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    Default Ziii's Wonder-ish Shop

    Contest Being Held!
        Spoiler:- Contest Workings:

    Attention Shop Owners!
        Spoiler:- Win a Giveaway!:

    Special Offer - 1 Free RNG for a place White List with link to my shop on a popular trade shop (4+ pages)

        Spoiler:- Rules:



        Spoiler:- Requests:


    All American Verion:
        Spoiler:- GIVEAWAYS!:

        Spoiler:- Legends:

    Event Fateful Suicune (WIN2010/Level 30 UT - Relaxed)
    (Gift Ribbon)

    Event Victini (Liberty Pass/Level 15 UT - Calm)
    IVs - 10/15/9/16/26/21

    DW Arceus (Lvl 100 BT - Timid) - PKRS Infected
    IVs- 8/13/3/23/8/19

    Tru Arceus (Level 100 (?) - Naive)
    (Gift Ribbon)

    WISHMKR Jirachi 5 UT - Quiet
    IVs- 11/9/2/11/18/5

    PKLATAM Jirachi 5 UT - Lonely
    (Gift Ribbon)

    Hayley's Mew (Level 50 UT - Bold)

    Hayley's Mew (Level 50 UT - Mild)

    IV Pokemon

    (FLAWLESS)Nidoran♀ Bold Level 1 UT
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    Moves: Growl, Scratch, Poison Sting
    Ability: Hustle (DW)

    (Flawless)Nidoran♂ [Non-shiny] Bold
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    Ability: Hustle(DW)
    Moves: Growl, Scratch, Poison Sting

    Spinarak ♀ Sassy Level 1 UT
    IVs: 17/5/2/13/6/16
    Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Poison Jab, Psychic
    Ability: Swarm

    (Flawless) DW Nidoran♂ Hasty Level 1 UT
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    Moves: Leer, Peck
    Ability: Hustle

    (Near-flawless) Porygon Quiet Level 1 UT
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/25/19
    Moves: Conversion, Conversion 2, Sharpen, Tackle
    Ability: Trace

    (FLAWLESS) DW Shiny Nidoran♂ Level 1 UT
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    Ability: Hustle (DW)
    Nature: Bold
    Moves: Leer, Peck

    (FLAWLESS) DW Shiny Nidoran♂ Level 1 UT
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    Ability: Hustle (DW)
    Nature: Hasty
    Moves: Leer, Peck

        Spoiler:- Wants:

    These are just some I need, i do need more as well. I also have all other starters to offer although they are not bred. If you are looking for something send me a message including offer and I will see what I can do.

    White List
        Spoiler:- White List:

    Black List
        Spoiler:- black list:

    Ziii's VIP Club!
        Spoiler:- VIP Club:

    Sidenotes: I am only searching for legit pokemon.
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    Visit my shop for my current stock - PM me if interested in something not there and I will see what I have/can get.

    Click the picture to enter my shop!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shatu
    Quote Originally Posted by Ziii
    Quote Originally Posted by Shatu
    Thanks! Let me know when it's ready, and what am I giving you in return? O_o
    Eternal gratitude, eternal love, servant for life or a simple thank you.

    Take your pick?
    Uhhhhh servant for life is going to be really hard for me to RNG out. How about eternal love? ^_^
    I have recruited Shatu(Shatu's Pokemon Adoptions) to my anti-pokemon clan club! Wait... does that mean we have a clan?

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