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Thread: Vocaloid Discussion Thread

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    Default Vocaloid Discussion Thread

    This thread is basically summed up in the title. If you like Vocaloid songs (essentially songs sung by Japanese robots made with a pre-recorded voicebank), then feel free to discuss your favourites, theories on connections between songs and speculations on interpretations of the songs here. If you want, you can add a link to a post with a song you like, but be sure that in the process you don't infract rule 2 (no one-liners). You can also simply discuss the Vocaloid characters (Miku, Len, Rin, Kaito etc) as well if you prefer that.

    1: SPPf rules apply. The usual.
    2: No one-liners. It's good to know that you like a song, but at least give a decent explanation as to why.
    3: No bashing of people's favourites. It's their opinion, yours is different, that's just being human.
    4: Keep it PG-13 or under. Not everyone is into that stuff.

    I hope you enjoy!

    Edit: considering that nobody has posted and I wanted to post something:

    I found a super-underrated Vocaloid singing a really cute song. It reminds me of Ukyo from Amnesia: Memories! The vocals are also really smooth, the instruments work really well and overall it's a great song!

    YOHIOloid - Dream With You
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