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Haha, that always slips through - I know the rule, but for some reason it puts itself in. xD All sorted, and I scanned the rest to catch any more. :3

About 'caterwauling' - huh, maybe it's more of a British thing? Or perhaps it's just my family/area, 'cause it's a word I'm quite familiar with... I'll keep it for now, but I'll definitely look into it.

Long running sentences have always been a fault of mine. xD; I've run through the entire thing with a comb again trying to counter them, hopefully, they're a little more sorted now. <3

Looking forward to the rest of your review - I'm glad you're enjoying it~! x3 I managed to make it suspenseful? woot! I suppose it's very different when you know the entire plot, haha - I did try though. :3 The next chapter should hopefully sweep up some of those questions I've been collecting. <3 On '3 AM' - haha, it does have some meaning. Hopefully that will become clear with the rest. x3

catz! *squishes* Thanks for getting back to me so soon, and thank you for the lovely review!

Haha, thanks for the stuff on my imagery - I'm glad I've found a good amount, I used to swing from swamping my stories with it if they were one genre, and cutting it all together in another. :x I'm glad I'm finding the medium...

The hunt~! :3 The Pokemon... mm, they are normal, except that their 'powers' are a little different. I think I will have one of the other characters lay out the difference at some point (very soon) but basically their abilities are more elemental: they can control their elements to an extent like normal pokemon can, but they also, depending on how powerful they are, can transform their shape- with great difficulty. xD They live on thhe outskirts of human civilisation and its one of the traits that helped keep them alive. I guess I've likened them to a form of fae that way. :x x3

You have no idea how much it means to me that you like my characters~! :3 Nathaniel in particular because I just love that fellow too much, but the rest as well. x33

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On a general note: I've made a few edits and switched the mightyena's identity to another Pokemon. :x