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    Default K'yoril's Caravan

    Thanks PKMNRookie for the banner!

    Welcome to my Trade Shop! I mostly have Dreamworld pokemon for the moment, but hopefully I'll have more to offer soon.

    1. Follow all SPPF rules
    2. Don’t offer trades you wouldn’t accept yourself
    3. Don’t be rude to me or anyone else, and please try and speak actual english
    4. Don’t trade me ‘non redistributable’, Pokechecked or hacked pokemon. I don’t do it to you, you don’t do it to me
    5. In the event that I accidentally trade you a hack, please notify me, and we will retrade, and I’ll remove the pokemon from my shop. I will also give you a free pokemon. If you trade me a hack, I will request a retrade, and you may receive a temporary ban from my shop, depending on how cooperative you were and if this has happened before.
    6. While I prefer UT pokes, simply because they make it easier to trade with other people, I have no objection to T pokemon, and the two will have the same value to me.
    7. You must post in my shop before pm/vming me. If you do message me before posting, you will be asked to repost in my shop, and all messages afterwords regarding that subject will be ignored unless previously arranged.
    8. Don’t be afraid to offer something not on my wants list!

    I am in GMT-4

        Spoiler:- Friend Codes:

    NEWS: I'm hopefully going to be re-opening soon. The points system is now different. Anyone with points previously will keep them if they so desire.

    I am now partners with

    Guess a number between 1 and 50. The first person to get this right wins the giveaway pokemon!
    None right now.

    If anyone would, for whatever reason, like to battle me, I play fairly often on Pokemon Showdown. Currently I only play Balanced Hackmons (which is a really fun tier if you've never played it), but I hope to branch out soon. My name is K'yoril on Pokemon Showdown, same as here.

    Trade Slots
    I will only accept 7 trades at a time in order to prevent me going insane and disappearing like before. If all my slots are full, please wait until one is empty before offering a trade.

        Spoiler:- Point System:

        Spoiler:- Key:

    [SPOILER="What I'm Offering"]

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

        Spoiler:- Ev'd:

        Spoiler:- Eggmoves:

        Spoiler:- Dream World:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- Others:

        Spoiler:- Services:

        Spoiler:- What I want:

    Can't find what you want? Maybe these awesome trade shops have it!
    Swampert's Shinies
    The Antarctic Trade Gazebo
    The Pengy Pole

    If you want to support me or my shops, put this somewhere

    Come visit my Art shop!

    Thanks Shuckle for approving
    Last edited by K'yoril; 27th August 2012 at 10:04 PM. Reason: Prepping for re-open
    Black FC: 3654 6830 1937

    Come visit my shops!

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