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But I'm serious. First Scrafty loses to Mandibuzz, then gets 1HKO'd by Pikachu, then loses to Tepig. The poor guy better improve his battling skills. ^^
Heh, good point. I can't say I noticed that.

Well, months later, here I am commenting on the episode: let's see how my memory does. Personally, I thought it was kinda a slow episode, not one of my favorites. A little repetitive with Meowth going from Pokemon to Pokemon to help out.

But I love the Meowth arc. I was expecting Meowth's "Scrafty tactics" to be revealed at the end of the episode (actually, I thought the Scrafty was going to be a Team Rocket Pokemon somehow). Yet, they were willing to turn this into a full arc over many episodes. Great call: having Meowth travel with the twerps for a while added variety to the show.

And I was totally in suspense when Iris tried to catch Meowth out of nowhere: that would have been the plot twist of the century! But kudos for Meowth, who will escape Poke Balls a few more times.