A month or so ago, my brother dug out his old Infernape and Team Rocket decks and started getting into TCG again. he sucked me into it too, so I excavated my ancient cards, none of which fit together into some sort of deck. So for my first few battles I was juggling about 6 different types. It was AWFUL. But when I stumbled upon an Ivysaur and my brother gave me his Bulbasaur and Venusaur (don't know why he had only those two) my deck finally started shaping up. I collected more Grass Pokemon (and definetly some more Grass Energy!) and came about with this deck, that has a hint of Electric in there. I don't know anything about the series or rarities, so I'll just list the Pokemon's attacks.

1 Bulbasaur (Leech Seed)
1 Ivysaur (Sleep Seed and Vine Whip)
1 Venusaur (Wide Solarbeam and Hard Plant)
2 Snivy (Tackle and Vine Whip)
1 Combee (Soliciting Nectar and Gust)
1 Zubat (Supersonic and Leech Life)
1 Golbat (Spiral Drain with Pokebody- Self Control)
1 Electrike (Recharge and Quick Attack)
1 Manectric (Thunder Spear and Magnetic Tackle)
1 Maractus (Constant Rattle and Giga Drain)
1 Eevee (Tail Wag and Quick Attack)
1 Leafeon (Miasma Wind and Soothing Scent)
2 Butterfree FB (Select Powder and Pokebody- Compound Eyes)
1 Blitzle (Rear Kick)

2 Dual Ball
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Underground Expedition
1 Oran Berry
1 Fieldworker
2 Roseanne's Research
1 Master Ball
2 Warp Point
2 Potion
2 Felicity's Drawing
2 Copycat
1 Switch
2 Pokeball

13 Grass
6 Electric
2 Double Colourless
1 Full Heal Energy

I don't have many more Trainer cards than that. I have more Pokemon, enough to swap Electric for Water I think, because I have 2 Clamperl, plus a Huntail and Gorebyss. I also have Tentacool/cruel, and a Light Vaporeon.
I know I should have more Basics, like, 2 or 3 Bulbasaur instead of one, but the fact is I don't spend money on the game. All the cards I have are either gifts from my bro, gifts from the League I go to, ones I got from trades, or ones that I've just been saving all this time. It would be too much trouble to name all the other cards I have, but you can ask.
All advice is welcome! I hardly know any TCG lingo, so if you use it PLEASE explain it!!