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Thread: Meowth's Scrafty Tactics! (704)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thing View Post
    But I'm serious. First Scrafty loses to Mandibuzz, then gets 1HKO'd by Pikachu, then loses to Tepig. The poor guy better improve his battling skills. ^^
    Heh, good point. I can't say I noticed that.

    Well, months later, here I am commenting on the episode: let's see how my memory does. Personally, I thought it was kinda a slow episode, not one of my favorites. A little repetitive with Meowth going from Pokemon to Pokemon to help out.

    But I love the Meowth arc. I was expecting Meowth's "Scrafty tactics" to be revealed at the end of the episode (actually, I thought the Scrafty was going to be a Team Rocket Pokemon somehow). Yet, they were willing to turn this into a full arc over many episodes. Great call: having Meowth travel with the twerps for a while added variety to the show.

    And I was totally in suspense when Iris tried to catch Meowth out of nowhere: that would have been the plot twist of the century! But kudos for Meowth, who will escape Poke Balls a few more times.
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    I have to say, I LOVED this Meowth and twerps arc. Even though I saw the eventual ending coming, it was still great to have Meowth around and actually getting along with the twerps. It was a great change of pace. I was surprised that the arc lasted as long as it did, but it was a change of pace from the one-ep-and-done half-dozen other times Meowth flirted with the side of good. I loved all the episodes in the arc, even the weakest one (the beeheeyem one). Great to see Scraggy learn a new move too.

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    Liked this episode; I think there was initially some confusion when the Japanese raw aired, and some people thought that Scrafty was trying to become friends with the Mandibuzz, but I'm glad the dub cleared that up to where Scrafty was just trying to get its home back. That's why we didn't have to come back to Scrafty at the end of the episode.

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    This felt like a fusion of 24 and MGS at times XD
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    This is the episode that started the whole 'Meowth Arc' and I loved this arc. Even though I knew that Mewoth is going to betray them later, but it was still great to have Meowth traveling with the group and actually getting along with them. I think it was a nice change from normal.
    Anyways, this was an interesting episode. I liked how Meowth Praised Cilan's cooking, called Ash a good trainer and even called Iris a Princess.
    It's really clever of him when he tried to save Axew from the Scrafty. Ash's Scraggy ended up learning Hi-Jump kick and defeating that Mandibuzz by using it was cool too.
    It's surprising when Iris tried to catch Mewoth out of nowhere, but thank goodness Mewoth escaped the Pokeball. I can't imagine Mewoth being Iris's Pokemon.

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    >That image in the OP.
    Too funny!

    I have a nagging feeling that Meowth making friends with everyone has something to do with TR's plan with the Subway system. Calling it now.

    Something else I noticed. The Pokedex will only say "the evolution of _______." when someone has seen the first stage of that Pokemon. It did this with Scrafty, and countless other Pokemon, If I'm not mistaken.

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    The Meowth arc was incredible. Meowth's interactions with the group were cool and it was a nice little change. Also I thought the running gag involving people trying to catch Meowth and his reactions was really funny.

    What's up with the young inexperienced Pokemon learning overly powerful moves? Hi Jump Kick is even stronger than Outrage if I remember correctly.

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    I was highly suspicious of Meowth's sob story about leaving the TRio but seeing him help Ash and pals was a good change. 7/10

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    I liked this episode alot. It was interesting to see meowth join the group, It was also nice to see Pikachu being the unsure one of the group.

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