This is a remake, since my other one died out. By the way, can someone point out things I can improve, because as you can see I'm a newbie at FanFiction and would like to continue more on this.

Diana and the Adventures in Unova

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

The day before she could get her first Pokemon, Diana, a 12 year old girl was about to set out on her very own journey to be the very best Pokemon Trainer in Unova region. Her hometown is Aspertia Town, a town where it is usually quiet and where she will receive her first Pokemon at Professor Juniper's Lab and where she will fight for her first gym badge. As she stayed up all night researching about Pokemon abilities, moves and type advantages in her bedroom. She went and tucked herself in bed, but she didn't know what to choose between Tepig, Oshawott or Snivy. She had a long thought about it and decided to pick Oshawott as her starter because she liked how cute it was and liked Water-Type pokemon. Diana had a quick look at what time it was on her alarm clock right beside her.

"Shoot! It's 10 pm.. better go to sleep now." yawned Diana

The sun rised and Diana woke up happily, she had a big smile on her face because today was the day she'd receive her first pokemon, Oshawott. She was very keen on getting Oshawott, she had also promised herself to take care of her pokemon and never let it down. As she got out of bed, Diana dressed into her trainer clothes and tied up her black hair and rushed down stairs. Once she got into the kitchen, her mother, Sally, was there. Her mother smiled and gave her toast with melting butter on top.

"Morning Diana, heres your toast sweetie!" said her mother.
"Morning Mum, thanks a lot" Diana gladly said

Diana had ate her toast quickly so she could get Oshawott. She had left bread crumbs everywhere and around her mouth. Her mother wasn't very pleased.

"Don't eat your food so quickly, you'll choke!" frowned her mother
"Okay, mum. I'm finished anyway, I'll just go outside and hangout with my friends, Dave and Cassy. Bye Mum!" replied Diana, wiping her bread crumbs off of her face.

As Diana headed outside, she went over to Cassy's house and knocked on the door, but no one answered. She tried again.. nothing. Diana then walked over to Dave's house and knocked on his door, then Dave came and opened the door.

"Hey Dave! Wanna hangout while time passes by when we finally get our first pokemon? Too bad Cassys isn't around today, she must of went somewhere." asked Diana.
"Diana.. I think you were late.. as usual. I've already gotten my first pokemon ages ago at Professor Juniper's Lab and I think Cassy's gone to the PokeSchool to study about Pokemon and how it all works. Anyway, wanna see my first Pokemon?" replied Dave.
"Sure, lets see what you got.." sighed Diana, hoping Dave didn't get Oshawott as his first pokemon.

Dave got out his pokeball from his pocket and firmly pushed the button on the pokeball and threw the pokeball down to the ground saying, "Okay! I choose you". What came out was fantastic, it was a Snivy, a grass-type pokemon.

"Woah, look at it.. it's amazing, taught it any cool moves yet?" asked Diana. Dave shook his head, "No I haven't, I was just getting ready to go on my adventure."

Now, Dave is Diana's bestfriend he has brown eyes that matches his brown hair and is currently 13 years old. He has been Diana's childhood friend since he was 6 years old. Dave's dream is to be a great Pokemon Breeder, seeing as though he loves to cook pokemon food and care for them. Dave's father owns a PokeSchool around Aspertia Town, Dave's amount of knowledge for pokemon breeding comes from his fathers teaching.

"Dave, are there any pokemon starters left from Professor Junipers Lab?" asked Diana
"No.. the pokemon starters went all out around 7 am, you must of slept in again, anyway I'll come with you to the Pokemon Research Lab, I'm sure there is atleast something for you?" Assumed Dave.
"Thanks Dave! You're the best, c'mon lets go" answered Diana

Once they got to Professor. Juniper's Lab, they pushed through the big crowd over to where they released some Pokemon Trainer goodies and entered into the Lab to see Professor. Juniper.

"Hey Professor!" both Dave and Diana said.
"Well well, what brings you two here, any problems?" asked Professor Juniper. "Actually it's just me, um.. I know this is kind of late but would you have any pokemon avaliable today?" asked Diana.
Professor Juniper shook her head, "No sorry, they disappeared one by one from trainers. But I will have another batch of pokemon starters next month you see, so patience would be needed Diana". Diana sighed.
"Okay Professor, I'll see you next month I guess.. bye!". Diana and Dave walked out slowly together, Dave opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He tried again and said "Hey, I've got an idea. I got a spare pokeball and I got a Snivy.. we could battle a wild pokemon and catch you a pokemon" happily said Dave with a great idea.
"Maybe we could do that later, anyway lets go to your Dad's PokeSchool and see Cassy, I bet she's got a pretty cool pokemon too." replied Diana

So they both walked to the PokeSchool to see Cassy. Cassy appeared to be heading out of the PokeSchool. As Diana and Dave looked at eachother they both raced to Cassy.

Now, Cassy is also a childhood friend of Diana's. She has blonde hair with brown streaks and nice blue eyes. She is the same age as Dave, 13 years old, her goal is to become a great Pokemon Professor like Professor Juniper but first she wants to find out all about the pokemon in Unova region. She always goes to the PokeSchool twice every week and studies about Pokemon. She strives to be the best out there and is very enthusiastic about pokemon, she is very intelligent but can be a bit of a cluts sometimes.

Once they reached to Cassy, Cassy was suprised to see the both of them.
"So, I know what you got Dave, what pokemon do you have Diana?" asked Cassy.
"Err, to be exact.. I got nothing, how about you? Lets see yours!" asked Diana, again hoping she didn't get Oshawott.

Cassy stepped away to the right, behind her was a Tepig. Tepig snorted and flare came out of it's nose.

"That's so cute! So, who took Oshawott?" asked Diana.

Suddenly the three of them heard a cry coming from the river. They rushed down there to see what happened, Diana then saw a Dratini next to the river, hurt and weak with wounds. Diana walked towards it slowly and tried to pick it up and get it to the Aspertia Pokemon Center, but the Dratini used it's last energy and used Aqua Tail, Diana got pushed back and fell down. Diana got up and stumbled a bit and picked Dratini up and took off her jacket, then wrapped her jacket around the Dratini to keep it warm. The three of them quickly rushed to the Aspertia Pokemon Center and went on inside. Diana went up to Nurse Joy.

"Please help this Dratini, it's really weak!" explained Diana.
"Okay okay, we'll have a quick examine. Please wait patiently" answered Nurse Joy.
"Thanks a lot Nurse Joy." replied Diana

Diana then gave Dratini to Nurse Joy and went to the examination room. Diana, Dave and Cassy soon sat down, Dave saw a pack of cards.. on the table next to him.

"Go-fish anyone?" asked Dave
"Sure, whatever. I'm bored anyway" answered Diana,
"Same, I'll play" replied Cassy

As they played, Cassey said "Hm, theres something rare about that Dratini, normally they don't come around Unova much at all.."

Then a light on top of the doorway flickered and the sound went "BING BING". The three of them stood up and waited outside the doorway. Nurse Joy came out of the doorway and said "Your Dratini will be fine, a bit of medicine and some rest will be perfect for the wound, however it would of been much worse if you hadn't come any later". "Thats a relief Diana, well I guess we should stay here until Dratini gets better" said Dave. Diana nodded proudly, "That looked like a really cool pokemon, but I wondered what happened to it".

After a days rest for the three of them, it wasn't just them that rested perfectly. Nurse Joy wheeled Dratini on a cart to Diana.

"Well, it seems like it's fine." said Nurse Joy. "Thanks Nurse Joy, I owe you one"

Diana replied. Dratini looked at Diana, Diana then let her arm out for Dratini to curl around her shoulder.

"Dra-tinii, dratini" said Dratini.
"Hm, it's bonded to you already? I sense you'll be a good trainer Diana!" said Nurse Joy.
"Hahaa.. nah, I just helped a Pokemon.. anyone would of done the same" blushed Diana
"Well thanks a lot Nurse Joy, and bye!" said the three of them.

Diana, Dave, Cassy and Dratini went outside the Aspertia Pokemon Center.

"So, Dratini. Do you want to be in my team?" asked Diana.
Dratini nodded and replied with "Dratiniii!".
"Diana, do you want to borrow a pokeball?" asked Cassy.
"Nah, I'm happy with Dratini being close to me" said Diana happily.

As they went to Professor Juniper's Lab, they all agreed on traveling together as each of them have different goals, Dave wants to be a S classed Breeder, Cassy wants to be a Professor with all her knowledge and Diana wanting to be a Pokemon Champion in Unova