash."

    May immediately snapped her eyes up and glared at Brock.

    "ARE YOU NUTS?" she whispered, not wanting to draw attention from Nurse Joy and the others. "I am not in love with that jerk!"

    "Your actions says the opposite." Brock said and grinned. "You can't hide it from me, considering everything that has happened, it's obvious. Now, tell me how's it going with him."

    May sighed, she knew it was impossible to hide things like this from Brock, he was like her mother, just better.

    "Well, first, we haven't seen each other in 3 years, and he doesn't even recognize me when we finally meet!" May started and crossed her arms.

    "Go on." Brock said and nodded.

    "And then.. He walked into the bathroom when I was showering, twice! And then Dawn kissed him, and then that.. That.. That Aurora! WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER?"

    Awkward silence.

    "And then.. He hugs Dawn and other girls like it's nothing. And now it's been a few days since we met, and the only thing he cares about is those stupid pokémon battles!"

    "You're right, he's dense. I don't think there's anyone else that can beat him with that."

    "But last night, he kissed me in the forehead and told me that he was sorry.. But I faked that I was sleeping, he was so sweet.."

    "Really? Looks like Ash is growing up, and you're the reason, May."

    "I don't know.. The only thing on his mind right now is pokémon battles and that contest.."

    "I think that Ash could be a very good boyfriend, you just have to make him find that side of him."

    "And that, Brock, is mission impossible."

    The two friends stared at each other for a few seconds before bursting out with laughter.

    "So, how are you gonna make him realize you?" Brock asked after a little while.

    "I have no idea.."

    "You'll figure out something." Brock said and stood up. "Let's head back to the others, I think you've calmed down now."

    May nodded and went together with Brock back to the room where Ash was.

    "How's it going?" Brock asked as they entered.

    "Drew told me about what happened earlier.. It explains why his brain waves are so high." the nurse said and gave a weak smile. "Ash should wake up anytime now, but it should take a maximum of 2 days."

    "2 days..?" May said and went closer to the boy.

    "Well, atleast we know he's gonna be alright." Dawn said and smiled.

    "The contest is starting soon, I'm leaving in about 10 minutes." the nurse said and sighed. "Pikachu, can you look for Ash while we're gone?"

    The Pikachu nodded with a smile.

    "Are you sure we can leave Ash like this?" Amelia asked and watched the raven haired boy. "What if something happens, what can Pikachu do?"

    "I'll stay with him." May said, grabbing a chair and putting it next to Ash. "Somebody other than Pikachu has to stay with him."

    "Are you sure?" the nurse asked. "I thought you wanted to win that buffét card."

    May gasped, she had totally forgot about that.

    "No.. No.." she whimpered, hiding her face with her hands.

    "You guys can leave, I'll stay with him." Brock said and sat down next to May.

    "That's a great idea." the nurse said and smiled. "Now, do you have cellphones to contact each other in case?"

    Everybody nodded, and the nurse motioned for them to leave for the contest.

    "We'll be outside waiting, we'll head to the contest in about 5 minutes, 'kay?" the nurse said and smiled.

    She left the room with Drew, Dawn and Amelia, leaving Brock and May alone with the sleeping, smiling Ash.

    "I'm gonna go get something to drink, you want something?" Brock asked and stood up.

    May shook her head and Brock left the room to get a coke or something. The brunette stared at her crush, who was still smiling. She giggled, finding it very, very amusing. She scooted closer with her chair and stared at his handsome face.

    "Are you gonna stay here with him, Pikachu?" May asked the rodent.

    Pikachu nodded and jumped on Ash's cap-free and messy hair. He cooed with a smile, his head was much more soft and coasy without that stupid cap. May leaned even closer to the boy, smiling even more when she heard the boy snore. She gave Pikachu a quick look, and the yellow mouse understood. Pikachu left the room to find Brock, and to "entertain" him.

    "Hi Ash." May whispered and sighed. "Can people hear you when you're in a coma?"

    No reply, as expected.

    "I, I hope you have sweet dreams, and that you'll be fine." she whispered again. "I.. I forgive you, for everything, I just want you to be okay right now."

    Just like a bad comedy movie, Ash snored even louder, making the girl giggle.

    "I have to go now, Ash. I promise it'll be the last time I ever leave you.."

    She stood up and was about to head to Nurse Joy and the others but stopped as she saw that Ash opened his mouth.

    "Do.. Don't.. Don't leave.." the boy barely got out, still snoring.

    May quickly took a seat next to the boy, asking if he could hear her. Like before, she got a snore for an answer.

    "But Ash.." the girl whispered close to his ear. "I'm doing this for you.."

    She hesitated once, but then did it; she leaned closer and kissed the boy on the lips, tightly squeezing them. Not being able to resist anymore, she used her tongue and slid her hands around Ash's neck. After a few seconds of hot, intense kissing the sleeping boy, she noticed something..

    Ash responded to the kiss.

    May jumped back with a short scream, seeing that Ash had his eyes open.

    "ASH?" May screamed, feeling like fainting. "YO-YOU'RE AWAKE!"

    The boy opened his mouth to speak, but only one single word came out before he went back to deep sleep.

    "Yu.. Yummy.."

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    Mix0r, this is a great story. Your descriptions are amazing, and I love the dialogue between the characters. Will you be continuing this fic?
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    Oh my, I'm so sorry, I didn't know some of you still read this.. :/

    I've got some bad and good news: I've dropped this story here.

    Good news: I tend to finish what I've started, so this story's being continued over at FFn, a link is at my first post!

    Sorry for the trouble, and thanks so much for your little review! ^^

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