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    Default The Ember Days

    This ficlet is one that can be considered to be a refashioning of the Benandanti's 'night battles', an idea that just wouldn't leave me alone until I finally spat it out on paper. I am more than a little rusty, I'm afraid - it's been almost a year since I've written anything substantial (asides from essays, oh the horror), so this, as well as the oneshots that preceded this, will probably reflect that. Hopefully not, though. We will have to wait and see.

    In any case, the pokemon elements should immediately make themselves clear - although the explanations will take a little longer in coming. It's all in the fun of it. ;D

    On content: PG currently. :3 There's a graphic description, but that's about it. x3

    This entire 'fic has pretty much been Beta'ed by the fantabulous ejunknown, by the way. <3 All kudos goes to her for her help smoothing out this writer's eccentricities, haha. x3

    The Ember Days

    [0] A Howl in the Night
    [1] Bated Breath
    [2] Foxgloves
    [3] Wolfsbane
    [4] Glaciers

    PM list:


    A Howl in the Night

    The glow of the crescent moon burned over the mountain range, gilding the tendrils of fog that curled through the forests with silver fire as it swept down the rocky slopes. Washing the surrounding foothills in monotone, it flooded the valleys and creeks, tasting their every crevice. It glanced over the small city nestled in their grasp before turning towards the plains. Trails of smog creeping from the its sprawling suburbs, the city slumbered on, the fumes twisting in the orange glow of the streetlights. Filtering out to the acres of surrounding farmland, the smog clawed at the walls of the surrounding forest and was sullenly drunk in.

    A small boy crouched in the dust of one of untended fields at the forest edge. The flickering flames from a camp fire beside him slipped across his red straggles of hair as he scratched letters into the soil with a twig.


    The child seemed enraptured by his work, his eyes, dark against his pale, dirt-smudged features, narrowed on the task. Minutes slipped past as he hovered over the patch of ground. A small breeze crept from the city and rifled through his dank locks, the matted fur of the emerging pointed ears shivering. Finishing the word – the name – with clear satisfaction, the child sat back on his heels with a soft huff and gazed down at it.

    His voice, when he spoke, was thick with excitement.

    “Two days left.”


    Elizabeth awoke with a start, dark eyes flicking open, black curls of hair trickling across her pillow as she shifted in her blankets. The comforting sight of her bedroom greeted her, unchanged and determinedly pink since she’d first demanded a décor change four years ago, but she couldn't seem to focus on it. She blinked upwards. That was... weird. The dream had felt so real– the touch of the breeze on her back, shivering through her shirt, the bite of the grass beneath her feet as it pricked and tickled her ankles. Yet here she was, safe and cozy in her duvet. Just as she had been since she’d collapsed on her bed earlier that evening after another long, satisfying conversation with Julie. She frowned, the image of the little boy hunched above the dirt flickering through her thoughts. The taste of pine smoke seemed to linger on her tongue. He'd been so... young.

    The crescent moon’s light played on the pocked paint of her ceiling, dancing through a gap in her curtains. She watched its flicker for a few second, entranced, before turning her gaze away.

    There was no point worrying about dreams, really. In the end, they were just that - fantasies. She allowed her eyes to close, tucking herself deeper into her duvet, breaths already evening. It was way too early for this sort of thing anyway.

    Her alarm clock, unnoticed, flashed the time on her bedside as she slipped into sleep, the digital screen sending a red glare across the worn wood of her side table.

    It was exactly 3 AM in the morning.


    Final comments: This has been posted before in a slightly different form by me under the pen name evil bunny king. <3 Recognise it from there, then prepare to be glomped. :3

    Second point - this is not a pokemorph story, per se. ;3

    Tomorrow should see the first chapter up. <3 The other instalments will be posted regularly, either weekly or fortnightly. Enjoy. ;3
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