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Thread: [Pedrokabu] My little trade/EV-train/clone shop

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    Post [Pedrokabu] My little trade/EV-train/clone shop

    ...and a tiny salesman arrives in Agrabah.

    Hello, everybody (and sorry for the poor english if it appears). I'm Pedro, nick pedrokabu (d'oh), from Brazil. I'm starting here a little shop of trades and services.

    Offered services:

    1. Trade services -- I'm skilled in breed and offer to trade female Pokémon with Hidden (a.k.a. from the Dream World) Abilities. I can try to get any released female DW Pokémon, with any desired Nature, but I cannot guarantee desired IVs for the females; at least I can give you a seed (metaphorically speaking, I can't RNG-abuse) of your next breeding projects involving these adorable ladies.
    2. EV-training services -- I can effort you Pokémon, using PokéRus, Power Itens, and even Macho Brace, EV-reducing Berries and EV Wings if needed. And I'll level up your Pokémon until it reaches the level it needs to close its EV spread, movepool and/or even Evolution, etc. In 5th Gen, I have access to all TMs, except (at the moment) tha Battle Subway ones.
    3. Cloning services -- I can clone your Pokémon using the following programs: IR-GTS-BW, Version 0.05 (for 5th Gen); IR-GTS, Version 0.43 (for 4th Gen). Additionally, I can transfer your Pokémon from 4th Gen to 5th Gen by cloning it and using another program, the Poké Transfer, Version 1.0b.
    4. Item cloning services -- I can clone items using the programs cited above, but in a very low rate. However, it allows me to PPMaxing all four moves of a given Pokémon's moveset.
    5. Costs -- obviously, nothing in life is gratuitous, including the services of this little shop. Below I list the costs in credits ( in Serebii Forums the credits system is used, right?) for each service:
      • Breed and trade one female DW Pokémon: 1 credit (5th Gen only);
      • EV-train one Pokémon: 1 credit (5th Gen: with level up/TM/HM movepool, maybe even Egg Moves, expect Gen IV moves only; 4th Gen: EV-train only);
      • Clone up to three Pokémon: 2 credits if I cannot keep clones of them with me (due to distribution rights, etc.), or 1 credit if I can (both 4th and 5th Gen);
      • Transfer up to three Pokémon from 4th Gen to 5th Gen: 2 credits if I cannot keep clones of them with me (due to distribution rights, etc.), or 1 credit if I can (cross-gen service);
      • PPMaxing one Pokémon (i.e. all of its four moves): 1 credit (both 4th and 5th 5th Gen).

    Wanted, and another remarks:

    1. No hacks, obviously. I support cloned, RNG-abused and even AR Pokémon, but not hacks of any type, even "legal hacks".
    2. No unreleased Dream World Abilities -- because they're hacks, obviously.
    3. I can't RNG abuse, because: (i) I don't know to do it atm lol XD; (ii) I have a DSi, which limitates my theoretical capabilities to RNG abuse.
    4. I can't work with only-male and/or genderless Pokémon with DW Abilities (like Tauros and Staryu) -- in these cases, the Hidden Ability cannot be passed through breeding. (There are exceptions, like male Nidoran.)
    5. About distribution rights: my own Pokémon (when it appears here) are fully redistributable in any place. But if I get one of yours Pokémon, I want to know its distribution rights (if it is fully-redis, semi-redis, or even non-redis/not-for-trade).
    6. I am primarily interested in flawless and/or near-flawless Pokémon (as I said before, I support RNG abuse and even AR), and in case of Special Attack users, with good Hidden Power types. I prefer untrained ones (but I can accept efforted ones in some cases), and I don't care about shininess, it can be shiny or not.
    7. Therefore, I give one of the credits of this thread in trade for an interesting (read above, please) Pokémon (i.e., a Pokémon for a service/trade credit). Exceptional cases can be negotiated.
    8. Last but not least, please post in this thread your interests. I'll reply in your own trade thread if you have one, and we can discuss the deal by VMs or even PMs. If you don't have a trade thread, don't worry, just post here and I'll VM you about the deal, right?

    Have (I can breed any Natures)
    • female DW Vulpix;
    • female DW Poliwag;
    • female DW Gligar;
    • female DW Eevee;
    • female DW Dratini;
    • female DW Carvanha;
    • female DW Lileep;
    • female DW Corphish;
    • female DW Lapras;
    • female DW Slowpoke;
    • ...and more females from DW.

    • Adamant/Jolly Double-Edge/Roost Starly/Staravia/Staraptor (UT, DW or not, flawless or near-flawless);
    • male Smeargles, several Natures (flawless or near-flawless);
    • male Beat Up Seedot/Nuzleaf/Shiftry (flawless or near-flawless);
    • Mew, several Natures (flawless or near-flawless);
    • Celebi, several Natures (flawless or near-flawless);
    • Jirachi, several Natures (flawless or near-flawless);
    • Shaymin, several Natures (flawless or near-flawless);
    • Manaphy, several Natures (flawless or near-flawless);
    • Victini, several Natures (preferably the V-Create/Fusion Bolt/Fusion Flare event one, flawless or near-flawless);
    • Ditto, several Natures (flawless or near-flawless);
    • Japanese Event Pikachu with Light Ball (any IVs).

    1. White List
      • ShadowKyogre443 -- thanks to him, I got my first female DW Eevee, in the WiFi Chat. Cheers, dude!
    2. Black List
      • No one at the moment.
    3. Completed trades/services
      • No one at the moment.
    4. Pending trades/services
      • No one at the moment.
    5. Credits I have
      • No one at the moment.
    6. Credits I owe
      • No one at the moment.

    Well, that's all. I hope we'll have good deals in my little shop.

    PS: My 5th Gen Friend Codes are in my signature, below. ;)

    PS2: (Good videogame. Ehr...) I'll periodically update this first message of the topic as soon as the deals happen. This is the first branch of my little shop; the headquarters is in another community... ;)

    PS3: I like Wii. #turumtss
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    Sorry for the little bump, but now I'm offering PP Max-ng services in both 4th and 5th Generations!

    @pedrogsena at Twitter
    FC Black 1120 0094 6679
    FC White 4384 1997 9633
    My Trade Thread

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