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Oh, no, I do. And it certainly is. I never once said that the use of alcohol was something I supported. It's just as unnecessary as marijuana or cigarettes or any other recreational drug. I haven't drank alcohol either.

What I was saying was that Celestial Moth likes comparing unrelated activities to marijuana and that that is not what this should be about. It should be about marijuana and it's effects alone, not compared to any other activity's effects.

Other activities with negative effects worse than those of marijuana cannot negate marijuana's negative effects, which is why I believe that they shouldn't be brought up when debating whether or not use of marijuana should be considered "okay."
It's unjust to restrict activities unless they cause harm to other people, though. That goes against the very idea of freedom that my country (the U.S.) and many others stand for. That's why comparisons are relevant, we need to draw a line in what's acceptable for public use so that the more dangerous activities are banned for people's safety while the less dangerous ones are available for those that want it.

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What I don't (or maybe can't) believe is that good, otherwise intelligent people choose to use substances like marijuana and cigarettes and alcohol for recreation to change the way that they feel and think. It's not a matter of "I believe anyone who does this should be tossed into prison," it's "I cannot believe that anyone would choose to do this to themselves for fun."
Who cares? If people want to destroy themselves for a cheap high, let them. So long as they're not harming anyone else. The purpose of laws are to keep people safe, if it's not a danger to others, there's no reason to ban it.