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    I have moved this to this section given that's it more to do than just the Anime.

    For a taste of this hidden gem, here's the very first cutscene from the game:

    Yokai Watch might've taken the world by storm but we mustn't neglect to acknowledge Level-5's other series. One of them is an underground hit known as LBX: Little Battlers Experience, titled in Japan as Danball Senki.

    Basically, it's similar to the likes of Medabots and Custom Robo where the games center around miniature robots called LBX which can be customized with any type of Exo-Armor and weaponry. The battles in the game make for some exciting real-time action that made me sweat bullets while the battles in Anime show some very fast-paced and thrilling choreography.

    The storyline initially looks like typical Shonen fare with a kid, his "mon" and evil goons out to get said mon. However, the stakes are quickly heightened with an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister.

    Yes, you read that right and it's only the tip of the iceburg. It's not just to be the best at LBX but to save the world and make sure all can enjoy these robots in peace. It's like with Digimon Tamers where things seems simple but escalate big time.

    Essentially, more people ought to give this series the chance it deserves. Check this if you've played it and hope for more:
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