Welcome to the Drayden/Shaga Fan Club!

At this club, you can talk about anything that involves Drayden/Shaga. Clothes, Pokémon, Shippings, appearances in games, anime, etc., and so much more! Just make sure that the topic is about Drayden/Shaga. There is a lot to talk about here, but I do have some rules that need to be followed.

1. All SPPf rules apply
2. Stay on Topic
3. No Flame Wars or Spamming
4. Do Not Post Unless You Are a Member
5. No One-Liners
6. If You Post a Spoiler You MUST Post it in a Spoiler Tag
7. Do Not Post If You Are Not in The Club
8. Do Not Break the Rules
9. Have Fun!

What Happens When the Rules are Broken
1 Strike = Warning
2 Strikes = 5 Day Ban
3 Strikes = 7 Day/I Week Ban
4 Strikes = 31 Day/1 Month Ban
5 Strikes = Permanent Ban

All Strikes Will Be Cleared After 1 Week. As Long As You Don't Get Another Strike During That 1 Week Period.

To Join, Just Politely Ask To Join and State Why You Like Drayden/Shaga.

Drayden (Me)

If You Would Like to Be the Co-Owner, Just PM Me Why You Think You Should be the Co-Owner.

The Members
Nobody Yet