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Thread: The Club Battle Finale: A Heroes Outcome! (703)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillachu View Post
    Lol, the irony being that BW Ash was at his lowest point, so he didn't deserve to win either. We need to just accept that he was doomed from the beginning.
    Despite regressing Ash still performed the best out of anyone else(including Trip).

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    Seems like many fans disliked the final match between Satoshi and Iris, but as for me, I thought Luke versus Iris had a worse ending. I didn't think Kibago should've won against Gobit, regardless of Outrage. Doryuzu defeating Pikachu was good enough for me, although Iris didn't need the prize.

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    I really preferred the Iris's Axew vs. Luke's Golett battle: Axew nearly ran out of luck and then he suddenly learned Outrage like a boss.~ Ash using Pikachu against Excadrill was a bit dumb though since Ground is immune to Electric.

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