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    Default Pokemon: Crystal Chronicles

    Pokemon: Crystal Chronicles
    Rated PG-13 for possible violence, swearing, and alcoholic references.
    (It is the medival times after all)

    The following players have been accepted and have full right to post in this game:

        Spoiler:- Characters and Inventories:

    I'll be using this first post to keep track of important items and Poke'cite you possess. If there's ever any doubt as to what you're carrying, come back to this post and check.


    GM: The sun is beginning to set in the Kanto Region. As most businesses close up shop, the sun dips over Mt. Silver, while the moon can be seen peaking above the Lavender Swamps. The sunset is absolutely gorgeous, and in a few minutes, you may even be lucky enough to witness the first star of the night sky.

    You find yourself a bit weary from the day gone by, due to whatever events you have been involved in, and know it is now time to seek a place to sleep. For others, perhaps the night is only beginning, the perfect time to slip away unnoticed.

    **Spend your first post as a character introduction, and we'll move the story from here. I'll be posting once per day (when possible) to keep the story moving. Be sure to include where you are, what your character has been doing, and what you plan on doing.**
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