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The only time marijuana is fine is if the person can be saved from a life of being addicted to it. I don't like seeing more unfortunate people die because they were addicted to crap. Drugs have no right to be legal. Do you honestly want to end up like Anna Nicole Smith or some other celebrity who died of an OD?

Not to mention I don't buy the obsession that some people have with doing drugs. It's bad enough that people in the ghetto are fighting to the death to get drugs. And some of these drug dealers feel like they have no other purpose in life, so they resort to selling drugs. It's not funny to see people killing each other other drugs. Not to mention drug use is a surefire way to risk getting AIDS.

I'm honestly surprised there's still morons who think weed is cool, after years of overly preachy political gadflies like Nancy Reagan drilling it into our heads. Drugs are bad. End of story.
If anything I think this would make people think it's cooler. Since while weed really can't be called "good" for someone it's not really bad either, and to put it on the same scale as serious drugs like heroin and cocaine is laughable.