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Thread: NHL thread revived

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    Default NHL thread revived

    Well, I know it's late, but here is the new edition of the NHL thread.

    My team, the Jackets, got off to a slow start, but had a winning streak to start this month, which ended two nights ago, but they still managed to get the game into OT, so they got one point. If Columbus can keep playing well we will be back in the playoffs, and this time, I hope we win the Cup.

    Meanwhile, the Winter Classic is almost here, and speaking of which, Boston will be hosting next year's. The opponent for next year should be Tampa Bay, since that recently-created division rivalry is made even more interesting by the cities' rivalry in baseball, as well as Tampa Bay representing a fresh face in the WC.

    The Stadium Series games next year will be hosted by Colorado and Minnesota. Colorado's game should be against St. Louis, since both cities are home to major brewing companies - Denver has Coors, St. Louis has Anheuser-Busch. Hence my nickname for the rivalry, the Suds Series.

    Minnesota should host Chicago in their Stadium Series game, since this rivalry is essentially a revival of an old Norris-era match-up.

    So, NHL fans, discuss away!
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    Rangers are off slow, but it's the playoffs that count. I'm not worried at all.

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