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    Default Sword of Destiny v.2 (sign-ups)

    Come one, come all, to a new remade fantasy-style RPG!
    The Origin

    On the mystical island of Avalon, the high priestess carried out the council, a ring of wizards and lesser priests gathered in a circle before her. After much chanting and singing of ancient hymns, the council summoned an enchanted sword, which rose out of the earth like a ghost. This they passed to the high priestess, who would decide its fate. After a moment of contemplation, in one graceful motion, the high priestess turned and walked towards the western coast, where she cast the sword into the sea.

    In the time after the sword hit the bottom of the sea, the land of Crownen arose. This was a massive continent in the shape of a bird, Avalon being its "egg". The large and forbidding Sentinel Mountains rose first, right along the bird's back, and the legendary Wolfsbane River cascaded from the highest glade within its peaks. Forests and plains sprouted, digging intricate caves and faery lairs in roots of trees and hollows within the ground. And there after the land was formed, folk from lands afar began to inhabit Crownen, from the elves in the wing to the pirates and ne'er-do-wells in the head, to the harpies of the Nightwing Lake in the foot and the mighty lions of the Pandrean Desert. Folk came from lands and legends of old, from faery-tale worlds and times of the old earth.

    Then there was the Holy Land, nestled in the back side of this bird-shaped continent, where the religions of the world would gather and collaborate. But even so, this region was often overseen by two goddesses: Maia, goddess of light; and Katami, goddess of darkness. Even though the goddesses were literally like night and day, they still spent some time traveling around Crownen together, marveling its beauty and heritage.

    After much traveling, Maia and Katami discovered an ancient temple deep below the heart of Crownen. Inside this temple, resting in the very centre of the round and spacious chamber, was none other than the Sword cast by the high priestess of Avalon long ago. Both goddesses knew that whoever held this sword could bend Crownen to their will... but as they were goddesses, they themselves could not wield the Sword. Instead, they each chose a mortal individual, a puppet of sorts, to do the job.

    Maia, being the goddess of light, desired peace and harmony in all existence. She wished Crownen would be a lovely place where all the races would exist harmoniously, where there would be no need for wars and disputes. Thus, she turned to the most benevolent and influential leader she knew: Satani Merelda, the queen of Crownen.

    It was Satani who founded and instructed the seven Star Knights, who were long considered the "heroes" of Crownen. These were not only knights, but people of varied skills and abilities and races--there were two wizards among them, for example. With keen intuitions and fair senses of justice, the Star Knights trimmed the tree of dangerous crimes throughout the land, defeating feared enemies like Captain Dom o'Willy and his dirty shipmates, and the infamously sadistic Vampyres of Nemaforte. Satani gave these Knights council and guidance, thus being the key to their success. They were a small group, but they hoped to grow into a large organisation of warriors and peace-makers.

    Katami, being the goddess of darkness, desired chaos, pain, and corruption. As she traveled around Crownen, she was disgusted by all the happy faces on people, and thought life was "too easy" here. To set Crownen straight and put an interesting spin on things, she looked to a cult of a mysterious, esoteric race called the Sakh. Mornain, leader of the Sakh, piqued Katami's interest as a being of ill intention.

    The Sakh were recognised by their horned and fluffy-haired heads, their reptilian eyes, their arrow-tipped tails, and their small draconic wings. Mornain was a well-known spellcaster in this cult, and performed many wondrous miracles--he could heal a fellow Sakh's wounds in a heartbeat, he could manipulate the weather when he sacrificed a fellow Sakh, and he was said to be able to enter people's dreams freely. Not only that, he was gifted in alchemy, and was best known for turning large stones into deadly weapons made of pure diamond. He did some wonderful things, but to get on his nice list, one had to believe that he was the supreme god of Crownen.

    And so it was a race--who would reach the Sword first? Maia and Katami guided their chosen along, bending the elements to their favour, clashing their powers when their chosen got too close together, threatening the chosen of the other. It was an epic race indeed, and the tales of it are still told today... but in the end, it turned out that Satani and Mornain reached opposite sides of the Temple at the same time. This temple would stage their epic battle...

    ...Or not. A battle would have started, but then Satani did something rather odd. Taking a step backwards, she said to Mornain,

    "Mornain. I can see this Sword has the very power to change the course of Crownen to the desires of its owner. I can think of several good uses for this sword if it passes into my hands. However, I do not need such a power. One does not need a sword accursed as this to arouse peace in this world. You, Mornain, may take the Sword if you so desire, but be aware of the karmic impacts that arise from your use of it."

    Mornain stopped to think for a moment. For what seemed like a very long time, he and Satani stood in silence, facing each other with the Sword between them. Then, with a smirk on his face, Mornain grabbed the Sword, plunging it into Satani's chest. Satani died, and with her, so did the Merelda dynasty which would have continued had Maia gotten her way. Even the Star Knights lost a bit of their power; they held a grand funeral for the fallen queen, and were on their own without protection from then on.

    As for Mornain, after he killed Satani and licked her blood off the Sword, he laughed. And then he laughed some more. And his laughter rose into great bellows. That laughter became an evil power spreading throughout Crownen in the years afterward. The Sakh, who were overyjoyed by the presence of the Sword, multiplied and came out of hiding, seizing the heart of Crownen. They hired many a sorcerer and assassin to do their bidding, and sent orders to kill anyone who did not see Mornain as Crownen's supreme god. Their first targets were the elves, who they also found to be very tasty when killed.

    But even with Mornain's reign spreading like butter across a cob of corn, there were many who opposed Mornain's strategy for creating "the perfect world". Foremost among these people were none other than the Star Knights, struggling to keep Satani and Maia's wishes alive. There was a grand battle at one point--the Battle of Starfall, waged on opposite sides of the Wolfsbane River. The Knights were able to defeat a good chunk of the Sakh, but there is a reason why the battle was called Starfall. In the end the Star Knights fell, to the larger army of the Sakh, and even to the terrible sorcery of Mornain himself. Four of them died, one of whom was Parth, Satani's son. The remaining three retreated, never to be seen again.

    Not even the next king of Crownen was any help. With Parth dead, King Ben took the throne, having been Satani's advisor and financial manager in the past. However, he refused to support the Star Knights, instead gathering a more conventional army of his own. These soldiers patrolled around Crownen, collecting taxes, fining people who didn't carry out ordinances, raining on any parade or festival that was held without Ben's permission, shutting down inns and taverns, dragging the village wizards to prison for "talking nonsense", even murdering women who were unfaithful or unloyal to their husbands. Playing music in the streets became a punishable offense. Alcohol consumption became illegal. Women were not allowed to take most jobs and were required to give all their money to their husbands. Most fortune-tellers were fired for speculating on the king's evils. It was a time of unrest indeed.

    To make matters worse, Ben became enlightened by Mornain and his followers, convinced that Mornain's miracles were the key to Crownen's success. He even welcomed Mornain's followers as allies to his army. Under this rule, and the combined army, the number of outside invasions from across the sea went to practically zero--all outsiders stained the ocean with their own blood before they could even get a chance to set foot in Crownen. King Ben convinced people that this was a definite improvement over the Star Knights, who were not numerous enough to keep out all invaders and eliminate crime. True, the crime rate in Crownen dropped as well, and all sorts of criminals were harshly punished in the new prison Ben's henchmen constructed. Crownen became a "safe place to live in", at least according to Ben and those who adored him, which was slowly becoming most folk of Crownen.

    As for the many people who were outraged by King Ben's new rules, and fearful of Mornain's conquest of Crownen, what were they to do? With the Star Knights gone, Satani dead, and a king who would not listen to them, who were they to turn to? Throughout this time a few rebel groups rose up, but Ben's army and the Sakh made quick work of them before they could grow. The only thing they could do was try to keep the happiness in their villages going, and hold festivals as usual which they would shut down upon the army's arrival. Hope was dying.

    ...Or was it? Though Crownen was on a definite road to chaos, one place remained relatively untouched. Avalon was the one refuge from the unrest in the land, because the magical border around the island kept the Sakh and Ben's soldiers out. For years these armies tried to break through the border, but to no avail. The sad part, though, was that many of the hordes of people desperate for help were unable to enter as well, for the wise spirit who created that border knew that Avalon was not meant to hold people plagued with revenge and despair. Only those true of heart, as that spirit would say, were able to make it through the border.

    Then one day, out of Avalon flew a raven named Ezra, who traveled around Crownen carrying several letters. Though Ezra was blind, she belonged to an old wizard named Sisturnia, who was her psychic sight into the world. Ezra saw right into the hearts of every individual she met, and after the trip around Crownen, she reported back to Sisturnia, informing her of the worthy recipients of the letters. Each of these letters told the recipient to meet Sisturnia in Avalon, where they would be allowed to enter. At her residence, they would discuss a plan to hopefully stop Mornain from taking complete control of Crownen...


    The RPG

    You, fellow RPers, are the recipients of Sisturnia's letters. It has been forty years since Satani's death, and ten years since the formation of the king's growing army. Sisturnia needs your help against the evil forces stirred up by Mornain, the evil overlord who wields the Sword of Destiny. Now is the time to act, before a new Crownen brainwashed by the new ordinances and rulings recently set up is born. Please refer to the signup sheet at the bottom of this post before signing up.

    The following section consists of information about the land of Crownen. It's not required reading, but it might help you with your signup.


    The Land of Crownen

    Name any creature from any fantasy, legend, myth, etc--chances are that Crownen has it. There are humans, elves, dwarves, catpeople, half-dragons (and full dragons, though they're not civilised), trolls, merpeople, werewolves, flying spaghetti monsters... just kidding on the last one. There are even a few small dinosaurs in Crownen. You can also make up races here, as long as they fit the fantasy theme (e.g. they can't be aliens from another planet). Also, in case you're low on ideas or not used to a fantasy RPG, I will now provide a sampling of races that exist in Crownen (which include a couple I made up). However, your characters are by no means restricted to these.

    Humans -- The most common race in Crownen. Known to be the most versatile as far as location, abilities, and cultures go of any race--in fact, most races in Crownen are based off of them. They're also one of the races who claims to have inhabited Crownen first, along with the Elves and the Sakh. But this is not an anime-based RPG, so please don't create human characters with pink hair and red eyes and such, unless you have a very good, non Mary Sue-ish reason to do so.

    Elves -- You would expect elves to exist in a fantasy world, right? The main elfin community in Crownen is in the wing, but some elves are scattered throughout the rest of Crownen. Now, different authors have different opinions on the characteristics of elves. In this RPG in the very least, elves are generally about the same size as or just a little smaller than humans, with lighter builds, lighter-coloured and smoother skin, and longer lifespans. Elves inhabiting Crownen typically live to be about 500 years old, and an elf is usually considered elderly by 400. An elf between 100 and 200 years old would be considered a teenager or older child. Most elves are agile yet fragile, and their culture emphasizes a strong bond with nature. Out of all the races, they have the biggest rivalry with the Sakh, probably because the Sakh consider them "tasty".

    Faeries -- It seems that many people have different opinions on how big faeries are, but in this RPG, they're quite small, the size of most birds, and their wings are based off of insect wings, leaves, or even flower petals. Out of all the races of Crownen, faeries have the strongest affinity for magic, but are the least adept with weaponry. They also have a rather skittish nature, usually fleeing at the first sign of negativity. Thus very few of them would venture anywhere near the Sakh or the king's armies or even the pirates in the head of Crownen. Faeries in Crownen are mostly rather short-lived, living about thirty or so years, but they also are born fully mature, out of flowers or trees or special initiation ceremonies performed by other faeries. Though some spend all their lives on their own, many live in small families which are usually headed by a queen and/or king. They tend not to mingle with the other races, but sometimes will act as guides.

    Half (insert animal name here)s -- It is true that some inhabitants of Crownen have animal characteristics, leading to things like catpeople and half-dragons (which are often characterised by their magical talents and little dragon wings on their backs) and centaurs (half-horses) and even things like "bunny people" who are covered in fur and have very rabbit-like faces and hands and tails. Then there are half-birds, also known as harpies, who have wings for arms and very bird-like feet. There are male harpies, but they look more like angels judging by their very human-like appearance with feathery wings on their backs. Merpeople also exist here, but... they have a hard time traveling on land. There are also hybrids of... well, practically any animal one can think of.

    Were-creatures -- Likewise, there are people of any race who transform into various animals under certain circumstances. The most common are werewolves of course, who transform only during the full moon, and often into full wolves in Crownen. Some keep their sense of self while transformed (depending on the animal); some don't. If your character is a were-creature, make sure he or she can transform into only one kind of animal.

    Lions -- In Crownen, lions are considered to be civilised creatures! It's weird that the dragons are not... The lions of Crownen look very much like the ones you're all familiar with, except they can be as big as horses, especially if they're higher up in their hierarchy. Solarius, the current King of the Lions, is a fearsome creature indeed, big as two horses and with a regal air about him that intimidates most who find themselves in his presence. Male lions often have very decorated and varicoloured manes, and even lionesses have varying earthy fur tones and like to wear jewellery and other accessories. The lions tend to be a very arrogant race, and will not accept other races into the Pandrean Desert, their main territory and location of their single kingdom. They cannot wield weapons nor are very good with magic, preferring to use their own physical strength for fighting and self-defense. They are also known to not fall ill easily and are less susceptible to poison. And yes, they are perfectly able to talk--in fact, lions often hold massive prayer sessions, from where ominous chanting in Latin could be heard. But the lions do not often speak that language regularly unless they want to exchange secret information amongst themselves.

    Gnomes and dwarves -- I mention them here because people often get them confused. Gnomes are shorter and stouter (and a bit stronger) than humans are, but have roughly the same lifespan. Dwarves are the same, though less likely to be as stocky. As a result, they're sometimes called halflings as well. Out of all the races of Crownen, gnomes are the most renowned for their weaponry, and thus ore mines and smith shops are often occupied mainly by gnomes. Dwarves tend to make better farmers and handymen, and known to be the most practical and business-savvy of all the races. Both races tend to not like to live in forests or wet places. Both tend to prefer caves and mountains, and fields and cities in the case of the dwarves.

    Giants and trolls -- Another pair of races that often get mixed up. Giants are simply larger versions of humans (they can be between eight and twenty feet tall), and while they famously have stocky builds much like gnomes, this is not always the case. They tend to live alone or in small groups of friends that barely know each other, and have few enemies, Sakh included. They're not very numerous in Crownen, and don't typically like to interact with other races, though they have been known to spontaneously save the lives of smaller folk who venture close to their territory. Speaking of territory, giants aren't very territorial--they only kick someone out of their location (which changes quite frequently) when someone's clearly violating their privacy. Giants are usually found wandering around mountains and forests, hardly ever out in the open. Trolls have roughly the same habitats and lifestyles, and are about the same size as giants, but they have tougher skin and are much less intelligent, to the point where they're not even considered civilized. Both are tough and good at handling large weapons like hammers and clubs (clumsily in the troll's case), but are the least agile of any of the races. I'll have to ban trolls here simply because they are easily provoked into a fight and typically cannot distinguish friends from enemies. Not to mention we have rules against trolls on these forums in general, ha ha ha.

    Pipsians (PIP-shuns) -- This is a race unique to Crownen, and it was rumoured to be the race that led to the belief that witches fly on broomsticks. Pipsians always have some sort of large item that they can fly on, whether it is a broomstick, a staff, a giant spoon... One even flew on a big, slender oil lamp. They tend to be about the same size as elves, but are a very diverse race appearance wise--they range from looking very human-like to more like animal hybrids. Pipsians are known for appearing young even when they're old (they have about the same lifespan as humans do), and for being light and delicate much like elves are. But they don't have the pointy ears characteristic of elves, for one thing, and they vary more in figure and skin colour. Pipsians hardly ever use weapons save for the occasional knife, but are usually very good with making a quick getaway and in some cases, illusion magic. Many are spellcasters as well, though they differ from human wizards and sorcerers in that they very, very rarely have incantations for them--they are less powerful but can be cast instantly. They're also the least likely race to have their magic concentrated in one element.

    Dragons -- There are several different kinds of dragons in Crownen, pretty much every kind imaginable. There are wyverns, which tend to be smaller and lack hind legs. There are sea dragons which resemble magnificent serpents. There's even a kind of dragon unique to Crownen called the draclyn--these are about the size of a snake and have two large flippers on their sides. They are abundant on the eastern coast and make popular pets. But dragons of all shapes and sizes lurk around Crownen, all over the place. Now, although it is true that dragons are just as intelligent as the civilised folk of Crownen, they have their own wild nature, and cannot speak any of their languages. Because of these complications, nobody can have a dragon as their main character--though they can have one as a pet (see FAQ's and Rules).

    Vampires -- In Crownen, vampires are simply dead bodies of any race who retain just a bit of their essence, thus becoming a deadly killer with little or no self-control. There have been some stories of vampires who manage to get along well with other people and live civilized lives, but that is very rare. The Sakh have at times employed some as assassins--they tend to be easy to manipulate. But because of the general danger vampires present to anyone they are around, I'll have to say that nobody can sign up as a vampire. I'm just mentioning them here just in case there comes a time when our characters encounter them.

    Sakh -- Nobody who signs up can have a Sakh character, because these are the bad guys. As briefly mentioned in the plot, the Sakh look human-like for the most part, but their hair and eyes can be of any color on the visible spectrum, and is often puffy or spiky in appearance. Their eyes look very reptilian, with slits instead of round pupils. They also have two horns on their heads which are often short and/or decorated with personal ornaments. Some of them have fangs as well, and many have dragon wings of various small sizes. They also have clawed feet and arrow-tipped tails, making them look very devil-like. And strangely enough, the Sakh seem to be an all-male race; no female Sakh has ever been seen. Like humans, the Sakh have a variety of abilities and occupations, but they have a strong sense of community and working for the greater collective good. Not to mention they all worship Mornain like a god. And this is the only race which is completely absent in Avalon.

    Technology: Wait--what technology? Oh, you mean computers? Nope, sorry, you geeks, no computers here. Crownen has never experienced anything like an Industrial Revolution, so that means... Well, there are no factories, no machines, no telephones, no lightbulbs, and no guns (except the simple things like rifles and cannons). If it didn't exist in pre-Sauron Middle Earth, it probably won't exist here. Remember this is a fantasy RP.

    Geography: (in terms of the bird shape of Crownen)

    Head--Consists of mostly flat land, and inhabited by nearly every sort of species in existence, although humans and the occasional gnome or dwarf seem to be the most populous. This place is mostly known for its marketplace, its fortunetellers, and its supposed safe haven for ne'er-do-wells... Oh, and the beak is a huge seaport, and everyone from sea dragons to pirates come to visit. Nowadays this area is the only place where outsiders can safely arrive, the folk from the mysterious lands beyond the sea. The Sakh seem to not have much influence here, but the king's soldiers have been patrolling around here more often lately, often for the purposes of ending parties and petty thefts and other forms of mayhem. That's not to say that those things don't still happen though.

    Chest--The most diverse area of Crownen--basically a mixed pot where basically anyone can feel at home. Name a geographical feature of this area--the chest of Crownen has it. But this is the most dangerous area at this point, for at the "heart"--a cave in a range of rocky hills--is the lair of the Sakh. Many of those the Sakh have recruited reside in the chest, and thus it is very dangerous to live here. One has to at least pretend to worship Mornain in order to do so.

    Body--Separated from the feet by the spacious Samadan Forest in the south, separated from the wing and chest by the Wolfsbane River in the northwest... okay, enough about borders. This area contains the vast Grand Plains, which are dotted with several little villages, but there are marshes and little woods here and there and... Ah, forget about it. Create anything except mountains and huge lakes here. The villages in the Grand Plains are scattered about haphazardly, making it hard for non-residents to find some of them. Some villages have so far remained untouched by evil influences; others have been Sakh outposts; others have been destroyed completely.

    Wing--The wing of Crownen is known for its large, lush forests and mountains with caves and temples underneath, said to be enchanted by faeries. Even the marshes here are very beautiful. Although the wing is mainly inhabited by elves (it helps that it's cut off from the rest of Crownen by the large Sentinel Mountains to the south), the elves welcome visitors of any race--except Sakh of course. In recent years, the elves set up their own form of border patrol, questioning those who wish to enter the wing and instantly killing any Sakh who ventures near. This was done as the result of another battle that took place long ago, while the Sakh were first expanding their territory. Their numbers were still small at the time, so the inhabitants of the wing, an elf-led warrior clan, was able to finally defeat the invading Sakh. However, a couple of their border cities were destroyed in the process.

    Foot--Hmm, this foot's pretty big for a bird like this. There are a few villages here and there, but this area mostly consists of the quiet, sunny Morning Star Forest in the centre, separated from the darker Samadan Forest in the north by the Nightwing Lake, residence of a clan of harpies. The Pandrean Desert in the south is a lions' paradise, the Grey Mountains extending to the northeast, well... Be creative here. Mornain's forces and even the army didn't dare to venture south of the Samadan, save for a few messenger soldiers and small groups of Sakh, so this is a relatively peaceful area, albeit not very populous.

    Tail--A meadowy and hilly region which contains the royal palace, where the current King Ben resides, his army and his prisoners not too far away. But the rest of the tail contains some pleasant scenery, not to mention almost as many farms as the body of Crownen. The most populous and famous city in the tail, right behind the royal palace, is Castle Hill. This used to be a very prosperous city, but when Ben became king, he declared Castle Hill to be his new army base, evacuating the women and children and elderly to other places, and forcing the young men to join his army. He also declared a monopoly on the farms, and shut down the huge farmer's market that took place weekly near Castle Hill. Cities and towns further away from the palace still hold smaller versions of this, but they're under strict regulation by the king's army. Fortunately, though, no Sakh bother visiting the tail, so the elf population there has risen recently.

    Rear--Basically the eastern coast of Crownen--I'll let you decide what's along the southern half of this coast. But just under the tail is the Holy Land, a string of churches and homes and such. Each church practices a different religion, thus this becomes a place for one to explore different faiths. Or at least it used to--each of those churches are slowly being converted to "Sakhism".

    Egg--Not really part of Crownen (I certainly didn't create it), but still important. This is the one and only sacred island of Avalon, where King Arthur was said to be buried long ago. It's a peaceful place, inhabited by several wizards and priests, dotted by many small temples and other sacred spaces. The "eggshell" acts like a border around this island, keeping all those of evil intention out. I expect a very good signup from anyone whose character is from Avalon.

    Outside of Crownen--This time I will not allow characters to come from outside of Crownen, because they might bring technologies with them that will distract us from the story. Besides, the Sakh and the king's army have adopted very strict laws regarding immigration, basically outlawing it altogether.


    The Signup Form (Signups are still open)

    Name: Any combination of names people can call your character is fine.

    Age: If your race's lifespan is way different from a human's, also put what human age you character's age corresponds to--which can be something vague like "teen" or "middle age".

    Gender: I'm assuming most races have one.

    Race: If you make up a race, be sure to describe it.

    Appearance: Please don't make this just a list. I expect just enough for people to get a good mental image of what your character looks like, not something vague like "wears all black".

    Personality: This field will be especially important in this RPG, as our characters will do a lot of traveling together. Include how your character acts in social and challenging situations, some of their likes and dislikes, what some of their hopes and wishes are, and their strengths and weaknesses. This is a bit to cover, so I expect at least two paragraphs on it.

    History: When writing this, keep in mind that all outsiders have to have arrived in Crownen more than ten or so years ago (because of the army's border patrol) and that Ezra gave you the letter. This isn't as important as the Personality, but can be a good place to describe your character's motives and background and such.

    Equipment: A list of the items your character carries around. The basic necessities of life--extra clothing and food and such--are given, so only include the stuff that people would not normally carry around. If your character has a weapon, especially if he or she uses it as their main form of self-defense, it's a good idea to include its appearance and any special abilities or characteristics it might have. But if the weapon is your character's key to a good variety of intricate abilities (i.e. if it's a magical weapon like a wand or a staff), it would be better to explain those abilities in the Abilities section.

    Abilities: Yes, it is possible that some characters can do wonderful fantastical things, ranging from spellcasting to being able to transform into an otter. You get the idea... but try not to make your character invincible. Try to be descriptive in this field, especially if your character has magical abilities (i.e. don't say something vague like "fire magic"). If your character is a were-creature, this is the place to describe the conditions of the transformation.

    Other: Here's where you put anything else that does not fit into the above categories. If your character has a pet or an important goal having nothing to do with the plot, this is the place to describe it.


    FAQ's and Rules

    Why is Manaphy Mare pretending to accept me as if he's the GM?
    He's not pretending. He's the co-GM, so he has the authority to accept/deny people and handle certain NPC's and such.

    Can my character have a pet?
    Yes--it's not a rare sight to see someone with a little furry or feathery friend. But only one is allowed, and let's not travel with something that could kill and eat a person if it wanted to, or that's bigger than a horse. This even applies to dragons--only small ones are allowed. The big and powerful ones are tameable only by specially trained dragon lords, who are few and far between here.

    Can I RP more than one character?
    Yes, but no more than three.

    Can I have the same race, ability, etc. as another character?
    I would prefer a little variety here, but if you have your reasons, it's okay.

    How many people will be accepted into the RPG?
    I think one of the reasons why the RPG died last time was because I accepted too few people, and kept the signups open for only two days. This time I won't place a limit on how many people will be accepted--we can always split up into groups and whatnot.

    Can I sign up after the RPG has started?
    Yes, as long as signups are still open. It's always possible that some of Sisturnia's correspondents arrived in Avalon late.

    What if all the spots are taken?
    Be patient. Reservations can expire, members can be kicked out due to breaking the forum rules, and people can drop out due to real-life circumstances. When that happens, I will re-open the signups.

    Can I reserve a spot?
    This time I won't be taking general reserves. Only reserve a spot if you know that your signup will take more than a few days to complete. At some point when the RPG starts to fill up, I will post a warning telling everyone who's still interested to reserve a spot--this means that I'm about to close the signups.

    Where can I ask questions about the RPG?
    Last time I was successfully able to get a discussion thread up. I'm not sure if we're allowed to use the same discussion thread for two versions of an RPG (we may need a new one), but I'll get that sorted out soon enough. For now you can just post your questions here, or VM me or Manaphy Mare (though if you have a question about Crownen in general, it's better to ask me, since I know more about it).


    What's Different from Last Time

    This is for all of you who joined or tried to join the last version of this RPG (which I posted exactly a year ago, oddly enough).

    • Sign-ups will be open longer. Last time, I had signups open for only two days! Can you believe it? I'll be accepting more people into the RPG as well, if there are more signups that is.
    • We will start at a different point in the plot. Last time, we started off by having everyone travel to Avalon from wherever they live in Crownen. This time, I'll just have the first post be the meeting with Sisturnia.
    • I won't play a character. Remember Satsuma? She won't exist in this version. I'll just be controlling important NPC's like Sisturnia, and villains like Mornain and King Ben and their underlings.
    • I'm not the only one running things. Manaphy Mare, the co-GM, will have the power to accept and deny people just like I can, and might occasionally control some otherwise uncontrollable NPC's. I figure this will help if I'm ever away for a time.

    And with that, let the signups begin!
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    RPG's I'm in now: The War Within (Ari), MLP: It Came from the Stars (Madame Starshroom)
    Current RPG Project: Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen (Sign-ups) (RPG thread) (Discussion)

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