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    Wherever around this forum you go, you'll hear the same old recycled jokes: "Everyone on this forum is crazy." "...most of [insert board name here] is full of weirdos and creeps." "lol that sub is shady". For the past 6 years that I've been here, I happily went along with the running gag as well, but, the truth is that it's not a joke.

    Nearly everybody who uses this board has a mental deficiency of some sort. And yes, that includes YOU.

    Now before you start exclaiming internally that I'm wrong, it'd be a good idea to put aside any narcissistic ego that is blocking you from seeing what you really are. You're an internet persona who lives out a secondary (or other level of) life here which does not reflect your real life accurately. This is a place where you can escape reality.

    And a large ****ing proportion of us are time bombs that tick slowly, waiting to explode at any given moment. We're all living the fantasy on a VBulletin board used to discuss Pokemon. We all argue for our own pride and cause trouble for imaginary internet tokens, it's a fickle matter that we've all been swooped into.

    Let's think about this for a moment. Anybody who's been here for a decent amount of time has seen at least a few people be metaphorically wheeled away in straight jackets, and it is sometimes those we don't expect. Only recently, a member and good friend of mine (who I'm not disclosing) has either been hacked or decided to visit Loopyville for the long haul. And that's the point I'm trying to make here: we can't trust anybody, let alone ourselves so easily.

    So, for now, I want you to think about how much you have taken advantage of your anonymity to be a different person, pretense or not. I'm not trying to say that it's a bad thing, but clearly people do this for bad reasons, and you might not be aware that you're doing it, because doing it under the guise of "protecting your identity" is quite possibly a repressed excuse. Maybe you have deliberately done so to protect yourself from those you care about, or vice versa.

    Have fun everybody, I'm off to call my therapist. You should do the same.

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    Still better than reddit.

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