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    Default Stargate Club

    This club is for those of us who enjoy the Stargate SciFi TV series, or for those who have heard of it and wish to get into it.

    What IS Stargate?

    For those of you who don't know what Stargate is, it's a SciFi series comprised of three separate series (SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe) that has spanned over 15 years among the three series. Sadly, all three have ended, and with MGM going bankrupt, there won't be any more. Just because the show is over, though, doesn't mean that there isn't anything to discuss! There are multitudes of fanfiction, unfinished stories that we can only begin to theorize about (the Furlings, for instance), and more. And we can discuss the show anyway, even if there aren't any new episodes xD

    The general premise of the three series is that a group of military-backed explorers travel through an ancient device called the Stargate, which instantaneously transports them to other Stargates across the galaxy (eventually, other galaxies). On their travels, they attempt to obtain new technologies, ally themselves with the local people and understand their cultures, and fight off numerous alien threats.


    I try to be reasonable, but I won't tolerate people ignoring rules. I'm hoping these rules are fair, so please try to follow them.
    • Obey ALL Sppf rules. This one is a no-brainer, I hope.
    • Do not disrespect me or any other member. We are all Stargate/Pokémon fans, our petty differences should not play into this.
    • Do not constantly bash any character or series. You are free to mention that you dislike someone or something and give a reason. But please, don't constantly go on about it and whine when someone tries to discuss it.
    • If you give any major spoilers, put them in a spoiler tag. For those who don't know how to do this, do it like this: [spoiler*="Title"]Text[/spoiler] Take out the *. For instance (DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ALL OF SG-1) :     Spoiler:- Sample of what should be in a spoiler:
      Major things like that should DEFINITELY be in a spoiler. Also, put any major plot points of an individual episode in spoilers, even if the plot is never referred to again.
    • If you post fanfiction, make sure that it is not inappropriate. Use your common sense on this one.
    • Use your common sense. If something seems wrong, it usually is.

    If you violate the rules, you will receive a strike. 5 strikes and you're out. Also, you will be reported if you violate a Serebii rule.

    Form and Claiming system

    Use this form when you sign up. Post it here. Do NOT post again until you have been accepted. I will send you a VM/PM if you are, so you'll know. Note that answering No to both of the first two questions will result in not being accepted (if you haven't seen SG and don't even want to, you shouldn't be here, now should you?). Don't answer the second one if you answered yes to the first one.
    Have you seen Stargate before?:
    If not, do you wish to learn about and watch any of the Stargate series'?:
    How many episodes of which series' have you seen?:
    Do you have a character preference?:
    Do you wish to "claim" a character? Who?:
    Here's mine, for an example:
    Have you seen Stargate before?: I'm making this club. What do YOU think?
    If not, do you wish to learn about and watch any of the Stargate series'?: N/A
    How many episodes of which series' have you seen?: All of SG-1, Seasons 1-4 of Atlantis (just obtained a copy of S5), didn't like Universe
    Do you have a character preference?: Anyone who's B.A., I suppose, which is almost everyone xD
    Do you wish to "claim" a character? Who?: Furling Leader
    Now, for the claiming system. I borrowed this from the Doctor Who club, admittedly, because it's a brilliant idea. You may claim a character you like. Each character can only go to one person.

    MooseSmuggler (leader): Dr. Daniel Jackson
    Draforce: Nirrti
    XatuGamer: No claim
    Cosmic Fury: Ronon Dex
    Extroph: No claim
    Mew: Todd the Wraith
    -Sarah: Jack O'Neill
    Imperiumemperor: Anise/Freya the Tok'ra
    Ruthra: Dr. Carson Beckett
    Chellochello: No claim
    Nephos: No claim
    Shymain: Dr. Rodney McKay
    blobman94: No claim
    Chuck$$$: Sergent Greer

    User-bars and artwork
    Main user-bar:

    To put it in your sig, use this code:
    And remove the *'s

    Future Plans:
    If we get enough members, I will make a private forum. If I do this, the link will ONLY go to members of this club. No one else. I am also working on making a banner to make this club look more professional and aesthetically pleasing.

    Eventually, I may do "discussion topics". This is more likely to be on the forum, but they will be mentioned here, if this happens. There will be no promise on that.

    I will also choose co-leaders once we get more members. I will be looking for someone who I trust, and has a fair amount of knowledge of Stargate.
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