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WTF? Ash losing? To a newb? What the hell are the writers thinking? I mean come on, Ash's been to how many leagues in over about 700 episodes..and can't overcome a type disadvantage? *growl*

This doesn't seem right..a sidekick never won a tournament this huge except when Ash was with, so could the writers be planning something huge for Iris? Like a spin-off series of her own or replacing Ash...because throughout this season I'm beginning to sense a patern - the writers are getting bored with Ash so there letting him lose only to be repaced with some one who actually knows her way around the pokeball...

I give up, I'll never understand what goes on in the twisted minds of those writers *Outrage*
1. Iris has "the devil's luck", according to Langley and Cabernet. It's like the writers are pointing fun at her detractors that call her a Sue.

2. Okay, now you're going too far. The Don Battle's just a nice lil' arc where we can see some development and interaction between the characters and rivals, and because there's no counterpart to the Contests this time they simply decided to give Iris her time to shine with Excadrill, who both honestly deserved the win after all the development they had in BW036. Seeing her eyes light up and hugging Excadrill has to be one of the most heartwarming moments so far this series.

3. We all know that Axew needed a new move other than Dragon Rage and Scratch, and they decided to give it to us without having another episode of training, sips and giggles. Scraggy learning HJK in the next episode doesn't matter because it's primarily Meowth's episode, and he needed something other than being "that talking cat from the TRio."

tl;dr - The writers are the same people doing this year's Anti-Christ Superstar: Japan Edition.